Set Up

Summary: Italy and Liechtenstein gather some of the other nations to try and set up Austria and Hungary on a date. Can love bloom with a plan thought up by Italy while there is a ticked off Switzerland? And what does Liechtenstein in store for the their date?

Disclaimer: I neither own Hetalia or any elements from the series.

Chapter 1: Started With An Arrow


It started centuries ago on a battlefield though it wasn't much of a battle it was more like a quick skirmish. The fight didn't last that long and it ended with a small figure on the ground with an arrow firmly in his butt cheek.

"Austria was it?" said the victor of this fight still holding onto the bow. "That arrow is a reminder not to attack Hungary again."

"Ow." The small nation on the ground moaned.

He pushed back some dark brown hairs from his face and looked up.

Hungary smiled, "If you want to try again just remember what I'll do to you if you do."

With that Hungary walked away with a quiver filled with arrows and a small ponytail swaying in the wind.

Austria looked on as Hungary walked away victorious.

"Hungary, I'll remember that name." He muttered to himself. "I'm sure we'll meet again."

He was right they would meet again. Centuries would pass and over all that time they would meet again and again. In the meantime Austria just waited for Switzerland to come pick him up.


It was a strange day. Austria had called of all people Switzerland. Austria and Switzerland had a falling out a long time ago and since then they rarely spoke. Austria had asked Switzerland to come to a grocery store. Switzerland didn't want to go but Austria promised to pay for his groceries in return for his help. Switzerland wasn't on the best terms with Austria but he did enjoy saving money so he agreed to meet him. He didn't want to bother Liechtenstein with it especially if it involved Austria so he went by himself to meet him.

Switzerland arrived at the store in his usual green military type outfit. He didn't waste anytime waiting for Austria and walked right into the store. He found him near the back. Austria wore his usual aristocratic and old styled clothing.

"Well, I'm here what did you want me for?" Switzerland asked him not bothering to be polite.

"Well, it's good to see you too." Austria said in a rather calm tone with just a dash of sass.

"Yes, hello what did you want me for?"

"I wanted your advice with something."

"With what?" Switzerland said getting annoyed that he wasn't getting a direct answer.

"Austria! Switzerland!" A peppy chirp rang out.

The two men turned to see the ever happy Italy making his way to them.

"Italy?" Austria questioned. "What are you doing here?"

"Shopping. It's good to see you both. What are you to doing?"

"That is what I was asking." Switzerland began. "Austria said he wanted my advice but hasn't told me for what."

"Uh." Austria sighed. "Chocolate." He pointed to a display filled with several boxes of expensive chocolate. "I know you are something of an expert when it come to chocolate. I was hopping you could tell me which was the best to get for someone."

"Oh~" Italy smiled. "Are you getting chocolate for someone?"

"Yes, that's what I said." Austria said as a hint of annoyance entered his usually calm voice.

"Must be someone special. Who is it Austria?"

"It's none of your business." Austria growled at him.

Switzerland was a little taken aback since Austria rarely showed any emotion but he was letting that slip.

"Oh, how could I forget." Italy continued. "It's for Hungary. Her birthday is coming up. You're getting her a nice box of candies as a present."

Austria's eyes widened as he was found out. Switzerland was surprised that Italy could put it together, but then again Italy used to live with them.

"Yes, I wanted to get a present for her." Austria admitted looking away.

Switzerland was confused he knew that Austria and Hungary were married for a while but they broke up after the war. Before that Switzerland had to drag Austria home after Hungary beat him in so many battles.

Switzerland picked up a box and handed it to Austria, "Here I'm sure she'll like these."

"Thank you." Austria said taking the box he handed him enough money to buy the groceries and he left with that in a hurry.

"I don't understand him." Switzerland muttered watching him leave.

"Oh, he got the chocolate because he likes Hungary. Even after all this time." Italy explained.

"What? They're divorced and wasn't the marriage just to protect Hungary from battles? It was all political."

"No, they really like each other. I used to live with them. They always seemed happy together."

"What do you mean?"

"It's hard to explain." Italy tapped his chin thinking. "It was small things. Miss Hungary would bring him tea and she would listen to him play the piano. She used to smile so much just watching him play and whenever she was in the room he would always play his best." Italy paused for a moment thinking back. "Have you ever had one of Austria's pastries. They are very yummy. Whenever he made one he always made sure to save a nice big piece for Hungary. If you don't believe me ask Liechtenstein."

Switzerland thought back to when his little adopted sister told him that she was with Austria and Hungary years go.

"I know why don't I make you dinner tonight?" Italy suggested.

"What?" Switzerland questioned.

"I'll make some yummy pasta. Austria gave you money for food let's get some and I'll cook for you. I'll even make sure I put plenty of cheese like you like."

Switzerland didn't like the idea right away but everyone knew that one of the things that Italy could do well was cook so he agreed. He wanted to get home soon as he remembered who he left his sister with.


Hungary was sitting on Austria's back. They had yet one of their fights and he had lost yet again. They had been at this for years and they both had grown some but they were both really still children. It was starting to get dark.

"I've lost count, how many times have I giving you a whooping?" Hungary smirked.

"I do not know." Austria bemoaned.

"I don't mind waiting, you make a really good cushion, but isn't your friend that usually saves you usually here by now?"

"Switzerland isn't coming." Austria said quietly.

"Oh, did something happen?" Hungary said concerned.

"It's nothing. We are no longer friends."

"So what happened? you can tell me."

"I don't want to talk about it." Austria said his voice sounding unusually firm on the subject.

"I'll give you my word as a man that will not tell another living soul."

"No, drop it." Austria would not relent.

It was probably for the best, neither knew that Hungary was actually a girl so the the whole word as a man really didn't apply.

Hungary felt a little sorry for Austria and got off him. Hungary gave him a hand to get up. "It's getting dark. It's already late if you try to get home you'll get lost. Why don't you camp out here with me tonight."

"I don't know." Austria said dusting himself off.

"Oh, come on. Let's do something together, just us men. No women, no bosses just us two dudes."

Again, she didn't know she was a she. After gathering some fire wood they started a fire and cooked something to eat pulling their supplies. As the night passed they talked about their lives, Hungary talked about her fights against the Ottoman Empire and Austria about some new bosses called the Habsburgs. That was the first time they really stopped to really talk and that they felt they were really becoming friends. That night they fell asleep side by side. Finding the ground a little hard Hungary rested her head on Austria's chest.

Seeing Austria sound asleep Hungary simply muttered, "You're too soft to be a great warrior but you do make a good pillow."


Liechtenstein was eating some cookies with Hungary who had come for a visit. They had been mostly talking. Liechtenstein liked getting to spend some girl time with Hungary. They used to this sort of thing a lot back when they lived together with Austria.

"So tell me." Hungary spoke in her usual friendly voice. "Do you have a boyfriend?"

The young girl's cheeks turned as red as apples, "N-no"

"Oh, I get it, you're big brother is protective of you."

"..." Liechtenstein couldn't come up with anything to say. She was young and from time to time she wondered about relationships. "How about you?"

Hungary lightly shook her head. "No," was her simple answer but something about her seemed wistful.

"Is something the matter?"

"No, no, no." Hungary insisted.

Though it was a little ruder than she wanted to be Liechtenstein continued, "Is there someone you like?"

Hungary was silent for a moment thoughtful. Then she gave her a weak smile and said, "My heart is someone else's territory."

There was a slight smile on her face. Liechtenstein had seen that smile before when they used to live together. Sometimes when Austria was teaching Liechtenstein to play they piano she would notice Hungary watching them and smile like that.

After the war Austria was in bad shape, most of the world was, Austria had territories ripped away and all his friends and family taken away too. That was the main reason for the divorce between Austria and Hungary. Their people wanted to split the territory and forced the countries to split. Liechtenstein thought it was rather tragic that they had to be pulled apart because of their duties. It seemed to her that Hungary still held a torch for Austria even now. But as far as she could understand Hungary couldn't admit her feelings, that's why she couldn't even say his name. She wished she could do something to them, they had always been good to her.

A few minutes later Switzerland arrived with Italy in tow. "Hello everyone." Italy announced his presence.

"Ignore him." Switzerland told them. " He agreed to make dinner." Looking over to Hungary. "You can stay for dinner if you want."

"No, thank you." Hungary said. "I have something to do. But it was good seeing you again Italy."

With that Hungary left leaving Switzerland to put away the groceries.

"Liechtenstein~. I want to talk to you." Italy said in a sing song voice to the small girl.


Fighting Hungary so many times had helped Austria grow strong. With his new bosses and with the Holy Roman Empire they fought and won many battles. He had changed the Habsburgs had ordered him to dress in fancy aristocratic clothing and glasses they even got him to take up and instrument. He spent more time learning to be a proper gentleman than actually fighting. Those sword fights came in especially handy as he used those skills to fight and win against France and Spain. Austria hadn't seen Hungary in a while and wondered how his friend was doing.


A few days later it was Hungary's birthday. She let herself sleep in late and after waking up she picked up her mail. Looking through it she found birthday cards sent to her by other countries. Then she spotted a nice box with a nice ribbon. She opened it to find a box full of chocolates. The card that came with it was lovely but it didn't say who it was from. She smiled having an idea of who it was from. Then as she continued to eat the chocolates she spotted another letter. Opening it up she noticed it had no name but it did have some instructions.


"What do you mean you're a woman?!" Austria shouted.

"Don't be so loud!" Hungary pleaded.

It was the first time they had seen each other in a very long time. They were caught up in a battle and Hungary was attack and Austria managed to defeat their attacker and get them to somewhere safe. Hungary wasn't seriously injured but as Austria check on her injury he discovered she had breasts.

"Jeez, it's the second time this has happened." Hungary lamented.

"You. Are. A. Woman." Tried to wrap his mind around the fact that his childhood friend was not a boy like he thought for years.

"I know. I figure it out a while ago."

"How could you not know?"

"I was nomadic and busy always moving around it didn't come up." Hungary did her best to cover herself up with the tatters of her clothes. "Though recently I was forced to admit I am a woman. I guess I should start acting like one. I just don't know how I'm going to do it. I don't know how to be a lady and I still have to deal with the Ottoman Empire, that jive turkey."

Austria was a little stunned by all that was happening but he snapped out of it and placed his coat over Hungary to cover her up, "I think I can help. If you can come live in my house. My bosses are in charge of part of your land so it would be alright to live in my house and you wouldn't need to deal with the Ottoman Empire anymore."

Tears filled her eyes and without warning she grabbed Austria in a big hug, "You mean it?! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"Ah...Hungary? I... can feel your breasts." Austria said feeling his face turning bright red.


Switzerland was looking Liechtenstein in that big house of theirs. "Where could she be?" He asked himself.

Then he spotted a small note on the table.

The note simply read:

Dear Big Brother,

I will be out today. I have a date to take care off.




He went to go fetch his rifle.


"Do I really have to wear this?" Hungary asked now wearing a long red dress skirt.

"Yes," Austria told her. " you said you wanted to learn how to be a lady and ladies wear dresses.

"I know." She pouted. "It's just I've never worn a dress before."

"Well, it suits you."

"Oh," She ran her fingers through her hair mindlessly as she lightly blushed. "thank you."

Hungary wasn't used to the dress thought she didn't hate it, she just felt odd in it.

"I have something for you." Austria said stepping towards her.

Hungary just flinched as he put his hand into her hair and then pulled away. Her hands instinctively reach toward her hair. She turned to a mirror to see that Austria had placed a flower into her hair. She smiled for a moment as she looked into her own reflection.


"Why are we here?" Germany asked Italy.

Early that morning Germany had to pick up both Italy and Liechtenstein and drove them to their current location where they found America, Britain, France, Japan, China and China's large panda. He was happy to drive rather than Italy, Italy wasn't a good drive and should something happened to Liechtenstein Germany was sure Switzerland would take it out on all of them. Italy had gave them all directions to an old restaurant that had long since gone out of business but he was able to get a friend to let him borrow it.

"Well, Mister Germany," Liechtenstein began. "Me and Italy came up with a plan."

"A plan from Italy?" Germany said with equal parts surprise and horror. "What kind of plan?"

"We're getting Austria and Hungary on a date." Italy proudly proclaimed. "I sent them both letters telling them to meet here later today. They don't know it's a date for them, it's a secret. They show up, it's all nice and romantic then they can admit they love each other and be happy ever after together."

"That is ridicules." Germany said.

"Yes,well, it is a rather silly plan." Britain added.

"Please sirs" Liechtenstein pleaded. "I just want to make both of them happy. When I was younger they both took really good care of me. I remember them being happy when they were together and I just want them to be that happy again."

The other countries looked at the young girl and as much as they want to say no they couldn't say it to her.

"Oh fine." Germany admitted. "I suppose I have no choice. Austria is like a big brother I might as well try to make him happy."

"Yes, I suppose I'm here already." Britain spoke up. "I mean, you need all the help you can get if Italy is involved."

"I'm glad to help!" America eagerly yelled. "Austria is my buddy! He gave my country a kick butt actor and governor of California."

Then France said, "Well, It's not like I can say no. I'm France making romance bloom is what I'm known for, usually for me but still."

"I don't know what I will be able to do but I will help in anyway I can." Japan said politely.

"Oh, sure if I say no I come off as a jerk." China sighed.

"I'll help yoo." The panda said to everyone's surprise. Taking off the head it was revealed to be Russia in a panda costume.

"What happened to Panda?!" China asked.

"Please tell me you have some sort of plan for us." Russia smiled side stepping the question.

"Plan?" Italy said. "Not really. That was about it. Just get them here and make it nice."

"So why did you tell us all to meet here?" Germany asked.

"Well, I actually called everyone I knew, you guys are the only ones to show up. You can all help here somehow I'm sure."

They spent the next hour coming up with some semblance of a plan. Well, they tried to come up with a plan one could argue that it not really a plan. China got some people to rebuild the place into a fancy restaurant. Italy had already sent the invitation to Austria and Hungary and they would be there soon. The plan was simple enough that when they arrived the others would put them at a table together and they would just make it a romantic evening so they could confesses their feelings to each other. Considering who came up with the plan one might expect something to go wrong.

Authors Notes: I originally planned this out to be a short one shot but it kinda expanded. Anyway I think I should finish it with another chapter or a third. Anyway I hope you like the story so far. I hope you guys leave me a review telling me what you think. I do love hearing that people's favorite part is. I did try to put plenty of jokes and I'm not sure how many work also added plenty of fluffiness.