Hetalia: Set Up

Summary: Italy and Liechtenstein gather some of the other nations to try and set up Austria and Hungary on a date. Can love bloom with a plan thought up by Italy while there is a ticked off Switzerland? And what does Liechtenstein in store for the their date?

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Chapter 4: Wedding


Despite what everybody said Austria did have a heart. Hungary knew it better than most. Even after their divorce he would always make sure to send her something for Valentines day.

She remembered going to the door where she was given her gift by the postman. She was glad that he sent it instead of trying to bring it himself, she was certain he would get lost.

A little less than a week later they spent the day together. As they were having a meal together she was looking over a book. Something about that seemed to worry Austria. They had to get another book to help Germany with rejection. Austria was very worried about Germany. By the time they found him Germany seem to have froze up and Italy was trying to snap him out.

She never did find out how that end up. Still she enjoyed seeing how Austria could care about others. Their time as an empire had been hard for them. It caused plenty of arguments and she was sure since he found it so hard to express himself the pressure was felt even greater on him. A small part of her was glad that their time of power was over. She really hoped it meant they could be together now.


The Hungarian nation looked into a full length mirror. A smile crept onto her face, she was so happy she could cry tears of joy. The long white dress looked perfect on her. Her hair was done up and make up was ready. A part of her wanted to pinch herself to make sure it wasn't a dream. Today she was going to get married to Roderich. They were not going to marry as nations but as people. It seemed perfect that she didn't want to pinch herself incase it really was a dream.

"You look beautiful, girl." Felik wearing a salmon colored dress told her.

"Thank you." She told him with a smile.

She took another look a herself in the mirror a little disappointed she didn't save her dress from her first wedding with Roderich. Still she thought she looked beautiful.

"Liz, you sure you're ready?" The Polish nation asked.

"Yes, Felik, I am."

"Really? If you're going to pull a a run away bride right now is the time to do it."

"Felik!" She scolded him. "Are you trying to stop the wedding

"I don't mean anything by it. I just want you to be sure. I'm just reminding you that Austria-"

"Roderich." Elizabeta corrected.

For the wedding they wanted to be treated as people and wanted everyone to called them by their human names even the other nation were to be referred by their human names.

"Fine, Roderich. I'm just reminding you that things were not always honey and roses between you two."

"I know. I know." She told her friend. "But I know that he really does care about me and we won't have the same problems we had in our first marriage."

"I hope so. I mean when you were happy with him you were as happy as I've ever seen you. I just don't want you to fall in together and break each others hearts again."

"We won't. I'm sure of it." Elizabeta placed her hand on his shoulder.

She smiled as he eased up, "Good then. I know better than to try to change your mind when you are set on something. I'm rooting for you guys. I mean if he hadn't eased up since 1956 I wouldn't put my hopes up but he's changed."

"Good, I'd hate my best friend not to support my marriage."

"Don't sweat it. I'm a a little worried though. You guys have only been engaged a few months. Are you expecting a new nation soon?"


"Did he knock you up? Are you two going to be parents again soon?"

"No! Felik! You're terrible!"


The year was 1956 and the Hungarian people revolted against the Soviet Union and the results were very bad to say the least. The cold war raged and the world either sided with the Russian, the Americans or just tried to stay out of it. To make a friend of either said could get you in trouble with the other, So it was remarkable that the neutral Austria took thousands of refugees that fled from Hungary when Soviets retaliated.

Still things weren't ideal especially for the pianist. The Iron Curtain kept him from his friend and the woman he loved. He wasn't the strong empire he once was and could not fight. He worked very hard and managed to convince everyone to allow his country to send aid to the Hungarians.

He would never imagine walking past the Iron Curtain would be something to bring him any happiness but it did because he was reunited with her.

He met her at was left of her house, the revolt and the relation left it in ruins.

"Hello." She smiled weakly at him her face was pale and she looked tired. "Come in-"

She didn't finish her sentence as the usually stuffy Austrian wrapped his arms around her, "I've missed you."

"I missed you too." She wrapped her arms around him.

It broke his heart to see her like that, hurt and weakened, he promised himself he would help in anyway he could.

"Come in." Hungary spoke to him. "I've made us some tea. I know how much you liked how I made your tea."

He pulled back trying to regain his usual aloof persona as he walked in with her. Even in this weaken state she was still trying to take care of him, if he didn't already love her he would easily fall in love with her again.


Everyone was getting to their places except the groom who was pacing around the room room fumbling over with his vows.

The Spanish representative Antonio couldn't help but chuckle.

"What is so funny?" Roderich tossed him a glare.

"Nothing, it's just so rare to see you so... nervous."

"Well, it is to be expected on ones wedding day."

"Yes, but you have no reason to be nervous. This is your third wedding and the second one to her." Antonio stood up and walked over to the Austrian and fix his bow tie.

Antonio was a little surprised that he was wearing a modern suit instead of his usual stuffy wardrobe but he supposed it was all meant to signify the new beginning.

"Now," the Spaniard began, "maybe it's the romantic in me but I'm sure everything is going to be fine. Just take a deep breath and relax." The Austrian wiped his brow and took a deep breath, "Good now I'm going to leave and check on everyone you step out when you're ready."

He didn't wait for anything else to be said but simply walked out of the room. Once he and the Austrian were married but it was a marriage of politics. Still he couldn't help but be charmed by the Austrian's poise. He certainly had fun with him when they were married but it really lacked the love that everyone wants. He was truly glad that Roderich found that love with Elizabeta.


It was Halloween night or it was a few hours ago. The sun started to rise painting the sky with it's orange light. Moments ago they were drinking beers with their friends and for some reason they all ended up dressed like Roman Slaves. People started to filter out and make their way home. Austria was already pretty tipsy when they change back into their costumes. Hungary was dressed as a gallant prince and as Austria stepped out of dressing room dressed as the princess.

"I need a moment." Austria said stumbling a little. "I should sit down."

"Of course." She smiled as they moved over to a pair of chairs. "You have always been such a light weight."

As they sat down Hungary saw Japan and Germany who still had some of their senses to gather the others. Japan was likely going to help get China back home. Germany would likely get Prussia and Italy home. America and Canada would deal with France and Britain. It was one of the few gathering that something crazy didn't happen. It was a fun Halloween party and it was nice to see everyone having fun. Austria rested his head on her lap. Hungary smiled at him, she really did think he looked good in the dress. She mindlessly started to play with his Mariazelll. She didn't even notice at first it just seemed so natural to play with it. He seemed so peaceful when he slept.

"You are so cute sleeping." She muttered.

She enjoyed watching him sleep since it reminded her of the promise they made to each other years ago right after they woke up. Trying her best not to wake him she picked him up and carried him like princess.

"Let's go home."


Antonio and Francis had gotten their Prussian friend Gilbert super drunk. He had reach the level of drunkenness that he couldn't get up and if he tried to speak you'd need subtitles to understand him. That was the only way they believed he could be at the wedding without causing a ruckus. Now sitting besides him Francis wondered if he had passed out.

The other nations all sat in the pews in the chapel. Only the nations were in attendance. Most of the nations knew that Roderich and Elizabeta had some sort of romantic relationship even after their divorce just none of them bothered with saying anything about it. Roderich and Elizabeta actually thought they were being discreet.

The blonde Liechtenstein nation walked down the isle scattering flowers as she did she was followed by her Kugelmugel counter part carrying a ring on a small velvet pillow. On one side stood Elizabeta's bridesmaids, who all wore light green dresses, were made of the up of Ukraine, Belgium and Seychelles nations. Elizabeta thought asking Felik but he was so shy in front of people sometimes and he was trying not to cry like he did at weddings so it was probably a good call. Roderich's groomsmen dressed in suit were made up of Germany, Italy and Spain. Roderich offered the position of best man to the Swiss Basch but kindly turned the offer down.

Wang, the Chinese Nation, started to play the bridal march on the organ as everyone turned their heads towards the glowing bride coming down the isle. Only a moment later did she meet her love and smiled broadly as she looked into his eyes.

"Here we are again." Roderich whispered to her.

"So we are." The Hungarian repressed a chuckle but not a smile.

Then Roderich gave her one of his rare smiles that could make her melt. And the wedding began.


The wedding came to a close with cheers even though Roderich fumbled with his vowels some people weren't sure if it would actually come to an end. Still everyone cheered as the italian Feli introduced them as a married couple.

Elizabeta turned her back to a crowd of single women for the traditional tossing of bouquet.

"Ready!" She called out.

"YES~!" the nations called out readying themselves.

"Ok, on the count of three. 1,"

The Belorussian Natalya jumped into the women eager to the catch the bouquet.


With a spinning kick Natalya kicked the the others away, this included her older sister, onto the floor.

"3." And with that Elizabeta tossed the colorful bouquet.

Natalya reach out to catch the flowers with no one in her way. Then a gun shot rang out and the bouquet exploded in a burst of flower petals.

"Thank you for lending me your gun." The Russian Ivan handed the rifle back to Basch.

He really didn't want to give his sister anymore ideas than she already had.


The nations lined up to congratulate the married couple and to give them their gifts.

Arthur the Britain and the French Francis were naturally arguing.

Arthur started out, "They will love my gift."

"No, mine will be the best." Francis countered.

"Nope, they will love mine the most." Felik added.

"Oh, why is that?" Arthur questioned.

"I got them some lingerie from Victoria's Secret that will really show off Liz's goods. She's going to have Roderich's jaw on the floor with those on."

"Okay, he's in the lead." Francis admitted.

That was when the ring bearer and flower girl pushed a large ribbon covered box to the married couple.

The young woman cleared her throat, "We got our present for you together. I bought the marble and..."

"I sculpted it." Kugelmugel said pulling the ribbon allowing the box to fall apart.

They revealed a sculpture of a perfect likeness of Elizabeta and Roderich holding each other.

"Okay, they have the best gift." The American and self proclaimed hero Alfie was forced to admit.

"Oh, thank you both of you." Elizabeta smiled as she wrapped her arms around them.

"Yes, it's absolutely fantastic." Roderich smiled as he joined them in their hug.

"It's nothing. I just wanted you both to be happy." Liechtenstein said happily. "Mutti. Vati."

The others had been watching thought it was all a very touching moment.

"Wait." Basch wasn't so much in that group, "Mutti? Vati? That means mother and father. What?"

"Don't you know?" The burly German Ludwig spoke up. "She never told you. Well, I suppose she didn't want to worry you." He began to explain the scenario.


1806 was the year of Liechtenstein founding and she was taking into to Austria's house. Austria did his best to raise her as a proper young lady and nation. Hungary helped him as well because there were just a few things that he was useless at. The little girl quickly began to think of the older nations as her own parents. Austria treated her like a princes partly to make up for not being the best father figure for Italy and the Holy Roman Empire and Hungary thought he was trying to prove something to her. Italy loved having the small nation around and would often play with her acting like a big brother. In 1867 Austria and Hungary were wed and both Italy and Liechtenstein were there, it became one of their fondest memories. In a way it seemed like their family became real. Austria and Hungary loved their little Lily and never thought of her any less than a daughter. Austria's adoration earned her the title Princess of Austria.

But in time they were torn apart. After the first war world the couple was forced to separate and to say good bye to their daughter. Her bosses wanted to split ties with Austria and she had to go to her home country.

"Good bye then. Vati. Mutti." Liechtenstein did her best to stop herself from crying.

"Please don't cry." Hungary said trying to keep back her own tears. "Be strong. We've taught you well and now you are ready to be your own country."

Austria spoke with a somber voice, "Now, we will always love you as our daughter but you can no longer call us your Mutti and Vati. We must act civil and like nations instead of family."

"I understand Mister Austria and Miss Hungary." Liechtenstein said trying to sound official.

Austria sadden hugged her once more before they took her away. Years later Austria was lucky enough to run into her and Switzerland and offered to treat them to a meal so he could spend so much five minutes with his daughter. Part of him was glad she was under the protection of his former friend. He was sure to tell Hungary that their daughter was doing well. They had both had been worried about her during the Depression both being powerless and unable to help.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain they were reunited and eventually the couple was blessed with the birth of Kugelmugel. Though officially not a couple they still felt they were a family. Even though forcefully separated they both took care of Kugelmugel.

Kugelmugel spent most of his time with Austria since his own micro-nation was so close to him. They couldn't be together everyday but they made the most of the days they were. Those were the times they really felt like a family. Hungary still managed to take her son on a few trips to her home country usually to the galleries in Budapest. Still they all longed to be a real family spend their days together and not just on the few rare days.

Liechtenstein didn't even get a chance to meet her brother for a years after his birth. She had also developed a trait from her father and thought that the small boy was a girl like Austria thought with Italy.


Ludwig told them the story and for the time allowed Lily to return to her parents and spend sometime with her brother. It annoyed him but he allowed it and though he wouldn't say it would be willing to spend some time with them if it meant that she would be happy.

Though he was really annoyed when Roderich shared a dance with Lily.

"Would you allow me this dance?" Ludwig asked Elizabeta.

"Of course." She smiled as she took his hand they got on the dance floor. "I have to ask why did you help with getting me and Roderich back together? You're the most serious of the group."

"Well," He started. "I'm not sure why but I feel I owe both of you a debt. One that I finally helped repay."

Elizabeta was not sure what that meant as the song and their dance came to an end. Ludwig smiled and walked off to Feli. She watched them for a moment and as she watched them she remembered something from a long time ago. An image of Italy playing with Holy Roman Empire.

"They seem so similar but they couldn't be..." She thought out loud.

"Is something wrong my dear?" Roderich asked her.

"No, I must be mistaken."

"Well, I think it's time for our last dance."

Gilbert who started to sober watched them with Basch.

Francis asked him, "Are you alright? With them getting married?"

"Yeah, it's all good. I know I annoy them a lot but I'm glad they're together if it means they're happy. Life would be boring if they were both sad and I'd be sad. That would be so not awesome."

"Wow, that's surprisingly open for you." Francis questioned. "You must still be drunk."

"No, I'm just awesome! I totally not drunk. Hey!" He turned to Basch. "You took in Lily. She's old specs daughter maybe you miss him. You saw something in her that reminded you of him and help-"

Basch interrupted his words by hitting him in the face. "I helped her because it was the right thing to do and that was it."

Gilbert's face landed on the table. They were just thankful that Basch didn't pull out a gun. Though Francis suspected that Gilbert might be a little right about his guess.

As the song came to and end Roderich and Elizabeta held each other as they came into a kiss. There would be trouble in their future but it seemed a little easier if they had each other. They had their family back even in a limited way and they had a group of friends though strange were also supportive. They came to one conclusion if their love could endure separation and centuries than it could overcome what ever was thrown at them.

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