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The girl sighed as she waited for her friends to exit. She was wearing a black shirt that had Melvin on it from Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series and a pair of jeans. She had medium length black hair and bored grey eyes. Where are they?She thought they know I hate staying after-school especially when next week is spring break… She looked at her watch again, 3:25... Ugh... They better get here soon or-

"DANI!" BAM! Another girl had tackled our main character in a hug while another watched, a few feet away laughing at her. The girl who tackled Dani had short strawberry blonde hair that was dyed blue and green, and blue eyes. She was wearing a shirt that said 'I GOT CHOCOLATE BUBBLEGUM!' On it with Gir holding said drink and a pair of purple jeans. The girl laughing at Dani had long brown hair with hazel eyes. She was wearing a plain blue blouse and a pair of black jeans.

"Star! Get the heck off of me!" She yelled as she tried to pry Star off. Unfortunately for Dani she did not let go.

"Ok Star, I think she has had enough..." The other girl interrupted.

"But Wendy~! I missed her so much!" Star whined to the girl known as Wendy, then reluctantly let go of the other girl.

"Finally." Dani complained as she dusted her clothes, "Oh and by the way… What toke you so long?"

"I got lost…" Star said.

"You got lost?"


"At the school we have gone to since we were Freshmen"



"Anyways," Wendy said trying to distract them from their conversation, "What was so important that we needed to know right after school?"

"Oh… The Ouran High School Host Club DVDs should be arriving today" Dani said casually.

"WHAT?!" The other girls shouted in surprise.

"The one that holds all the episodes

"..- the one that holds all the extras?" Both girls said at once.

"Ya.. That one…" Lilly started but stopped as soon as she saw her friends running "Where are you going?"

"I've been waiting for that video for almost a month!" Star screamed as she ran to Dani's home with Wendy trailing behind her. All Dani did was shake her head. Isn't Wendy suppose to be the calm one? She started to jog after them, "Hey wait! I'm the one that has the house keys."


It was chaos (like usually). France and England were fighting; Italy was brushing Poky and humming to himself, America was laughing and telling Japan about how great a hero he was, China was being creeped out by Russia and Germany was trying to hold his temper and start yelling at the other nations. However England beat him to it "That's it! I had enough of you insulting my magic, you bloody frog! You will see what happens when you mess with a mage" He set up a magic circle and began chanting. Not this again… Most of the other nations thought and sighed unanimously. England was almost done with his spell when Poky ran straight through it, Italy right after him. "No wait don-"England was interrupted when the magic circle's light grew brighter and brighter until it turned white. That was the last thing he saw before falling unconscious.