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Eragon silently thanked whatever higher power beings that existed in the universe for the fact that he was smart enough to send Arya to Sharktooth Island, an island on the other side of the peninsula and several leagues off the coast. She was adamant about being torn away from an enormous battle, enormous as in Eragon and Angela versus a few thousand soldiers.

Half-Breeds were the best warriors out there, but two could only handle so much.

They soon learned the real reason for Galbatorix coming to Teirm. The Varden were planning to attack Uru'baen, and he personally wanted to collect the Eldunari defending Teirm so he could help fortify Uru'baen from the Varden.

Galbatorix was in the citadel, probably grabbing as many Eldunari as possible and stashing them in the invisible hole. Meanwhile, the massive Shruikan was standing guard outside the citadel, blasting off fire if Eragon or Angela got too close. Apparently he must've been under specific orders not to kill Angela or Eragon because if he wasn't, the two would most definitely be dead by now.

A soldier bearing the crest of the Empire ran towards him, confident in his abilities to kill a Half-Breed, aka, the man was stupid.

Eragon leaned back and to the left a few inches, watching the sword go right in front of nose, not even an inch away. Using the momentum of his dodging, Eragon turned in a circle, dodging two arrows that were sent his way, and sliced off the Imperial soldier's head.

All around there were bodies; there must've been hundreds of them, all of them lying motionless on the ground. Despite these people being his enemies, he left none of them to suffer and die from their injuries; he made sure that all of his attacks killed them instantly. Angela however did not have the mercy that Eragon did. Her Huthvir was blazing through the air, often attacking two enemies at one time.

"Charge!" A voice shouted from inside the citadel. The gates tumbled open, revealing the General and several other Imperial soldiers with polished armor, sharpened swords, and broad shields ready for battle; these weren't common soldiers.

Eragon readied Brisingr as the men charged towards him. There were at least a hundred of them. Three soldiers came at him first. One swung his blade diagonally, and Eragon raised his blade, slicing through the normal steel and then brought the blade back down, bringing the blade straight through the man's body, cutting him into two pieces.

A man stabbed a spear towards him, but Eragon twisted around it, stabbing said man in the chest. At this point, he would have to show no mercy.

His vision became blue, and all of the enemies around him took a step back.

He raised his sword and swung it in a horizontal arc, shouting, "BRISINGR!" The blade slashed through the air going through the hundred or so soldiers, setting them all aflame, making them scream for mercy. When the flames died down, only the General remained, who seemed confident that he could defeat Eragon. That was the might of a very angry half breed.

Eragon jumped towards the General, his blade high in the air. He brought the blade down upon the General who raised his blade to defend it. The two blades clashed, and that was the start of the duel.

He gripped Brisingr with both hands and swung it horizontally towards the General, knowing that it wouldn't hit his target. The man wouldn't have become a general if he couldn't block a simple horizontal blow.

And block the General did, and he retaliated by sliding his sword up along Brisingr attempting to knock it out of his hands. Eragon was a master at defending and using this move (he invented it). Quickly he stopped resisting against the blade pressing against his and let it fall to the right. The General stumbled, and Eragon spun in a circle, gathering momentum behind the attack, and struck the General on the crook of his neck, the blade sinking into the skin. When Eragon wrenched the blue blade out of General Braddock's shoulder, the wound seemed to heal itself, the flesh re-growing. No doubt the work of magic, and a possible Eldunari stashed nearby. It would seem the only way to kill him was to cut off a limb and he would bleed out, or decapitate him.

Braddock retaliated with a swipe to his leg, intending to cut it off.

Eragon brought Brisingr down to defend his right leg and the two swords collided with sparks flying in all directions.

"Argh!" Braddock shouted, getting a face full of sparks in his eyes. Eragon took advantage of this opportunity and jumped and kicked Braddock square in the chest, doing a back flip to make sure he landed correctly.

Eragon saw that Braddock's armor had caved in and was most likely penetrating his chest plate.

Once again he took advantage of his weakened state and grabbed Braddock's right shoulder and brought him closer towards himself, and stabbed Braddock in the gut. Eragon twisted his blade, causing the general even more pain.

With a grim smile, Eragon pulled Brisingr out of Braddock's abdomen, confident that this wound wouldn't heal, but he was wrong. Right before his very eyes, the gaping wound in General Braddock's gut was healed and what appeared to be black liquid metal replaced the skin, and instead of the sun pouring light onto the metal, it seemed as if the metal sucked the sun's light into itself, causing Eragon to shiver inside.

"You can't kill me Half-Breed," Braddock spit out the two words that were the epicenter of Eragon's life. "I am as strong as a god!"

Braddock may be skilled with sword and shield, but he was overconfident. With a swing of his sword Eragon decapitated the man who wasn't paying much attention to Eragon, staring at the sky as he shouting his proclamation.

"Well it's a good thing gods don't exist."

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