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"Different Language"
Jutsu/magic spells

Chapter 1: Ninja of Zero

A bloody battle of two brothers. The younger, tricked into hating the other. The Elder, not long for this world. Cursed with a wasting disease and taking medication to extend his tragic life just so his younger brother could clear their family name, to vindicate the elder brothers misdeeds.

Two brothers, two destiny's, one guaranteed outcome.


"Sorry Sasuke...This is it." Itachi smiled for the last time, taking his last breath as he gazed fondly into his little brothers frightened and confused eyes, knowing that his plan had worked, Sasuke had killed him through attrition, allowing his wasting disease to take hold and grant him the victory.

Now he could finally rest, now he could rest in peace.

The last thing he saw was the concrete wall, really the only shred of the building that they had fought in that was left standing. His face closing in.

He was dead before the dull thump of flesh rang out, leaving his younger brother all alone in the rain that soaked the both of them. Leaving him confused, tormented and without a goal.

But that is another story altogether, one that has been told time and time again. Let's take a step back and follow the elder brother down the rabbit hole this time and see where it leads us, shall we?


"What..." Itachi opened his eyes to stare into total blackness. With a slight twitch the Uchiha had righted himself from whatever cramped slouch he had found himself in, into what could only be described as a free fall through nothing.

"I see..." Itachi sighed. "My crimes were so great I was sent to neither heaven nor hell, I am bound in some form of purgatory then? ...Cursed to ever wander an endless void?" Itachi's eyes closed for a minute taking in what he thought was his never ending solitude when a warm feeling started creeping up his bones, like he had just stuck his feet into a warm bath.

Opening his eyes, he was met with a curious sight. A strange symbol hanging in the void. It looked something like fuinjutsu but the 21 year old Uchiha was neither a practitioner nor an expert in the field so he couldn't say if it was a seal or not. What he did know though was that it seemed as if the symbol was...drawing him towards it and it felt as if something was calling to him.

Curious, the man sped up his fall, how that was possible in this inky blackness he'd never know but after only a moment's more free fall he crossed the symbol, and then his world was immediately rocked by an explosion.


"Hmm let's see." The voice of an elderly man mused, as he stared at the courtyard around him, which was filled with all manner of beasts and creatures, and at their side was each a human, their master. "Has anyone not done the ritual yet?" He asked the students around him.

"Louise hasn't!" A sultry busty woman replied, her dark skin and blood red hair shining in the midday sun, almost taunting the flat chested, pasty white and pink haired Louise who was standing only a few feet from the woman

"Oh shut up Kirche." She growled, snapping at the red haired woman. "And don't think just because you summoned a Salamander that it makes you better than me" With a huff the tiny sorceress walked to the middle of the clearing, her wand out and ready to cast the spell that would summon her familiar.

"Don't screw it up now Zero" Kirche taunted her, knowing full well Louise's magic was both violent and explosive for even the simplest spells, hence why her title was Zero because she had never done a successful spell. Ever.

Taking a deep breath and giving a prayer out to whatever deity may be listening, Louise recited her spell. "My servant who resides somewhere in this vast universe!" Many of the other people in the clearing looked confused, that wasn't how the summoning spell went, but Louise ignored them, instead going on gut feel for her spell. For some reason the words fell from her lips as if she were a woman possessed. "My divine, beautiful, wise and powerful servant heed my call! I wish and assert from the very bottom of my heart, Answer my guidance and appear." For a moment nothing happened, several people blinked, confused. Even if that wasn't how the spell went, Louise was clearly putting magic in-


Never mind.

Many of the students started coughing as the smoke from the explosion rolled over them. Several sarcastic cry's of "Knew that was going to happen." Could be heard. There were also plenty of murmurs on what Louise could have summoned with such an explosive spell.

For many moments the students stared at the smoke cloud, unknowing of what waited within. Louise who was standing only a few feet away was watching the smoke in hope. 'please don't be messed up, PLEASE don't be messed up!'

Suddenly the wind began to pick up, blowing the smoke away to reveal a crouched figure, one hand on the ground in front of him, a strange knife like weapon in his other hand. Glancing around the man noticed all the humans around him and cautiously stood up, then the man's piercing black eyes noticed the short, pink haired girl only a few feet away. Light red eyes met coal black, neither blinking, each holding the others gaze.

Around the clearing the other student's could only think of one thing.

"A human?"


Itachi closed his eyes the moment the explosion hit, going into a crouch as he felt his feet hit the ground, one hand going forward to balance himself the other went to a kunai pouch stashed on his hip. If Itachi was more observant he would have remembered all of his kunai had been used during his battle with Sasuke but at the moment he was more concerned with looking for enemies. After all, one does not simply murder their entire clan and get away with it without repercussions. No, he had been on the run from hunter nin since day one after the massacre, and even before than, inbred ANBU training nearly made the act second nature anyway.

Scanning the surrounding area through the smoke, Itachi could sense the presence of many humanoid and animal like creatures around him, none of them really had any chakra to them so he could only assume that they were civilians at best, trained warriors hiding their chakra from him at worst. Though from the feel of things, many of the people around him were not even adults yet so the fact that this many teens could possibly hide their chakra from an S-rank ninja like him was almost zero.

So, with slight hesitation once the smoke cleared the young Uchiha stood up. He could hear several of them murmuring and he was pleased to note that yes they were teens. Only one of the people there looked old enough to really pose a threat to him. But from the book he had in his hand Itachi could only assume he had landed in the middle of some sort of class, perhaps that was why he was here? He mused. After all there were plenty of summoning jutsu where he came from, this could possibly be something along those lines...maybe it had something to do with that Impure world resurrection he had heard about from the Sandaime.

If that was the case, the man flashed his eyes down for a moment taking in his features and clothing.

What he found surprised him.

His skin was smooth, if a bit pale from lack of sun, which was usually what his skin looked like regardless due to his Uchiha genes. His clothing on the other hand was strange. He was wearing his traditional Akatsuki robe which covered his mesh armor and pale black shirt and ANBU pant's, his sandals and socks were similar to what he normally wore when he worked for the Akatsuki as well. Hell, he even had his ring necklace and konoha headband on, though strangely the headband wasn't scratched through. The only thing missing he noted was his Akatsuki ring which he had worn on his right hand ring finger.

But what truly surprised him, what nearly shocked him dead, was that he felt...good...better than good. He hadn't felt this good in years, like right before he had developed his wasting sickness. Mentally checking his chakra, he was both shocked and pleased to note that he had access to all of it, instead of his limited amount due to him shucking a good portion of it to his lungs to keep it from bleeding and have him drown himself in his own blood. And another thing he noted was that his vision was no longer blurry due to his overuse of the Mangekyo Sharingan. Finally able to see with 20/20 vision after so long the Uchiha put it to use scanning the faces of the crowd around him, which had continued to talk lowly in some strange foreign language that he couldn't understand, which come to think of it could pose a problem.

That's when his eyes landed on a young woman. She barely came up to his chest. His coal black eyes bored into the woman's pale red ones. Her confusion and...disappointment apparent on her face.

"Who are you?" He asked of the girl, who only looked at him strangely. 'Oh right, they speak a different language...this could be difficult.'

That's when a shrill pompous laugh echoed around him. Both he and the girl turned to see... 'Is that a prostitute?' Itachi mused silently, from the way the woman held herself he could tell she was a woman who got most of what she wanted from her beauty and shrewd dealings. Perhaps she was a kunoichi? Were there even ninja here?

"Just like I thought from Louise the Zero." Kirche laughed. "To think you actually summoned a peasant." Though her grin turned predatory as she took in the man before her. "Though I must say you did get the beautiful part of your spell right. He is quite handsome."

"This must be some kind of mistake, that's all" Louise bit back, throwing the fiery woman a dirty look.

"And yet you always live up to you moniker." Kirche chuckled into the back of her hand, the entirety of the class joining her.

Itachi watched this exchange curiously. Clearly this small girl next to him was getting picked on, that much was obvious but Itachi couldn't fathom why. After a fleeting glance through the throngs of students he noticed a particular pattern to the students in the clearing.

Each had an animal next to them, whether it was a small mouse sitting on their shoulder, or that strange lizard thing that that prostitute woman had. It didn't take long for him to put two and two together and assume it had been this little girl who had summoned him and that summoning a human like himself must be some form of failure for the girl, especially with the way that she was drooping her head in defeat. It was a look he hated to see on anyone's face, if it was one thing Itachi hated above all else, it was people putting others down for no other reason than to make themselves look better.

But before Itachi could make a move to put the slutty woman in her place. The strange girl had walked over to the old man and started to ask him something.

"Mr Colbert!" She asked the old man politely, if a bit frantic. "Can I please try the summoning spell again, this must have just been a fluke."

"I'm sorry Louise." he said sadly, shaking his head. "But the summon ritual is sacred and it affect a mage's entire life, trying a second time would be blasphemous, whether you like it or not, this man is your familiar."

"But Mr. Colbert, I've never heard of a peasant being someone's familiar!" She flinched slightly as that brought on more laughing from her peers.

"I am sorry Miss Valliere, this is nonnegotiable, now continue with the ritual."

Louise's eye's widened as she stared at the dark haired man in front of her. 'I...I have to kiss this man?'Taking another look at him she at least had to agree with Kirche that he was indeed handsome...and the lines in his face gave the man a distinctive look, it wasn't aged but it gave off this intelligent vibe, so perhaps he was wise as well...Well even if he was only half of what she had tried to summon, he was still a peasant...and her familiar...deciding to suck it up and make the best of the situation, she motioned for Itachi to come forward.

Itachi who had been watching the little back and forth with some amusement saw the girls motion for him to come forward. 'hmm, I wonder what she want's?'He mused quietly. If this girl had indeed summoned him then perhaps there was still something left to do to finalize the summon? Perhaps it was similar to the way the Inuzuka hounds were bonded to their partners...was this little girl wanting him to be her partner? Quite a strange turn of events in the Uchiha's mind. But like the stoic ANBU that he was Itachi showed no fear nor hesitation in approaching the girl. With a motion from the woman to bend down, the Uchiha did just that. Not a moment later he heard the girl muttering something, then felt the girls soft lips on his own and a curious surge of energy flow through him.

'What is this feeling?'He mused curiously, after their lips had broken he stared down at his hand where an odd warmth was building. Itachi turned his left hand over to stare curiously at a strange marking beginning to etch itself into his hand. The small tingling he felt before turning to outright burning, before turning into an almost unbearable pain.

Falling to one knee the man let out a small grunt of agony, holding his left wrist with his right hand as smoke rose from the limb.

'Kami this hurts, what sort of jutsu is this, it feels as if I stuck my hand in Amaterasu's flames'The Uchiha grit his teeth the mark setting itself into his hand. The pain eased up a few moments later as the power rushing through him began to wain.

Standing up, Itachi glanced once again at the mark. 'It appears to be some form of seal...interesting, I'll have to take a look at it later.' He looked up into the impatient eyes of his summoner, noting a strange expression on the balding teacher behind her. He was staring at the runes in barely contained shock... hmm just another thing he'd have to look into.


'You have got to be kidding...' Itachi's eyebrow twitched in annoyance as he stared at the young girl who had dragged him to what appeared to be her living quarters, before stripping in front of him and tossing her dirty laundry into his face.

From her commanding and angry tone and expression, she must have wanted him to wash them for her.

With a raised eyebrow Itachi dropped the clothes to the floor, looking at her in a 'make me' sort of way, arms crossed ever so slightly in defiance.

"Ughhh you can't even take orders like a regular familiar you, you..." Louise face creased down into a frown. "I don't think I ever got your name."

Itachi looked at her curiously, apparently her change in tone had piqued his interest.

"Your Naaaaame." She pointed to Itachi, waving her other hand a little bit.

Itachi stared at the girl trying to pantomime the word for name with a fair touch of amusement. 'Well I might as well humor the little brat, seeing as I have no clue where I am or what I am doing here.' The reborn Uchiha held a hand up to his chest. "Itachi Uchiha"He spoke smoothly before pointing to Louise.

Louise frown deepened as she heard that "Eetahchy OoCheehah?" What a strange name.

Itachi deadpanned, did she really just butcher his name like that? With a grunt he repeated himself "Itachi Uchiha."Again pointing to his chest before pointing at Louise.

"Itachi...Uchiha." She said finally, seeing a nod from the ninja she held a hand to her breast. "Louise Francoise le Blanc de la Valliere!" she spoke proudly, to the utter silence of her familiar.

Or at least it was utter silence before a small snort of amusement escaped him, along with a small Uchiha brand chuckle. "Your name is ridiculous."He laughed, his deep, sexy voice sending chills of both anger and arousal though least until she got the general idea that he was mocking her for her name.

"Stop laughing you bastard!" She huffed, if anything the Uchiha laughed harder. "I said shut up!" She pulled her wand out and began mumbling something under her breath, with a small cry in her foreign language she pointed what appeared to be a small wooden senbon towards the ex ANBU captain, before the room was filled with a small explosion and smoke.

After a few seconds of controlled coughing from Itachi, the Uchiha turned his gaze on Louise, Sharingan spinning wildly in his eyes. "You know, I would appreciate if you wouldn't do that again." he spoke smoothly...and in her language!

"I...I understood that!" Louise pointed out, both surprised and disappointed seeing as that was supposed to be a silencing spell and yet it seemed to have turned into some manner of translation spell.

"And I as well it seems." Itachi nodded. "Good, that solves that issue. Now." He glared at the girl in front of him, his Sharingan still spinning but at a slightly slower speed. "Why have you summoned me little girl."

"Little...?" A tic mark appeared on her head, and her face scrunched up in anger. "I summoned you because I took part in a ritual to bring forth my familiar." Her nose went up haughtily. "You, apparently."

"Familiar." Itachi let the word roll off his tongue, it was a foreign word to him in the context that she was using it, but from the sound of her haughty reply it seemed as though the world was delegated to those who were summoned to serve a master of some sort.

"Yes, a familiar." She nodded. "I summoned you here to be MY familiar."

Itachi grimaced slightly at the way she said 'my' in such a possessive tone, like he was a mere object, but something else caught his attention. "And where exactly IS here." Itachi asked smoothly.

"What!" Louise looked mortified, "You don't even know where I summoned you to? Such a worthless familiar."

Itachi stared blankly at the girl, she really was an annoying person, but he didn't bother pointing this out as she would just yell more so he repeated his question.

"We are currently in the Tristanian Academy of Magic in the land of Tristain on the continent of Halkeginia." She retorted, waving a hand in his direction. "Now I plan to sleep, have my clothing washed and set out for me before I wake tomorrow." Without another word the girl had slipped into her bed and was soon fast asleep leaving the last Uchiha standing quietly in the room.

Shrugging, Itachi left the room to find if anyone had a washroom around here somewhere.

Skulking through the corridors of the castle-school Itachi came across a pair of students talking in the halls. One boy and one girl. The boy was a pompous buffoon at first glance, with his roguishly handsome face and foppish attitude along with his frilly shirt and rich clothing he came off as spoiled child. the girl next to him wasn't nearly as tacky looking, but she did have the air of nobility around her with the way she carried herself, she also seemed to be talking about baking some manner of food. Just what was a souffle? Eh, he could ask Louise later.

"I'd love to try one, sometime" The teen gestured extravagantly, the rose in his hand making his declaration seem even more cheesy.

"You really mean that?" The girl gushed, swirly little hearts around her head.

"Of course I do, Katie."" He answered. A charming smile plastered across his face. "Don't you know that I could never lie to you." If only he was telling the truth.

Yes, the boy lied. Itachi could see the boy's tell's giving him away even if no one else could. He appeared to be a womanizer of some sort, bragging and boasting about himself to get into a women's pant's all for the sake of bragging rights. A despicable and dishonorable practice in Itachi's opinion, but it really wasn't his place to say, so he ignored it and continued on his way down the hall.

"Hey you." The Uchiha froze. "Yes you." Itachi glanced over his shoulder at the boy, who had noticed him walking through the halls. "You're that commoner that Louise summoned, correct?"

"Hn." Itachi grunted, nodding once in standard Uchiha fashion, before he turned to walk away.

"Hmph, Such a lack of respect." The fop , turned his nose up in the universal sign of arrogance. "It must be a difficult thing to come to terms with, having such a disrespectful commoner for a familiar."

Itachi ignored the fop's goading since it wasn't nearly as effective as his summoners arrogance. At least with Louise the arrogance was well placed, she had summoned him of all people, so she had good taste at least. Pushing those thoughts aside he again set off down the hall to gather intelligence on the surrounding area.


It was nearly midnight, the twin moons hung in the air. It was this first discovery that had set Itachi on edge when he had taken his first steps outside. It was clear that this wasn't his world now, and that no manner of travel short of reversing the way he got here would send him back, and even then that was only conjecture seeing as the spell used was a one way spell from what what the Uchiha could gather by asking the staff.

Speaking of the staff, he had met a maid on his searches through the halls, committing the area to memory so if he had to make a run for it he could quickly and quietly make his escape.

The maid Siesta had been kind, if a bit of a ditz when she had shown him around the castle. Pointing out where the key places were; like the bathrooms, the kitchen, and most importantly, the Washroom, where he had washed and set out Louise's clothing. The odd maid had also pointed him to the testing grounds after he'd asked her for a place to train at. The testing grounds were just that, a place for classes to practice stronger and larger spells under the tutelage of the teachers training them. It had a small training ground in the back of the grounds that had several dummies and other physical equipment. Just the sort of thing he needed to keep his body in shape. Tomorrow he would get back into his training routine, it wouldn't do for him to let his new found vitality to stagnate in this world, not when he had a new lease on life.

Itachi stared up at the twin moons, well, they weren't exactly twins seeing as they were different colors and one was slightly larger than the other, but it was the thought that counted. A chill breeze blew through the air as he gaze at the stars, the cold bite dampened by his thick Akatsuki coat and a small blanket that he had weaseled (lol) from the maid, Siesta she had called herself. A woman of common charm but uncommon beauty, she wasn't what Itachi would want in a woman but he had never really given thought to what kind of woman he wanted anyway.

Sighing again the stoic Uchiha just laid back against the roof, taking a simple pleasure in the cool wind against his skin, the blanket providing enough warmth for him to relax.

The quiet of the night allowed Itachi to think of this new turn in his life, Why was he summoned here of all places? Why not send him on to the afterlife or something similar? Itachi had always assumed that he would had gone to some form of hell for his betrayals and murdering his entire clan. But that hadn't seemed to happen, instead he had found himself bound to some little girl as her glorified pet.

Shaking his head Itachi couldn't help but chuckle at the ridiculousness of his situation.

Maybe he could find out more about this place in the morning after he got himself situated and figured out if he wanted to stay here with the annoying pink haired brat or just escape and run off somewhere.

Eh, he'd figure that out in the morning. Itachi rolled over and wrapped himself in his blanket, falling into a fitful sleep.


Morning came early for Itachi. At the crack of dawn the man had gone back to Louise's room to check if the woman was awake. He found the woman just coming out of her sleep and preparing to get dressed...Which he had to help her with apparently... Itachi only sighed and went about his duty, not really caring much about dressing the pompous little girl. It had reminded him somewhat of Sasuke who had to help dress until he had learned to do it himself, so it wasn't an altogether unpleasant experience for him.


After a slightly awkward breakfast where he had again been treated like a pet Itachi found himself in a courtyard of sorts, all around him were tables set out for many of the students were talking to their familiars and from what Itachi could tell, were showing them off as well.

"Well if it it's the commoner that Louise summoned." A voice spoke up. Itachi turned to see that the 'prostitute' from earlier had spoken to him, and she appeared to be petting a giant red lizard of some sort... the flaming tail on the creature set it apart from an average giant red lizard of course.

"Kirche." Louise growled beside Itachi. "And just what do you want?"

"Oh I just wanted to see your familiar." Kirche smirked, turning a devious grin Itachi's way. "So how much did she pay you to pretend to be her familiar?"

Itachi only raised an eyebrow at that, sure he could understand someone assuming he had just been paid to pretend to be something. Hell, he had been paid to do that before dozens of times but at the moment he was slightly irritated and didn't really want to deal with the arrogant woman's crap.

"I wasn't paid to be her familiar." He spoke evenly, eying the woman with a bored glare.

Kirche chuckled. "Regardless, a commoner like yourself is the perfect familiar for Louise the Zero." She flicked her hair haughty at the pair and walked away, Her salamander not far behind her.

"Oooo, that woman." Louise growled, shaking her fist angrily at the woman's back. Her gaze snapped back to Itachi. "Don't just stand there you idiot, bring me tea!" before she walked off to sit at one of her own tables.

Itachi sighed, it was becoming tedious listening to the demands of this spoiled child, he had half a mind to just kill everyone here for the trouble and go live somewhere else, but then the Uchiha remembered that it was a massacre that had set him on his path to destruction the last maybe a bit of patience would be in least for a few more days, if she hadn't warmed up to him by then... well he'd burn that bridge when he he crossed it.

Wandering around the courtyard looking for a servant to help in his task, Itachi glanced at all the students around him, each of them had a familiar on or near them, and each was looked unique to their owner. There were bats, dogs, cats, a number of snakes, and many others both normal and extraordinary. Including one such creature that looked like a floating eyeball.

Although the thing had snuck up on him which had the unfortunate side effect of forcing him to take a quick step back and pulling out a kunai. Which in turn made him bump into Siesta the maid, who had been serving the nobles around here various tea's and deserts.

"Oof" The girl gasped, falling to her rear as she ran into the set in stone Itachi, who had used chakra to root himself to the ground in preparation for a leap to take him to safety in case he was in danger.

"Are you alright?" Itachi asked.

"I'm...I'm fine Mr. Itachi." Siesta smiled, having met the man yesterday when he was wandering the halls, now that had been an interesting evening.

"HEY where's my cake!" A voice yelled. Itachi turned to see the pompous womanizer from last night was back again, but this time it seemed as if he had a new lady waiting on his every word, womanizer indeed. Itachi scowled slightly at that. He respected women, especially kunoichi above almost all others, and watching someone go through women like this was both degrading and disgusting.

"Here let me take that to him." Itachi grunted, grabbing he cake platter from the woman. (Which incidentally hadn't fallen to the ground and been picked up like the 5 second rule was going out of style, yucky ground cake.)

"But Mr. Itachi..." She tried to stop him but a sharp glare stopped her cold.

"Allow me." Itachi walked calmly to the table where Guiche and the second lady of the evening was waiting for him.

"It's about time you brought it" The man yelled angrily, going back to sweet talking the woman not a moment after Itachi left. At least he was consistant.

As Itachi was walking away he spotted a certain blonde first year that just so happened to be the same person the womanizer had been talking to last night.

'Walking around as if she is looking for someone, carrying a basket, possibly filled with those 'suffles' that they were talking about last night. Perfect.' An uncharacteristic grin formed on Itachi's face, it was a little known fact, but the young man had been corrupted in his ways during his earlier years by watching over a certain blonde jinchuriki. He had watched Naruto go after ANBU like it was going out of style and prank some of the very best ninja in the village. Itachi was spared that fate since he had been kind to the boy, and he reaped the benefits be getting a free show in the process. Now, a bit of Naruto's mischievous side had rubbed off on the man, and not only that Itachi had a very good knack for poetic justice even before meeting Naruto. So with a just slight twitch of a grin on his lips he approached the woman.

"You are Katie, correct?" Itachi spoke evenly, startling the woman from her searching.

"Y-yes, she turned to look into teh twin pools of onyx that were Itachi's eyes. "Oh, you're that familiar from last night. Tell me, have you seen the man who was with me then? His name is Guiche."

"If you're talking about the man with the giant mole familiar. he's over there." Itachi pointed to the correct table and Katie gave him a nod of thanks.

'No, thank you.' Itachi chuckled under his breath, ah justice in any form was oh so satisfying. A loud crash and yelling signified the end to those two relationships very quickly.

"N-now wait a minute girls, I can explain." A quickly back peddling Guiche stuttered, falling to his butt right next to Itachi.

"Tell us the truth Guiche, what's going on?"

"Um." The trapped man looked around frantically, searching for some way to get out of this situation, that's when his eyes landed on Itachi, that cruel little smirk still plastered on his face. Guiche saw red at that, in his mind Itachi was mocking him and anyone mocking him just became disposable. "YOU." He pointed a finger at Itachi which made teh man raise an eyebrow. "Yes you. HOW DARE YOU spread such scandlous lies."

Oh now everyone around him was eating it up. The two girls weren't convinced but everyone else was drawn away from the bitching out, square onto Itachi's shoulders. Fuck...

"How dare you besmirch my honor" Guiche yelled, putting as much indignation and posturing as he could into the sentence "I challenge you to a duel!"

If anything Itachi's eyebrow rose even more. 'He plans to use me as a scapegoat.' Itachi realized. But not a moment later a small grin touched his lips and a slight chuckle escaped his lips. "Accepted, time and place?"

Guiche got to his feet and took a dozen steps back. "Here and now." He growled, all of the students who were sitting at the tables were now crowded around the two.

"Very well." Itachi spoke evenly, his eyes flashing to the sharingan, if he was going to humiliate this fool, then he might as well do it soundly.


Hope you all enjoyed this weird idea of mine, I've always thought Itachi was a awesome characater that deserved more than what he got in Naruto, so this is a little story for him.

Also, don't worry, I'll have a new chapter of Sage of the elements up soon enough for those who are hoping for a new chapter of that. So till then.