Authors Note and Disclaimer: Any and all characters belonging to Rosario Vampire Manga and Rosario Anime are not mine I am just reinterpreting them for the purpose of this fan fiction

This begins shortly after the incident with the Anti-Thesis and the Great Barrier. In this Universe, Fairy Tale is more of a business and extension of the great vampire houses and their grips on the reins of power in the mortal world. What if the impossible happens and Tsukune becomes a vampire. In this RVAU, Only Vampires who either die or come right to the edge of death from giving their blood and youkai aura to a mortal can turn a mortal into a vampire without the help of some powerful magic. And the Headmaster has access to that magic.

After reading several fan fictions here, I felt the need to write my own version of these characters that I have enjoyed experiencing through the Manga and the Fan Fiction. I decided that second born vampires are truly a deliberate act of either great magic or great sacrifice. My hope is that you the reader enjoys the world I am creating.


Many years ago, the three Hades Lords battled against the great shinso vampire Alucard. As Touhou Fuhai and Mikogami Tenmei battled Alucard, Akashiya Akasha Bloodriver dived into Alucard and sealed him up from the inside. Eventually Shuzen Issa was able to rescue Akasha. Akasha was swept away by the charm of Issa. While she stayed with Issa she eventually bore him two daughters, Moka and Kokoa. These two joined Issa's other two daughters in the Shuzen household. When Moka turned ten her mother went missing and Moka's powers were sealed by the Rosario made by her own mother. Moka was sent away to live in the human world until she turned fifteen and was eligible to attend Youkai Academy.

Touhou Fuhai returned to Hong Kong to attend to family matters and lead a more circumspect life. Here he would stay, suppressing his aura and continuing his research until called upon by Mikogami.

Mikogami seeing the danger that all youkai would face if they didn't find a way to assimilate into human society and shield their true nature from the humans, Started his program of co-existence, with the help of the other two Dark Lords, Akashiya Akasha and Touhou Fuhai. To this end he founded the Youkai Academy. It was from here that he gathered a group of adults that would share his vision of the future. He also cultivated connections with various conclaves of monsters and formed a coalition that set forth the rules of co-existence.

In the present day the realm of monsters, among the various dimensions and conclaves is divided into three groups. They are led by Mikogami, Touhou Fuhai, and Shuzen Issa representing the Interests of Akasha.

In the Youkai Academy, an academy of monsters, Aono Tsukune, a human, found himself surrounded by monsters of all kinds. Against all odds he was not only surviving, he was attracting and surrounding himself with a group of young female monsters who were loyal to Tsukune, each other and the school. Over the course of his first year, Tsukune's courage and devotion to his friends brought him to the brink of death. One of his friends attempts to save his life, by the injection of her blood, caused Tsukune to be turned into a ghoul. The Headmaster arrived barely in time to use a holy lock and seal away the vampire blood so that Tsukune would no longer be a mindless ghoul. It was shortly after this that Tsukune and his group of friends battled the group anti-thesis and narrowly averted the destruction of the great barrier.

Chapter 1

A Life Forever Changed

Headmaster Mikogami arrived at his office early in the morning after spending a few hours in quiet meditation. On his desk were the two folders of Aono Tsukune and Akashiya Moka. For the better part of a year, the headmaster had been collecting information on not only those two students, but on several that had close ties to them as well. Just last week those two had together fought to protect the school, and along with their friends had protected the great barrier as well. Before him was also the letter sent last month by the Snow Priestess and the rosario of Akashiya Moka. It had been the better part of a week since he had received the rosario. And Mikogami had been reading over the letter for the better part of that month looking for the time and the place with which to act, and the time was now and the place was in his lab. Mikogami motioned for one of his aides to send for Akashiya Moka, and to have Aono Tsukune taken directly to his laboratory.

Also that morning, Akashiya Moka san awoke to the sound of her alarm clock, and the silence that resulted from Omote's sacrifice when she forced the rosario off. Moka san quietly dressed and brushed her long silvery hair, then headed out to go to class. Walking along the path, she saw Tsukune emerge from the boys dorm. Moka san felt a bit annoyed with herself that she felt her heart quicken just a bit. This is not the way a vampire should feel about a human dammit. Tsukune waved to Moka san, as he ran to catch up with her.

"Ohayou gozaimasu Moka san."

"Ohayou Tsukune san".

In silence they walked on to class that morning, Tsukune stealing glances at Moka san, and Moka san pretending she didn't notice.

As they walked into class Moka held her head high her eyes warily watching the other students as she took her seat. An hour later, one of Mikogami's aids stopped by the classroom and escorted Akashiya Moka to the administration building and into the headmaster's office while another took Aono Tsukune directly to the lab. As she entered the headmaster's office Moka respectfully bowed to the headmaster, then sat down, with her back erect and her head up, keeping direct eye contact with the headmaster.

Mikogami looked up from his notes as Akashiya Moka entered his office and took a seat, smoothing out her clothes just a bit. He quietly turned a page in his notes on the desk.

Moka cleared her throat. "Headmaster, I believe you requested to see me."

"Ah yes, Akashiya san, I have a few questions for you concerning recent events. I see that a young human is capable of removing your seal. It seems that he is very protective of your sealed self. And despite the perils he faced, that should have killed him, he now lives thanks to you. But he lives in a very precarious state."

Moka san lifted her head up a notch as she looked back into the headmaster's eyes. "Yes, sir that is all true, and it does seem that my sealed personality was quite fond of him. But you do not have to worry, I am well aware that I am responsible for him seeing that It was my decision to try and save his life."

The headmaster turned another page, made a couple of notations and continued "Ah, I see. One doesn't hear words like that from an S-Class vampire. Your kind rarely acknowledges the lower races. Much less saves them."

Moka crossed her arms as she stared back at the Headmaster "It is my business who i choose to recognize and who I choose to save."

"Who you choose to recognize. I think it's maybe something a bit more like desire, or maybe even love." Mikogami says as he grins just a bit.

Moka raises here voice just a bit. "Me in love with him? Surely you jest. My outer persona maybe, she is sentimental like that, but I am not. " No I cannot afford to be like her, she thought to herself.

"Well, what if the young man was a vampire instead of a sealed ghoul? What then?"

Moka san's eyes momentarily light up, then a sadness passes through them. "Even if that were possible, can you imagine the disdain I would receive if I were to bring home a vampire with no lineage as a mate. And what of Tsukune, I have come to know him well enough to know that he would never settle for merely being my lover. He still believes in that human sentimental love. Besides becoming a vampire is so rare as to be nigh impossible." Shaking her head as if to throw off the thoughts, Moka then leans in towards the headmaster with a cold and stern look on her face. "Just what sort of games are you playing, Sir.? I do not take kindly to being toyed with," Her voice drops in pitch just a bit and she pronounces each word distinctly. "even from you".

Leaning back in his seat with his arms folded across his chest. "Oh I assure you I am playing no game here. I am sure after seeing the great seal you have a greater appreciation for my talents." The headmaster rose to his feet. "Question is, what will Tsukune choose if given the choice? Oh, and just so you know, as an appreciation of what you did to protect this school I will repair your rosario."

Moka's mind races, surely he wouldn't refuse to be one of us. Respectfullynoddingher head, "I am grateful to have it repaired. I am however sure that father would have found someone to repair it if needed."

"Still, I will repair it. Shall we go find Tsukune."

XXX Mikogami's Laboratory. four hours earlier

Toujou Ruby was walking briskly from her small office to the Headmaster's laboratory. Thinking back as she walks, she remembers fondly all of her new friends and all that they risked at the Witches Knoll, and now at the Headmaster's request she was working as his assistant.

Ruby entered the laboratory and she began the painstaking process of painting all of the glyphs on the alter that her master had requested. Some of the glyphs she knew, but most she didn't recognize. Bit by bit the glyphs glowed as she applied them then seemed to sink just a bit into the altars as they quit glowing. Finally with her work done, she opened up a small door to a little side room and began to memorize the chants for the spells that she would be assisting the Headmaster with.

XXX Mikogami's Laboratory

Tsukune found himself seated at a desk in a fairly large room deep underground. There were small lights spaced evenly around the walls, and as he looked inwards he could see all manner of symbols etched in a very large circle around what looked like three altars of some sort. Two of them large enough for a person to lay upon, and the third in the middle was a column about a meter in height and a third of that in diameter. Across the room a door opened and a familiar face walked in.

"Ruby san", Tsukune shouted.

Toujou Ruby smiled as she heard her name and quickly crossed the room.

"I am so happy to see you Ruby san."

Ruby blushed a bit at Tsukune's words. "I am happy to see you too".

"Ruby san, Do you know whats going on. Why I have been brought here?"

Toujou Ruby shifts her weight from one foot to the other as she resists the urge to pace. "Tsukune, my master will be here soon, and he will have a few questions for you. It is important that you listen to him. Now let me see your right hand." Ruby frowns when she sees that at least three of the links in the Holy Lock were damaged in the fights against Anti-thesis.

Tsukune nods his head. "I will listen, and don't be sad, it's all going to be alright"

Tsukune turns his head, as he sees the headmaster and Moka san enter the room, his eyes lighting up at seeing Moka san.

Ruby quickly bows to the headmaster and stands quietly to the side waiting on his instructions.

As the headmaster took his seat behind a desk, he motioned for Moka to take a seat beside Tsukune.

"Aono San, I hope you haven't been waiting to long, but I had to speak with Akashiya san first before I talked with you."

In a self deprecating manner Tsukune ran his fingers through his hair. "It's okay. Ruby san has kept me company"

"Good, very good". The headmaster opens up the folder in his hand "Now.. Now.. where to start. Hmm. Tsukune I don't know if you know this or not, but your status as a sealed ghoul is a bit precarious right now. It seems that in your battle to protect the school the holy lock did suffer a little damage. And as you know that holy lock on your wrist wasn't made for you but rather for another, so it will eventually break, letting you become a mindless ghoul again."

Tsukune took in a bit of a breath as he listened to the headmaster.

"While you were in the infirmary shortly after the incident with Midou, and the vampire blood held in check by the holy lock I took a small sample of the blood in your body and performed some rigorous tests. It seems that Akashiya san's blood is considerably more powerful than I originally suspected and its effect on you, well to put it bluntly son, your holy lock is going to have to be replaced before that blood totally erodes its protection, and I would rather do it sooner than later. But I have a question for you, do you want to live your life out as a sealed ghoul, always having to worry about when the lock will fail, or would you rather become a full fledged vampire, and never have to worry about that ever again. Take your time and think it through."

Tsukune looked like someone had just hit him with a brick, with that totally surprised look on his face. He looked over at Moka, then turned back to the headmaster, "You... You can make me into a Vampire?"

Mikogami leaned in just a fraction towards Tsukune, his eyes glowing just under the hood of his robes. "Well, yes I can. Of course a lot of the hard work was already done by Akashiya San when she injected her blood into you and turned you into a ghoul. It's just a matter of making a few little adjustments". The headmaster wasn't going to mention how horrifically painful it was going to be.

Moka raised her voice "Adjustments. You call turning someone into a Vampire, adjustments?"

Turning his gaze fully on Moka he replied "Yes Akashiya san, adjustments. First off, I am going to process some more of your blood, and then I will use that to alter Tsukune and turn him into a vampire. Akashiya san I don't know if you know this but if a vampire chooses to give themselves fully to another by injecting ever last drop of their blood, then it has been known to turn someone into a vampire. I am just helping that process along, without having to use up much of Akashiya san's blood. It is extremely rare for this to happen on its own if at all, if the vampire doesn't give up its life but it's much more likely if they do. Also Akashiya san because of the way your blood affected him I can't reverse the process and make him human again. He has been changed to much already". Of course there are a few vampires out there that also are well versed in the arts and have learned how to use magic like I am going to do here and make these adjustments. But given the way vampires think it will be very rare to find a vampire that has gone though the second birth as some have called it."

Smiling, Tsukune turned to Moka and spoke "Moka san you know I will always be there for you to protect you. You know I have been trying to get stronger so I can protect you. " smiling "Now I can truly protect you."

Moka san just stared speechless. He is doing this for me. Oh Tsukune you foolish boy. For just a moment or two she smiled a warm smile towards Tsukune and then just as quickly it was gone, and that aloof expression returned to her face.

"Headmaster before we start I have a question or two of my own. You said that if nothing was done that Tsukune's holy lock will eventually break. How can you be so sure?"

The headmaster reached over and held up Tsukune's wrist. "As you can see some of the links have already broken."

Moka looked over at Tsukune before turning her attention back to the headmaster. "Tsukune is my responsibility sir. It was my choices that brought us to this point. Since he wishes to finish what I started, I will allow you to perform this ritual. But Tsukune will become my student. And if I find that it is needed, after graduation I will take him to Castle Shuzen to complete his training. This is non-negotiable."

"And why should I agree to your conditions?"

Moka leans in her face set in a mask of determination. "Because I started this so it is my responsibility and mine alone."

"Very well then, I will hold you to your word. It is time then that we get started." The headmaster stands up and directs the two of them over to two stone alters in the lab. Each one is covered in runes of various types. "Now Tsukune if you will just lay face up on the alter on the left. And Akashiya san on the alter on the right."

Once the two of them were positioned on the alters, Headmaster Mikogami stands behind Moka and motions for Ruby to stand behind Tsukune. Both the headmaster and Ruby begin to chant. First very slowly, but picking up speed they continue to chant. As they do, the runes on the two alters begin to glow and both Tsukune and Moka find themselves held solidly to the alters, as the air above and around them begins to lightly glow in an azure hue. Slowly the headmaster's and Ruby's voice become softer and softer till the chanting stops. Mikogami walks over to Tsukune. Pushing his hand in to the glowing field, he removes the holy lock and its chains from around Tsukune's wrist. Ruby, taking a curved blade, walks over to Moka and makes a small cut into her wrist letting blood drain into a cup she held in her hand. She then takes the cup and places it on the small alter set between the two main ones and proceeds to chant. As she chants three rings of glyphs begin to glow. Then taking the cup from the small alter, she holds up Tsukune's head and while the headmaster begins to chant again and pours the blood down his throat.

With a bit of a flourish with his hands the headmaster says "Fear not young man, for soon you shall become a vampire. The blood you drank has been infused with a massive amount of demonic energy and once I lay the rosario of judgment upon your head, your body will become altered at the very core pulling you in tune with Akashiya san's very nature as a vampire."

Now as both Ruby and headmaster Mikogami chanted, Mikogami placed the roasrio of judgment upon the head of Tsukune. Tsukune's body was wracked with pain as wave after wave flowed through his body. Within a few seconds Tsukune was floating in a sea of pain. As the pain began to recede Tsukune was in a sea of darkness with only the sound of a heartbeat close by. At first the only sound was a heartbeat a slow heartbeat. As Tsukune continued to listen a faint second heartbeat could be heard. How long he floated in that darkness he didn't know. Only the sounds of the two heartbeats were his companions. Tsukune continued to listen to the two heartbeats for what felt like about thirty minutes when he felt one maybe two presences. They were sleeping, of that much he was certain. As quickly as the pain left it returned. Finally the pain receded, leaving Tsukune spent and exhausted.

Moka strained against the restraints until she could see Tsukune. She watched as Tsukune's hair began to turn silver, his eyes red and slitted. Moka could hardly believe her eyes, but there before her, Tsukune was actually becoming a vampire. She could feel his aura pulsing with energy and life. As hard as it was to believe, she knew deep down it was happening. Here was the first time she had ever seen a human became a vampire. The impossible had actually happened.

Reaching into his pocket the headmaster removed two rosario's from his pocket. As the chanting from Ruby stopped the restraints fell away from the two young vampires.

"I prepared both of these rosario's for the two of you this last week. Actually I prepared Tsukune's yesterday, yours young lady took the better part of a week. I want you to understand that they have been made and repaired in such a way that you can each take your own rosario off and you can take each others off, but no one else can." As he said that, Mikogami handed each of them their rosario.

Moka turned toward Tsukune, holding the rosario close to the chain and said "Remember you are my responsibility Tsukune. What you do reflects on me." and with that Moka placed her rosario back on its chain and quickly returned to her outer self. Tsukune a bit more hesitant did the same. As he did, his body also began to change. No longer was his hair silver, nor his eyes red, but rather he looked again like a human and even to Moka's senses he seemed to be almost one as well but she could still sense his aura a bit. As she looked over at the headmaster with her emerald eyes. "You said we can remove our own and each others? That i will no longer need fear being trapped in a sealed state unable to protect myself."

"Yes, you can now remove your own seals as well as the others seal. No one else will be able to remove them. When I made Tsukune's and fixed yours I set his up that way and altered yours as well. Also young lady, I went in and not only fixed the flaws introduced when you broke it, but I made some changes so that it doesn't matter how long you stay in either form, yours now like Tsukune's will not weaken with use. You can be in either form as long as you choose".

Outer Moka eyes glowed with happiness as she looked at the rosario hanging from the gold chain around Tsukune's neck and felt her own hanging from her collar. She jumped down from the alter and ran over to Tsukune.

Restrain yourself Omote. Remember who we are.

Moka, her pink hair flowing as she turned her head and said "Sir, I.. I can't express how happy you have made me."

The headmaster just smiled a ghostly smile under those robes of his. "Ruby, would you please escort our young students. I am sure they are exhausted and could use some rest."

Toujou Ruby Bowed "Yes master" and took Tsukune and Moka in tow.

Later that evening, in his office Mikogami went over it all in his head. It had all gone according to plan, even to the choice that Tsukune made, just as the snow priestess had predicted. The headmaster then let out a sigh as he thought about the contents of Akashiya san's file. She has some very deep issues. And Mikogami feared that they will come back to haunt her. A lot was riding on the actions of those two. He hoped that they would get through all this and make the right choices. There was one thing that he hadn't told Akashiya san, the other reason it took so long was as complicated as the seal was it took awhile to adjust it so that now the two would be able to freely talk to each other and know whats going on instead of being in a fog. He could tell from his examinations that they were already probably able to talk to each other a bit more, but that was because the seal had been slowly eroding all this time. Most likely he thought they would just think it is just a natural progression and not place any significance on it.

One last thought crossed Mikogami's mind, Akasha, why, why did you make that outer personality so alive?