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Dean Winchester. Everyone knew his name. He was the most popular guy in school and he was only a junior. Everyone wanted Dean Winchester. The girls flirted with him, but never had a chance, they would never get farther than useless flirting. The guys however, all wanted him. Dean could have any of them he wanted (gay or "straight") and he took advantage. He had come out as a sophomore and that never affected his popularity. Dean's relationships with all the guys were just one night stands, most never wanted more. Those that did, were rejected because Dean just didn't feel anything for them, until one guy in particular came along.

"Sammy, you coming to the party or not?" Dean asks with little patience left to deal with his brother.

"Dean, just go. I won't have fun anyway. Just call me if you need a ride home, no driving drunk." Sam said in his stern "adult" voice.

"Since when did you become Dad? Besides your 15 you can't legally drive."

"Hasn't stopped me before. Now just get out of here already. I'm trying to read." Sam looks back to his book and continues reading.

"Fine, I'll be back by breakfast." Dean then leaves, climbs into his baby (his black 1967 Chevy Impala) and heads off to Ash's house for the party.

"Hey, Dean!" says Ash, who seems to already be high.

"Ash, how are you already high? Its only 10."

"Eh, you know I like partying high better than partying looooowww."

This makes Dean laugh, "Okay, Ash. Whatever."

Dean goes and grabs a beer, then meets up with his friends.

"Hey, Dean. You want to go play some beer pong?" asks Jo.

"Sure, but you're going to lose."

Jo then beats Dean's ass at beer pong, but he doesn't care because it takes a lot of alcohol to get a Winchester drunk.

Dean, his friends, and other people from school just hang around drinking alcohol and smoking. They do this until about midnight when his friend, Bela Talbot, points out one of Dean's admirers.

"Dean, have you seen him before?" Bela asks pointing to a kid looking at Dean from across the room. He has scruffy brown hair, bright blue eyes, and is wearing mostly black except for his blue leather jacket.

"No, he's a new one. Damn look at his eyes!" Everyone in the group then looks at the newcomer but no one knows who he is.

"Look like I'm going to have to find out. See you guys later." Dean says as he makes his way over to the blue-eyed kid.

"Hi, I'm Dean." Dean says with confidence.

"Ya, I know who you are." the new kid says, ignoring Dean's smug smile.

"Well, the problem is, I don't know who you are."

"I'm not sure I want you to know who I am," replies the new kid.

"Why? You some like serial killer or something?" Dean says with a laugh.

"Haha, very funny. Fine, my name's Castiel."

"Well, Cas, you new to town? I've never seen you or your beautiful eyes before." Dean said with a grin.

"Ya, I transferred here so I could be with family. So, Dean, is there something you need?" Castiel asks before looking behind him, noticing that they have an audience.

Dean notices the audience too and asks,"Do you want to go to another room, without a crowd?" while giving his friends a glare.

"Um... sure." Castiel says with a sudden smile and grabs Deans hand, pulling him upstairs. When they reach a bedroom they can hear the whistles and cheers of those downstairs.

"So..." Dean says, while finally getting a good look at Cas. He has pretty toned muscles, though not as big as his and Sam's. He also has a look in his eyes that shows he is always curious. His eyes are the deepest blue Dean had ever seen.

"Dean, your eyes are the most peculiar but vibrant green I've ever seen," Castiel says, giving a nervous but genuine laugh.

Dean takes this opportunity to lean in, and kisses Castiel's lips. The kiss fills Dean with a warmth that he has never felt before when he's kissed someone. Dean is surprised by this feeling and never wants the kiss to end.

Before things go any further, Castiel pulls back, looks Dean in the eye, and says, "Sorry, I don't do one night stands." With that said, Castiel gives Dean a big smile and walks out of the room.

Dean has no idea what just happened, and stands there completely and utterly confused. He walks downstairs hoping to see Cas downstairs, but all he sees is everyone staring at him.

"Dean, did you just get rejected?" Garth asks.

"I-I think so," Dean replies, still trying to process what happened.

Everyone in the room laughs at the one thing no one thought they would ever see. Dean Winchester being rejected. Dean ignores them and leaves the party, no longer in a partying mood.

Dean returns home around 1 a.m. and walks in seeing Sam asleep on the couch. Dean heads upstairs, but stops when he hears Sam ask, "What are you doing home?"

"Just wasn't enjoying the party. Goodnight, Sammy." With that Dean walks to his room and closes the door.