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Warning this is a yaoi! UKUS (YEAH THAT'S RIGHT!) Rated M due to the adult situation.

Arthur was perplexed by his roommate Alfred. And for this studious student council president this was an annoyance in its self. The British born teen had moved in with his former pen pal as they attended World Academy together.

From afar they looked like polar opposites, but they got along very well. At first it was like old times, they would get along, argue on occasion about whose cooking was better, school work…etc., but lately Arthur couldn't help but feel an attraction to him.

He knew it was consensual; Alfred kissed him on New Year's Eve. But that was all they've done in their relationship! A kiss here, a grope here, some making out on the couch, but for the love of the Crown Jewels! That was all they had done!

Finally having enough, he went onto the offensive. Arthur decided to ambush Alfred as he got ready to take a bath. Now the two were in bathroom leaning against the wall.

"Ah! Please! Not there!" Alfred moaned as Arthur stroked his length with one hand and teased his nipples with the other. The Brit smirked as he made the younger man gasp as he rubbed his own erection against his exposed rear.

"You wanted this for a long time haven't you?" he whispered into his ear.

"Y-yes…" Alfred moaned. "I…want…I want…"

"Want what?" Arthur asked as he slipped a finger inside him the quickly added a second. Alfred moaned as he brushed one of them over his sensitive spot before adding a third. "Well?"

Alfred gasped as Arthur's finger abused that spot that made his vision turned white.

"Y…you damn sex hungry pirate!" Alfred yelled as he lost the strength in his knees, leaning against the tub for support.

Arthur licked his lips hungrily as he looked at his American. He was naked with a leather collar around his neck connected to a leather strap that was binding his wrists behind his back to keep him from fighting back. His legs open, and his young body was flushed, and clearly hungry for his touch.

"Don't stare at me like a piece of meat you bastard!" Alfred gasped.

"Oh, I see, would you prefer I just go ahead and devour you?" Arthur asked as he licked his neck before biting the collar bone, leaving another mark of possession on him.

" bastard! Stop teasing me!"

"You started it." Arthur replied simply.

"Just…just do it already!"

"Do what?"

"You know what I mean you bastard!" Alfred gasped. "Just hurry up and fuck me!"

Arthur pinned him to the floor and filled his love up with a swift motion. Alfred gasped as he began to move.


"Does it feel good?" Arthur asked as he lifted Alfred's left leg over his shoulder, pausing to give it a little lick. Making Alfred shuddered.

"Ah! Don't ask that!" Alfred gasped as Arthur's thrusts sped up. Arthur couldn't help but smirk as drool started coming out the sides of Alfred's mouth as he found that spot that made him writhe in lust.


"Oh! God! ALFRED!"


"You…are the worst kind of person." Alfred groaned as Arthur finally released him from his restraints.

"Shut up. At least now we're passed that slump."

"What slump?"

"The whole 'just making out' part." Arthur replied as he helped Alfred climb into the tub with him.

"I'll have you know that I was planning doing this with you on VALENTINE'S DAY tomorrow…So it could be special!" Alfred pouted as he sank deeper into the bubbles.

"…Oh…" Arthur said with a blush. "Well…it's nearly midnight so…you up for another round?"

"…perverted ambassador."