A/N: AU. Everyone believes Eragon is just an ordinary soldier in the Varden, but only Eragon knows he is not. His sister is Angela, his mother Selena is an elf, and his father was the legendary Brom. Eragon and Angela are half-elves, and all races in Alagaesia hate half-breeds; everyone except the elf Arya…

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"Evan, get your lazy arse over here!" His commander shouted.

"Yes sir!" Eragon shouts back. Eragon hated being ordered around. If they knew what he truly was, they would cower in fear before him. Then they would try to kill him. The only reason he was with the Varden was because it was his best chance to kill Galbatorix, and the reason he wanted Galbatorix dead was for revenge. Galbatorix had killed his father Brom right before his eyes at the Battle of Doru Araeba, and Eragon needed revenge. His mother was with him at the Varden, and both were in the disguise of a human.

His mother played the act of his sister, as neither of them aged. His mother was over four-hundred years old, while Eragon was one-hundred and fifty-six. Eragon had to act like a human, which meant no magic, no speed, no strength, and no pointy ears.

If anybody knew, especially elves, that he was a half-elf he would be killed on the spot. Everybody would hate him, excluding his mother and sister of course. Every race in Alagaesia thought half-breeds like him were an abomination to the world, so of course half-breeds were either incredibly rare or they were really good at hiding themselves.

Eragon had been with the Varden since the Battle of Doru Araeba, and he watched as his mother founded the Varden and did the unthinkable. Every human thought that since his mother was a woman that she was measly and weak; how wrong they were. His mother had fought with him during the Battle of Doru Araeba and the Battle for Ilirea. And thankfully during both battles Eragon had disguised himself as an elf, and his mother fought in her real form.

And none of the battles that Eragon had participated in during his time with the Varden were even close to those two battles. The Battle of Doru Araeba was a battle like no other. Magic never seen before was unleashed then, and he had watched as the island itself was changed drastically.

The Battle for Ilirea was different. Not as much magic was unleashed, but it was more so of the death.

Eragon had visited Ilirea dozens of times before the Fall, and its glory was incomparable to none other than Vroengard. He had watched as thousands of elves and men alike were slaughtered. And one of Eragon's friends had died in the battle, and that was King Evandar. King Evandar was one of the only people who knew what Eragon truly was, and he had accepted it. Hell he had welcomed it.

King Evandar had told him that all life, no mater what species, was precious. And Eragon had taken those words to heart, and believed in them ever since.

But King Evandar's last words were what bothered him. He had said, 'look over my little Arya for me, you have met her before. I have told her the same words I have told you. Watch over her, please, wiol eka.'

And Eragon had sworn in the Ancient Language. 'Upon my word as a half-elf I shall watch over her.'

And Eragon had. He had watched as Arya grew ever distant from her mother, and had taken the Yawe and left as an ambassador for the Elves. Eragon had taken the role as one of her guards, and had left with her.

Now that she was at the Varden camp, he had ample time to watch her. He had seen that she was distant from all others, and only spoke to the Varden's leader Nasuada. Eragon respected Nasuada as a leader, but nothing more. If she knew what he was he would be banished from the Varden immediately, no exceptions. He had met the Varden's leader a few times, and one of them wasn't a very pleasant meeting.

When Eragon was with his commander doing a mission, he had directly disobeyed his commander's orders and had done his own thing. Even though he had saved his entire regiment, he was still punished. Eragon was given two choices. One was to both leave the Varden and receive thirty lashes, or to stay with the Varden and receive fifty lashes. At first Eragon was about to say leave the Varden, but then Eragon remembered that his mother and sister would be alone, and that he wouldn't be able to watch over Arya.

So Eragon decided to stay with the Varden, and he had received fifty lashes. All of the Varden had been present, including Arya. He had told his mother not to watch, as she would be tempted to stop them. And so Eragon was whipped fifty times, and he kept his eyes on Arya the entire time.

When he was finished being whipped, everyone, including Arya, was surprised that he was still alive and still conscious. And then they were even more so surprised when he refused the offer of help to be healed with non-magical means. And so Eragon had walked to his tent alone, with his back mangled and the entire Varden watching him.

When he stumbled into his and his mother's tent she had immediately tried to heal him with magic, but he had told her not to as it would arouse suspicion.

The only other person in the entire Varden that knew what he was was his twin sister Angela. Angela had curly brown hair that always bounced around. When he had gone to her tent with his bandaged back, she had called him his nickname which was 'Blockhead'. She had healed him with her salves and poultices, but it hadn't healed him completely, she he stayed the night in her tent. Fortunately for him her tent was right next to his and his mother's, so he didn't need to walk very far at all.

Eragon walked over to his commander humanly, and Eragon always hated how slow humans walked.

"I need you to deliver a message to Nasuada for me," his commander told him. With that his commander handed him a sheet of folded up parchment and Eragon walked away in the direction of Nasuada's tent. When Eragon was fifteen feet away and out of human earshot he heard his commander say to himself, "thanks Angvard that idiot can't read."

He snorted; what an idiot. Of course Eragon could, and now that his commander had said that, it made him hate him even more. Eragon didn't bother to read it, as it was probably totally unimportant, so Eragon walked off in the direction of Nasuada's tent.