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Chapter 1

The room filled with chatter as the Gotei 13 gathered for a meeting called by the 12th division Taichou. All of the Taichou's and Fukutaichou's have arrived and stood patiently waiting for what he was to present to them. The Soutaichou banged his staff against the floor, signaling the start of the meeting.

"Enough chattering! We have been called here by Mayuri of the 12th division. What have you gathered us all here for?" The old mans voiced boomed throughout the hall, his voice so stern that everyone could feel it inside they're chest.

"Well I have discovered a most fascinating creature while on an expedition through the jungles to the far west of the Rukongai. It was just so marvelous I just had to bring it back to the Seireitei to show it and test with it!" The creepy faced Taichou piped on happily about his newest 'subject'.

The Taichou's murmured amongst each other, wondering what the poor creature was.

One Taichou just stood there with his eyes closed in frustration, the angry vein in his forehead pulsing like always. His eyes fluttered open to reveal teal orbs, wisdom and frustration filled his mind as he listened to the all the comments made by his comrades.

'Why must this idiotic scientist have to call us for a meeting just to show us his new pet?' He thought inwardly cursing the research department head. His thoughts interrupted by a certain strawberry poking him with questions.

"Hey Toshiro, What do you think it is? Some freaky tropical hollow or something like that?" Ichigo's voice annoying him with persistent questions. Hitsugaya ignoring him as usual and just tuning him out. Taichou of the 9th division, Kurosaki Ichigo had obtained the position shortly after the defeat of the traitor Aizen. He proved to the Soutaichou that he could control his inner hollow and ever since the old man let him stay and become a Taichou of the Gotei 13.

There of course are the other replacements as well. Rukia became the Fukutaichou of the 13th division. Izuru become 3rd division Taichou of course, even if he was a little nervous to take the position. Yumichika became Izuru's Fukutaichou, and is still looking FABULOUS as ever. Ikkaku took over the 5th division when they offered the position, after Hinamori unfortunately ended her own life after she found out Aizen had been defeated. The 3rd seat of the 5th division took over the roll of Fukutaichou, her name is Kagura Nagayama, she is mysterious but loves to fight like her Taichou. And Hisagi of course is still the Fukutaichou of the 9th division.

"So Mayuri, tell us about this creature you found." Ukitake questioned curiously, since he was close to the division he hears about most of the things that go on there.

The doors to the meeting room creaked open slowly. Then a few members of the 12th division wheeled in a giant box covered in a cloth. The room irrupted with people's talking and questions. The Soutaichou banged his staff once again.

"Enough! Show us this beast that you have found Mayuri." Yamamoto grumbled loudly.

"Alright, prepare to have your minds perplexed because there is nothing like this beauty!" Mayuri excitedly jumped to pull of the cloth.

What he revealed to the group made them gasp in shock. When he pulled off the cloth it revealed a giant glass box, on the inside was covered in vines as if a jungle had grown in the box. In the dead center of the box was a giant flower bud, it was the normal green color but the edges were a red, almost hot-pinkish color.

"I don't see anything. Just a big flower." Ichigo blurted out ignorantly, walking toward the glass box to get a closer look.

"You imbecile! Don't get to close or she'll get you!" Mayuri screeched and Ichigo stopped dead in his tracks and stared as the flower began to shake and slowly opened.

As the the petals started coming downwards and revealed a girl that had sakura pink skin and lime green hair with flowers surrounding her head, her hair was so long it covered most of her breasts and down her thighs. When she opened her eyes they were a deep crimson color that could rival the color of blood. She was sitting inside the flower as if she were the center of it beauty, which most in the room thought she was. Her legs seemed to be fused to the center were all the vines grew out of, they twitched as she moved her legs to stand.

She walked to the edge of the glass and put her hands against it, but jerked away when she got shocked with electricity. She looked around the room at each person, but her eyes stayed glue to one Taichou in particular, Hitsugaya Toshiro.

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