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Previoiusly: Castiel drives home from studying late at the coffee house with Samandriel. Its almost 9 at night, so he expects the house to be empty since his mom works from 4pm until after midnight. Cas parks in the driveway and opens the garage. He's surprised to see his mom's car when the garage opens and is even more surprised when he realizes the car is running. Exhaust that had been building up in the closed garage blows out and exits the garage, blinding Cas briefly as he realizes what's happening.

"Mom!" Cas runs into the garage and coughs from the car fumes. He runs to the car and sees Rebecca Collins unconscious inside the car. He bangs on the window when he can't get inside the car. He searches the garage and grabs a hammer from a toolbox and shatters the window. He starts shaking his mom as tears form in his eyes. "Mom! Mom!"

When she doesn't respond, he pulls out his cell phone and calls 9-1-1 as he checks for a pulse. He starts panicking and his tears fall when he doesn't find a pulse. He screams the address into the phone before hanging up and pulling her out of the car. He tries CPR but none of it works. The next minutes go by in a blur and the next thing he remembers is being pulled away by a few cops, so the EMTS can get to work, and screaming for his mom and for the paramedics to save her. He watches, crying, as the paramedics call her death and then everything goes black.

While Cas was sleeping, he started mumbling and thrashing around, slowly getting louder and louder. Raphael had woken up to go to the bathroom around 2am and hears Castiel. Concerned, Raphael enters Cas' room and notices him having the nightmare. He runs over and starts to shake Cas awake.

Cas shoots up in bed screaming: "Mom!" He's breathing hard as he looks around the room, completely terrified from his nightmare.

"Cas, are you alright?" Raphael asks.

Cas looks at him, surprised Raphael cares. "Y-yeah."

Raphael nods and looks hesitant to ask anything else. Sure, he cares and loves his little brother, but he also is still not on good terms with him. Cas saves him from trying to think of what to say next.

"L-look, I know I shouldn't have left like I did, and I know I hurt all of you, especially Anna, but I'm trying to fix things and you're not making it easy. A-and I've been through a lot, so adding a brother who is pretending to care is not something I want to add to the list. So…thanks for waking me up, but I don't want to talk about it, so you can leave."

Raphael just sits there, speechless. After a minute of silence, Raphael stands and heads for the door. Before he leaves, he stops and turns to look at Castiel.

"While you were gone…Dad left all the time and I had to basically take care of them…I do care, Cas. I'm your older brother and it's my job to watch out for you, even when I'm mad at you. I'm here for you to talk to. I can't even imagine how hard it would be to deal with Mom's death by yourself, but I can listen, so talk to me if you need to. Or don't talk and I'll give you company…I've been told I'm more fun to be around when I'm quiet." Raphael smiles slightly and Cas smirks at Raphael's last comment. Raphael leaves after saying that and heads down the hall to his room. He knows he probably won't be able to sleep after hearing Cas ramble about their mom's death and grabs a blanket before climbing out his window and sitting on the roof. He leans back against the house and looks up at the stars.

Cas thinks about what Raphael said. Raphael was right, he has no idea what Cas went through with their mom. None of them knew that Rebecca Collins committed suicide, and none of them knew why either. Cas bites his lip to stop the tears from falling. He was not going to go down that dark road again. He couldn't…because he had no idea if he'd be able to come back from that this time. Cas lets out a shaky sigh and stands up. He grabs a blanket from where its laying on his window seat and quietly walks out of his room and to Raphael's. He knocks before walking in. He looks around before walking over to the open window and climbing out. He sits down next to Raphael. They sit in almost peaceful silence as they both look at the stars.

"You know this doesn't fix things…You still left and too much happened while you were gone to have everything be okay just like that…"

Cas sighs. "Yeah, I know."

When it was time for everyone to start getting up, Raphael and Castiel climb back inside and Cas heads to the bathroom to shower while Raphael heads downstairs. Both of them feel exhausted. Raphael starts making breakfast for his siblings. The coffee is finished brewing when Anna is trudging downstairs, soon followed by an energetic Gabriel and a grumbling Balthazar.

"Quit being so…awake." Balthazar shoves Gabriel into the wall and walks into the kitchen. Raphael hands mugs of coffee to Balthazar and Anna as soon as they sit down.

"Can I-" Gabriel begins to ask.

"No." All three of the older siblings respond in unison, causing Gabriel to frown.

"You all are rude in the morning."

Raphael hands his younger siblings plates dished up with eggs and toast. Raphael lays his head down on the counter as he waits for his own toast.

"Raph, you look exhausted." Anna looks at Raphael, concerned since she knows that he went to bed plenty early last night.

"….I'm fine…" His toast pops up and he lifts his head. He goes and dishes up his own food. He hops up on the counter and starts eating.

Cas heads downstairs after his shower and almost falls since he's too busy texting Dean to pay attention to where he's going. He smiles at something Dean says as he heads into the kitchen.

Balthazar: "Please tell me you aren't energetic in the morning too…"

"Huh? What?" Cas looks up from his phone, confused.

"Who are you texting, Cassie?" Anna puts her dishes into the dish washer.

"Uh, nobody." He pockets his phone and gets himself some eggs and toast as well.

"Suuure." Gabriel smirks before running upstairs to get ready, soon followed by Balthazar. Anna puts her brothers' dishes in the dish washer as well.

"So why do you both look so tired?" Anna raises an eyebrow at her older siblings.

"Couldn't sleep." They speak in unison, without meaning to.


"Yes, really. Now go get ready for school, Anna."

"Don't tell me what to do, Raph." Anna heads upstairs.

Cas and Raphael don't say a word to each other as they finish eating. Soon Raphael is heading upstairs while Cas grabs his backpack and leaves for school.

"So, are you excited?" Charlie asks as they eat their lunch.

Cas has his head laid down on the table and his eyes closed, wanting to catch up on his lost sleep. "'cited for what?"

"Your date with Hottie Winchester! Are you excited?"

"Hm…" Cas was so close to drifting off when Kevin dropped his lunch tray onto the table next to his head, jolting him awake.

"Hottie Winchester? That the best you can come up with?" Kevin smirks and takes his seat next to Cas.

"Shut up, Kev."

"Yeah…shut up, Kev." Cas lays his head back down.

Kevin rolls his eyes and adds ketchup to his hamburger. "What's your problem, Cas?"


"Liar. You look like you didn't sleep at all last night." Charlie's voice sounds concerned.

Cas sighs. "I didn't." He sits up and starts picking at his lunch. He quickly changes the subject. "So, yeah, I'm excited."

"Good. And don't forget, you bitches are all coming over to my place on Saturday, and Cas, I'm expecting some major details." Charlie smiles. Both Kevin and Charlie are curious why Cas didn't sleep last night, but decide that now probably isn't the best time to ask about it.

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