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A New Beginning

Shiloh stared up at Alfea School for Fairies and sighed. She couldn't find her friends and she wouldn't- scratch that- COULDN'T face Griselda alone.

"Shiloh! Hey, Shi!"

She whirled around, her strawberry blonde hair forming a halo around her torso. A girl with waist length blue-black hair with magenta highlights that bought out her violet eyes ran toward her, a tall boy with the same blue-black hair sans the highlights with deep blue eyes being dragged behind her.

The girl wore a red and purple horizontally striped off the shoulder long-sleeved shirt and dark skinny jeans. She also had a magenta belt and hair scrunchie and a worn pair of red Converse. The boy had a short-sleeved shirt with black sleeves and what looked like a British flag made up the rest. He had regular blue jeans, a red belt and a black studded belt criss-crossed at his hips, red wristbands, a dragon fang necklace and black Vans. Relief flooded through Shiloh when she saw the girl.

"Harmony! Thank god! I thought I'd have to go in by myself!"

Harmony laughed and gave her friend a squeeze. "Yeah right! What kind of best friend would I be if I sent you to the beast alone?"

"What the heck Shi? No hug for me?" Shiloh turned to the boy next to her. "Oh shut up Roman. You want a hug, you come and get one."

Roman faked a hurt look, then put on a smirk and lifted Shiloh off the ground with a bear hug. "I missed you Princess."

Shiloh scowled. "Don't call me Princess."

He smirked again and made a mock bow. "Yes Your Highness."

Harmony laughed and nudged her brother. "Quit the tough-guy act, Ro. You'll scare your artist away."

"What act?" he muttered but stopped ribbing Shiloh as a girl with tan skin and black hair walked up to them. Like Harmony, she wore her hair up in a ponytail with a rose pink scrunchie. She also had on a tank top and skirt of the same color, but the skirt had light green trim. A camisole the same color covered the other tank top. The skirt and white knee-length socks mostly covered her legs. Her favorite green vans and gold hoop earrings finished off the ensemble. As the girl got closer, they could see her soft jade eyes twinkling warmly.

"Hi Harmony, Shiloh. H-hey Roman."

He smirked. "Sage."

Harmony rolled her eyes. "Sage, have you seen Diana or Cayan?"

"Looking for us ladies?" came a voice from behind. A boy with long dirty blonde hair pulled into a ponytail and brown eyes walked up with an identical girl on his arm.

The boy had on a white button-up shirt with a green sweater vest with blue trim over it. He had a black belt to hold up his corduroys and brown boots. His twin sister had on a yellow and white horizontally striped long sleeved shirt, a white mid-thigh jean skirt and three inch yellow strappy wedges. On her wrist was a charm bracelet with one moon charm and two star charms. A white headband held back her slightly lighter waist length blonde hair.

"Sup Artemis? Hey Di, you seen Cayan?"

"She's MIA huh?" Diana yawned and took her arm from her brother, then stood on her tiptoes. Artemis turned to Shiloh and smiled winningly. "Hey there Princess! How's kicks?"

Shiloh's happy smile morphed into a demented glare. "Why do you idiots feel the need to call me that?"

Roman and Artemis grinned. "Cuz it bugs you!"


The boys laughed and herded the girls toward the gate. "Cayan is probably late," began Artemis.

"As usual," Roman cut in, rolling his eyes.

"So you should just go in without her," he finished.

They heard a shriek from right behind them. "Don't you DARE leave me behind!"

The girls turned and saw an African girl with dark brown hair in cornrows and eyes the lightest shade of blue they could be without being gray. A boy with purple-ish pink hair and brown eyes and black glasses jogged up behind them after leaping out of a digital portal.

The girl had on black jeggings, a white camisole with a blue stripe across the bust, gray ankle boots and a dark blue zip up hoodie with light blue sleeves. Her cornrows had white, dark and light blue beads at the ends. The boy had army green cargo pants and a red and black horizontally striped t-shirt. He also had a large silver cross necklace, a silver chain around his right wrist, a black digital watch around his left and black tennis shoes.

"Cayan, kick it into gear! We're late!" hollered Diana. Roman grabbed the both of them, Cayan in a hug and the boy in a headlock. "Tyler, buddy! It's about time you got here!"

Artemis laughed. "Easy Roman! He won't be any good to us in a neck brace!"

"Sure, sure." The three boys turned to the five fairies and grinned. "Okay ladies, time to face the music," Roman teased, waving them away.

"Good luck with Griselda," chirped Tyler, still rubbing his neck where Roman grabbed him.

"Bye guys," the girls sang after them as they began the trek to Red Fountain. They all turned to Alfea and Shiloh turned to face them, smiling. "So ladies, ready to follow in our mothers' footsteps?"

"You know it!" Harmony.

"Ready to go girlfriend!" Diana.

"Let's do this thing." Cayan.

"We've been waiting for this for years." Sage.

Shiloh nodded. "Let's go girls!"

'The new Winx Club has arrived!'

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