Richard watched the man warily who was leading them to Ra's Al Ghul. Though the Flash said that this was a man they had on the inside and he could be trusted, something inside Dick was saying that this man was not who he said he was. Nothing said from either of the Team members could convince him otherwise.

"Down this way," the man said, his voice heavy with an German accent.

As he opened a secret door in the wall that lead down a dark stairwell, Dick felt his skepticism growing dangerously. After seeing everyone wander through the darkness, he hesitated one last time. This perhaps could have saved his life.

One by one he hears the grunts and groans of his teammates, falling to something. Nightwing quickly backflipped away from the door missing two bullets that were aimed for his head. He pulled his pair of Eskrima sticks at the holster on his thigh up higher to his chest as several of the Ghul's' men came out from the shadows, grinning evilly. Nightwing now saw that they had been watched this entire time and how. He grinned crookedly. He saw he was outnumbered at five to one. The odds were against him. Just the way he liked it.

Dick wandered through the caves, curious as to what secrets they held when he tripped and stumbled upon a rather big one. All around him in the center chamber of the cave, was bat paraphernalia, including the famous Batman suit. Dick just stared in awe, unable to take everything in at once, but certain of one thing.

Bruce Wayne was Batman.

"What are you doing here?" It was Batman who stood in front of him, scowling. However, he pulled his cowl off, revealing the face that Dick had come to think of as a reclusive workaholic man who kept him out of an orphanage.

"Bruce, you're Batman!" Dick squealed with delight.

"And isn't past your bedtime?"

Dick said in a typical adolescent voice. "I don't have one."

"It's after midnight. You have school in the morning. You're going to bed now, whether you have a bedtime or not."

"Can I please fight crime with you?" The question that had been hanging on Dick's tongue since finding this cave was finally out, and Bruce was not surprised in the least.

Bruce narrowed his eyes. "Who would you even be? My sidekick?"

Dick thought about it for a moment. but only a moment. The answer came easily to him.

"I'd be Robin, your partner."

Nightwing smiled slyly as he looked at the fallen men surrounding him. As he put the sticks back in their place, he realized how wonderful this really was. It was great to experience it himself and not have only foggy incomplete memories of it. He walked over to one of the "hidden" cameras and stared right into.

"You're going to have to do better than that Ghul."

Nightwing walked away from the site, his mind rapidly thinking of a plan to save his friends. He couldn't walk inside though the door remained open. Finally listening to his instincts, he walked away from the door and ignoring his heart's feelings, he left the area.

As soon as he reached a pay phone, he rapidly dialed Cassy's cell phone. He smiled fondly as Abby answered.

"Hello, this is Abby. What's your favorite color?"

"Blue, sweetheart. It's Dad, can you put Mom on the phone?"

"I'm right here. What do you need?" Cassy must have taken the phone away from Abby.

"Get the League. Ghul has taken the Team prisoner. Tell them Nightwing is requesting back up."

"Nightwing?" Cassy sounded concerned.

"Yeah, honey. I'm back."

Ghul pounded his fists to the table, furious at the fact that some of his best assassins had let Grayson escape. He threw his mug of coffee at the wall, shattering it into a thousand pieces. The old friend simply stood there, knowing that this fit would pass and soon Ra's would become unnaturally calm.

"Find Nightshade. I don't care what it takes. Find her and bring her here."

The man nodded before leaving the room, politely asking the assistant to bring Ghul another coffee, this time without caffeine.

Cassandra hurried through the halls mentally reciting her way through the directions to get there. She was holding baby Wally in her arms who was a little cranky about his feeding being interrupted but he had had his fill. Abby was following her knowing from her mother's face that something was wrong, but too young to completely understand what. It wasn't long before she found Artemis in the training room with the younger Team, going over several different potential scenarios.

Artemis looked over at her one of her best of friends. From the frantic face, Artemis knew. She dismissed the team immediately who were looking at the crazy woman carrying a baby and had a four year old behind her.

"Something happened. I don't know what, Nightwing says-"

"Wait, Nightwing?"

"Yeah, he's back, Artemis. I really don't know anything other than that. Now he says he needs help."

"Do you have a swing to carry Wally?"

Cassandra furrowed her brow for a moment, but soon understood. She nodded. "Are you sure?"

"Cheshire did it after she had Lian. And she didn't have half the training we did."

"We'll leave Abby behind with the Team to look after her. I'm sure they would enjoy a nonlethal mission for once."

"Let's go."

Nightwing didn't know what to say when he saw Artemis and Cassandra walk up. Artemis was wearing her usual costume, only now the abdominals were covered with more padding, presumably Wally wanted to protect their unborn child while he couldn't convince Artemis to give up her hero job. Cassy on the other hand was wearing an all black uniform with mask. It was form fitting enticing him, but what scared him the most was the black swing around her body which hid something he was only too hopeful it wasn't what he thought it was.

It was. Little baby Wally, only a day old was lying there, falling asleep while sucking intently on his thumb. He ran over to her, embracing, but making sure not to squish his son. He glared at his wife. "What were you thinking bringing our newborn baby out on a rescue mission? Why is it only you and Artemis? Didn't you contact the League?"

"Hey, I am the League," Artemis snapped.

"And you're pregnant!" Nightwing hushed back.

"Nightwing, right now, we are the ones here. Let's not waste time. And it's not like I can leave our son on his own for more than a hour or so! Besides, he takes after you. He didn't squeal at all and slept most of the way here."

Nightwing shook his head, knowing he wouldn't change his wife's mind. It was too late to go back and there wouldn't be enough time left if he did. He was about to walk away when something Cassy said struck him.

"Should I be concerned that our child falls asleep when you go running around and jumping from building to building?"

Nightwing had successfully navigated his way through Ghul's base with Cassandra and Artemis following closely behind him. He made sure that Cassandra was within arms distance at all times and that Artemis was at least within three. He didn't think that his best friend would be too happy if he let Artemis get hurt. Now they just had the big part. Getting Flash, Aqualad, and Miss Martian out of their cell.

He let a small explosion of knockout gas and watched as the few men guarding his friends struggle then fall down. He walked over, keeping an eye for others on their way and another on the women. He put a finger to his lips as the Team saw him. He walked over to the security systems, and tapped into them. He pressed a few buttons and voilá! His friends were free.

"Looks like you remember more than you think, Nightwing." Flash zipped over the couple feet and pat his friend on the back.

"I remember more than that. Can you explain and tell me point of rigging my shower to splurge out pudding?"

"Oh that... I was hoping you wouldn't-"

"Looks like that call paid off. Thank you Nightshade for helping us."

Nightwing looked over to his wife. Ghul walked over, and tried to touch her shoulder. She flinched away, turning her newborn away from the man, stepping back. All eyes were on her, watching her next movement. He nearly cried out in pain as he saw what happened next.

Ra's al Ghul stepped closer and wrapped his arms around her. She didn't do anything.

"Cassandra! What are you doing?"

"What she was always supposed to do, Grayson."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you think it was a coincidence that she was the one who found you after we had our little run in that night on your eighteenth birthday? Did you think it was a coincidence that even after you turned away her advances immediately, she never left your side? You were a fool, Grayson. Love is a weakness."

He picked up little baby Wally while Cassandra let him. The child's face wrinkled up, but no sound was made. "What a wonderful addition Walter Bruce Grayson will make to our coalition, don't you think, Nightshade?"

Nightwing was about to lash out, protect his son, when he saw her move first. Cassandra grabbed her son and tossed him Nightwing. He caught his son easily, taking only a moment to make sure he was uninjured, but in that moment, Cassandra had Ghul on his knees with a blade to his throat.

"I was never on your side, Ghul. Love might make you blind, but it most certainly does not make you weak. If anything, it makes you stronger. Now tell me what power is keeping me from killing you right here and now?"

Nightwing stared, waiting Ghul's answer as eagerly as everyone else in the room. Artemis was confused, wary, but a flicker of pride in her eyes showed her faith in her friend. Flash glared at Nightshade, but was unable to tell if he was telling the truth. The rest of the Team seemed unsure of what to think.

"If you were who you used to be, Nightshade, then nothing. Love keeps you from being the assassin I always knew you could be."

With a quick twist of his neck, Nightshade killed the man who had kept her prisoner in his world for so long. "I am always who you made to be. But since our departure, I've learned that feeling, having emotions is much more important that anything you taught me. You taught me it was easy to hate." Cassandra looked up to Dick's eyes. "Richard taught me it was hard to love."

It was quite the experience afterwards. While everyone immediately went on high alert, Miss Martian was soon able to determine that Cassandra was telling the truth. She had been a part of the Shadows and trained with Artemis until she was fourteen. Then she left and hadn't had contact since. Ghul was lying when he said she was playing her part well. Dick felt that as an absolute relief. After having most of his memories back, he found that he still loved her. While he had changed more than he had hoped after his memory loss, it wasn't as drastic as everyone expected after talking over dinner. Now was the big reunion.

Dick was sitting at a booth in the diner with Cassandra on his right who was holding baby Wally. Abby was in between them coloring the picture the waitress had given her. His best friend Wally and Artemis were there as well. They were all smiling as laughing, joking about what had happened the last seven years when a bell rang near the door. Dick looked over to see the man he had been waiting for nervously.

Bruce was there wearing most of a suit, but it was more casual than Dick remembered. His face was lined and he seemed to have aged much more than seven years. He must have only trimmed the beard he had had for a while, because there was a slight cut underneath his jaw. He was staring intently at Dick as Dick was at him, both unsure of where to start.

It was adorable Abby who broke the ice. Dick had told her who they were meeting, but he was unsure if she had understood. She ran over to Bruce, screaming excitedly, "Batman!" Dick waved it off at the waitress who was glancing at them confusedly. She nodded, understanding that Abby was a little girl. Bruce froze upon seeing the child, unsure of what to do with a small one. Unintentionally doing the Bat glare, Abby stared right on back, doing a rather decent job at it. Then she did the one thing that truly broke the ice. She hugged Bruce, muttering in his ear, "Grandpa."

For the first time in seven years, Bruce smiled.

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