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Clove's POV:

I look at my cell phone, 3 pm, Glimmer and others said they will arrive at 2:30 pm! Then all of a sudden, i cant see anything.


"Guess who i am"




I turn around and see Kate in her floral dress.



"Look at you!"

"Nonono, look at you!"

"OMG! Why are you here?"

"Oh Delly and I decided to come here since it is such an amzing place!"

"Wait did you just mention Delly?"

"Yeah! She is like totally awesome, her dad is the head master here!"


"You seem upset"

"Erm no."

"ah whatever, see ya around Clove."


Then she walks off. WHAT THE BLOODY HELL WAS THAT ABOUT? DELLY? WHAT IS GOING ON BACK HOME? Then I see Glimmer and the others coming towards me.

"Heyyyyyy guys!"

"HEYYYYYYY CLOVEY!" They say in unison

"Hehe, what took you so long?"

Everyone stared at Glimmer.

"What? Just my last bit of luggage."

"Bit? That was like ten more!"

"So what Finnick? Thats how much things i bring to a vacation, besides we are living here for like a whole year!"

"Chillax guys, ok now me and Cato settled already, and guess what?"


"Girls are in the same room, guys are in the same room!"


"We live like right next door! I mean like not really but like face to face."



"Aw, Jackie is jealous, because i am the sex god!"

"No thank you."

Then they all walk off to the dorm. The laugh and chat all the way.

The girls walk into their room, it is like an apartment! Two people share a room, Glimmer and Clove, Annie and Jackie then it is Katniss and this other girl called Johanna.

Katniss's POV

I walk into my room and see another girl, she has brown hair and she looks really sporty.


"Hey I am Johanna"

"Hey I am Katniss"

"So these bitches are your friends?"

"Mind your language!"

"Oops, i call my friends bitches"

"Cool, em yeah. You play soccer?"

"YEAH! I am like obsessed with soccer!"

"OMG who is your idol?"



Then Cloves bangs into the room

"I heard AHHH MAAA GADDDDDD! You ok Catnip?"

"Shrug, im ok. This is Johanna she is awesome."

"awesome! Is Messi your idol?"

"How did you know?"

"aha! Katniss told ya, whenever you call someone awesome, they always admire Messi."

I start to blush so bad.

"Except for one person, i got to go now, see ya soon johanna! You are welcomed to join the victors!"


Then i start to pretend to run after her.

"Clove is really cool."

"She is, her boyfriend is like soo hot."

"No shit! OMG i would love to join the victors, introduce me the others ok?"


Clove's POV:
"Glimmer, shall we decorate our room? Perhaps more hot pink stuff on ur side and more turquoise stuff on mine?"


"School won't start until like the 1st, which is like 2 weeks away, we have a lot of time."

" Go to the mall tomoz?"

"Great idea, with everyone else?"


"Glimmer i need to tell you something"


" I met my friend back in New Jersey, we were best friends, but she is like friends with Delly. Delly just came up to Cato and kissed him. What am i gonna do?"

"Clove its ok, Delly is a bitch."

"But Kate thinks she is awesome."

"Erm then ignore Kate!"

"Cool. I will take your advice."

Then I get out of our room and go to the guys' room.

Cato came up to me and give me a quick peck on the lips, then I look at the mess.

"Guys, I know, Finnick, Peeta, Cato, Marvel, I totally get it, but please dont make it a big mess, your girlfriends will be really upset. Especially seeing underwear's lying around."

"Fine guys, lets clean it up!"

"Thank you Peeta."

Then I grab Cato's hand and whisper something into his ears.

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