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Ch. 2 More Saiyans and Flame Wars

Bardock was training Kirby on his speed, with the young Star Warrior trying to hit him. they had been doing this for a few days since the environment began to return to normal form when Dedede tried to have Popstar join the industrial age.

Bardock was dodging the attacks with ease. 'He's getting faster, that's for certain ' he thought to himself. He then tripped and Kirby took the opportunity to punch him in the face with all him might.

"YEOW! That hurt." he said smiling at his new student. "You did a good job there. Now let's get... Already?" he said as he saw four spacepods landing near the Whisppy Woods. "Stay here." he ordered. "I'm going to investigate."

"Poyo..." the pink warrior tried to say only to be cut off by Bardock.

"No buts!" he shouts at him. Without another word he heads out to see who it is.

Upon arrival he smells burnt circuitry from the pods. "I know that smell," he said to himself, "That's the smell of sabotage." He then heard the pods hiss open and he hides at the edge of the treeline and waits for them to come out.

"Oh no!" he heard one of them shout.

"What's wrong now Raditz? You forget your blankly?" another voice asked mockingly.

"Nappa you idiot! Just smell the air. The circuits are fried on the pods!" a third voice shouted.

"How did that happen?!" shouted yet another voice.

"I think we should contact the PTO so we can at least let them know that we might be longer then expected." he heard Raditz say, but then scream as he heard four explosions.

"What did you do?!" He heard Nappa shout accusingly.

"I didn't do anything! I just pushed the button and they all went off!"

"Shut up both of you!" the third voice demanded.

"But Vegeta..."

"No buts Nappa! I think Frieza had something to do with this."

"Since when does he never have anything to do with anything?" the only unidentified voice asked.

"He's got a point. I think he left us out here to die." Raditz said.

"Alright let's get the job done, then fix the pods and get out of here." said Vegeta.

"I'll at least see if I can fix the pods right now."

"Alright, Onin, give him a hand."

"Umm Vegeta you know that's not my thing." Onin said in nervousness.

"Just do what he tells you." nodding Onin goes to help Raditz.

"What about us Vegeta?" Nappa asked.

"We'll stand watch." After some time Raditz and Onin came out both not looking happy.

"I'll need more time, but my early assessment of the pods say they're shot." Raditz then began to get angry with himself, and frustrated with the pods. "I need a scouter to help assets the problem, or to make contact with some help!"

Bardock couldn't take his son's suffering anymore. He had to act. As he continued to rant about the problem with the pods, he slowly moved up to their location and when he reached ten feet to the crater without them seeing him, he finally made his presents known.

"Here, use mine." he said as he tossed his eldest son his scouter. They all stare at him in shock.

Vegeta was the first to find his voice. "Are you...Bardock?"

Nappa was next, "But didn't he...die?"

"Father..." Raditz said slowly, "Is that you?"

Finally Onin found his voice, and smiled, "It has to be. The scar proves it all."

Bardock then took a breath and smiled, "Yes, I'm alive, though I was brought back after being dead for the last ten years." then his face contorts in confusion as a question comes to mind. "So what are you guys doing on Popstar?"

Now it was Vegeta's turn to have a look of confusion on his face. "What are you talking about lowlevel? This is planet Costa."

The hedgehoged haired saiyan Onin then shock his head as he said, "I think Nappa might've screwed things up again." They all then glare at Nappa.

"Costa's reported to have gray skies. This planet has blue." They then look up at the skies for a few seconds, then look back down to each other. (Think of the sound effect from Garland VS the Imps when Garland's talking to Red Mage about the patio furniture.)

"What did you punch in Nappa?" 'Oh I'm going to love this.' Bardock added mentally. He couldn't wait until he saw Prince Vegeta's temper explode on Nappa.

"I punched CP3O! Hahaha!" Nappa declared proudly.

Vegeta growls as he tells Nappa, "That's that retarded robot from Star Wars!"

"Really? I thought that was Onin's pod number."

Vegeta was so mad that his ki deepened the crater that the four pods have made. "NAPPA YOU IDIOT!"

Bardock was then rolling on the ground laughing so hard he was crying, until he heard someone say...

"Poyo." Bardock's mood did a one hundred eighty degree turn to anger as he looked at Kirby.

"I thought I told you to stay put!" he scolded the young Star Warrior. He then walked up to Vegeta and bowed respectfully causing the young prince to smirk.

Kirby then walked up to the two cousins Raditz and Onin, "Hi." he greeted.

"Who is this little creampuff?" Raditz asked.

"Whatever he is," said Nappa as he picked him up, "it's so cute."

"Nappa sometimes I just don't get you." said Vegeta.

"Your taking care of that pink ball?" Onin asked.

"His name is Kirby. Don't let his looks fool you, he's taken out a lot of demon beasts before I came along."

Kirby then freed himself from his grip and began to dance on his head, causing everyone to laugh. Because to someone like Kirby, his head is danceable.

"Get off me pinky!" Nappa laughed, "I only wanna play some ball."

"Basically he's like a saiyan infant?" asked Onin.

"Could be." Vegeta replied.

"Could be the next Kakarot." Raditz added.

'Well they do have similar destinies.' Bardock thought to himself. " Nappa, I don't think he'd like that too much. And yes, he is very much like a saiyan infant.

"And he should know." Meta Knight said as he too made his presents known.

"About time you said something Meta Knight." Bardock said.

"Meta Knight's here too?" Vegeta asked in shock.

"Two big suppresses. I like it!" Nappa cheered.

"You like anything." said Bardock, "Even scaring a kid five times weaker than you from a neighboring tribe. I may have been dead ten years, but I'm back and stronger then even. I can beat you to the ground."

"Nightmare Enterprises is most likely why he's back." Meta Knight added.

"Of course. It's always that other blasted tyrant who's planning to do something terrible." Vegeta said in annoyance.

"If it's not Frieza, then it's Nightmare. Man do they tick me off!" Onin growled.

"Well Frieza did blow up Planet Vegeta. I was there." Bardock said which surprised the other four saiyans.

"What were you doing?" asked Onin.

"Oh I don't know, trying to stop him from destroying the planet!?" Bardock began in sarcasm, then yelled at the end.

"So you were trying to stop Frieza...by yourself?" Vegeta asked in shock.

"Well it's not like anyone believed me." he began, "They thought that I had finally lost my mind. There were times when I thought I was going crazy thanks to that little trip my team and I made to Kanassa."

"That's one messed up planet." said Nappa.

"Is it really true that they can see into the future? Raditz asked.

"Yes. See the future, read minds. You name it. I've been training my mind to help control it. I still suck, but it's getting better. I even saw this coming just yesterday." the saiyan psychic said offhandedly.

"You saw us coming here?" Onin asked in shock.

"It's amazing what you can do if you had the amount of free time I had after beating Wolfwrath."

"That is true," Meta Knight said, "Anything else you want to let us know?"

"Well..." Bardock said a little apprehensively. "I did have a vision that felt a little...off to me."

"What happened in the vision?" the saiyan prince asked.

"Did Vegeta grow?" asked Nappa. The prince then elbowed the brickhead in the gut.

"I'm not sure... if I should say." he said. 'Why would I be mourning over...him? I should be happy that he dies, but yet... I feel like there's a piece missing from the puzzle. What's going on Turles? What are you hiding?'

Before he could continue to theorize, Onin snapped him out of his thought. "Bardock, you okay?"

"Huh? S-sorry. Look it about noon, and you boys had a long trip. How about we grab a bite to eat? I know where to find the only restaurant around." Bardock offered.

"Why not? Let's go then." Vegeta said, and with that they headed off to Cappytown.


When they arrived in Cappytown there was a huge line with everyone in it. while the food smelled delicious, there were a few things wrong: First, was that that place wasn't there before he took Kirby out to train. In fact that wasn't the place he was going to. The second one, was that he felt evil coming from that place. And third, Dedede was there too. And that set off a huge red flag in Bardock's mind.

"Common guys, let's go." Bardock said as they headed to Kawasaki's. "Hay Kawasaki, what's going on?"

"Hay, Bardock. It's Dedede again." said Tiff.

"I got that much out of it. But what's going on? I leave to train Kirby for a few days, and this happens."

"Something tells me the food sucks here." said Raditz.

"Raditz, not now."

"Who are they?" asked Tuff.

"That's my son Raditz, my nephew Onin, Prince Vegeta, and the bald brickhead is Nappa." Bardock smirked at the end.

"HEY!" Nappa shouted.

"Well it's true."

"Anyway," Tiff said to brake up the argument, "We're trying to save Kawasaki's place from being shut down."

"How about a restaurant war?" Vegeta asked.

"It's not like I can make anything that tastes good though." Kawasaki said as his glumness increased.

"Why don't you make something different?" Tiff asked.

At that moment the Chief Bookem came in. He then ordered something spicy. Kawasaki then asked Kirby to help him cook a chowder. While Kirby was to grab only two peppers, they all of them fell in and when it was served, he ran out a flamethrower.

Kawasaki was so sad thinking that he failed, but then others came in wanting the same thing, filling the restaurant.

"What's wrong with them? I've had hotter then this." Bardock said as he ate the chowder. He then saw Raditz going for it. "Are you sure that's a good idea? You were never good on spicy foods."

"I'm surprised you remembered." Raditz said. He then ate only one bunch of noodles when he too was throwing flames from his mouth, tears falling from his face.

"Ha, ha, ha! Looks like it's the return of 'Crybabay Raditz'!" Nappa laughed. Raditz in retaliation ate more of the chowder and threw fire at Nappa, burning his face. Causing the others to laugh.

"Well at least we know that he can compete with Goan's now." Bardock said to himself.

"I'd like to see you try it Nappa." Raditz said as Kawasaki placed the Chowder with dumplings in front of the bald Saiyan.

"I can handle anything this guy can 'dish out'." He said jokingly. But as he ate the chowder, "AHHHH!" He screamed. Kirby on the other hand wasn't effected one bit.

"Looks like their both out of the Flame Wars'."

As popularity increased, Kawasaki got all the help he could. the Lo La twins were hard at work, and Raditz was in the kitchen with them. He could almost swear that he'd seen them before.


Naturally, Goan retaliated with hot pizza. Stealing the people of Cappy Town back to Dedede's hands. Kirby was fine with the pizza, eating it all up. Onin on the other hand was like the rest of the Cappies.

Kawasaki won them back with hot dumplings. It was even hotter then before. And the people loved it even though they were still throwing flames from their mouths. Kirby was still fine. And Vegeta was next to feel the heat as flames shot out his mouth.

Goan once again got them back, this time with extremely hot burgers! Bardock felt the heat off of that and lost the flame wars to Kirby.

"Ha, ha! You lost to the creampuff!" Nappa shouted.

"So did you." Bardock retorted, resulting with all the people at Goan's to laugh as Kirby was dubbed the 'Flame Wars Champ' among the Saiyans.

They left however before the sorbet was served, and did their own thing to cool down.

"Ahhhh," Raditz sighed in relief as he held a glass that contained milk inside. "Maybe Kawasaki should cool it before things get too hot for even Kirby to handle."

"Are you kidding?" Nappa asked, "He's the Flame Wars Champ.' Nothing, and I mean nothing can make Kirby a flamethrower."

"Kawasaki's got 'Toxic Atomic Curry'. I wouldn't try it though. I saw him try a tiny bit, and he was on fire." Bardock said.

"What about Goan's?" Raditz asked.

"Don't even try the sorbet. I read Goan's mind, he made it so anyone who eats it have a craving for pink round things."

"Do you think..." Onin asked only to be cut off by Bardock.

"Kirby's in trouble." With that they went back to Cappy Town.


By the time they arrived, they saw the towns people were looking at Kirby like a meal.

"This isn't sorbet! This is Kirby! What's wrong with you!?" Tiff shouted. (AN: It was said the other way around in the show. Don't believe me, check it out.)

"We have to stop them but we can't hurt them." Bardock said.

"What's wrong with you? You going soft?" Nappa asked. While they were arguing Goan became a huge creature with six arms.

"Goan, give them the special." Dedede ordered.

"We." Monsieur Goan then attacked them with a sticky substance.

"What is this!?" Onin shouted.

"I can't move." Raditz exclaimed.

"Don't worry, once we're done with him, your next." Esacargoon said. That made the Saiyans afraid and begin to struggle more.

"Don't you even bother. It would take someone with the power level of over one-hundred-thousand to get out of that." Dedede said. Which made them struggle more.

Bardock knew if he kept that up, it would happen, but he had to try to get out. He failed in getting out before he was bombarded by visions.


He sees Kirby is finally out spiced by the curry.


He then sees himself fighting Turles on some barren wasteland.


He then sees a lion of fire attacking Kirby.


Then he sees his youngest son being held captive, while the bald kid in a past vision is on the ground. Along with an old man and several others. The man holding his son captive was his own father, Korn.

"Dad, help me!" Kakarot pleaded.

Visions end:

He had never felt so angry...so scared in his life. His ki began to build at the thought oh his youngest son in danger. And in the hands of his own twisted father. The thought of that made him so angry about the fact that his own son would be in danger. What if he couldn't save him like he wanted? He could never live with himself if that were to ever happen.

And with one yell he got them out of their 'sticky situation' and for the briefest of moments only Kirby saw Bardock's hair turn blond and shoot up then fall and fade back to black. The blast also knocked out Vegeta, Onin, and Nappa. Bardock's energy was drained from the use of so much energy.

"Father, are you alright?" Raditz asked with concern in his voice.

"I'm alright. Go to Kawasaki's and get the curry. It'll out spice Kirby, and get him out."

"But father..."

"It's his fight. Now do what I say please." He said in a tone that from his father sounded alien to him. He was pleading with him.

"Yes father." He said in obedience. He then ran to Kawasaki's, went to the rice pot, put it on the plate, then placed the curry on the opposite end of the rice, and ran back to Goan's with the plate.

"KIRBY, ORDER UP!" He then threw the plate to Kirby who caught it, and ate it. He then began to warm up. He got so warm, he got hot. And Goan tossed the bowl in the air. And he began to breath fire.

"Yeah! Fire Kirby!" Tuff shouted.

"Nope, the curry's just that hot." Bardock chuckled, as Nappa woke up.

"'The Flame Wars Champ' has been out spiced?" Nappa asked in awe.

"I did it. I out spiced Kirby." Kawaski said in joy.

At that moment Kirby then hit Goan with flames and catches him on fire.

"Everybody out!" Meta Knight shouted. Everyone then began poring out, starting out with the town's people. Next were Dedede and his servants ran out of there. Next was Meta Knight, along with Nappa, carrying Onin and Vegeta. Then Kirby, Tiff, and Tuff. And finally Raditz supporting his father. And the restaurant was then set a blaze. Everyone looked on as the restaurant was consumed by fire.


"What is this about a punishment?" Escargoon asked in anger.

"If you ask me it's punishment enough to be around you peasants."

"Look you tried to have us eat Kirby. So now it's your turn." Tiff said.

"You must eat Kawasaki's 'Toxic Atomic Curry'." Bardock said as he stood on his own two feet without support.

The two laughed thinking that it was nothing. But when they ate it, they were on fire. And the whole town laughed at their expense.


On a ship far away a, man similar to Bardock in looks walked into the bridge. His name is Turles. "He's alive. My brother's alive."

"Sir?" Almond asked?

"Set a course for Popstar."

"Yes sir."

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