After the Voldies let loose a few rounds of AK, I managed to recover from the headache my heightened hearing gave me. Lolidragon gave me one of her pathetic puppy faces. I got really irritated and ended up revoking her rights as a GM for a month.

"Alright guys, I have Uni and if anyone, I mean anyone, does something that they think I won't like, I will do this to them." I turned to the Voldermort I put through eternal pain. Stopped the process and started castrating him. Then I broke every bone, crushed his organs and started skinning him. Everyone else looked green and turned away from the sight, mentally noting not to irritate me, but my sister and her weirdness just looked on in fascination.

The opened her mouth and took a breath "Kai can y-' I cut her off. "No oneesan, I will not teach you how to do that. If you really want to learn, take the thief class in Second Life. I set it so you'll learn how to skin and get the most valuable parts of something."

Her eyes sparkled with dollar signs. I think i just unleashed a Nami into Second Life. Oh Boy. Shit. And so a hurricane aka my sister jumped the nearest gaming helmet and set up her character. Facepalm. A group of Voldies gathered together to plan gaming world domination so I made a mental note to keep an eye out 2 suspicious viruses (Idiotic backstabbing dark lords).

Snape and Regulus were still making puppy eyes at each other, which promptly put an end to by stuffing gaming helmets on their heads. A the many Voldermorts are honestly pissing me off, I just chucked them back into their respective universes and sent a magical video camera to record everything. After all, what better Sunday night entertainment than watching idiotic sheep freak out about a so called resurrected dark lord.

Good times.