How it ever got this far, she didn't know. It wasn't usually her particular family that got in trouble. Well, maybe it was, they were after all family in one way or another, the Lupins, the Potters and the Weasleys. She had seen too much death the past years for her taste. It had started a week after her 8th birthday when she'd witnessed my own mom being mauled by a vampire. They were on the driveway of their home, just gotten home from a rather intensive shopping spree in Diagon Alley. They had met up with some family friends and had stayed a little later than planned. Her mother, Jessica had sent their shopping bag and packages up to the house.

It was already dark outside as they appeared on the driveway of the little country home. The girl had run past the protection barriers and up to the door when she heard a shriek behind her. She spun around and saw her mother on the ground, a pale figure with dark hair on top of her, attacking her neck, arms legs and every other piece of her body. Scared, she pulled open the door and yelled for her father, not once taking my eyes off the horrid scene that took place in front of her. By the time her father came outside and blasted the vampire away from her mother, she had already left this life behind her.

Three years later during her first year at Hogwarts trouble happened again. A crazed wizard, a dark wizard, had attempted a rise to power. He was a descendant of one of those Death Eaters who supported Tom Riddle back in the day. He'd been hell bend on ridding the world of any remaining families of those that were the heroes of that Second Wizarding War. So he decided to start with the youngest generation, those at Hogwarts.

Like I said: a crazed wizard, he was by no means smart. Yet he managed to kidnap a bunch of kids during a Quidditch match. How exactly he had gotten in nobody knew, but they suspected one of the secret passages. She had managed to get them out of that little situation, hurting the idiot badly in the process too. To put it mildly….he was not amused. That ordeal gained her a few scars she'd carry with her forever, scars left by dark magic rarely faded. During the next year he went after families, descendants of the war-heroes and non-purebloods alike. Her dad hadn't been busier at the Ministry, he was an Auror.

And then yesterday her life had come crashing down once more. The Ministry had figured out were the lunatic lived and raided his house, which he had booby trapped. Her dad had died in the explosion. She'd had enough of all the deaths, wars and fights. And yet she had answered Headmaster Potter's summons without a doubt.

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