Joey fell face down onto his bed, and groaned into his pillow. He was feeling exhausted and defeated, after yet another failed audition. He was getting so frustrated. He moved here, thinking there would be tons of opportunities to launch his acting career, but so far things weren't going any better for him than they had in New York. He didn't realize how hard it was to get a foot in the door, even with something like 'Days of Our Lives" on his resume. He rolled over onto his back, staring up at the ceiling and sighed.

"Maybe it's time to just give up on my stupid dreams.." he muttered. He had never felt so discouraged, but he always use to have his friends to boost his confidence and encourage him when he was feeling down on himself. If Phoebe was here, she'd probably tell him to stop feeling sorry for himself and get back out there. She always had so much faith in him. He missed her. He missed her kind words. He missed the random things she use to talk about. He missed listening to her play her guitar, and the way she laughed, her hair, her smile...

He shook his head as he sat up, suddenly. He was finding himself thinking about Phoebe all the time, lately. He kept telling himself it was just because he missed her so much. She was his best friend, after all, but he was missing her more than he missed any of his other friends. 'Ross ended up with Rachel, and Chandler has Monica,' he thought. 'Why didn't I ever start something with Phoebe?' He sighed, shaking his head again. "I'm just thinking like this because I'm lonely.." he muttered to himself. "You've already been through this once, Joe. Don't do make the same mistake twice. It'll never happen. Phoebe's married..." with another heavy sigh, Joey shut his eyes to try and sleep. At least when he was asleep he didn't feel so down about everything.

He had just started to drift off to sleep, when he heard the phone ring on his night stand. Annoyed, he rolled over and ignored it, thinking it was probably just another rejection from his new agent. His sister yelled up the stairs that it was for him.
"Dammit, Tina.." Joey muttered, as he reached over and grabbed the phone.

"Hello?" he mumbled.

"Hey, Joey!"

He sat up, suddenly lighting up with happiness at the sound of her voice. "Pheebs! How are you?"

"Fine, I just got home from work and I thought I'd call and check up on you. You haven't called me in a while."

"I know, I'm sorry. I've been meaning to, I just have a lot going on, y'know?"

"Uh-huh. You must have all sorts of work coming in by now!"

"Yeah, exactly.." Joey lied. He didn't want to worry her with his problems. "Things are going pretty great here."

"That's good to hear." Phoebe said. "I've been kinda worried about you, I've just had this feeling that something might be wrong."

"No, no..everythings good. No need to worry about me, Pheebs I'm loving it here!"

"That's great, Joey! I really miss you, though."

Joey smiled. "Awh, I miss you too, Pheebs."

"So, did Ross and Rachel tell you the good news?" Phoebe asked, sounding excited.

Joey furrowed his brow. " What news?"

"You didn't hear? They're getting married!"

Joey's heart sank a bit, hearing this. "They what!?"

"Uh-huh, Ross proposed to her over the weekend, and she said yes!"

"Well nobody told me!" Joey protested. He hated being so far away from his friends and missing out on things like this.

"Oh.." Phoebe said. "Sweetie, I'm sorry. I thought you knew. I guess they must have just forgot to tell you."

"But how could they forget? I'm their friend! Am I even invited to the wedding?"

"Joey, don't be silly! Of course you're invited! They've already sent out invitations. You're Ross's best man! Well..he was going to ask you, last I heard, anyways."

"Oh. Really?" Joey said, calming down a little. He felt better knowing that his friends hadn't totally forgot about him.

"Yeah, and I'm one of Rachel's bridesmaids. But Chandler and Monica are the grooms man and maid of honor. Figures, huh? The two of us always come second, just cause they've all known each other longer!"

"I know!" Joey said, and then he laughed. He missed the way he and Phoebe use to meet up once a month for dinner to talk about their other friends. They always had a special bond, that way.

"Anyways, it's this summer, are you going to be able to make it? Or are you gonna be all busy, y'know, being a big Hollywood star and everything?"

Joey's smile faded when she mentioned that. He didn't want to think about his work, or lack there of. "I doubt that, Pheebs. Besides, I wouldn't miss their wedding for the world, you know that."

"Yeah, it's going to be so much fun! I can't wait! Hey! Since we're like, the unchosen ones or whatever, you could be my date to the wedding!"
Joey grinned again. "Of course I'll be your date, Pheebs. What about Mike, though? Isn't he coming?"

There was a pause at her end. "...I don't know if he is, or not, to be honest, Joe. He's just been...really busy with work lately. I barely ever see him anymore."

"Really?" Joey said, becoming concerned. She didn't sound too happy when she talked about Mike. "Hey, Pheebs? Uh..not that it's any of my business, everything ok with you guys?"

"Yeah, sure!" Phoebe assured him. "We just..haven't been spending a lot of time together, because of our work schedueles, but it's just temporary. He just suddenly got a lot of work, which is good, I guess. I just wish he was around more. I miss him.."

Joey didn't like the tone of her voice. She sounded so sad. He wished he could be there to give her a hug. 'Mike better not ever hurt her..' he thought to himself, remembering the talk he had with Mike about that before he and Phoebe got married.

"Awh, Pheebs. I'm sorry. But, hey, like you said, it's just temporary. If you're lonely, though, you can call and talk to me any time. I don't mind. Besides, I miss you. It's great just hearing your voice again."

"I miss you, too. And don't worry, I will call you." she said. "You can't get rid of me that easily, Joey!"

"Why would I want to?" he asked her with a grin.

"Exactly! Well, anyways, Joey, I should probably let you go. I just thought I'd see how you were doing. You worry me when you don't call, you know?"

"Sorry, Pheebs. I'll try to remember to call you more. How bout this weekend? We can make it a thing, you know? Like every Saturday night I'll call you or you call me?"

"Yeah! That'd be great!" Phoebe told him. "It'll give me something to look forward to during the week!"

"Ok!" Joey happily agreed, as he was thinking the same thing. "So it's a date then. Well, a phone date. And I'll see you for Ross and Rachel's wedding this summer."

"I can't wait! Well, I'll talk to you on Saturday, then. Night, Joey."

"Night, Pheebs." He said, pausing a moment before he hung up the phone.

He almost told her that he loved her. He wanted to, but he knew he shouldn't. He did love her. He always had. She was his best friend. But now she was married. And she lived in another city. Joey sighed, as he got up to go down to the kitchen to make something to eat, and take his mind off of her. He missed New York. He missed all his friends. He missed Phoebe.