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I know i said i was going to update The General first, but i have some news about my other stories. I'm putting The General on hold, and likely won't restart it ever. I wrote some more, but problems arose. It is just so boring. I liked the originality of the general Naruto style, but i ended up not having Naruto have enough personal action. I planned for Naruto to command others to solve problems instead of doing it himself, but it has just ended up being mainly political bullcrap and stuff. It is simply too boring for me to write, much less for others to read. It is more a novel than a fanfic. If any other author wants to try their own hand at the idea, PM me.

The Jinchuriki of Mahora has also hit problems. Each time i reread it, i become more and more upset with how it has been written. Too many tangents and too slow paced. So i'll either rewrite it with the same plot idea or i'll do a different Naruto/Negima idea.

I also am going to address a question posed by XxAkuXxXTenshixX. He pointed out that the shinobi might not be create chakra off their home planet. The radiation produced by Var Mor is what initially forces a shinobi to create the Eezo isotopes in their body. I meant it to be more a catalyst though. Once they start producing these isotopes, the radiation becomes unnecessary. That will play a small issue during Mass Effect 2, but not now.

One more thing, i am using my right as author to ignore a timeline. It is actually six years since the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War. Naruto will be 23 instead of 20. I felt he needed to be a bit older, and that the hidden villages needed to have more time to recover from the war. Otherwise, nothing really changes.

Now, on to the story. P.S. This chapter was corrected by me beta, Vandenbz.

Naruto faced the group that was about to leave the Normandy to head to the Citadel. Minutes before a ship at least twice the size of the Normandy had approached. It had quickly sent out a shuttle which had landed in the Normandy's storage area. It was to transport the group to the ship. Shepard was currently talking to the pilot of the shuttle, letting Naruto and Kurotsuchi talk to the departing group alone.

"You are in charge, Mei. Good luck," Naruto said.

Mei just chuckled before commenting, "We don't need luck. We've got skill. I'll make sure everything goes fine."

Naruto grinned and turned to Shikamaru. Handing over a rolled up scroll, Naruto informed him in a soft voice so that only this group could hear, "In this storage scroll is a large amount of valuable gems that I've collected over the years. A lot of these are larger than my fist. It is amazing how deep into the planet you can get by powering an Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Projection Technique with Bijuu chakra. I've kept these as a payment method when traveling, since some areas don't use traditional money. I have little doubt the Council will provide you guys with everything you need, but you probably won't have much pocket change. You'll probably need some for your…extracurricular activities. Find a gem cutter, and make sure you get a good price for them. Then use the money to do whatever you need to. Try to save the large ones for last though. I'm not sure how many more of them that size I can find, and I'm rather proud of them."

"Why are you giving it to me?" Shikamaru immediately questioned in annoyance.

"I've learned to never give females the money," Naruto stated bluntly.

Shikamaru took the scroll with a quick mutter of "Troublesome, but you have a point." Meanwhile the girls glared at Naruto. Naruto scratched the back of his head awkwardly as he realized what he had said.

Naruto gave one last wave as the group walked into the shuttle. The back of the Normandy opened with mass effect fields being used to keep them all from being spaced. The shuttle then left and the Normandy closed up again.

Shepard clapped her hands together to draw attention to herself before announcing, "We still have half a day before we reach Feros, but we should make sure we are ready. Naruto, Kurotsuchi, Samui. You three need to get suited up with some armor and weapons. Garrus, you help them with choosing some armor. Ashley, you help them choose a selection of weapons. I'm going to take care of some business." She then went to the elevator.

Naruto gestured for Kurotsuchi and Samui to follow him before walking over to Garrus. Naruto exclaimed with a smile, "We're in your care, Garrus. Please take care of us." Garrus wasn't confused by the saying, as he had heard it several times when he had been on their planet. He just quickly started.

"With current armors, you need to be mindful of a few things. Armors are scored on three different things. Damage protection, or the protection they offer from melee damage. Shields, which are what protect us from bullets. And Tech/Biotic protection, which protects you from numerous technical or biotic abilities. Depending on your role in the fighting, you'll be assigned an armor type. Light armors are for support type roles, like Kaidan or Tali. Medium armors are for more all-purpose units, like myself and Shepard. Heavy armors are for the frontline fighters, like Wrex and Ashley. So you'll have to tell me how you will probably fight in order to properly choose," Garrus informed them in a knowledgeable voice.

Naruto thought for a moment before asking curiously, "Hold on, what is the difference between light, medium, and heavy armors? Why are they better suited for each of these roles?"

"The difference is their weight and level of restriction on the user. The heavier the armor, the higher the three ratings are. The downside is that these armors are heavier and take far more strength to move in and effectively use. Krogans naturally have the strength, but most other species need a special type of gene therapy in order to make them strong enough for these armors. As an example, Ashley is far stronger than Kaidan despite most human females being physically less adept than males. This is due to her probably going through the needed gene therapy treatments after basic training when she was assigned a frontline role, and keeping a harsh physical regiment. Light armors require almost no training to effectively use, but have far lower ratings. So those with light armors are placed into support roles where they are expected to be in less danger," Garrus explained expertly.

"Wow Garrus, you really know this stuff," Naruto praised with a smile.

Garrus just chuckled before replying, "It is not that impressive. Turians learn about things like this from before they can walk. The military is part of every turian's life. So, what do you guys think?"

Naruto looked at Kurotsuchi and Samui briefly before answering, "I'll take a heavy armor. I'm sure I have more than enough strength for it." Garrus nodded in agreement.,

"I'll also take a heavy," Kurotsuchi added.

"A medium for me," Samui answered calmly.

Garrus nodded at their choice before questioning, "And what about the three ratings? If you are a close range fighter, you'll need more damage protection since you'll be in range of melee attacks. Mid or long range fighters need to worry more about shields."

Naruto shrugged and replied, "I'll probably be getting pretty close, but I'm durable enough to take melee damage on my own. So I'd prefer to have as much protection against guns as I can, in case I do something stupid."

"Of which there is no doubt," Kurotsuchi added in a biting tone. She'd been very short with Naruto for some reason.

Naruto did his best to ignore her, choosing to say to Garrus, "So give me something with very high level shields."

"Got it. I'll also make sure it has a good tech/biotic protection level. That one always seems to be overlooked, but it is necessary for anyone who doesn't want to be killed by the first engineer or biotic they run into. We're facing the geth as well, so they'll probably be trying to hack into our shields constantly. Let me take a look," Garrus commented as he rubbed his chin. He quickly started looking through some crates as he continued, "Our team has picked up quite a number of different armors in our adventures so far. Most of them are junk pieces, but there are a few gems in here."

"See if you can find a similar one for me. I'm a mid or long range fighter, so I need some strong shields," Kurotsuchi said to the turian.

"Same. I'm a support fighter, so I won't be getting close too often," Samui spoke up as well.

"Got it," Garrus replied easily as he continued looking through the crates. After a few minutes, he had three different suits of armor laid out. He tossed one to each of them before ordering, "Go put them on and tell me what you think."

"Are you sure we can't change the color scheme on these?" Naruto asked with a sigh. His armor was predominantly white with some gold around his shoulders, chest, elbows, and knees.

Garrus shook his head as he answered, "Nope. I don't see what you don't like about it. The phoenix armor series is white and pink, and they're one of the best armor series. I had to wear a set for a while."

"I don't know. A bit of orange would be nice. Or at least some sky blue or something," Naruto claimed with a shrug.

"Stop being a little girl worried about her clothes," Kurotsuchi said in a grumpy voice. Her armor was a camouflage design of gray and brown. An observant person would see that she was slightly uncomfortable with how tight it was. Kurotsuchi seemed to have a love of loose and unflattering clothing for some reason. This armor was tight enough to show that she did actually have a feminine figure, even if she couldn't quite compare to Samui's curvy figure.

Naruto quickly whined in a childish voice, "How cruel! You've been so mean to me lately, Kurotsuchi. What did I do to you when I was drunk to get you so annoyed?"

Kurotsuchi looked away with a slight blush, offering no answer. Naruto wasn't going to let her off without some sort of explanation, as he was starting to get annoyed with her mocking. It might seem the two had a rather antagonistic relationship, but the two had actually become quite close after the war. So Naruto was not very happy with the extra malice behind her mocking, and wanted to figure out just what he had done in order to fix it.

Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for Kurotsuchi, Samui chose that moment to walk back into the hangar. She wasn't in her armor. She handed it back to Garrus before bluntly explaining, "It didn't fit."

"What do you mean? These armors are made of materials that allow them to stretch in order to accommodate everyone. Your species is very similar in build to humans, so how could it not fit?" Garrus muttered in clear shock. Naruto stared at her breasts with a deadpan look, which Garrus soon followed in order to realize what the issue was. Samui had a small blush of embarrassment as Garrus continued in an awkward voice, "I see. It is true that most human females aren't so…large, especially soldiers. I guess we'll have to make a special order when we are next on the Citadel. So you'll have to stay on the Normandy for this mission."

"Okay. I'll tell Shepard after we get outfitted with weapons," Naruto responded with a shrug.

Garrus nodded before telling them, "So you and Kurotsuchi should go to Ashley to get outfitted."

Naruto nodded and quickly walked the ten meters to where Ashley was polishing several rifles. She quickly looked at the group before commenting, "I see you guys got outfitted with armor. Unfortunately, I'm not so sure what I can do for you all. Guns need a certain degree of skill and training in order to properly use them. Any idiot can hold and fire a gun, but real soldiers need to be able to do more than that." Naruto raised an eyebrow at the condescending tone she used when she said 'realsoldiers'.

"Don't worry, Ashley. The commander let Naruto test out our weapons when we were stuck there. Naruto's a crack shot. After only a few test shots he was shooting like the best marksman of any species. Can turn a pistol into a sniper rifle with his sharp eyesight," Garrus yelled over.

Ashley clearly looked like she doubted that, but eventually shrugged and caved. She turned to the two and explained, "There are several different types of guns. An assault rifle, which is a very versatile weapon. Usually used at mid range against opponents with high shields. Shotguns are used at short range. Pistols are typically the weapon of choice for support troops. Lower damage and firing speed, but useful for supplementing tech or biotic abilities. Then there are sniper rifles, which fire a single high damage round. Highly accurate, these weapons are usually used to take out the enemy's support type troops that hang out in the back and have lower shields. There are also grenades, which are used to damage groups of enemies that cluster together."

"What about the differences between weapons within a single category?" Naruto questioned as he absorbed the information.

Ashley nodded before answered, "All weapons have three different things you need to keep in mind. Damage output, firing rate, and accuracy. Each weapon is assigned a rating in these three categories, just like armor."

Naruto nodded as he thought about what weapons he would use. He finally announced, "Then can you please give me a pistol and an assault rifle. Please make them have the highest damage and accuracy rating as possible. I don't care about firing rate."

Ashley raised an eyebrow at his choices, but acquiesced with a shrug. It only took a minute for her to return with the weapons. Kurotsuchi then asked for her own weapons. She chose a shotgun and assault rifle with the same specifications as Naruto.

"I see that you both are types that prefer precision to brute force," Ashley commented as she handed Kurotsuchi her weapons.

Kurotsuchi then left, probably annoyed with the way Ashley had been treated them. Naruto stayed though and replied, "Any shots that miss are wasted shots. I'd rather finish my opponents in a single powerful shot to a weak area than reply on five weaker bullets to more protected areas. Shinobi are meant to cause the greatest amount of damage with the least amount of force required."

"A good philosophy, but actually doing it is harder than talking about it. When you are outnumbered and under fire, it isn't quite so easy," Ashley replied.

Naruto leaned against the wall as he examined Ashley. Finally he questioned, "You don't much like aliens, do you?"

Ashley let out a rather unlady-like snort before she answered, "I have nothing against aliens. In my opinion, we're all just animals."

"Then why are you acting like you do?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

Ashley looked like she debated internally for several moments before finally replying, "I don't have anything against aliens. I just don't particularly like them either or how the commander is relying on them."

Naruto tilted his head in confusion before asking, "Can you elaborate?"

Ashley quickly began explaining in a rather irritated voice, like she had been holding it in for a while, "The commander is a firm believer in the belief that humanity should build closer relationships with the other races. It is likely one of the reasons she was chosen as a Spectre by the Council. Better to have a pro-Council human instead of an anti-Council human. It is also why we have so many aliens as part of the crew. The commander feels that the more help the better."

"And you disagree?"

"I think that humanity needs to learn to stand on its own. Saren is targeting humanity, and humanity should deal with him. Instead the commander is trying to turn this into a multiracial effort. The only combat members of this crew that are human are myself, Kaidan, and the commander. Otherwise we consist of a quarian who spends allday in the engine room being allowed to study the most advanced ship in the Alliance, a krogan mercenary, a turian who used to work for C-Sec, an Asari who is an expert on the Protheans, and now your group. Three people who have no knowledge of the galaxy or any experience in galactic combat. I respect the commander, but I think I am being reasonable by being annoyed by some of her decisions," Ashley angrily blurted out in a rush.

Naruto didn't react to her words for several moments. He finally asked, "Feel better?"

Ashley took a few breaths before shrugging and answering truthfully, "Yeah. I guess I do."

"I've said it before and I'll say it again. Talking about your problems always makes you feel better," Naruto exclaimed with a sunny grin. Ashley couldn't hold back a small smile at that. Naruto grew serious again though and continued, "As for your thoughts, they are reasonable. You are forgetting a few things though. You act as if Saren is only a threat to humans. While it is true that he attacked a human colony, you also have to acknowledge the danger he presents to other races. He shamed theCouncil by betraying them and going rogue, he destroyed a beacon which could have helped the entire galaxy, and he has an army of geth at his command. Don't even get me started on the Reapers."

"The Alliance can handle it alone!" Ashley exclaimed defiantly.

Naruto just stared at her intensely before speaking slowly, "That isn't the question here. The proper question is does the Alliance want to have to handle it alone? The entire Council is based around the idea that cooperation and standing together benefits those involved more than standing alone does. Considering that the Council has survived 3,000 years, it must have something going for it. So you need to ask yourself. Is it to the benefit of humanity to stand alone, or is it just a matter of pride?"

Ashley still looked defiant, but didn't respond. Naruto shrugged and walked away. Everyone was entitled to their own opinion.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx

"You wanted to talk about something, Doctor Chakwas," Shepard said as she walked into the medical bay. She had been searching for information on Feros when the doctor had sent a message requesting her presence.

Doctor Chakwas looked up from her computer. As she was standing, she replied, "Yes, I did. Thanks for coming to speak to me even before a big mission."

"No problem, but what did you want to talk about?" Shepard calmly answered.

Chakwas gestured for Shepard to get closer and turned the screen of her computer. Shepard peered at it to see that it was several diagrams of humans. Chakwas explained, "I was curious, and the shinobi were quite cooperative. They allowed me to conduct several scans and tests on them. I thought you might want to hear what I found out before you take any of them on the mission."

"Good idea. I'd want to know if medi-gel doesn't work on them or if there are any other issues. So what did you find out?" Shepard spoke in a strong tone.

Doctor Chakwas look back to the computer screen before beginning, "I'm not quite sure where to begin. I found out a lot about them, but it only seems to have sparked more questions in my mind. First thing first, they clearly aren't human despite our aesthetic similarities. In fact, if I had to choose another species to compare them to, I'd say their internal structure more closely resembles the Krogan than humans.

That caused Shepard to raise an eyebrow in shock before exclaiming, "Really!? The Krogan!?"

Doctor Chakwas chuckled slightly at the reaction before pulling up a screen which showed a scan of one of the shinobi. Pointing to it, she continued, "I'll start with what you already know. They are built very similarly to humans, and even resemble humans greatly. When you dig deeper though, many differences pop up. First, I shall talk about their muscular structure. I'll skip the medical terms, but theirs is far more efficient than any other species. Their muscles differ on a cellular level that has only been theory before now. One of the main differences their muscle structures allow from other species is that their muscles grow inwards, you could say. Most species' muscles expand outwards, but theirs simply grow more dense and compact. This is why they seem to be of a slimmer build than most humans. This muscular structure causes their species to have tremendous natural strength. I lack the data necessary to accurately portray their level of strength compared to humans or other Citadel races, but I can guarantee they are far stronger than any races other than the elcor and krogan. That is only due to a much lower amount of muscle than losing to them in muscle efficiency. An interesting fact, if we use Shiho as an example of the muscle density of their civilians, since she has reportedly undergone little physical conditioning, then I could say that their species would average at having 40% more mass than humans of similar size. Naruto weighs 279 pounds, despite being similar in build to a human weighing 180 pounds. This puts him at having 55% more mass."

"Then there is their skeletal system. They only have 189 bones in their skeletal system. Their bones are also composed of an organic material that is both lighter and more supple than humans without sacrificing any durability. The bones themselves seem to be thicker in order to better handle their incredible levels of strength and power."

"Their nervous systems would put even an asari to shame. While they aren't able to attune their nervous systems to others like the asari, they have an incredible amount of control over them. The greatest difference is the amount of energy in their nervous systems. It is staggering. To generate this much energy requires massive amounts of calories. A human biotic has to consume 4,500 calories in order to effectively utilize their biotics. I'd say each of them would need to consume over 10,000 calories a day. Mr. Uzumaki is on a completely different level though. He probably consumes as much as the entire crew of the Normandy. They seem to have prepared special nutrient bars in order to not burden you, but I'd suggest we greatly increase the amount of food we regularly have in stock if we intend to have even a couple of them on board for any duration of time. They should be able to eat human or asari food with little problems."

"Their species seems to have a slightly enhanced regenerative capability. Nothing compared to a vorcha or krogan, but better than humans or turians. I checked, and medi-gel seems to work so well for them that it is almost unnatural. I should tell you though that Naruto has a very good regeneration ability. At least on par with a krogan or vorcha."

"The reason that I said their internal composition is closest to the krogan is due to their organs though. Like the krogan, this species seems to have instances of secondary and tertiary organs. A krogan has two hearts, four lungs, and even four testicles. This species seems to have two livers, four kidneys, and two spleens. Unlike the krogan though, their organs are segmental. We'll use their liver as an example. Instead of having two separate livers, they have one large organ composed of two separate working livers. Even if one is damaged, they would not suffer system failure. Their biggest worry would be blood loss. In fact, their regenerative capabilities seem centered around restoring damaged organs to a working condition. This grants them incredible protection against death by stab wounds. Their only 'weaknesses' would be the heart, brain, and spinal column. Considering these are fatal to all except krogan and vorcha, then it isn't really a weakness."

"Their lungs are incredible as well. It is difficult to explain without going into technical terms. Simply put, their lungs are able to better able to handle different levels of oxygen concentrations. I'll compare them to humans on earth. Earth's atmosphere is about 20% oxygen. Humans breathe this in. We exhale air that has approximately 16% oxygen. So humans are only able to extract around a fifth of the oxygen we breathe in. So if we are on a planet with an atmospheric composition of only 15% oxygen, we would extract a quarter less oxygen per breath. That would be too little to successfully colonize that planet. This also applies to Asari, turians, salarians, and most oxygen breathing sentient species. It seems that carbon based life tends to evolve on planets that fit these conditions. So all the oxygen breathing species can only easily colonize planets with an oxygen level between 18-22%. A rather small range. There are plenty of planets just outside this range, like Aratoht or Niacal. Both require rebreathers and domed habitats."

"Sorry, I'm getting off topic. Basically this species' lungs are capable of changing the percentage of oxygen they absorb. They have highly advanced and efficient alveoli, which is the part of our lungs which extracts carbon dioxide from our lungs and replaces it with oxygen. The main thing you need to know is that their body only uses a portion of their alveoli in daily activity. The rest lay dormant until they are needed. One unfortunate side effect of their muscular system, multiple organs, and overpowered nervous system is that they need far higher levels of oxygen. This amount also increases to ridiculous levels when they engage in strenuous physical activity. So that is why the majority of their alveoli lay dormant until needed. They then activate in order to increase the amount of oxygen running throughout their body, only to go dormant again when their body settles down."

"This would give them incredible cardiovascular endurance, but it also will theoretically allow them to breathe and function in a wider range of oxygen concentrations than other species. Too little oxygen in the atmosphere, their bodies will naturally increase the amount they take in with each breath. Too much and more alveoli will shut down. Their highly advanced alveoli also seem to cut down on the intake of other gases besides oxygen as well. They could seemingly survive on and colonize planets with oxygen levels too low or other toxic gases too high in concentration for other species. The lungs are also resistant to damage. A bullet wound to a lung might incapacitate or hamper them, but it likely wouldn't be lethal."

"In summary, commander, this species seems specifically designed for war and combat. Greater strength, speed, stamina, durability, and regeneration. They could even survive and fight on toxic or dangerous worlds. In fact, it is almost suspicious how well suited to combat this species is. Not to mention the how physically advanced they are,," Doctor Chakwas finished in a hesitant voice.

Shepard meanwhile was rubbing her temples as she tried to absorb all the information just presented to her. It was a lot to take in. The summary was that this species seemed very well suited for battle, but as a commander, Shepard had to try and remember all of what she was hearing. It might come in handy. Especially with that ending, which she really didn't like the sound of.

She finally asked, "What do you mean?"

Doctor Chakwas explained slowly, "They just seem too…perfect to be natural. As a species' intelligence grows, a species usually will lose certain traits that were more important to survival before. They lose more animalistic or bestial traits in favor of more…developed traits like larger brains and opposable thumbs. They start to rely on their intelligence in order to adapt to survive. Yet this species seems to have both. They are extremely physically adept, but also seem to have all the traits of more developed species. They seem to have the intelligence of any of the spacefaring species, while only the krogan could reasonably claim to match them in physical prowess. Considering the krogan come from a highly dangerous and brutal world while this species comes from a relatively docile and fertile world, then it all seems…unnatural."

"You think something is wrong with their species?" Shepard asked curiously.

Doctor Chakwas shook her head and sat down before saying, "Never mind, commander. I shouldn't tell you of such things right before an important mission, especially when I have no real proof. I'll continue reviewing the data and conducting tests that the shinobi approve of. If I find anything else, I'll tell you."

Shepard shrugged and acquiesced. Instead she asked, "So the shinobi are ready for combat?"

"More than ready, I'd say. Only Wrex might be more of a challenge for the enemy to put down, and I seriously doubt that we have seen everything they have to offer," Chakwas stated with a wry grin.

Shepard chuckled and agreed, "Of that I have little doubt. Naruto seems like the kind of person that always manages to surprise you. It can be almost disconcerting in a way."

"I agree. Despite that though, his heart is in the right place. That I can tell. So all we can do is hope that we get the pleasant surprises while Saren gets the bad ones," Doctor Chakwas stated merrily. The two shared a laugh together for several moments. As it died down, Chakwas added, "I'm glad he's here though."

Shepard raised an eyebrow before asking, "What do you mean?"

"He is a very good influence. I can see it in his eyes. He knows hardship and pain. He has experienced much for being so young, but he is still so energetic, hopeful, and strong. Just having him around brings out the good in everyone around him. He's only been here for a few days, but he's already influencing the crew. Did you know thathe's already memorized the names of everyone on the ship?" Doctor Chakwas asked with a calm smile.

"No. I didn't," Shepard answered, slightly discouraged. She didn't know everyone's name. She's always kept a professional distance from her crew. To know a newcomer on the ship had already interacted more with her crew than herself made her feel…guilty.

"He seems to enjoy wandering around and talking to everyone. It is subtle, but the crew is a bit more determined and confident than before. When on a mission like ours, it is nice to have someone like Naruto around. Always carefree and cheerful when the mood needs to be lifted, and always willing to lend an ear and some friendly, and surprisingly wise, advice for any problems the crew is having. He seems to have an aura that just makes people trust him. People have been more relaxed and carefree since he arrived. I mean, look at you."

Shepard blinked in shock before exclaiming, "Me?! What do you mean?"

Doctor Chakwas chuckled before commenting, "It is pretty clear. No offense, but I doubt we'd be having this conversation if you hadn't ever gone to that planet. You would probably have asked for a summary of my findings to be sent to your computer. Even if you had come down you certainly wouldn't have stayed to chat like this."

Shepard sputtered slightly as she tried to come up with a response. Had she really been acting differently lately? Sure, she had always made sure to keep a professional distance between herself and most people, but it wasn't like she was rude or antisocial. Although once she started thinking about it she did have to admit that she probably wouldn't have been talking to Doctor Chakwas like this with her earlier mindset. And could her slightly changed behavior be traced to Naruto? She did admit that she quite enjoyed the blonde's company compared to most people she had interacted with, but she wouldn't go so far as to say they were truly close. She had only known him for a short while. Could he really be influencing her without herself realizing it?

Seeing Shepard's thoughtful look, Doctor Chakwas continued, "No need to worry, commander. It is good to see you like this. You are…smiling a bit more now."

Shepard didn't know how to respond to that, but luckily she didn't have to when Joker's voice announced over the intercom, "We are about to enter orbit around Feros, commander. ETA 10 minutes."

Shepard gratefully took the excuse to leave. As she left to prepare, she wasn't quite sure what to think about the change she had apparently undergone without even noticing. She left a softly smiling Doctor Chakwas, who knew that what the commander was going through was good for her.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

"Hey, Shepard. I need to tell you something," Naruto called out as he approached. Naruto took note that Shepard flinched slightly at the sound of his voice and seemed to hesitate before facing him. Deciding to forget about it for now, Naruto continued, "Yeah, Samui had a small issue with armor. Garrus says we'll have to order a custom armor when we next go to the Citadel. Until then though she won't have any armor, so she can't go into combat."

Shepard just shrugged and claimed, "No problem. We can't send everyone anyway. I probably would have only sent two of you. This has just saved me from having to make a decision."

"Just wanted you to know before we land," Naruto added with a shrug.

Shepard nodded. She shifted awkwardly and Naruto caught her sending some questioning glances towards him when she thought he wasn't looking. He was going to question her, but Joker once again came to her rescue by announcing over the intercom, "We're in orbit, commander, but I haven't received any response to our communication efforts."

"Take us down, Joker. The geth are there, they might have a communication jammer in effect," Shepard quickly explained.

"Got it, commander. It should just take a few minutes."

Shepard nodded and moved a small distance from Naruto before turning to look at the combat crew which had gathered in the hangar. She quickly started explaining, "You've probably already heard, but we are about to arrive on Feros. There is a small and relatively new human colony on the planet with a population of only 300. The colony is funded by the ExoGeni Corporation. The colonists work for ExoGeni in return. We have received a report that geth had attacked. There must be something there that concerns Saren. We are going to go in, clear out the geth, and try to figure out just why Saren sent them there." When everyone nodded, Shepard started again.

"We now have enough crew that we can send in more than before. So we'll be sending in two teams of three. I'll be heading one, and Naruto will be in charge of the other," Shepard informed them calmly. She was surprised though when Naruto cut her off by raising his hand. Sweat-dropping slightly at the childish action, she asked, "Yes? What is it, Naruto?"

"Should I really be leading one of the teams?" He immediately questioned. When Shepard gave him a confused look, so he elaborated, "I know I'm awesome. I'll be the first to point that out, but I also must admit that I lack experience in your style of combat. I can naturally adapt quickly, but it might not be a good idea to have me in charge right now. This is my first mission with you guys after all. Garrus would be a better choice. Wrex or Kaidan would probably work as well."

Naruto enjoyed the looks on everyone's faces. He knew exactly what they were thinking. Naruto noticed that ever since he grew up and became more serious that people naturally seemed to look to him for leadership. They were probably surprised to realize that his argument made sense. It really wasn't smart for him to be put in charge on his first mission, and they were all clearly surprised that they hadn't noticed it before.

Shepard recovered quickly though, and nodded before responding, "All right. Garrus, you'll be the one leading the second team."

Garrus seemed surprised, but automatically straightened and replied, "Of course, commander."

"We need to make sure these teams are suited for fighting the geth. So each team should have at least one person with technical skills. Alright, so these will be the teams. I'll take Kurotsuchi and Tali. Garrus, you'll take Naruto and Kaidan. So make any last minute adjustments before meeting at the exit," Shepard ordered confidently. She then turned and left.

Naruto thought for a moment before shrugging. He started leaving, but a hand on his shoulder stopped him. He looked to see that it was Garrus. Turning, Naruto asked with a grin, "Hey, Garrus. What's up?"

"You didn't have to do that."

Naruto's eyebrows furrowed at the statement before he questioned, "What do you mean? Do what?"

"Give me command," Garrus stated. Seeing the confused look on Naruto's face, Garrus quickly elaborated, "You could have been in charge. I'm sure you could have adapted to the different tactics and style of combat quickly. I would have been fine with you in charge. So why did you nominate me?"

Naruto blinked as he tried to come up with a response. He finally commented bluntly, "I don't really understand what the big deal is, Garrus. I'm not so arrogant as to believe I deserve to be in charge. As I explained before, I should get a little bit of experience first. Until then, someone else should be in charge. As for nominating you, the choice was pretty obvious I think."

"Huh, what do you mean?" Garrus asked with confusion clear in his voice.

Naruto raised an eyebrow before claiming easily, "I've gotten a pretty good read on everyone since I came aboard the Normandy. You are easily the best suited to leading a strike team."

"What?" Garrus exclaimed in shock and slight disbelief.

"You clearly a lot of leadership potential. Don't tell me no one has noticed before?" Naruto remarked with surprise.

Garrus shook his head before claiming, "No. I usually worked alone in C-Sec. Executor Pallin seemed to think that I was too much of a wild card. Didn't want me to corrupt anyone else. I didn't mind though. I prefer to work alone."

"That's a shame. You are a natural leader. Many of the crew members Shepard have brought on have a lot of leadership potential, but you are most suited to leadership at this point," Naruto claimed with confidence.

Garrus immediately pointed out, "You keep saying that, but you have absolutely nothing to base it on. You haven't even seen me in combat before."

Naruto motioned with his hand for Garrus to follow as he made his way over to the elevator. As the elevator started to lift them, Naruto started speaking in a cool and slow voice, "Leaders are a funny thing. It requires more than just being able to give orders. They need something that inspires others to follow them, and that something isn't always so clear. Sometimes it is intelligence. Sometimes it is experience. Passion, heritage, courage, skill, charisma. They all could be that something. All I know is that all true leaders have that something that elevates them beyond the norm, sometimes even unwillingly. You fit the bill, Garrus. Even if you don't see it yet." The elevator opened, so the duo started walking up the curved stairs to the command deck.

"No offense, but I just think you're full of crap," Garrus finally stated as the two walked across the command deck.

Naruto immediately let out a booming laugh, causing Garrus to jump and everyone else on the deck to look towards him curiously. This wasn't a chuckle or controlled laugh. It was loud, wild, and contained a hint of childish glee. It took several seconds for Naruto to control himself before he looked at Garrus and replied with a large grin, "Possibly. It has happened before, and even I admit I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed. I guess we'll just have to wait and see." The two stopped in the middle of the command deck.

"Geez, what was with your reaction?" Garrus asked curiously.

"I guess it felt nice to have someone tell me I'm full of crap again," Naruto admitted with a shrug. Seeing Garrus' confusion, Naruto elaborated, "I guess you could say that I became a larger than life figure since the war. The kages and my friends realize I'm still the same knucklehead I was before, but to everyone else I may as well be a god. Since we technically categorized the Juubi as a real god. The daimyos and even the kages seek my advice, and my advice seems to always be heeded. Needless to say when you are put onto a pedestal reserved for the gods, being treated like a normal person is a breath of fresh air that I don't get enough of."

"I really can't understand how you feel. Never experienced something like that to compare it to," Garrus confessed after several seconds of contemplation.

Naruto waved his hand in a carefree manner before retorting, "I don't expect you to. This is my burden to bear. Enough about this stuff. Let's go meet up with Shepard." Garrus nodded and the two quickly moved down the hallway till they joined the group that had already gathered.

Shepard looked at the two before nodding and stating, "Good, everyone is here and ready."

Naruto cut her off before she could continue by saying, "Hold on, I just need to do one last thing." He ignored the group's looks as he placed a finger against the inside of his right wrist. Sending a tiny pulse of chakra, the storage seal released two different blades. Naruto easily caught them. It was a pair of slim, straight, double-edged blades with each having upward curved prongs at the tip and base. Naruto quickly placed the two on his back in a way that they didn't interfere with the assault rifle also there.

"Really!? Swords?" Kaidan asked with a raised eyebrow.

"What? I love using swords ever since I took the time to learn kenjutsu. I'm sure they'll come in handy," Naruto stated with a grin. He then pulled out one of the swords before adding in an almost lovingly voice, "Plus, these aren't just any swords. These two blades make up Kiba. Kiba is one of the Seven Swords of the Mist, seven of the strongest swords on my world. After the war I was placed in charge of all but one since they didn't have any users. Four of those have been given to people who can properly use them. I use Samehada more often, but I think Kiba suits this situation more." Gripping the handle, Naruto sent lightning chakra through the blade, causing them all to back up besides Kurotsuchi. Satisfied, Naruto placed the sword on his back.

Shepard was the one who asked in a cautious voice, "Samehada?"

Grinning like a shark, Naruto quickly unsealed the chakra devouring blade. Since Naruto didn't bother wrapping the blade, it was unleashed in its awesome and totally terrifying form. The living blade was engorged with its scales sticking out. It even opened its mouth and let out a disturbing sort of laugh.

The group had been cautious before from watching Kiba spark with electricity, but they were totally terrified by the appearance of Samehada. Jumping back, Tali immediately exclaimed, "Keelah, what is that thing!?"

Naruto frowned and pet Samehada, causing it to start preening, before responding, "Don't be rude. You're hurting its feelings."

"…That thing is a sword?" Shepard finally managed to ask while watching Samehada like a hawk.

Naruto just grinned viciously as he answered, "Yes, but not the usual kind. Samehada doesn't cut, it shreds!" Looking at the sharp edges of the scales, the group let out a simultaneous shiver at the thought of it.

"And it is…alive?" Shepard questioned.

Naruto continued to pet Samehada as he replied, "Yep, although it might be best to think of it as an animal. It is intelligent, but it really doesn't care about anything other than eating and fighting. The concept of reason and logic simply don't exist for Samehada. It is ruled by instincts." Samehada let out a cute (disturbing) giggle at that.

Shepard sighed as she commented, "So now your species are able to give sentience to a sword. Why am I not surprised?"

Naruto waved his hand as he quickly interjected, "Don't worry. Samehada is a special case. No one really knows how it was made. The blacksmith who made it also made the other swords. He somehow gave each of them special abilities, but never passed on how he did this."

"Special abilities? Like what?" Garrus quickly questioned.

"They are varied. Kiba is able to convert raw chakra into lightning natured chakra. This means any shinobi can enhance their sharpness. So they are often called the sharpest swords in existence. Samehada is sentient, and thus is actually capable of rejecting someone who is trying to use it. Spikes erupt out of the handle if it rejects you. Not pleasant. Samehada's greatest ability though is its ability to devour chakra. Against shinobi such an ability is literally invaluable. Not so much here though. I assume that it could eat the dark energy that constitutes biotics. Since we are going to be fighting geth though, I don't think such an ability will be useful. Samehada probably wouldn't like being used to bash in machines either. So I'll stick with Kiba for now," Naruto explained as he resealed Samehada after giving it another pet. The group relaxed once Samehada was sealed away again.

"Are you ready now?" Shepard quickly asked Naruto. After he nodded, Shepard spoke aloud, "Joker, how much longer till we dock?"

"Just a minute commander. We're coming in now."

Shepard nodded and quickly commanded, "We'll leave the ship immediately after landing. We'll stay as one group for now. Stay alert. We still haven't received any communication from the colony. The geth might have wiped them out already. We'll check to see if there are any survivors and then go from there."

The group nodded. They each pulled out a weapon and readied themselves. It took another thirty seconds or so for the light to go off showing they had docked. The group quickly moved out, with Shepard leading. As soon as she hit the fresh air, she scanned the surroundings. She waved them forward after making sure it was clear. As the group advanced forward, Naruto caught movement from the corner of his eye.

"Commander," he uttered. He then jerked his head to point her in the direction as he continued, "It looks like we are about to find about any survivors."

Shepard looked to see a young man sprinting towards them. Lowering her weapon, but still keeping a firm grip on it, she walked up to meet him. He stopped and took a few deep breaths before exclaiming in clear relief, "Finally! We thought no one was ever going to come help."

"Calm down. What is the situation?" Shepard calmly questioned.

The man looked surprised before blurting out, "What do you mean? How can you not know what is going on?"

Shepard's eye twitched in irritation, but she kept her cool long enough to explain, "The geth seem to have set up a communications jammer somewhere. Any messages you've tried to send haven't gotten through. The entire colony is silent to the rest of the galaxy. All we got was a quick message saying that the geth were attacking. So what is the situation?" She ended in a commanding tone.

"They attacked out of nowhere. People were killed before we even knew what was happening. We were pushed back to Zhu's Hope before we could even put up a defense. We're holding on, but the geth are attacking every few hours. We're exhausted and almost out of supplies. We were really starting to lose hope before you arrived," He explained rapidly.

Shepard nodded before asking, "Do you know why the geth are here?"

The man shook his head before answering, "No, I'm sorry. You should talk to Fai Dan. He's our leader. He can tell you more."

Shepard opened her mouth to say something else, but something caught Naruto's eye. He quickly yelled, "Get into cover!"

The entire squad reacted immediately and dived into what sparse cover the walkway provided. The man didn't though, instead looking around in confusion. Naruto growled before using a burst of speed to grab the man and drag him into cover behind a crate right before several bursts of gunfire erupted. The geth had been sneaking up behind them while they were distracted by the conversation.

Naruto looked at the man and ordered, "Stay down and don't move." Naruto didn't bother waiting for him to answer before he acted.

Naruto pulled out his pistol and popped up, ready to shoot, but didn't shoot a single shot before quickly taking cover again. Naruto cursed as he realized something he had forgotten to ask. Where the hell do you hit one of these walking computers to shut them down? Sighing as he realized he had to rely on some brute force for now, Naruto switched his pistol for his assault rifle.

Naruto saw Tali shooting at one of the enemies, but she then was forced to take cover when return fire came. Using the direction she had been facing to find a rough location of the enemy, Naruto popped up. Immediately seeing the geth, Naruto unleashed a burst of gunfire. It's still recovering shields were quickly taken down, allowing Naruto to blow off its flashlight head thingy. Naruto then dropped down before the rest of the geth could focus on him.

"Naruto!" Naruto focused on Shepard, who quickly started using basic hand signs to give him orders. It was very easy for Naruto and Kurotsuchi to fully memorize the Alliance hand signs when Shepard had given them a copy. Naruto nodded in understanding to the plan. Shepard signed to the others. She then yelled, "Now!"

Kaidan, Tali, Garrus, and Kurotsuchi all popped up and unleashed a wave of fire upon the remaining geth. Naruto and Shepard meanwhile dashed forward while the geth were distracted by the suppression fire. Both of them took cover far closer to the remaining geth. When the cover fire ended, Naruto and Shepard both unleashed another wave of fire from close range as the geth popped up. Several fell, and the rest of the group moved forward as well.

The team quickly started advancing and bringing down the geth after that. They soon hit a snag though. Several geth had posted up in a concrete structure just around a 90 degree turn of the walkway. Garrus and Shepard had managed to squeeze into what little cover there was, but they were prevented from even emerging from their cover due to the geth taking turns in laying suppression fire. If anyone went around the curve they would be wide open to the geth fire.

"Naruto! Do you have any tricks that can help us here?" Shepard managed to say coolly despite a burst of gunfire hitting the ground just a few inches from her hip.

"Of course," Naruto replied with a carefree grin. Naruto turned to Kurotsuchi and spoke, "Kurotsuchi! Shunshin in five. I got the left, you take the right." She nodded in acceptance.

In unison, the two made a hand sign and disappeared with only a gust of wind to announce their departure. They then appeared silently between the geth. Without the geth even realizing that they were there, the two attacked. Naruto drew one blade of Kiba and slashed the nearest geth in half. He then lifted his other hand, which had his assault rifle, and unleashed fire upon the other from barely four feet away. Its shields quickly dropped and the geth was immediately destroyed by the point-blankassault.

Naruto lowered his rather hot weapon and turned to see that Kurotsuchi had taken out the other two. The two exchanged a nod and Naruto called out, "Shepard! It's clear."

Shepard quickly moved towards them. She glanced at the destroyed geth before commenting, "Nice job."

Naruto shrugged before joking, "It's kind of what we do."

Shepard shook her head before turning to the man from before that was walking towards them nervously. She immediately ordered, "We'll advance towards Zhu's Hope, taking out all the geth along the way. Follow, but make sure to stay far enough back that you aren't in any danger. Everyone else, be careful. Naruto, Kurotsuchi. You two are the closest thing to shock troopers that we've got right now, so you'll be in front. Garrus and I shall follow, with Tali and Kaidan in the back." The group nodded and quickly started moving forward.

Naruto eyed their surroundings as the group walked into a structure filled with concrete stairs, making sure to check if there were any hostiles. He tilted his head slightly as he heard a slight scratching noise. Without looking he lifted his left hand and spoke, "Chidori Sharp Spear."

Sparks danced along his arm before it solidified into a rapidly expanding spear. It soon pierced into one of the concrete pillars. Naruto turned his head to see that he had pierced a weird looking geth that had been sticking to the wall right through the chest. The thing was struggling with jerky movements, no doubt already damaged due to the attack. Naruto calmly pulled out his pistol and shot it three times. Once it stopped moving Naruto stopped the technique, allowing it to limply fall.

Naruto then quickly had to dodge as several sniper rounds passed right through where he had been standing. Kurotsuchi managed to down another one of the weird spider-like geth before three more forced her into her own cover. Naruto just watched as Shepard and Garrus faced the threat, and was quite impressed by what he saw. The two were very calm, working in tandem to take out the fast moving targets. Shepard quickly launched a biotic attack when two of the enemies were close together. The singularity managed to pull both into the air and leave them helpless for Garrus to take down. The two then worked together to keep the last one moving too much for it to take any shots of its own. After that it was only a matter of time before the two finally brought it down.

The group advanced quickly after that. They ran into a few more geth, but they quickly managed to take down the smaller groups. It only took them five minutes to reachthe colony. There were several metal barricades which concealed several lightly armed humans.

As the group approached, one of the humans said in relief, "Thank god, reinforcements. You should talk to Fai Dan. He's our leader."

Shepard nodded and led their group a bit further in. She then turned and ordered, "Take a quick breather for now while I talk to this Fai Dan."

When she turned to leave though, Naruto grabbed her wrist with a firm grip. She tuned and gave him a questioning look. Naruto quickly looked to confirm that none of the colonists were within hearing range. Naruto quickly told Shepard in a serious tone, "Shepard…something is wrong with these people."

Shepard raised an eyebrow before questioning in an equally serious voice, "What do you mean? Are they sick or something?"

"Something is wrong with their minds. It is difficult to explain. Their minds are…conditioned or something. They all have similar brainwaves. They even seem to be…connected to each other. There is also a connection with something else," Naruto informed her awkwardly.

Shepard's eyebrows furrowed before she asked, "Can you be any more specific?"

Naruto shook his head before admitting, "No. At least not unless you want me to forcibly mind rape one of them. I just wanted you to know. They don't have any intention of hurting us right now, but I just wanted you to be careful. Something is wrong with these colonists."

Shepard nodded before responding, "Alright, thanks. Everyone be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior." She then turned and left. The group quickly split up to do their own things.

Naruto quickly moved into an open space away from any of the colonists. He then took a few breaths and stilled for several moments before letting out a sigh. He had been expecting this, but it was still a disappointment. There wasn't any nature chakra here. He had suspected that no other planet would have nature chakra after learning more about it, but that didn't stop him from hoping. He certainly didn't need sage mode for fighting anymore since he had access to all of the Juubi's chakra, but it still made him uncomfortable to not have it around him. Naruto was a sage. It felt like a piece of him was missing when he couldn't feel nature chakra around him. Like a limb was missing all of a sudden.

Naruto took the next few minutes to relax himself. It was over far too quickly when Shepard waved him over to where the group was gathered. When everyone was there, Shepard explained, "I talked to Fai Dan. He told me that the geth attacked the ExoGeni headquarters first. We'll probably receive answers there. First we'll help the colonists though. The colonists need food, water, and power. The geth also seem to have a transmitter that they are using to coordinate, and likely jam all other communication. So we'll go into the tunnels downstairs."

"Commander, is this really necessary? Shouldn't we focus on why the geth are here?" Garrus quickly questioned.

Tali immediately protested, "Of course we should help them! They are in dire need of aid!"

"I understand what you mean Garrus, but we can't leave these people like this. The geth are continuing to attack, so they must want these colonists gone for some reason. I'm not planning on letting them succeed," Shepard declared seriously to Garrus. Garrus reluctantly nodded in acceptance. Shepard then finished, "So let's head out."

The group quickly walked to the other side of Zhu's Hope. They walked past the several manned barriers and entered a tunnel. The group advanced till they found a staircase. They proceeded downwards, but were interrupted when a geth came around a corner. Most of the group dived into cover, but Naruto just let out a burst of gunfire from his assault rifle. The bullets managed to take down its shields, but it then overheated and stopped firing. The geth was about to fire, but Naruto was faster. Holding his assault rifle in his left hand, Naruto used his right to draw his pistol. The first shot destroyed its flashlight head, but Naruto let out two more shots that connected with its torso. The geth dropped.

Only for a few of its buddies to come around the corner. That was enough for Naruto to move into cover himself. A firefight followed between the two groups, with the geth definitely getting the worst of it. There wasn't any cover near them, and Naruto's group wasn't in any mood to allow them to find any. The geth were soon turned into scrap metal by the group.

Shepard moved cautiously as she peeked around the corner before she signaled that it was clear. The group moved quickly. At the bottom of the stairs they found a door that lead to a very long tunnel. Running along one side of the tunnel was a metal pipe.

Tali quickly stated, "I think this is a water pipe."

"I think so too. Here's a water valve maintenance station. Let's see if I can reactivate it," Shepard stated as she started messing with a small screen on the pipe. After tapping buttons for several moments, the group heard a sliding sound. Shepard growled in annoyance before explaining to the group, "I managed to reopen this valve, but it says that two more valves have been closed by the geth. We'll have to open them for the colony to have water."

The group advanced again, but soon found an intersection blocked off by geth. Luckily there were only three of them. Garrus sniped one before the geth even realized they were there. Shepard and Kaidan both let off biotic attacks which seemed to explode once they touched their targets, taking out the other two.

The group moved to the intersection. Shepard looked around for a moment before sighing and saying, "It looks like it is time to split up. My team will continue following the water pipe. Garrus, your team will go to the right. Based on these skyscrapers, I doubt either will lead that far. Once you hit a dead end, rally back here."

"Got it, commander," Garrus spoke seriously. Shepard nodded and led Kurotsuchi and Tali away. Garrus then turned to Kaidan and Naruto and ordered, "Naruto, you'll be in front. Kaidan and I will be following. Let's go."

The three got into position and walked up to the door. Naruto opened it, but two shots immediately rang through the air. Naruto cussed as he clutched a wound in his right shoulder. Two geth snipers were on an upper balcony, just waiting for someone to open it. He quickly moved into cover before they could fire again. Naruto quickly checked the wound. It wasn't bad. It seemed that his shields had stopped one and slowed the other. His armor then seemed to have absorbed some of the impact. It was more a scratch by Naruto's standards, but that did not mean he didn't want to rip those two geth apart with his hands though.

Naruto looked over to see that Garrus and Kaidan weren't able to get any shots off. Garrus because one of the snipers was preventing him from aiming. Kaidan because he only had a pistol, and the enemies were too far away. They really had them trapped.

Naruto quickly yelled to Garrus, "Be ready, Garrus. I'm about to distract them." Garrus nodded. Naruto sighed and popped up from his cover and started peppering the two snipers with gunfire. From this distance their shields were holding up. Naruto didn't mind though, instead carefully watching their weapons. When the weapons were almost aimed at him, Naruto ducked down in time to avoid the two shots. He might not be fast enough to dodge bullets, but he sure as hell was fast enough to avoid letting two hunks of metal draw a bead on him. Garrus managed to use the small window of opportunity to fire off a shot on one of the snipers. Unfortunately, its shields held. Fortunately, it ducked down afterwards, leaving its partner alone.

Naruto popped up again and fired at the remaining sniper. It ducked down as well once its shields were depleted. Naruot was wondering about using a shunshin to get close enough to finish them off, but Kaidan acted before he had decided. Kaidan pulled out a grenade and threw it towards where the two geth were hiding. His aim was true and the grenade managed to land on the balcony just before exploding. The three watched carefully for thirty seconds in case one of the geth popped up, but they soon concluded that the two were destroyed.

Naruto quickly commented, "Nice throw, Kaidan."

"Thanks, but let me put some medigel on that wound. I've got some," Kaidan said as he approached Naruto.

"No need. Look," Naruto claimed with a chuckle. He stretched the hole in his armor to show just flawless skin underneath. Naruto quickly explained, "A scratch like that won't bother me."

Garrus nodded before saying, "All right, but we should be more careful from now on. That might have very well hit you in the head. So open the door from the side from now on."

Naruto nodded in acceptance of the order. The group set off again. They walked down several empty hallways. After a minute of encountering no enemies, Naruto peeked around a corner to see a krogan facing the other way. Naruto backed away from the corner slowly before turning back to Garrus and Kaidan.

"A krogan. Facing the other way. Doesn't know we are here," Naruto told them in a whisper.

Garrus nodded and thought for a few moments before ordering, "Okay. We'll take it down before it even knows what is happening. Kaidan, use overload to take down its shields. Naruto and I will then riddle him full of bullets." The two nodded.

The three carefully rounded the corner to see the krogan still facing the other way. Garrus nodded at Kaidan, who started messing with his Omni-tool. Sparks flew off the krogan's armor, causing it to grunt and turn around. Too bad it just turned to face Naruto and Garrus holding assault rifles. They both opened fire right into the krogan's face. With no shields it immediately fell. Garrus continued firing for a few moments even when it was on the floor to make sure it was dead and not just regenerating. A large pool of blood quickly spread from the body.

"Got it," He deadpanned.

Naruto tilted his head when he heard something. Naruto cursed before declaring, "We got incoming, Garrus."

Garrus looked up just in time to see two more krogan enter the room. The two krogan roared before charging. Garrus quickly ordered, "Back in the corridor!"

Naruto grimaced at that, sort of wanting to fight another krogan up close, but followed the order. The three moved to the opposite end of the corridor. Kaidan and Garrus used the edges of the corridor as cover while Naruto just crouched down in the middle.

"Kaidan, use lift on the first krogan to enter the corridor. Naruto, let's take the other one out," Garrus spoke calmly as he switched his assault rifle for his sniper rifle.

As soon as the two krogan rounded the corner Kaidan threw a biotic attack which quickly lifted one krogan into the air, where it actually started cussing as it floated. Naruto and Garrus started firing at the other one. Its shields held up under the first shot of Garrus' sniper rifle and Naruto's assault rifle. Garrus' second shot though pierced through and hit the Krogan in a knee, causing it to stumble. Naruto took the opportunity to target its exposed face. He kept firing until his assault rifle overheated.

"Guys, help would be appreciated," Kaidan said as his attack ended. The other krogan dropped back to the ground. It quickly stood up, completely ignoring Kaidan firing with his pistol at it. Before it could try charging again, Naruto moved in front of it with a burst of speed. It tried to lift up its shotgun, but Naruto was faster. One swing of Kiba sliced off the arm holding the shotgun while the other came in and bisected the krogan. The two halves of the krogan fell to the ground. Kaidan quickly added, "Thanks."

Naruto shrugged and responded, "No problem." Naruto then stabbed Kiba through the head of the bisected krogan, which was still actually moving. He then did the same to the other krogan, which had been twitching. Naruto swung the swords to get off some of the excess blood before placing them back on his back.

Garrus looked at the krogan he had cut in half before commenting, "Cutting a krogan in two. I take back my earlier feelings about those swords."

Naruto smirked as he exclaimed, "I told you. Swords are awesome. Me wielding swords is double awesome."

"You have a high opinion of yourself, don't you?" Kaidan asked in an amused voice.

"Of course, but it's part of my charm," Naruto claimed with a carefree grin.

"Let's get back on topic. Usually krogan are alone leading teams of geth. The fact that three were here indicates they were guarding something of value. Let's see what it is," Garrus informed them. They nodded and quickly crossed the room where they had encountered the first krogan. They turned a corner and saw a machine there. Garrus approached it and started tapping a screen. He soon explained, "Looks like this is the geth communicator/jammer. I'll shut it off, but we should make sure they don't simply restart it. Hold on a moment…There! It's off. Naruto, think you can cut this thing up a little?"

Naruto just grinned and cracked his knuckles before replying, "Of course. Who do you think you are talking to?"

Garrus immediately replied wittily, "A blonde with very high opinion of himself."

Naruto just shrugged as he approached the machine. "I told you. It's part of my charm. Plus, I never make claims without proper reason. Make no mistake. I know my limits. It just so happens that I don't have too many." Naruto drew and slashed with one of the Kiba blades, slicing though the metal like butter. The blade was too short to cut all the way through, but it was more than enough to make sure that the machine was inoperable.

The group then backtracked to the intersection where they had split from the others. Shepard hadn't come back yet, so they were just waiting. Naturally, Naruto got bored. He soon wandered down the left corridor which ended in a weird tilted wall. Naruto looked closer, but the wall then shot upwards showing that it was a door. Naruto blinked before turning and walking back to the other two.

"Hey, Garrus, Kaidan. There's a door down this way. Let's check it out," Naruto exclaimed excitedly.

Kaidan immediately replied, "We really shouldn't, Naruto. The commander told us to wait here."

Garrus looked hesitant before finally saying, "We'll check it out. It doesn't look like Shepard is going to be back soon. Might as well make sure there isn't anything that way." Kaidan looked like he disagreed, but reluctantly assented.

The group walked through the door. They looked around to see that this was a very large room, filled with quite a bit of rubble. Kaidan soon spoke up though, "Varren, four o'clock."

Naruto and Garrus turned to see a pack of varren running towards them. The three immediately opened fire. Garrus shot one through the eye with his sniper rifle with another one soon following it. Kaidan used lift on one and then finished it off with his pistol. Naruto used his assault rifle to take down two, but soon saw that several would get in close with the group. Naruto quickly put away his assault rifle to draw Kiba. Naruto jumped towards the varren and started swinging. The blades cut through them like butter, bisected and eviscerated varren falling around the shinobi. Garrus and Kaidan expertly managed to shoot several of the varren while avoiding Naruto.

Naruto soon paused as he thought that he had finished them all. He was proven wrong when he had to jump backwards to dodge. Naruto looked to see that the last remaining varren had a red tint as well as being larger than the others. Naruto also saw several bleeding wounds from Kaidan and Garrus. Naruto was rather surprised it was still going.

Naruto was cut off when it lunged for his neck. Naruto easily dodged. Instead of using Kiba to slash it in half though, Naruto decided to just kick it. Naruto's kick slammed into its underbelly with sickening force. The varren flew through the air before slamming into one of the walls, a crack from the collision indicating that its back was broken. With the varren dead, Naruto put away Kiba. The three then split up to look around the large area.

Garrus crouched over the lead varren before commenting, "I think this is the varren that was preventing the colonists from hunting. They should be fine for food now."

Kaidan nodded as he examined an old Mako. He then questioned, "Hey, Garrus. Think the power cell in this thing could be used to power the colony?"

"Maybe. Let me look," Garrus stated as he moved over. He quickly opened up the engine and started rifling through it.

Naruto was ignoring this though in favor of looking through some of the ruins. He could have sworn he heard something over here. Naruto's head whipped over as he heard another whimper. Moving closer, Naruto moved a piece of debris to see a nest of some sort. Inside the nest was something that resembled a puppy. Sort of. Similar in size to a newborn puppy, it instead was covered in very tiny scales. The top of it was black while the underbelly was red. It had little fangs sticking out from its jaws. It had round silver eyes without pupils too. It was a baby varren.

The little thing seemed incapable of walking yet, as it was sort of wiggling on the ground. It was also letting out occasional whimpers. Naruto grimaced and looked over at all the varren corpses. Great, he had probably just killed its parents. He couldn't just leave it here to starve. Naruto bent down and picked the pup up, with the tiny thing easily fitting in the palm of his hand.

Its undeveloped mind was soon projected to Naruto. Thankfully it wasn't hungry or anything right now. It had been whimpering due to the lack of any warmth nearby. As soon as Naruto picked it up, it curled up content against his warm hand. The cute scene solidified Naruto's decision to take in the little thing.

Naruto soon walked over to Kaidan and Garrus before saying in an eager voice, "Look what I found."

The two saw the currently sleeping varren baby in Naruto's hand. Kaidan quickly said, "A baby varren. That is bad luck. It'd better to put it out of its misery now."

Naruto immediately protested, "No way. I'm going to take it with us."

"What!? Garrus immediately exclaimed in shock.

Naruto ignored his shout in favor of nodding with a satisfied look on his face. He quickly claimed, "I'm going to take it with us. I'm going to raise it, and I shall call it Pip."

Garrus was speechless, while Kaidan could only raise an eyebrow and question, "Pip?"

Naruto shrugged before admitting, "I don't know. The first name that popped into my head was Pippin, but that's a lame name. So Pip will have to do."

Garrus was palming his face in exasperation, but finally responded, "Whatever. I don't care. Just hold this power cell." He then shoved a glowing blue rod into Naruto's hand that wasn't holding the newly named Pip. Naruto just shrugged and sealed it away.

The group quickly moved out of the room to see that Shepard's group had made it back to the intersection. Shepard raised an eyebrow when she saw the group.

"What were you guys doing in that room?" she questioned.

Garrus quickly explained, "We arrived back before you guys and there was no sign of you returning yet, so we decided to check it out."

Shepard had a slightly disapproving look on her face, but ignored it in favor of ordering, "Report!"

Garrus straightened as he answered seriously, "The first tunnel soon brought us to the geth communicator/jammer. We shut it off before returning. The room we just returned from though was infested by a pack of varren. We eliminated them. The alpha was probably the one preventing the colonists from hunting. So they should be free now. We also managed to extract a power cell from an old Mako which should hopefully be able to power the colony."

Shepard nodded and looked at Naruto and Kaidan before asking, "Anything to add?"

Kaidan shook his head, but Naruto eagerly held out his hand and announced, "I found a pet."

Shepard blinked several times in shock before she sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose in exasperation. She finally looked at Naruto and replied, "I don't even want to know what is going on in your head to take a varren for a pet, but I don't care. We seem to have completed all our objectives down here. My team managed to restart the water."

Naruto quickly declared, "Hah. We got three of the objectives while you guys only got one. We totally won."

Shepard did her best to ignore Naruto as she continued, "We also found a colonist. He seemed…insane. He sounded like he wanted to tell us something about the other colonists, but he then would scream in pain. Clearly something is wrong with them."

"Told you," Naruto added smugly.

Shepard continued, still ignoring Naruto, "We'll investigate after we drive off the geth. Now that we have finished helping the colonists, we will head to the ExoGeni headquarters."

Shepard started leading the group back. They made it back to the colony quickly, since they had already defeated all the geth in the area. Shepard turned back to them once they reentered the colony.

"Alright. I'll go talk to the people to tell them that we've fixed their problems. Naruto, give me the power cell. Now take a ten minute break. We'll be heading to the ExoGeni headquarters immediately afterwards," Shepard told the group before walking away.

Naruto took this opportunity to run back to the Normandy. He luckily didn't run into any geth. Joker let him in, but Naruto then sprinted past the confused Joker. Naruto moved down to the cargo hold. Scanning the area for a moment, Naruto soon moved towards Samui.

"Hey, Samui," Naruto exclaimed immediately.

Samui jumped in surprise before turning around to see Naruto. She then asked, "Naruto! What are you doing he-"

Naruto cut her off by placing Pip in her hand and explaining furiously, "No time to explain. I found Pip here, but I can't take him with me to the ExoGeni headquarters. So can you take care of him? Thanks." Naruto then turned and sprinted away.

Samui blinked in confusion before looking at the tiny varren in her hand which was looking back at her, seemingly confused as well. She finally muttered, "So not cool, Naruto. So not cool. What is this thing?" Pip didn't answer her.

Naruto meanwhile was already halfway back to Zhu's Hope. He made it back in record time to see the group gathering. Naruto quickly joined them.

Shepard nodded at Naruto when he joined. She then questioned, "Is everyone ready?" Everyone nodded.

"Then let's go."

Omake: Naruto drunk? That is just asking for trouble!…part 2

"Kurotsuchi! Kurotsuchi, where are you?" Naruto yelled as he walked throughout the ship. He was currently on the command deck.

His calling was stopped when Samui and Mabui walked onto the command deck. Mabui immediately raised an eyebrow before questioning, "Naruto, what is going on? Why are you yelling?"

Naruto grinned happily at the sight of the two. He actually skipped over to the two before he questioned, "Hey, Mabi, Samui. You two wouldn't happen to know where Kurotsuchi is, would you?"

Mabui and Samui looked at each other before Mabui claimed, "Sorry, but no. We were talking to Doctor Chakwas when we heard your yelling."

Naruto shoulders slumped in disappointment, but he quickly perked up as he exclaimed, "Oh well, I'll find her in a bit. I could actually use your help with something as well, Samui, Mabui."

"Okay, what is it?" Samui asked calmly.

"Can you give me your underwear?" Naruto asked with his hand out expectantly.

Samui and Mabui blinked in shock for a moment before the two looked at each other. Samui shrugged before admitting, "I guess that would be cool. I don't really mind, but considering the circumstances between Naruto and I…What do you think?"

"Considering Naruto is drunk right now, it is probably better to just do whatever he asks," Mabui commented after a moment of thought.

Both finally shrugged in unison before he reached behind their own backs. After a few seconds of maneuvering the two managed to pull out their bras from inside their shirts. They then held them out for Naruto.

"Great, thanks. For being so cooperative, you both can keep your panties…For now at least. I might come for them another time," Naruto told the two eagerly as he grabbed the two very large bras, but he then tilted his head as he remembered something they said. Mabui commented they should do whatever he asks. Grinning mischievously, Naruto pointed at the two and ordered, "Jump."

The two very well endowed, and now braless, kunoichi followed the order without hesitation. Naruto's eyes followed the jiggling of their breasts intently, his Sharingan activating to permanently etch this memory in his mind. They even kept jumping, prolonging the bouncing goodness. Naruto grinned perversely as he watched.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. On their sixth jump, a kick collided with Naruto head as a voice shouted, "What the Hell! Stop that!"

Naruto flew over before his head collided with a steel wall. He stayed still for several moments before he straightened. He turned to see that Kurotsuchi was the perpetrator. Instead of acting angry at being kicked, Naruto just chuckled perversely as he stated, "Hehe, I've found you, Kuro-chan."

Kurotsuchi's instincts screamed to her to run before something terrible happened to her. Her pride though kept her rooted to the spot as she stared angrily at Naruto. As she stared at the drunk Naruto though she could also see a shadow of Jiraiya of the Sannin grinning perversely forming behind Naruto. As Naruto gained the same perverse grin on his face, Kurotsuchi knew she should have run.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

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The talk with Ashley was actually really difficult to write. I actually cut off halfway and left it for later. In the first game Ashley isn't xenophobic, but she is rather distrustful of the alien crew members. So i hope i correctly captured her opinion without making her seem like a bitch. I also am trying to avoid making Naruto too preachy after a few readers pointed it out, so i cut his reaction to her words short compared to what i originally wrote.

The scene with Shepard and Doctor Chakwas was expanded quite a as i wrote it. I originally just wanted to do a quick briefing of the differences between the shinobi and humans, but it ended up being expanded quite a bit. I simply wanted to make it clear that the shinobi aren't humans who the Protheans relocated. That idea is too used. So they are a different species, but the Protheans are involved which i alluded to already in the chapter. Otherwise i wanted to emphasize that the shinobi seem to be 'perfect' warriors. I know none of this stuff is canon, but i needed to make some differences between them and humans. I also know i stretched and blatantly ignored some scientific things, but i'm the author. Hopefully my explanation satisfied you, but i am not going to get a degree in human biology just to be scientifically correct in this story.

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