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Pairings: HebaxAtemu (Egyptshipping)

One-sided: Soulshipping (Heba/YugixDartz) and eh…I couldn't find it anywhere so lets call it… Raptureshipping ZorcxYugi..if you don't like I'm up for suggestions…

Warnings: Yaoi (boylove don't like don't read), possible cursing, and sexual suggestivless nothing beyond kissing and hints.

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Prologue: Trapped

The sea was quiet this night, the new moon illuminated the dark ocean as the endless waves shifted topside: there was storm brewing. Deep under the soon to be unsettling surface laid a city; this was the City of Atlantis.

A clear looking dome encased the slumbering city, the magical lights were dimmed signaling that it was night for the city. The spiraling light blue lime stone columns that had green seaweed twisting around them seemed to go on forever if one looked at them from the sea floor. The currents made the lose ends of the seaweed sway slightly.

Once, before the current kings rule, the aquatic creatures of the oceans were free to swim among the people of Atlantis, however, now that is not the case. The people of the city were no longer even allowed to shift into the aquatic forms they were all forced to stay in a human form to merely walk on the oceans floor instead of swimming freely as well. Only the nobles and army were allowed to swim above the rest.

The seaweed and corals accented the enormous spiral castle that was nestled in the middle of the giant city it was the cities heart and soul. Five large cone shaped Towers made the outer ring of the castle from a distance it made the structure look like a giant crown. In the middle were three large domes that were connected by trellis walk ways with a variety of foreign plants and few exotic creatures.

The middle doom stood about five stories tall, this one contained the throne room, majestiers and court. The two smaller domes were smaller only a mere three stories tall. To the left of the main dome were the private royal courters; this is where the royal family slept, ate and lived when there were now viisters. The third dome was slightly positioned behind the main dome. This one was meant for entertainment proposes; like parties, feasts, a few secret meetings.

A few lines of Grecian looking buildings with flat tops acted at the solders barracks closer to sides of the towering pillars.

A window on the third floor of the royals dome opened. The white drappers fluttered out the window with the shift in the current. A small cloaked form popped his head out; looking left than right. No guard in sight the small figure leaped from the third story window. They merely floated gracefully down the three drop letting the current carry them alittle.

The hooded cloak that the figure was wearing was a medium blue color it fluttering around this persons mid-calves. The plain brown leather scandals barely disturbed the sands just a bit as they laid. Amethyst eyes shoot a glance at the open window. A few moments and the light didn't turn on.

He booked it, running faster than sharks lunch on high tide…well swimming. The cloak fanned out around them showing the teens lithe and flat chest, the toga that he was wearing under the cloak was a light green color with a silver belt holding it in place. A simple brown leather pouch was tied to his belt. He drew ever so close to the gap between two of the magic pillars.

A shadow passed over him, circling around him, a large serpentine body crashes down around him. The boy yelps falling down on his behind as the sand is kicked up around him. He coughs as the sand settles around him. His hood had fallen off to reveal his abnormal hair, it was long reaching his mid-back, it had a black base with it lightening into a plum purple color down at the tips of his hair. His face was frame by light blond lightening bolt bangs. He had one of his amethyst eyes closed at he was rubbing the sand out of his other eye. Unlike most of the other inhabitants of the city his skin was naturally dark setting off his pale colored eyes even more.

He looked up as the snake hissed down at him, he shivered as its head closed in on him. It shaked its forked tongue at him, he tried to make himself even smaller.

"Now Heba," a curt voice cut throw the water. The snake immediately back away from the boys body but kept its body circled around the boy. A man jumped up onto the snake and walked the length of its back to go and pet it's head.

The man had long teal hair down to his mid-back, when a mismatched pair of eyes. One was teal the other was yellow. I sign of his pact with the devil. Heba backed away even more. The mans hair was loss flowing freely in the sea current he was wearing a simple night tunic the same light green as Hebas only with silver trimmings.

He cast his gaze to the boy, "How many times must we go through this now," he gave Heba soft look with an exasperated tone. Heba looked away from him glaring at he snake skin prison. The mans eyes hardened on the boy. He gracefully slide down from atop his beast to walk over to the boy.

He forcibly grabbed his chin making the boy look him in the eye. Once he was sure that their eyes connected, he crashed his lips onto the boys. Heba didn't struggled nor did he respond to the touch. The older man opened his closed eyes to stare into defiant amethyst ones.

He was going to have to change that, this boy would be no use to him if he wasn't going to be obedient. The king pulled away from his servant…well consort if you asked him. That's right this man was the king of Atlantis and his name is Dartz.

Heba continued to stare at him hard, Dartz struck him over the face. Heba's eyes teared at the pain but he refused to shed them as he reached a quivering hand up to his burning cheek. His hand was however caught by the wrist. He turned his wide eyes to look into Dartz narrowed ones.

"You are mine," he says dominantly. He lifted his hand glowing magic appeared just above his finger tips as the magic circled around looking like a halo above his fingers an item started to solidify. "I had thought that the gift I had presented to you earlier today would have stopped all this defiant nonsense." The item in his hand fully solidified into a silver and amethyst crown.

Dartz yanked Heba's hand forward placing the crown in his hand.

"Put it on," he ordered.

Heba froze, he didn't want to put that wretched thin on ever again once was enough thank you. Dartzs' eyes narrowed even more, "Put. It. On." He enunciated every word. Heba looked down around the kings neck as the Orichalcos stone started to glow an eerie green light. He started to shake, Dartz noticed what he was looking at a sadistic smirk crossed his face.

"Is that what you want?" he asked Heba sweetly the stone glowed even brighter, the glow now traveled into Dartz's eyes. He leaned forward to ghost his lips over Heba's ear lobe. "You want me take everything away from you. To make you puppet to all of my desires," his other hand cressed Heba's chest making him shutter even more.

"Please stop," Heba says just above a whisper into Dartz's ear. Dartz takes Heba's ear between his teeth nibbling on it a bit. Heba sucked in a breath.

"Put it on," he commands in a low whisper. His other hand leaves the Atlantian crown in Heba's as he starts to trail both of his hands up Heba's sides. "Or do you simply just want me to control all of you and your power," he paused for effect. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Heba's grip tighten on the silver crown. He continued to nibble on his ear. "I can do that for you, you'll just be another victim," his hands lowered themselves to Heba's legs as his mouth trailed wet kisses down Heba's neck.

Heba's blood was burning, oh how he hated this man. Everything about him was just completely despicable including the demon that he served; Zorc. The man was complete and total dark chaos. It was Dartz deepest darkest secret that only his shadow minions knew about. No other Atlantian knew that such and evil existed inside her castles walls.

Heba's thoughts were returned to reality as he felt his toga move up his leg. "No!" he grabbed Dartz's hand the king let out a low hiss. Heba bit his lip, "not here." His voice defeated. Even if he managed to escape Dartz, Zorc would never let him go. His power was like candy to the dark god.

Light, was a powerful thing in a world of darkness, Yugi could bring out the good in people; giving them a conscious, a voice of reason, and sometimes even hope. Against him Heba would be even more powerful, however as long as he kept Heba close he could feed off his power reversing it's effects. His power enhanced the mind controlling power of the Orichalcos stone putting insecurities into the hearts and minds of the people forcing them into conformity.

Dartz smirked darkly as his servant monster faded from around them. He helped Heba to his feet and watched as Heba slowly placed the small circuit crown on his head. Once it was in place Dartz patted Heba head then let his hand fall to his bruising cheek. He turned Heba head to side gently caressing his cheek with his thumb.

"I'm so sorry love, but you really should stop testing me like this," he kissed Heba on his bruising cheek. He turned Heba back towards the castle as he continued to sooth him. Heba looked up to the surface wishing to be anywhere but here.

Heba looked back at his home, no his prison. He was completely and utterly alone in this world, he held himself and shivered. Dartz wrapped his arm around Heba's shoulders bringing him to his chest. "Let's return to bed," he says a lecherous smirk on his face.

Heba felt even colder. He was indeed in this moment truly trapped….

End Prologue