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Ch. 8 Seep Don't Howl

It's a beautiful day in Cappytown. The sun was shining, birds were singing, the sheep were...causing trouble?

"AHH!" Kirby screamed as he was being flung by a bad sheep.

"Kirby! Are you okay?!" Tiff asked with worry in her voice.

"I'm okay. But why did that sheep attack me?"

"And where did it go? "

"Apparently it saw me and wanted to tick me off by hitting Kirby." Onin growled.

"Are you sure about that little brother?" Brissa asked.

"Yes." he deadpanned.

"Well I'm not so sure. I think we should warn everyone about the bad sheep in the flock. Who knows what kind of trouble they might cause." Brissa said thinking about the people.

"Shouldn't we tell the Chief?" Tuff pondered aloud.

"I'm not sure that would be a good idea."

Bardock walked up to the group knowing something was up. "What's going on?"

"Kirby was attacked by a sheep." Brissa explained.

"What?" Bardock asked. He couldn't believe what he was hearing, but thanks to his psychic powers he knew they were telling him the truth.

"Just came out and attacked him like he was a marshmallow." Onin said.

"It's true." Tiff chimed in.

"I believe you, really I do. We just can't let you-know-who know about this. Otherwise the whole town will think it's a prank. Plus when was Tiff even involved in one? That should raise some flags. But then again maybe not." Bardock said unsure about how the cappies would react to hearing about the bad sheep.

"Whatever your opinion is, it should be true." Onin said. Though I don't think he knows what opinion means.

"Uh oh, here he comes." Tuff said seeing Nappa walking towards them.

"Everyone act natural." Bardock said as Nappa continued to walk up to them.

"I think my butt still hurts form the bad sheep though." Kirby said rubbing his little behind.

"There were bad sheep?!" Nappa yelled in surprise.

"Oh no..." Bardock said facepalming.

"Whoops." Kirby said in embarrassment.

"Yes...they didn't want you-" Onin said only to be cut off by Nappa.

"Stop sounding like a hypocrite!" Nappa demanded while Vegeta walks up to the group.

"Do you even know what a hypocrite is?" Bardock asked. He figured that he didn't. Not to mention they had the same argument years ago. Happened the same day he got his scar.

"Yeah! They're liars." Nappa said. He was somewhat correct but Vegeta still facepalms.

"Dog gone it Nappa." Vegeta grumbles. 'Why can't I take the Lord's name in vain you ask? Because Jewlbunny won't let me.' He said to answer your question.

"They say one thing and do the opposite. Not a bad memory for once. But the original meaning was an actor that wore different masks for different roles. Now for the big question. Who's being a hypocrite? Because it was not Onin." Bardock said. (AN: I got the meaning from the Bible.)

"Well it ain't me!"

"It's Dedede." Bardock said.

"Well he is a manchild, too." Onin said causing Chloe to laugh. She had just arrived shortly after Vegeta did.

"Common guys let's-" Tiff began to say when more sheep attack Kriby.

"Oh no not again!" Tuff screamed.

"AHH!" Kirby screamed being launched by the sheep. They were going to do a second wave when Onin stepped between Kirby and the sheep. They ran away from him.

"The whole flock just turned nasty." Chloe said.

"Glad you can scare away sheep." Tiff said in thanks.

"Shut up." Onin said in embarrassment.

"Hey, it came in handy for once." Bardock reasoned.

"He's right you know." Brissa said agreeing with their uncle.

"Whatever." Onin said in annoyance.

"Let's go. Nappa please don't say anything about this. They won't believe us if you mention it." Tiff explained to the large saiyan. Meanwhile Dedede had already put his plan into action to make Tiff look like a liar, and claim that they are going to play a prank on the entire town.

"They're seriously at it again?" Onin growled.

"They're egos make them big idiots." Vegeta said.

"It's the same thing everywhere we go." Bardock said. They tried to warn them but they were believing Dedede over our heroes.

"I know. It sounds nuts, but since when has Tiff lied? She's never been involved with pranks ever." Lily said. It did not sound like Tiff at all.

"Hopefully we can figure this out soon. This is crazy." Tara said trying to wrap her head around it.


The next day Bardock went over to where the sheep attacks had happened, and he saw Tiff. "Ummm Tiff what are you doing?"

"I'm looking for the bad sheep. I just finished this part of the field. Now I'm going to check the other end." Tiff explained. She was half way through her search.

The shepherd blew the whistle getting their attention. "Alright sheep time to come here." He called.

"Oh no. I wasn't done yet. Now I'll have to start over." Tiff complained.

"Sorry Tiff, but I have a job to do." The shepherd said when the sheep turned on him. "AHH!"

"Uh oh." Bardock said.

"Not again." Tiff chimed in. At that moment the mayor came over to check on his sheep when he saw that they weren't there.

"What happened?"

"I blew the whistle and they attacked me and ran away." the shepherd said.

"It's true. We saw the whole thing. Common we gotta find the sheep." Bardock said quickly.

Meanwhile, the saiyans are relaxing in their new house, not worrying about a thing.

"Alright guys MOVIE TIME! What do you want to watch?" Chloe asked.

"Where's my father? I thought he said he'd be right back with Tiff." Raditz asked.

"Yeah, and that was fifteen minuets ago. Something's not right..." Chloe trailed off. Then they heard thunder coming from outside. And Nappa shrieking like a little girl.

"DOG GONE IT NAPPA!" Vegeta screamed.

"That's was loud!" Brissa exclaimed.

"What the heck is that?!" Chloe asked. Looking outside, she sees the entire herd charging at the house. They can hear the sheep howling.

"Are they howling?" Tara asked thinking that she wasn't hearing straight.

"They're like wolves!" Raditz exclaimed.

"But...their sheep." Lil said dumbfounded. She'd seen a lot of crazy stuff in her day but that was from the closet and Chloe's imagination. This was reality. And yes, they've been on Popstar for a while but this was really crazy.

"And they're gonna bust up the house if they get inside!" Chloe said.

"There's only one thing we can do." Brissa said with Onin on her heels.

"I can't wait to take out these sheep!" Onin said excitedly.

"If I can't calm them down then you'll scare them away." Brissa said.

"How's that a bad thing?"

"It's not a bad thing. It's a last resort."

"Last resort?"

"Just wait and see." Brissa walked letting the sheep see her.

"Hope you know what you're doing."

"Do not let this one fool you!" The sheep known as Amon said causing the sheep to howl, continue their, and run her over.

"Oww." She said quietly. Onin runs over to the sheep growling and starts kicking them in the face.

"BAA!" The sheep scream and run away.

"Why are you running?! Don't run! We are wolves!" Amon shouted.

"Really? I didn't know wolves had wool that could be sheered for the winter." Onin said taunting him.

"You haven't seen the last of us!" Amon said as he left to reorganize the flock.

"Oww." Brissa said again.

"What was that?" Chloe said running over to Brissa.

"Stupid sheep... Hey, I wanna say the 'd word'." Onin complained.

"Hey, you know you can't. Jewlbunny won't allow it. More importantly the sheep are heading for Castle Dedede." Chloe said.

"Oh brother." Bardock said.

"When did you get here?"

"Just now."

"Common we gotta hurry." Tiff said. By the time they arrive they see the cappies baaing like sheep.

"What the?" Chloe asked. She was at a loss for words.

"The heck is this?" Onin asked.

"They all think they're sheep." Vegeta guessed.

"I wanna be a sheep! Baaaa! Baaaa! BAAAAA!" Nappa said.


"Do that and you will anger the wolves." Amon warned.

"WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!" Chloe screamed.

"Wow. I really thought she was about to cuss there. But then again, Jewlbunny won't allow it." Brissa said.

"Stop picking on me, and get on with it. Dude three in a row in this one chapter." Jewlbunny order, and then muttered the second sentence under her breath.

"You fools." Amon said. He then went on to explained his story. About how when he was just a lamb he was sold to Dedede to be a meal for him. He escaped and went into the wild. Then he found his inner wolf. Now he returns to seek his revenge.

"That's a touching story." Dedede said to try to get him to side with him.

"Knowing him he's probably got some of your 'wolves' on chopping blocks." Chloe said being accurate in her assumption.

Onin looks down to see a sheep biting his leg and he kicks it into a wall. "Piece of crap."

"I'll kill you!" Amon screamed turning into a monster.

"Kirby, kick his butt." Bardock ordered.

"Right." Kirby said getting ready to fight the creature.

"Hey Raditz, do you think we should have a plan 'B' for if things go south?" Lil asked.

"Well yeah. Why shouldn't we?" Raditz asked himself.

At that moment Dedede got busted and Amon saw several of his flock on chopping blocks. Dedede and Escargoon got smacked by Amon.

"AHH!" They screamed and disappeared like Team Rocket.

"What should we do?" Dani asked.

"Not a clue." Raditz replied. Kirby then sucked up Amon's horns that he shot out and became Needle Kirby.

"Alright Needle Kirby!" Tuff exclaimed with joy.

"I don't think that will work." Meta Knight said from his place beside them. And he was right. The needles didn't do a thing to him.

"Now we will destroy you!" Amon said preparing to charge with his flock.

Tiff sees the shepherd's whistle and forms a plan. "That's it." She took the whistle and runs to the top of the wall. And just when it looks like Kirby's gonna bite the dust. She blows on it, and the sheep calm down. They all walk over the the shepherd calmly and happily.

"Smart girl." Vegeta said.

"Way to go Tiff!" Tuff exclaimed.

"Phew." Tiff sighed.

"Fools none of you are worthy of freedom." Amon said changing back to a sheep.

Later that day, the sun was setting. Bardock, Chloe, Tiff, Tuff, and Kirby were saying goodbye to Amon.

"Good luck in finding your own flock of wolves." Bardock said.

"Thank you. Fight on Kirby." Amon left. Will he ever be seen again. No one knows.

"Common guys. I want to show you 'The Gamers'. It's a good movie. And if you ask me Rogar is so much like Nappa it's actually kinda funny." Chloe said.

"Okay." Bardock and the others followed her but not Kirby. He howled at the sunset in the direction that Amon left.

Meanwhile at N.M.E.:

"Please tell me that your men found him. Because if not, I'm going to blow something up!" Frieza said to Nightmare. They wanted to use Spore to get to them like the visitor suggested in their last meeting. Korn walks into the room.

"Lord Frieza, what seems to be bugging you?" He asked.

"We're loosing our assets to your stupid son! Why did you want him brought back to life anyway?" Fireza asked/demanded. He did not like that this guy was brought back at all.

"Because...maybe its not Turles we need under our control..." Korn said cryptically.

"Who do you have in mind?" Nightmare asked.

"Bardock." He said simply.

"THAT MONKEY?!" Frieza roared.

"Korn you have had a few crazy ideas, but this is by far the most insane plan you have come up with. How do you even plan on executing this?" Nightmare demanded.

"I am still trying to think of a decent plan to carry out on Bardock. The one thing I know that we have to avoid is his ability to see into the future." Korn admitted.

"Not even I have any monsters that can stop that from happening. His visions act on there own for the moment, but he's gaining control over them. But perhaps, his lack of control just might be the key to getting him." Nightmare realized what he needed to do.

"His unpredictable visions?" Frieza asked.

"Yes Lord Frieza." Korn said.

"Do you have a monster that causes that? Or what? I want that monkey dead or under control." Frieza said.

"Nightmare, we might need you to create a monster that can stop Bardock with ease." Korn said.

"I'll see what I can do. Granted it will take time to make it work just right, but once it is completed I will have a new heir." Nightmare said. They all laughed at how he'll see it coming, but yet not be able to do a thing about it.

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