It was four o clock. People were starting to arrive, and the party was about to get started. Jack had never really had a problem with people, he'd always just been himself. The people that could see him were far and between anyway, but even before that he remembered just being friendly with everyone he met. Some people just didn't like him, he was rebellious, and didn't have much appreciation for the rules, but that was just how he was. He knew that some people wouldn't like him for that, but hey, he didn't really care.

But for some reason, he had never felt more pressure to impress than he had today. He wasn't sure weather it was because he would have to see these people again, or weather the pressure of them being Jamie's friends was what was getting to him. But he stayed in the living room, fiddling with his thumbs until he had to talk to people.

People showed up in large groups, and Jacks brain struggled hopelessly to remember who was who and who came with who. It was quite difficult, there was a lot of people there. It baffled Jack that so many people would come to the birthday party of some teenager they had never met, but he figured that the Bennett's probably held quite a bit of influence around the neighbourhood. Mrs Bennett was a big contributor in the local community, and it didn't surprise him that she would have a lot of friends. It wouldn't surprise him if she knew everyone in Burgess!

Jamie kept mostly in the kitchen. He wasn't incredible with talking to people, and so he decided to help more with the upkeep and maintenance of the party. He was just refilling a tray of snacks when some kids walked in.

Jack had seen them before when he was immortal, messing around in the snow and knocking down snowmen. Jamie had never really talked to them before, but his mom was friends with their moms, so they had a kind of neighbourly connection going on. But he knew from the way people talked about them that they were trouble.

However, they were the cool kids. And Jamie didn't know how long Jack was going to be stuck like this, so he wanted to give him the best possible shot at an enjoyable highschool experience. So he made sure that his mom invites both the cool kids and the... other kids, just to give Jack the option of picking his place on the high school food chain.

Jack hadn't even spoken to them yet and he already didn't like them. He could just tell, and that was just from the way they approached him.

"You Jack?" The tallest one said. He was only a few inches taller than Jack, making him a lot less intimidating than he was trying to be. He was clearly the leader of his little bunch of "cool kids", and the rest of them stayed around him in a group, like they were guarding him. It was so weird.

"Yeah, I'm Jack." Jack replied, leaning on the counter behind him, trying to look cool.

The tall boy put his hands in his leather jacket pocket. Jack made a mental note to ask Jamie about wether or not leather jackets were still in fashion, because he liked them, but they kinda made him look like a biker from the eighties, which was a look he would like to avoid. The tall boy didn't seem to mind though, and he seemed pretty popular.

"So, Jack, rumour has it you're starting school after Christmas break?"

Jack looked away, picking up a grape. "So what if I am?" He answered, throwing the grape up and catching it in his mouth. Act cool, act cool, he thought to himself on a constant loop. He has never cared about looking cool before, he had always just done his own thing, but now he was about to start high school, it suddenly seemed quite important.

"Well if you are, then that's a problem for me. See, I'm top of the ladder around here, so I don't need some brunette hair flick coming in and messing with my food chain."

Jack raised an eyebrow."Your food chain? What makes it your food chain?"

He laughed and looked behind him, earning a laugh from the rest of his friends. Gang. Crew. Jack wasn't quite sure what it was they found funny, but his confused face must've been taken as letting his guard down.

"Because short stack," He said, stepping up to Jack, emphasising the small (but existent) height difference, "if the ladder gets messed with, it messes up my system. The popularity system. It's nothing personal, I jut gotta do this with all the newbies, make sure they not gonna do nothing to change nothing. Ok?"

"Your English is terrible." Jack replied with a smirk, gently pushing the bigger boy away.

"Oh, see, now that's just what I meant. You trying to cause problems, short stack? Because you don't want to be causing me no problems." He threatened, stepping back into his crew.

Jack rolled his eyes. "Why? They're your problems."

The boy smirked. "Yeah? Well if it's a problem for me, it's a problem for you, punk."

Jack rolled his eyes again. "Yeah? I don't think so."

Jamie, who had been stood by the door watching this entire thing unfold, had thought about intervening a couple of times, but had decided that getting mixed up with high schoolers probably wasn't the best idea. Jack was a guardian. He could probably handle himself. Then Jack pushed the tall one, and Jamie started think that maybe he should do something. But when the teenagers walked away, he let out a sigh. That got a bit too intense a bit too quickly.

Jack slumped into a nearby chair, and Jamie went to check on him.

"Hey Jack," Jamie started, putting a hand on Jack's shoulder, "what's new?"

Jack looked up at him and laughed. "So you saw that, huh?" Jack sighed and leaned back in his chair. "Jamie, I think I'm totally utterly screwed."

Jamie smiled at his brothers over reaction. "It'll be okay, Jack."

Jack looked up at him again, a look of thoughtfulness on his face. "I know it's going to be okay, Jamie. Everything always works out in the end. But it's getting there thats the problem."

"What'd you mean, Jack?"

"I'm not great at... Well... Anything that isn't fun." Jack fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat, while Jamie nodded in understanding. Of course Jack wouldn't be good at things he didn't enjoy- he was the guardian of fun, after all!

"Look, Jack, I know this is hard for you. I get it. But for now, it's just something that you're going to have to live with." Jack smiled up at Jamie from his chair, cueing him to add "but it will make things easier if you stop aggravating jerks."

Jack laughed, but it was short lived. "Jamie?"

Jamie furrowed his eyebrows. "Yeah, Jack?"

"Is school as bad as everybody makes it sound? Because I made those snow days for a reason."

Jamie just sat down next to Jack and smiled. "Well... Yeah, it pretty much is." This earned another groan from Jack, and a laugh from Jamie. "Well, happy birthday Jack."

"Wow. Thanks. I'm really feeling the love."

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