Author' Note: WARNINGS ARE IN NOTE! PLEASE READ! Sorry, some people skip over these and there is some important stuff in here. So I was going back and reading old reviews and unfortunately, I don't think I can do a sequel anymore. However, someone suggested a sequel and I really grew attached to that idea and this is what happened. WARNING: This epilogue is M RATED. Nothing too explicit happens, but it does take place during their honeymoon so you have officially been warned! Read at your own risk. End of warning.

It has been almost six months since Wally has been born and since that time, he had been quickly nicknamed Junior by everyone. Richard and I got married for the second time this year. We wanted to redo it since Richard found out who he really was and we both showed sides of ourselves that were never supposed to be shown. Bruce paid for the honeymoon and offered to take Abby and Junior for the next two weeks. I laughed when I heard this. Though Bruce thinks he is a tough guy, when it comes to Abby, he is the gooiest doting grandfather ever. I think he's missed it, taking care of someone small. Cassy smiled as a memory came into her head. In fact, before we left when he thought no one was looking, he started making the silliest faces to make Junior laugh. Anyways...

Richard has since taken back up his position as Nightwing after an assessment of his mental health and starts as soon as we get back. I worry, but he wouldn't stop being who he is. Even when he had no idea who he was, he was still wanting to do something more in the world. Um.. what else is new... Oh! Wally and Artemis just had their first child. Her name is Iris, a beautiful healthy girl. She is the cutest! She has red hair like her dad and at the wedding, her eyes were bright blue, but I think those will darken ov

"Cassy, put the pen away and come back to bed. It's our honeymoon and it's cold.." Dick's voice came from the bed where he lay there naked, his arms crossed behind his head. He was grinning cockily and Cassandra thought about putting her all of her clothes back on to wipe that grin off his face. She breathed in deeply. He would just take them off again with her laughing as he unintentionally tickled her.

"Who's fault is that? You're the one who suggested Alaska for our honeymoon." Cassandra smirked and put the pen down, closing the small book she had been writing in. She slipped back under the covers of the bed in the hotel room she and Dick were staying at. The yellow floral wallpaper was tacky, the carpet was rough underfoot, and the bed was lumpy. Her white dress lay off to the side and Richard's tuxedo was strung around from the door to the bed. Her hair was down and his hair was messy. As he drew her closer into his body, they both sighed together, grateful for simply being able to lie together without Abby or Wally demanding their attention.

"At least things are finally calming down," Dick said smiling while kissing her on her forehead.

Cassy laughed. "I don't know about since Abby found out about her father being Nightwing, she is convinced that she is going to be your sidekick. She's already designing her uniform and calling herself the Bluejay. And I doubt that if she gives the design to Bruce that he'll say no. He isn't exactly the hard man he thinks he is."

Dick's face grew hard. "Abby is never becoming a superhero. She can pretend all she wants, but I will never put her in harm's way."

Cassy exhaled. "You can't keep her from her heritage. I was trained since I was younger than her and you have been a sidekick since you were nine and an acrobat before that. Face it, Richard, it's in her blood."

"Doesn't mean I have to like it," Richard growled. He paused, sinking even further into the pillows. "Have you heard the rumors about Ra's al Ghul being back?"

Cassy nodded sadly. "I didn't expect him to stay down. Especially with the Lazarus Pit. I was just hoping that he knows to leave us alone. At least until the kids are able to defend themselves."

"It looks like Abby would be safer as my sidekick."

Cassandra sighed and kissed Dick comfortingly on his soft lips. He smiled, distracted out of his dark thoughts and kissed her back, harder, longer, more passionately this time. The two sifted their body weight around so he was slightly on top of her. She pulled back and brushed the shaggy hair out of his face. She smiled softly. Dick saw that she was wondering something. He pulled himself off of her and propped himself up on his elbow. "What's up?"

"Nightshade. The master has summoned you," came the voice from behind the door. She sighed. She wiped the tears away from her face and placed the poisoned knife under her clothes. She walked through the hallways until she reached the master's room. She was prepared to be disciplined like a young schoolgirl. She knocked and entered when a cold voice told her so.

"Ah, Nightshade. You have excelled in your training," he said, his back facing the window.

"I have." She kept her voice cool though her heart raced. She had no idea where the master was going with all of this. She remembered where she had her dagger hidden. Just in case. She didn't want to become another story for others to gossip about.

"Is that... confidence? I like it. It also shows how you have let go of your friend... what was her name... Artemis." Al Ghul turned around and faced Nightshade. "I am aware of how close you were. Almost too close. I am thankful that he left when she did. If she stayed much longer, well, one of you would have eventually had to leave.'"

Nightshade refused to answer. She simply waited for him to continue.

"As I have said, you have excelled in your training. And as soon as you realize that your feelings are undeserving of your brilliant mind, you will be perfect for a mission."

The complement surprised her; they were rarely given out.

"Are you ready for a mission, Nightshade?"

"Unless it is to end my friend, I am ready."

"Honesty. Good. No, your mission is much simpler. As you know, the Batman has a protege, Dick Grayson. You are to bring him to me. I do not care how or if he is dead or alive, but he must come to me within the year."

"You should know that Ra's did send me out to bring you to him. He wasn't completely lying when he said that I had done my job." Cassandra felt her cheeks burn red in shame. She turned her back on Dick so that he could not see the pain in her eyes. She thought he would be angry, and perhaps she should have told him some other time than their second wedding night, but she needed to tell him. Instead, he simply came closer to her and wrapped his arms around her body while leaning over her. He smiled and looked her in the eyes.

"I know."

Cassandra turned back towards him, confusion on her face. "How could you have known? I never told anyone. Only al Ghul and I knew." She was exasperated.

"First, never say al Ghul and I even again. It's creepy. Second, I've known since it all happened. You were the one who told me that they only tell you half truths or manipulate what is already there. I knew that al Ghul must have told you to do something because of how you didn't react. Your mind was racing wondering what I was thinking of. However, I knew that wasn't the entire truth because of what you told me. They never tell you everything."

"How..." Cassandra sighed in defeat. "I have no idea how I managed to find a husband as incredible and amazing and understanding as you." She snuggled closer to him and kissed him teasingly on the lips.

"And I don't know how I found a wife a incredibly and beautiful as you." He moved closer to her and pulled the covers up further over them. "Now what do you say we stop talking and enjoy our wedding night?"

Cassandra was smiling as she walked down the aisle. She was nineteen and her grandfather was by her side about to give her off to Richard. He had been unable to remember his last name so he was taking on hers. While her grandfather ranted about how untraditional that was, Cassy always had a story about his youth that made him laugh and chuckle, "Screw tradition." But as she looked at Richard, standing in his suit, she felt herself become suddenly nervous. What if he regained his memories and realized that he didn't even like her, let alone love her? What is they had kids? Would he stay then or would he just leave? What if he found out about her past? She swallowed. What if he died because of her?

As she was handed off to Richard, she felt something in her swell. It was her heart. She remembered the old saying, "Love makes you weak." But as she stared into Richard's eyes, she knew. Love made you anything but weak. The truth that was drilled into her head. But Cassy knew the real truth, something only Richard could have shown her.

You are weak without love.

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