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The End… Or Is It?

Jason PoV

"This witch that abducted you, Jason. What did she look like?" asked Faragonda, peering over her glasses at me.

I pursed my lips. "Well… like she'd been put through the wringer I guess. I mean she's not old. She's probably my mom's age."

She nodded. "Go on."

I hesitated and Saladin turned from the window. "What about physical features: hair, eye color and the like?"

I thought of Rayne and worried about what I'd say next. "Blue eyes, blue cape and costume with a capital 'I' on her shirt… and white hair."

I heard Ms. Griffin inhale sharply. "Icy. I had a feeling we hadn't seen the last of her."

Faragonda sighed. "You're right Griffin. We should contact the girls' parents. Bloom and the others will need to prepare themselves. In the meantime, I believe we should end term early this year and send the students home. We'll spend the summer fortifying the defenses of the schools for next term."

Saladin and Griffin nodded in agreement and I took this chance to butt in. "Ms. Faragonda? Ma'am?"

"Hm? Oh yes Jason, you're dismissed."

"That's not what I was going to ask."

"Speak up then boy!" barked Griffin.

"What will you do with Rayne?"

"Why, she'll go to Cloud Tower, of course!"

"I don't think she'd fit in really well. And she's only twelve."

"Why wouldn't she fit in? She's the daughter of my worst student!"

"Peace Griffin," said Saladin as Faragonda asked me, "Jason, what do you mean?"

"Her magic feels… warm and friendly. Besides, she told me she wanted to go to Alfea."

Griffin deflated. "Never mind. She can go here." She disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Faragonda sighed. "We will have to send her to the orphanage…"

I stood up. "Ms. F?"

"Yes, dear boy?"

"Well, Rayne is already pretty attached to me and my mom always wanted a daughter..."

Faragonda smiled slightly. "Very well. She is in your custody now, Jason Stark."

I thanked her and hurried out of the office and toward the girls' dorm room.

I knocked on the door and opened it to see Artemis and Shiloh cuddling on the couch. Everyone else was gone.

"Where is everybody?"

Shiloh smiled at me. "Well Cayan has been glued to Logan since we got back, so she's probably at Red Fountain helping Allegro clean up their dorm room, since Logan can't leave the bed until he goes home."

"Sage and Roman went on their first official date today," added Artemis, his arm slung around Shiloh's shoulders. "I think they went to a concert. My sister and Tyler are shopping."

"Then does Harmony have Rayne?"

"Yeah, they're in her room behind the sound curtain," Shiloh said as she cuddled closer to Artemis. I left the mushy couple alone and opened the door to Cayan and Harmony's room. A gold curtain sectioned off Harmony's half of the room from Cayan's. I pushed it back and saw Rayne sleeping on the bed while Harmony had earphones plugged into an Earth Walkman. She looked up and saw me, taking out the earphones.



We stood there in silence before I asked, "Was she any trouble?"

"Not a bit. I've got a sister her age and one even younger, so I'm used to baby-sitting. Although usually Roman's around to help with them."

I chuckled and she smiled at me. "So, this CD I'm listening to… Rayne pulled it out of your backpack earlier and Sage said you bought it for me the day she and my brother finally got together. For my birthday?"

I felt my cheeks flush before nodding. "Yeah sorry it's so late…"

"Don't worry about it. Hey, Jason…"


She bit her lip and approached me. "I was really worried about you when you disappeared. I was freaking out that I wouldn't get to tell you something…"

My eyes widened. "What is it?"

She opened her mouth, hesitated, and closed it again with a sigh. "Man this sucks! I still can't say it."

"So it's a secret?" I asked, smirking slightly.

She blushed and nodded. "For now. I'll tell you as soon as I can though okay?"


Shiloh PoV

'It's cold. Weird, I'm never cold.'

I opened my eyes to see that I was floating in hazy white and blue mist. My breath was a huge cloud in front of my face.

I heard an evil cackle and saw a huge black shadow with curved crystal blue eyes that glowed. "You've ruined me Bloom! And here you will DIE!"

I felt an intense pain and cried out, "I'm not her! Stop!"

I heard a shriek of outrage and the pain stopped when a cool, soothing sensation washed over my skin. I peeled my eyelids apart again to see a huge ice blue dragon with a magnificent ruff curled around me, furiously glaring at the significantly smaller black shadow with glowing white eyes.

"What trickery is this Bloom?! Where's the DragonFire?!"

It clicked then: the raging witch in the forest, the shadow we kept seeing, the creeping sensation I'd been feeling ever since I found Hale in the cave.

The stories mother told me from her school days came rushing back to me. "We were always bothered by these three witches, Darcy, Stormy and, the worst one, Icy."

The Trix. The oldest sister, Icy, was out for revenge on my mother. And she thought I was my mom.

"The DragonFire is sleeping right now," I said confidently. No way was I letting this crazy witch near my mother. I gathered all the Winx I could between my palms. "Have a taste of your own freezing medicine Icy! Take this! Frozen Arrowhead!"

The dragon behind me roared, adding to the power that pierced the black shadow. It faded away with a scream of pain and I felt the thrill of victory fade with it as the scenery went black.

"Shiloh? Shiloh, wake up! Shiloh!"

I cracked my eyes open and groaned. It was like looking straight at the sun. A shadowy figure hovered above me and I gasped and flung an arm out.

"Whoa, easy Shi. It's just me." Warm familiar arms encircled my shaking frame and I turned to cry into Artemis's shoulder. "There, there. You're all right, you're safe."

He just kept repeating that as he held me. Sage was peering anxiously over Diana's shoulder while the Fairy of the Night Sky pulled the quilt back over my unusually cold legs.

To be honest, I was a little ashamed of myself. I had just broken down in front of my girls. Me, who was the supposed strong leader of the group. And that's not all: the guys were here too. Talk about embarrassing.

I could see Roman and Jason through my tears, standing by the door. I could also hear Cayan talking to Logan on the phone in the hall, saying I was okay, just really shaken up. Griselda and Harmony were jut outside my bedroom door and I heard Tyler say that it must have been a pretty disturbing dream if I was crying.

That made me feel a little better. A small mug of mint tea was thrust under my nose and I saw Rayne shifting from left to right, trying not to spill. I took it and smiled weakly and she left the room with Jason.

Sage touched my shoulder. "Why don't you tell us about you dream Shiloh? We can't help if we don't know what's wrong."

Artemis frowned but I could see that he knew the Nature Fairy had a point. All my friends, including Jason who drifted in from the common room, surrounded my bed as I told them about my horrible dream. When I got to the part about Icy, Artemis squeezed me tighter while all the girls gasped in outrage. I saw Roman's jaw set and Jason's brow furrowed. Tyler just shivered and moved closer to Diana.

Griselda let me finish recounting my nightmare before saying, "It's just as Faragonda feared. Princess Shiloh, we are going to tell your mother. I suggest, that when term starts back up again, that you stay in either Domino or Eraklyon to be home-schooled for safety."

Diana shrieked wordlessly at the thought. Jason raised his voice to be heard over her. "Well, it's actually Queen Bloom who's in danger, not Shiloh."

"But she thinks I'm Mom," I mumbled.

Harmony groaned. "Gosh Shi, we're gonna need the whole Royal Guard of Eraklyon and Domino with all the trouble you're gonna get us into."

I chuckled weakly as Raja nosed his way through everyone to nuzzle my knee. "Yep, I'm a handful."

"You should stay at Alfea," came a voice from the doorway. Tecna stood there with her phone in hand, a hologram of my mother shimmering above it. "You'll need to learn how to defend yourself and be safe doing it. And there's no safer place than Alfea."

"But what about you?"

"I'm an adult Shiloh. I can protect myself here on Domino better than anywhere else. You'll be fine at Alfea. I was, at your age."

Griselda started to protest but I cut her off, using my best Princess voice. "I'm staying. I know I can handle it."

Sage covered my hand with hers as Diana grabbed the other. Harmony hugged me from behind and Cayan rested her arms and head on my lap.

"We'll handle it," corrected Artemis as the other boys nodded in agreement

"Together forever!" declared Diana and I laughed.


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