Disclaimer: I am not J.K Rowling, therefore I do not own the rights to Harry Potter.

Rays of Sunshine fitter through the open window

Placing their golden hands upon a cheek

She sighs and turns over, satin sheets slipping downwards

A kiss upon her bare shoulder

She stirs, but remains still.

Another kiss on her arm.

Another on her wrist.

Her eyes flutter open/ Green meets brown

A memory passes between them:

Nervous titters and comforting gazes

Hushed conversations in a dimly lit room

Chaste kisses turned into Passion

Heavy pants and pleasured moans

Sweaty bodies rocking as one

Sweet, heavenly, release.

She smiles and plants a kiss upon her lover's brow.

His eyes twinkle beneath his lighting bolt scar.

A mutual show of gratitude for a perfect first time.

A/N: I wrote this awhile back, but had never connected it to Harry Potter. I had to tweak a couple of things to at least make it remotely HP-ish. Any thoughts?