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My first thought to this came to me when I had my Pandaren character Lang Ling (whose name is seen as Langling and now is at level 58, going on 59) choose the Alliance and that whole speech from King Varian Wrynn happened. Being the curious person I am, I made a Pandaren for the Horde (who sadly was soon deleted due to the non-epic quests that I had always done with my other Horde characters) and saw Warchief Hellscream's version of the SAME DARN SPEECH!

Here are the parts that got this whole idea going: (remember, they're pretty much the same speeches, only Hellscream is yelling this part of the speech.)

Varian: I will NOT tolerate friendships across enemy lines. Do I make myself clear?

Hellscream: The minute they put one that Alliance tabard, they died. I will NOT tolerate lingering ties across enemy lines. Do I make myself clear?

Now, I'm sure that you all have guessed what this story is going to be about. For those who don't, I'll give it to you straight. A sister in the Alliance writing to her brother, who is Ji Firepaw (yes, I know, he's not an OC, so forgive me if he ends up being a little OOC). And who's the sister? Well…. Just read. Also, the main reason I chosen Ji to be the brother is the fact that he was and still is the only reason I would make a Horde Pandaren again.

From your dear Monk fan and Fan fiction author of all sorts,

Leopard the Warrior of Africa

Everyone in Orgrimmar knew Ji Firepaw, the monk trainer in the Valley of Honor. He had been one of the first pandarens to join the Horde, and had helped Korga Strongmane and the other Horde crewmen who had once been taken by the Alliance. He had been one of the pandarens to greet Korga and those crewmen on the Wandering Isle. It was even a known fact that he and Korga were friends, always talking, practicing fighting, and laughing at each other's jokes every now and then.

But it seemed there was only one topic Ji would never talk even to Korga about. He had made that clear when Korga had first asked about it.

/Flashback to 2 weeks after Ji and the other Huojin pandarens joined the Horde/…

"So, Ji, exactly which members of the Huojin ways are your relatives?" Korga asked, skinning the wolf he had killed earlier that day. Ji Firepaw gave his friend a hard look that took the tauren by surprised.

"As far as you or anyone else will ever need to know about my kin, only two others have kept the Huojin ways and joined the Horde, and they are now dead. That is all that will ever be known, now let the subject drop, Korga," Ji said in a tone so cold that even the Warchief would have backed away. Korga looked at him and opened his mouth, but thought better of it.

/Flashback over/…

It seemed as if the words "family" and "kin" themselves seem to be avoided by anyone talking to the monk trainer. Of course, between two monk trainees, one a female blood elf named Duvainel and the other a female pandaren named Xiai this was one of few things to gossip about in Orgrimmar.

"So what do you think got him so miffed in that 'kin' and 'family' stuff?" raven hair Duvainel asked her friends they practiced the monk moves from their last lesson.

The gray furred Xiai shrugged and went to get another training bag. "Most likely because the surviving members of it joined the Alliance. Warchief Hellscream did say that the ones who join the Alliance are no longer considered friends or family," she said. The two female practiced for a while, each one adding more and more to their gossip until Xiai felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Yes?" she asked, turning around to see an Ogre with a mail package behind her. "Um, may I help?"

The Ogre grunted, "You know where Ji Firepaw is? He not where orc guard say he should be." Duvainel looked up at the Ogre as Xiai shook her head. "Ok, when monks see him, you give letter to Ji Firepaw?"

"Sure, Xiai and I will give this little letter to our trainer when we see him next time. Where does this come from?" the blood elf asked, holding her tan hand out to receive the letter.

"I not know. I not able to read signs or writing. All I know is that land was red, and girl monk was same usual writer. Same color envelope too," the mailer said, handing a blue envelope to Duvainel. Duvainel gave the Ogre a smile, but once he had went out of eyesight, the blood elf began to carefully tear the top of the envelope open.

"Duvainel! What are you doing!? This is our trainer's mail, not yours!" Xiai said, taking the envelope from her elf friend.

"The Ogre said the writer is a female monk! And it can't hurt to peek at Ji's mail, I mean, come on! What if it's a girlfriend of his?"

Xiai seemed to think for a moment began to opening the envelope too. Inside, Duvainel took out the letter and began to read it with Xiai looking over her shoulder. "Aww… it's not his girlfriend, it's his sister."

"Keep reading it, Ji never says anything about him having a sister!"

"Dear Brother,

I am glad to say I had so far kept my promise. Aysa is still in Stormwind, though I wish that she would move her training grounds to a safer part of the city. Jojo is with her, along with the other highly trained Tushui monks, to keep her and the trainees safe from the coming attack.

I wish I was there to help them.

I'm in a town near the Sunken Temples in the Swamp of Sorrows at the moment, surrounded by some of the remaining neutral goblins. There are a few Horde and Alliance sailors here and then, but there are not many. The inn I am staying at seems like rotten fish, the goblin beach parties keep me awake most of the night, and everyone I met here keeps saying I look more like a giant raccoon with elven hair.

I also, even as I am writing this my dearest brother, feel that someone is watching me, trying to see what I'm up to. I think that this feeling is starting to get to me. Just the other day, while I was walking through the town, a sailor looked like he was following me until I walked into one of the huts and I saw him walk on until he stopped at the tavern. The orcs keeping noticing my tabard of the Tushui Monks, and look at me with hatred, as if I betrayed them while I never even hurt one of them! The only Alliance person that I know lives here, a female pandaren named Su Yung, keeps asking why I don't wear my hair the way any of the Tushui female do, even when I keep telling her that I like to keep the family ways.

Worse, there's a monk here, a tauren named Zorena Cheetahspot. She's been asking me what I thought about you every time, every time, she starts talking about you. I've kept quiet ever since the third time she's done it, and I know you'll say it's not really something to worry about, but... oh, Ji, she asked if I knew that our sister Li had died, and said she seen you with the blue envelopes that she saw in my room at the inn! And she's smiling every time she talks to me, as if she already knows! Ji, what am I to do!? I can't admit I'm breaking the enemy lines rules, but she's seen the evidence to prove that I am, so that I can't lie to her about it! I can't always keep quiet towards about what she's seen! Zorena's even commented on how similar my hair style is to Aunt Yung's and Li's! I can't do anything here to get her to shut up, not when I have no back up with me and it'll look suspicious.

She's returning to Orgrimmar on days of the Harvest Festival, which isn't that far away. Please, Ji, I know she's one of your students there, but I beg of you, please, please find a way to make sure she never speaks a word of our secret.

Your dearest sister,

Lang Ling"

Duvainel looked at Xiai's shocked expression. Xiai looked back at her and then to the letter. Duvainel carefully put the letter back into the envelope and closed it, making it looked like it was still unread. "Well, we learned something new about our trainer," the elven girl said placing the letter in her backpack.

"Lang Ling… Lang Ling, that name sounds familiar…" Xiai said, looking deep in thought. "Well, judging by the letter, she's in the Alliance, but something just seems familiar with that name."

Duvainel shook her head and went on with her trainer. "Think about it later, we need to practice."

"Seems curious that it's blue though. I mean, out of all colors, why blue?"

"Why what's blue?"

The girls both turned to see Ji Firepaw, a concern expression on his face. Xiai grabbed the envelope from Duvainel's bag and handed it to her trainer. "We were curious why a letter that was sent to you was blue and not white like others," she said, acting as if she didn't even know what in it. Ji looked at her for a while and walked away with the envelope, reading it as he walked. The two trainees watched Ji for a moment, and went back to practicing when they saw his ears twitch in worry. Duvainel caught Xiai's amber eyes.

"Shouldn't we tell the Warchief?" Xiai whispered, jabbing the training bag. Duvainel shook her head and jerked her head towards their trainer. Xiai nodded, and the two just went on with their day.

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