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When Eragon walked near Nasuada's tent, the Nighthawks eyed him warily. The Nighthawks consisted of two Urgals, two dwarves, and two humans and all would be intimidating to the ordinary human; except for the fact that Eragon was no ordinary human, so no, they didn't scare him in the slightest.

All six of them started straight into his eyes for a full thirty seconds, until a human asked, "What is your intent here?"

"I've been ordered to deliver a message to Lady Nasuada." He responded.

The two Urgals moved their spears aside and he took that as permission to enter. He shook his head and walked into the large tent. He didn't expect there to be a meeting in progress when he entered, so he was slightly surprised. Eragon noticed Arya was sitting down, and it looked like she wasn't paying attention. But Eragon knew it was quite the opposite. From what he knew about her, and he knew quite a bit, was that she was actually paying close attention but didn't want others to know.

So when Eragon walked inside all eyes turned towards him.

"What is it soldier?" Nasuada asked. Eragon didn't bother to bow, and he could tell that it irked her and several other men quite a bit, but they said nothing.

"I've been ordered to deliver an important message to you." He tossed the note on the table in front of her. Now almost everyone was giving him seething looks, as he was not respecting their commander very much. Well, everyone except Arya who was eyeing him curiously.

Eragon began to walk out of the tent, but Nasuada raised her hand and said, "Wait." So Eragon did.

He watched as Nasuada picked up the note and unfolded it. He watched her eyes move with his enhanced elvin vision, and then he saw her reread the note again, and again.

"Guards!" She abruptly shouted, and it made him jump ever so slightly. The Nighthawks came rushing into the tent.

"Yes my Lady?" One of the humans asked.

Nasuada pointed to Eragon, and before he had a chance to say or do anything, she said, "restrain him."

And suddenly Eragon was being pushed against the table by two Urgals.

With his limited vision he could many of the council were on their feet.

"I haven't done anything! What have I done?!" Eragon shouted.

"You have existed." He heard Nasuada reply simply.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Eragon said, feigning indifference.

"Don't play coy with me half-breed." Nasuada spit out the word, and as soon as it left her lips, men were standing up, shouting for him to be killed.

"I haven't done anything!" Eragon shouted.

"No, the question is what haven't you done? Now tell me who knows of your existence, so I may kill them too." She asked.

I will never tell them! He thought. Then he remembered his magic and mental contact.

Angela, Mother! I have been discovered, they know I am a half-elf! He shouted towards them.

He heard Angela start swearing, but then she said. We will be there shortly.

Eragon sent them the equivalent of a mental nod then asked out loud. "Living or dead?"

"Let's start with the dead first shall we?" Nasuada said coolly.

And so Eragon began. "Brom, Rider of Saphira." He heard everybody gasp. Brom was a legend in Alagaesia, as everybody had thought he had slain a Shade. In truth it was Eragon who had slain the Shade, but if everybody knew that it was he, it would only draw attention to him.

"And we thought Brom was a legend. Turns out he was a fool." He heard the general Jormundr spit.

"My father was not a fool!" Eragon shouted, enraged.

Everybody was silent until Nasuada said, "So it would seem Brom was no hero after all, considering he created an abomination on this world."

Eragon growled, but said nothing to that remark. "King Evandar of the Elves."

He heard a woman gasp, "My father knew who you were?"

Eragon chuckled despite the situation he was in. "Yes he did, and he was one of the only people in Alagaesia who appreciated what I am. He told me, 'All life, no matter what race, may you be Urgal, werecat, or even a half-elf such as yourself, is precious.' And for that, I respected him."

"Then he was a fool. How old are you?" Nasuada asked with venom in her voice.

"I am one-hundred and fifty six." Eragon said monotonously.

"And who are you?"

"My name is Eragon Shadeslayer." Arya gasped again, as his name was after the very first of the dragon riders. "I fought against the Wyrdfell at Doru Araeba and watched Galbatorix kill my father. I fought at the Battle for Ilirea, and King Evandar died in my arms. My mother Selena brought the rebels up, and created the Varden. My mother has been with the Varden ever since it's creation, while I was… elsewhere." He said, not wanting to announce to the council that he was mostly watching Arya grow up. Everyone was surprised at his words, but none said anything.

"Elsewhere where?" Nasuada asked.

"And that," Eragon said with laughter in his voice, "is something you shall never know."

"Hit him!" The leader of the Varden cried, and he felt the flat of a blade swing through the air. But a clang of steel rang out, and he realized that someone blocked the blade. "Arya what are you doing?!" Nasuada cried.

"My father was no fool and he has done nothing!" Arya cried to Nasuada.

"It is an abomination to this world! It must be killed!" Nasuada shouted.

"But he has done nothing!" Arya said again, putting emphasis into the word. She was obviously defending the fact that Eragon was a living being, not an 'it'. He could feel Nasuada was about to say something, but Angela, Solembum, and his mother burst into the tent.

Angela grabbed her dwarven huthvir, and said, "Release my brother, or die!"

Everybody in the tent was surprised to say the least. "So Brom created two abominations, interesting…" He heard Nasuada say.

"Let go of my son now, and we will leave peacefully." His mother commanded.

Cries of protest against her words rang out through the council. Then they all silenced by his mother shouting, "Hljödhr!" Silence! "We gave you a chance to release my son, and you have made a mistake."

And he heard the man holding him slack, and then fall to the ground. Eragon spun around and jumped back to gather his bearings. Five of the Nighthawks were already dead, and Arya… wasn't doing anything.

"Blockhead run!" His sister shouted. Eragon nodded and smiled. It would be the first in a while that he would be able to run as fast as he could. He burst out of the tent, and saw that Angela and his mother were following him closely.

We need to go to the tent, Brisingr is there. Eragon told his family. Brisingr was his father's rider sword, and he would never leave it behind. His family gave him their consent, and he put on another burst of speed towards the tent.

Bursting in, he flipped the bed and grabbed the long sword which was wrapped in a blanket. Unwrapping it, he pulled it out and belted it to his belt. He hurriedly grabbed supplies and stuffed them into a pack. He ran out of the tent, and his mother, sister, and Solembum were standing guard.

Eragon grabbed their two horses, Snowfire and Cadoc, and his mother and Solembum got on Cadoc, while he and his sister got on Snowfire.

"Ganga!" He shouted to the horses, and they immediately ran northwards.

Two weeks before the Varden had won the Battle of the Burning Plains, and so they were now directly east of Feinster yet on the opposite side of the river.

Most of the Varden had heard that the half-breed was escaping, and they were giving chase to them. Looking ahead, a hundred men with spears were blocking their path.

Dammit! He cried in his mind.

Pointing his palm towards the group of men, he shouted, "Taka nosu gata!" Give us passage!

Dazedly, the men started moving aside and created a line where they could pass through. The horses dashed through the gap, and when they had passed, Eragon released the spell.

Several times men tried to catch up with Eragon and his family, but they couldn't ride faster than Snowfire and Cadoc. His family had had Snowfire and Cadoc for the past one hundred and fifty years, and had been using spells to keep them alive and healthy. Lately Eragon had also put enchantments on them to make the ride faster and harder, thus the reason no one could catch up with them.

And after a few minutes and several lucky escapes with arrows, they finally neared the ravine that marked the border of the Varden camp. It was a ten foot wide ravine, and Eragon wasn't very confident that the horses could make it with their weight.

When they neared within five feet of the ravine, Eragon cried, "Audr!" And the horses leapt into the air, and cleared the jump with ten feet to spare. They were finally out of the Varden camp.


She cursed herself again. Why hadn't she recognized him for who he was? She didn't hate Eragon or his family for what they had done and who they were, she didn't care what Eragon was really. Her father told her the exact same thing he had told Eragon, 'All life, no matter what race, may you be Urgal, werecat, or even a half-elf, is precious.' And she had never forgotten those words, even though she was only five years old when she heard them.

She treated every creature in Alagaesia with respect and honor, even if they were an Urgal. She had killed all kinds of beings before, but only because they were a threat. Arya treated innocent life with kindness, not disrespect.

And it was those words that she was thinking when she was sitting in Nasuada's tent, chained to the chair. She steeled herself, as Nasuada was waiting for her mother to enter the view of the scrying mirror.

When her mother walked into view, she looked at Arya with annoyance, as if she didn't have time for her own daughter. Then she noticed that Arya was chained to the chair, and her eyes narrowed.

"Queen Islanzadi, I have something to share with you." Nasuada began. "One of our soldiers in the Varden is a half-elf." At these words her mother turned angry, as elves hated half-elves most of all. "His commander told me of his suspicions, and when I had the half-elf restrained he confirmed it. His name is Eragon Shadeslayer, and his father was the dragon rider Brom, and his mother is the elf Selena." And so Nasuada told her of what Eragon had said, but she stopped at the part where Arya had defended Eragon.

"And so Arya would like to tell you the rest." Nasuada said with an evil smile.

Arya glared at Nasuada, before saying, "Nasuada ordered one of her guards to hit Eragon with a sword, and I defended him."

Her mother turned even angrier. "How could you defend such a monster!? It is an abomination to this world and deserves to be killed!"

Arya kept a cool demeanor. "'All life, no matter what race, may you be Urgal, werecat, or even a half-elf is precious,'" she quoted.

"Your father was killed for thinking such things, in case you have not forgotten what Galbatorix is..." Her mother said.

"Father was not killed by Eragon! Father respected all life, no matter what heritage they had or what race they belonged to!" She shouted to the queen.

Queen Islanzadi started at her icily before turning to Nasuada, "What punishment do you have planned for her?"

"Execution for defending a half-breed." Nasuada said with a smile. She hated these people.

"Execution? Isn't that quite extreme?" Her mother asked. So her mother did have feelings for her.

"She defended an abomination on this world!" Nasuada shouted to the queen.

Her mother had a strange expression on her face, before asking, "Whom did you lose?"

So that was it! She knew all races, elves especially hated half-breeds, as they were unpure in the world. Her mother had shown her something a long time ago on that.

"Now Arya, look at this map of Alagaesia." Her mother instructed, and so she looked at the map in front of her. "Now look." Her mother waved her hand and small white dots appeared on the map, but large clusters of them were formed in cities. "All of these white dots represents living beings in Alagaesia, now look." Her mother said something again, and black dots appeared on the map. "The black dots represent half-breeds; look at how they stain the map and the living beings. Half-breeds are a mark upon this world, and they must be exterminated."

Her mother had tried to drill into her head the half-breeds were filthy and undeserving of life. She had always discarded those words.

"My mother was killed by a half-breed, and I grew up without her." Nasuada responded with moisture in her eyes.

"I understand, my mate was killed by a half-breed, and I think all half-breeds should be killed as well, but not my daughter." Her mother said.

Nasuada nodded. "I understand, thank you." And with that, the spell vanished and Nasuada rounded on her. "Now, your execution will be held within the next day." The bitch! She lied to her mother!


It had come. Angela knew that he day would come when the Varden discovered that they were half-elves. She hated the Varden now, as they had tried to kill her brother.

And it was now that she listened to Eragon, "We need to rescue Arya."

What!? Wait… what!? "What are you talking about?" Their mother asked.

"She defended me, and now she'll be killed," Eragon replied simply. Angela smiled inwardly and pressed her mind against her mothers.

I think Eragon is falling in love with his elf. She told her mother.

Her mother smiled in her mind. Yes, and to be honest I'm surprised it hasn't happened sooner since he's been watching her for a hundred years.

Angela sighed; it would seem they had no choice but to rescue her from the Varden, even though they just escaped.

"Alright, what's the plan?"