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"You know that varren don't make very good pets. Even to krogan. Too vicious. Beasts of war, sure, but pets, no," Wrex announced as he watched Naruto on the floor playing with Pip.

Naruto didn't reply at first. He was more concerned with playing with Pip. The varren pup seemed to have grown slightly, despite it only being one day since he had picked it up. Right now Naruto was rolling it over repeatedly as it tried to gnaw on his fingers. Its small teeth had already pricked his fingers a few times, so he had to be careful.

He finally replied nonchalantly, "Don't worry. I read about them. I got the whole 'eating things before they even die' thing covered."

Wrex tilted his head and asked, "Really? How?"

"My telepathy. For animals without sentience it is far easier to control or modify their behavior. For something like this where the brain is still developing, it really is just too easy. Even now I'm curbing some of Pip's natural bloodthirsty and vicious instincts. At the current rate, I'll be done in two days. After that I'll only have to do a session maybe once a week till he is full grown to ensure his brain development doesn't interfere," Naruto claimed without looking up from playing with Pip.

"Pretty impressive," Wrex stated in an impressed voice, but he then added, "Although I admit to being unsure about a passive varren. Seems like you are taking away part of them by making it a friendly pet."

Naruto chuckled before clarifying, "You don't need to worry. I'm not making it totally passive. I'm just taking away the worst instincts, and giving it the ability to distinguish between friends, enemies, and neutrals. If anything its intelligence is increasing from our minds melding during this development period. It will be friendly and docile around friends, and vicious to enemies. It will even retain its basic instincts in order to tell the difference between the two." As he stopped talking Naruto straightened to look at Wrex. Pip realized that playtime was over, and stumbled over to the nearby wall. It then curled up to rest.

"Scratch my earlier statement. That's very impressive," Wrex announced with a chuckle. He then continued eagerly, "So finish the story about this Zabuza, the man who was called a demon."

Naruto chuckled and leaned against the wall beside Wrex, and informed him, "Well Zabuza didn't react at first to Haku's death, just saying that he did his job as a tool. He tried to continue the fight against Kakashi-sensei, but really didn't stand a chance since he had like ten dog bites over his arms and shoulders. Kakashi-sensei drove two kunai into his upper arms, and thus crippled him. Before he was finished though, Gato showed up with a bunch of mercenaries. Declared that Zabuza was more like a puppy than a demon, and claimed that he hadn't intended to pay Zabuza at all. He had just wanted us to weaken each other so that he could finish us off. He could then actually make money by claiming the bounties."

"Fool!" Wrex spat before continuing, "I've met a few employers like that. They never last long. Usually meet their end on the end of my gun."

Naruto nodded and replied, "I know. Gato got his comeuppance though. Before that though, he kicked Haku's body. I really didn't like that. So I started yelling at Zabuza, asking why he didn't care. That Haku considered him a father, and gave his life for him. All that jazz. Well Zabuza started crying, and admitted that he did care for Haku as more than a tool. So he then asked for a kunai from Kakashi. He caught it between the teeth and charged forward. His arms useless and only a kunai between his teeth, he charged towards at least a hundred mercs without hesitation in order to make Gato pay. He took out at least a dozen mercs and took like three spears in his back before he reached Gato. He then cut him till he fell of the bridge. Naturally he died afterwards due to his words, but he died a man. Not a demon."

"Yes, that's a good death. A death worthy of a true warrior," Wrex agreed.

Naruto nodded and there was a moment of silence as he remembered the event. He then shook his head and pointed out, "Now I told you a story. Got any good stories for me?"

"I've been a merc for three centuries. I've got plenty of stories," Wrex answered.

"No, I don't want a merc story. I have enough stories of fighting myself. I want to hear about something else," Naruto claimed.

Wrex looked at him before asking, "Like what?"

Naruto thought for a moment before saying, "Tell me something about Tuchanka. From a krogan's perspective."

Wrex didn't seem too happy, but grunted out, "I guess I can tell you a story or two from my younger years. I don't feel much like talking about the Krogan Rebellions or the Genophage though."

"Why not?" Naruto innocently asked.

"Just leave it, Naruto. If you want to hear about that, I'll have to have drunk far more than now," Wrex told him seriously. He then continued in a slightly lighter voice, "I guess I can tell you about my rite of passage. When a krogan reaches maturity, typically around 20 years old, they are marked by an intense urge to prove themselves and be acknowledged. So they take a rite of passage. By finishing a rite of passage, a krogan earns a place within a clan. Membership in a clan allows one to own property, join the clan forces, and apply to serve under a battle master. I decided to take the rite of passage for Clan Urdnot. It was one of the strongest clans."

"I ended up taking the rite with four of my krantt who also wished to join Clan Urdnot. We went to a particular area and had to ring a 'keystone' three times, a type of bell which attracts the wildlife of Tuchanka. We easily handled the first two waves, but the third time drew a thresher maw. They are basically the top predator on Tuchanka, and that is saying something. As long as you survive a certain amount of time against the thresher maw, they will typically leave. Only a minute in though, one of my krantt was killed by it. I entered a blood rage because of it and attacked the thresher maw along with the others. I don't much remember the fight, but when I regained my senses my remaining krantt and the thresher maw lay dead. I'm still unsure how I did it, since I lacked any heavy weapons, but I did it. Even back then when krogan were far more numerous it was a rare occurrence for a krogan to actually kill the thresher maw. Hadn't been done in over three centuries. The respect I earned from Clan Urdnot for doing it is immense. Hasn't happened again in the eight centuries since the Krogan Rebellions and genophage."

"So you are some sort of big shot in your clan?" Naruto asked with a grin.

"Yeah. I was actually named the leader of one of the smaller Urdnot Clans three years later. Twenty-three years old. That was the youngest leader in over a thousand years, since before we even became part of the galactic community. The year after that marked the beginning of the Krogan Rebellions. When it ended thirty years later, I was one of the few battle masters that survived the war. So that increased my respect and influence even more. Even now, after being gone for three centuries, I could probably go back to Tuchanka and reclaim leadership of Clan Urdnot at any time with minimal difficulties," Wrex announced somewhat proudly.

"So why don't you? Why are you a mercenary when you could retake control of your entire clan?" Naruto questioned curiously.

Wrex scowled before replying simply, "I led my own small part of Urdnot Clan for three centuries, and then the entire clan for one and a half more centuries. I even tried to become a leader for the krogan people after the genophage. Let's just say that I got tired of the job."

"You got tired of the-" Naruto repeated in confusion before Wrex raised a hand to stop him.

"Just leave it for now, Naruto. It is…unpleasant to remember," Wrex requested somberly.

Part of Naruto really wanted to continue pressing him, but he decided to respect Wrex's privacy till he decided to share by his own volition. The two exchanged some good byes before Naruto left the thoughtful Wrex. He stopped in the middle of the storage bay, wondering what to do now. He finally decided to go into the engine room. Naruto didn't spend much time in there because he really didn't understand much of what was going on, and he didn't want to get in the way of the engineers there.

Naruto walked in and looked at the room. It was a large open room. Around half a dozen engineers walked around the platform that was before the large blue orb with multiple rotating parts around it. There were several monitors around the platform where the engineers were working.

"Mr. Uzumaki?" a voice spoke.

Naruto turned in response to see that it was Lieutenant Gregory Adams, the Chief Engineer. He was a rather calm and laid back man in Naruto's opinion. Naruto grinned and approached him before asking, "Adams. How are things?"

"Not bad, Mr. Uzumaki. What are you doing down here? Need something?" Adams replied.

Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly before saying, "Kind of. I was just bored. Figured I might as well learn a few more thing about the ship. Think you can help."

"I'd usually be glad to tell you a bit about the Normandy. Best ship I've ever seen," Adams stated enthusiastically, before continuing in a guilty voice, "But I can't right now. I have to reconfigure the cooling apparatus before the engines overheat. You can ask Tali though. She's only been here a few weeks, but she already knows about a lot of the systems. I wish my engineers were half as smart as her. At this rate, she'll know more about the Normandy than me in a bit." He then pointed behind Naruto.

Naruto looked to see Tali working on one of the monitors. He nodded at Adams before walking towards Tali. He stopped behind her and looked over her shoulder before asking, "Whatcha doing, Tali?"

Tali froze before turning her head and letting out a sigh of relief. She then protested, "Don't sneak up on me like that, Naruto. It's unnerving."

Naruto just chuckled and countered with, "But it's fun!"

Tali shook her head and sighed in response before turning back to the monitor. She started typing again as she questioned, "What do you want, Naruto?"

"I just wanted to know a bit more about the Normandy. If I'm going to be on here for a while, then I'd like to know about the ship I'm staying on. Adams said you could help me," Naruto answered.

Tali turned to him, her head tilted to indicate her curiosity. She then claimed, "Sure. I'd be happy to help you. What do you want to know?"

Naruto shrugged and gestured towards the engine as he said, "Anything really. I really know only the bare minimum about everything here. The stuff on the codex Shepard gave us on my planet. So anything you can tell me would be fine."

"I see," Tali mumbled. She finally nodded and then gestured towards the blue orb and started, "Then the first things you should know about are the Internal Emission Sink stealth systems and Tantalus Drive Core. They are what really make the Normandy such a unique and high level ship. Through them the Normandy is able to move without releasing heat, thus giving it its stealth capabilities."

Naruto just sweat dropped before telling her, "Please remember that I know diddly squat about space travel. Think you can give it to me slower and with smaller words."

"Sorry, I'll try to explain everything in more basic terms," Tali apologized before trying again, "The thing you need to know about space is that it is near absolute zero in temperature. So the heat a ship gives off is easily detectable. That is how most sensors work. They pick up the heat a ship releases. Because of this, stealth space travel has always been thought impossible. That is what makes the Normandy so unique and revolutionary. Through the IES systems, or Internal Emission Sinks, the Normandy can store the heat it routinely gives off in lithium heat sinks for a period of time. Then there is the Tantalus Drive Core. It is at least twice the size of any other ship core of any ship I've ever seen of this size. I'm amazed it even fit. Thus it can generate far larger and more complex mass effect fields than any I've ever seen. So it can create mass concentrations than allow the Normandy to literally move by 'falling into' the area before it. It is slower than the traditional heat thrusters it usually uses, but this way it doesn't release any heat when moving. So together the Normandy can actually become undetectable by ship sensors."

"Wow," Naruto muttered in understanding. He then added, "So this is a really new and high tech ship, huh."

"Yes, it is. I was truly amazed the first few days on it. So much spare room, and the amount of money that must have been put into it is truly mind boggling to me. I even had difficulty sleeping the first few days because it ran so quietly compared to the ships in the Migrant Fleet. It really is in a league of its own compared to what ships I've seen in the Migrant Fleet," Tali gushed in clear awe.

"I've heard about the Migrant Fleet. A massive fleet containing your entire species. Some fifty thousand ships holding 17 million quarians. It is quite a thought," Naruto commented thoughtfully.

"It is. Even I sometimes have trouble truly understanding the size of the migrant fleet. Besides when we switch ships after our pilgrimage, quarians almost always stay on their home ship. We sometimes go to others for brief periods of time, but that isn't often. Even looking out a window only allows us to see one or two ships that are close enough for us to see. It doesn't feel like 50,000 honestly," Tali admitted to herself.

"Still. That comes out to over 300 people per ship. Far more if you take out ships that aren't meant to live on, like patrol or military ships. Isn't it…cramped?" Naruto asked in a mixed tone of apologetic and awkwardness.

"Yes, it can be," Tali admitted without shame before continuing, "But it isn't bad either. It almost has a homely charm. There are always people to talk to, and the limited space means you tend to know everyone on your ship. The Normandy by contrast can almost feel…disconnected. Maybe it is just because I'm a quarian, but I feel like there is a barrier between me and the crew. Very…impersonal compared to the Rayya."

"Sounds like you miss it," Naruto observed sympathetically.

"I do. Compared to the rest of the galaxy, the Migrant Fleet might seem cramped and poor, but it is still my home. It always will be. Of course I miss it," Tali divulged honestly.

Naruto nodded as he leaned against the nearby wall. He then claimed, "I understand. There is something comforting about your home that can't really be matched."

Tali nodded, but seemed to realize the implication of his words. She immediately apologized, "I'm sorry. You are also away from your home. I shouldn't be burdening you."

Naruto waved his hand as he told her nonchalantly, "No worries. I entered a self imposed exile five years ago in order to keep the balance. I'm used to being on the road."

"Really? Why would you do that?" Tali asked in slight disbelief. Naruto had forgotten that she hadn't been one of the party he had told back on Var Mor.

So he shrugged and told her, "I became very powerful and influential after the war. Not only would my presence in Konoha have unbalanced the power of the villages, but I had places where I could contribute more. My mere presence could stop wars. I also had…friends in a lot of places that I had to keep in touch with."

"Mmm, very admiral. You actually sound a bit like my father," Tali claimed softly.

Naruto tilted his head curiously before replying, "Your father, huh? I really don't know much about him."

"Yes, my father, Rael'Zorah, is one of the five admirals of the quarian people," Tali informed him.

"Really?" Naruto asked with wide eyes. He then whistled and commented, "So you are almost some sort of royalty among the quarians. Neat!"

"It doesn't really work like that. Quarians are chosen for the admiralty board by merit. It isn't hereditary" Tali replied hesitantly.

"I suspected as such, but you still must be of some importance," Naruto pointed out.

Tali now looked uncomfortable as she answered, "I guess that is true, although whether it is due to my father's position or his attitude is uncertain."

"What do you mean by that?" Naruto questioned.

Tali reluctantly informed him, "Father always expected much from me. I think he hopes that I'll succeed him as a leader for the quarians. I'm actually considered a mechanical genius, a skill highly prized among my people. He's made sure I cultivate it, and learn everything else I would ever need. So the standards have always been set high for me. I am even expected to bring something back something of greater value for my pilgrimage than other quarians. So yes, I am of greater importance than the typical quarian. I hope though that it is due to my own effort and ability rather than simply due to my father's position."

Naruto decided to take the topic away from this clearly sensitive topic, and said, "You talked about how I reminded you of your father."

Tali clearly was relieved to change the topic, and explained continued, "My father is very…dedicated to the quarian people. He would do anything for the welfare of the Migrant Fleet and the quarian people. So your self imposed exile for the sake of your people reminded me of him. On the other hand, you are completely different from him."

"All right. I'll bite. Why am I different from him?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

Tali hesitated before stating, "My father is so dedicated to his job that he can come of as…cold or aloof. You…Well, you seem very…" She clearly hesitated at the end.

"Joking. Lighthearted. Cheery. Feel free to stop me when I've got the right word," Naruto suggested with as grin.

"Exactly my point," Tali deadpanned.

Naruto shrugged before explaining easily, "I like being a happy person. I can be serious when I want to, but what would it accomplish to act like that all the time? All it'd do is turn me all grouchy. Smiling makes you happy, and frowning makes you unhappy. It really is quite simple."

Tali chuckled before claiming, "Simple, but I like it. Your smile is really nice to see. Really cheers the day up for me."

Naruto grinned before raising an eyebrow at her and saying, "Wow, I didn't think you thought of me that way."

Tali didn't seem to understand for a moment before he could hear her take a deep breath from the realization. She immediately stuttered out, "T-That isn't what I meant. I m-meant that you lighten the mood on the Normandy, since e-everyone else is so serious."

"I know. I know," Naruto told her between his bursts of laughing due to her reaction.

"Jeez! You just love to see people flustered, don't you, Naruto?" Tali muttered in exasperation, although Naruto could detect the undertone of amusement and fondness.

"What? It is entertaining," Naruto defended.

"Whatever," Tali replied with a shrug. She doubted nothing she could say would stop him, not that she particularly wanted him to. He really was good at lightening the tension. She then asked him, "Oh, yeah. Have you heard? Shiala is staying aboard the Normandy."

Naruto looked at her with side eyes, and immediately questioned, "Really? How do you know?"

"I was in the med bay because Doctor Chakwas wanted me to answer some questions about quarian physiology about an hour ago. Shiala woke up when I was there. Shepard came down when I was still there, and I overheard Shiala saying that she would stay aboard the Normandy," Tali explained to him.

"Should have expected. Doctor Chakwas is always asking me or one of the others if she can conduct any tests on us. She really is a doctor through and through," Naruto muttered to himself. He then turned and started walking away. He looked over his shoulder and told Tali, "I'm going to the med bay. They might still be talking."

"Wait!" Tali called out, forcing Naruto to a stop. When he faced her, she questioned, "What about learning more about the Normandy? I barely told you anything."

Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly. He had forgotten that was why he started talking to her in the first place. He soon told her, "Sorry, I forgot about that. How about this? I'll come down here when we are heading to the citadel, and you can explain to me everything else I don't know."

"Oh…Alright," Tali replied in a slightly disappointed manner.

Naruto felt sorry, but decided he'd make it up to her later. So he turned and quickly walked out of the engine room and took the elevator up. He then moved to the med bay, and opened the door to see the scene inside. Shiala was clothed in a hospital gown, and was sitting down on one of the beds. Shepard was leaning against a wall with her arms crossed. Doctor Chakwas was at her desk, typing away at her computer. The surprising thing was that Liara was there, currently talking to Shiala.

The entire group turned to look at Naruto when he entered. He raised a hand and nonchalantly announced, "Yo."

"Naruto, what are you doing here?" Shepard asked curiously, moving away from the wall.

"I just heard that a certain asari was going to be staying on the Normandy, and decided to come up," Naruto answered with a grin in Shiala's direction.

Shiala seemed somewhat embarrassed by the sight of him and his words, but quickly suppressed it. She instead gave a small bow of her head before claiming, "Yes, I did a quick check with the colony. They already received word that the council will be using it as a base for studying the Thorian remains, and they shall be able to monitor the effects the Thorian's influence causes by observing the colonists. With them there, Zhu's Hope shall do fine. I shall contribute most aboard the Normandy. I shall pass on any more information I can give about Benezia, Saren, and Sovereign. I shall also do my best to train young Liara here. Her biotic ability is amazingly well developed for only being 106, she clearly inherited her mother's natural talent in that regard, but her weapon skills and hand to hand combat could use some work. Time is limited, but I should be able to help her whenever we have free time at the citadel. I know a few training facilities there that we can use."

"That's nice of you. Any increased combat ability Liara can gain will only make her more safe on missions," Naruto commented. Liara looked somewhat embarrassed by the entire topic.

"Yes, that is the hope. I shall also be available for missions if the commander wishes, but that is unlikely to be a common occurrence. My loyalty is still in question due to the indoctrination and my relationship to Matriarch Benezia and Saren," Shiala explained. Naruto looked annoyed, but he was stopped before he could protest that by bowing her head in his direction and continuing in an earnest tone, "I hear I should thank you, Uzumaki Naruto. You argued in my defense to the council. I appreciate it."

Naruto just waved his hand and claimed casually, "No problem. I know you are honest about all that has happened to you. It is my responsibility to make that clear to them."

"Still, I thank you for it," Shiala stated firmly.

Before anything else could be brought up, Doctor Chakwas announced, "Alright, that is enough for now. Shiala should have more rest before I declare her fit for duty. She should be allowed to leave in twelve hours or so, but until then she should be allowed to rest. So unfortunately, you should leave."

Naruto was about to protest, but Doctor Chakwas had her 'serious doctor' look on her face, and he knew she wasn't going to budge. So Naruto just lowered his head in defeat and left alongside Shepard and Liara. When the three got outside the med bay, Naruto asked, "So what is going to happen now?"

"We've dallied here long enough. I'm going to set course for the Citadel. We'll resupply and get any other business we have there done. Then there are several small tasks we can do till we get another lead on Saren," Shepard immediately told him.

"Got it. How long do we have until we arrive at the Citadel?" Naruto questioned nonchalantly.

"I'm guessing about twenty, give or take a few hours. I'll go give Joker the new orders now," Shepard informed him before walking away.

Naruto looked at Liara with a grin and commented, "Looks like we got another Asari on board now. Happy?"

Liara shrugged before claiming, "I guess. It is a bit of a relief, I admit, but I was handling it fine before. If anything, I'm more interested in Shiala because of her service to my mother than because she is another asari."

"What do you mean?"

"Well as you know, my mother and I lost touch with each other for the past few decades. It has also been during this time that my mother's influence has expanded in the galaxy. Before that she had only been a matriarch for several decades. Now she has been for over a century. So I am not quite as familiar with what she has been doing for the past few decades. Since Shiala has been serving her, I was hoping she could explain a bit more to me," Liara explained. She then tilted her head and added, "I also guess that I should be thankful she'll be going out of her way to improve my combat skills."

Seeing her hesitation, Naruto quickly said in a teasing voice, "You don't seem to excited though. Not looking forward to it?"

"Well I am an archeologist, not a commando. Learning biotics was simply a necessity for dealing with any threats, but I've never needed much else. Now I am apparently going to get a crash course in asari commando tactics and skills. If this entire situation never happened, I likely wouldn't have ever decided to learn such skills. I think I deserve a bit of leniency as such," Liara retorted.

Naruto nodded in understanding. Her words were true. Liara wasn't like Naruto or any other shinobi who were basically raised to fight. Among the entire group, likely only Tali could be considered more of a civilian. Her being hesitant over basically being forced to undergo military training was reasonable.

Naruto patted her shoulder before telling her reassuringly, "Don't worry about it. It isn't going to be as bad as you think. You're used to real life fire fights. Practicing techniques won't be nearly as intense."

"I hope so. I don't particularly enjoy fighting, and don't much relish the thought of having to work on perfecting the art," Liara claimed.

Naruto just shrugged, unsure of how to respond. It isn't like he can relate too much. Naruto loved fighting. If he could have a good fight everyday, then he'd go to sleep every night with a smile. No matter how much his body hurt. So he was sort of clueless on how to relate to a more…intellectual person like Liara. So he just waved good bye and walked away.

He soon decided on a destination and headed towards the ship storage area. After going down the elevator, Naruto walked to the far corner of the area where Ashley was furiously cleaning a rifle. Naruto immediately decided that it was a good idea he came. Seems the rumor that Shiala was joining them had already reached Ashley.

"Yo," Naruto announced as he approached. Ashley looked at him from the corner of her eyes, but didn't make any response. Naruto sighed and commented, "I see someone heard a bit of news they don't like."

"Oh, you mean the bit of news about an asari commando joining us. A commando that was working with the enemy not even a week ago. Then yes, I've heard," Ashley spat out.

Naruto flinched. Yep, she wasn't definitely wasn't happy. Not that Naruto could really blame her. Ashley seems like the straight laced, by the book type of person. There is nothing by the book about the crew by this point. Naruto sighed again and spoke up, "Shiala really isn't that bad. There are very extenuating circumstances about her being with Saren before."

"I don't care," Ashley immediately stated, drawing a surprised silence from Naruto. She almost immediately sighed and rubbed her temple before continuing in a small voice, "I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be a bitch. I'm just a little irritated."

Naruto waved his hand and told her nonchalantly, "Don't worry about it. I've dealt with much worse, and don't worry about Shiala either. Just trust me."

"No offense, but I don't really trust you enough for that," Ashley claimed bluntly, making Naruto blink again…Huh, he really has to adapt to interacting with people who don't know him again. He's gotten too use to being a big deal. Ashley continued though by adding, "I do however trust Shepard. If she feels like this is a good idea, then I'll get over it."

Somewhat disappointed by the fact that he really didn't do anything, Naruto decided to just leave it at that. He had just wanted to make sure that Ashley wasn't too mad by another alien joining the crew. Trying anything else would be futile. She was right. Naruto didn't have enough pull with her to try and influence her any. They were basically strangers.

So after a quick goodbye, he turned and headed towards the engine room. Had to learn from Tali like he promised on the way to the Citadel.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx

"Not bad. Not bad at all," Naruto muttered to himself.

He was overheard though and a voice exclaimed in disbelief, "'Not bad?!' That is your reaction to seeing the Citadel for the first time. Not 'amazing,' or even 'holy hell.' Just 'not bad?'"

Naruto turned to look at Joker with amusement and commented, "I have learned that there is an entire galactic civilization within the past two weeks. A space station, no matter how large, can't really compare with knowing I can go from one end of the galaxy to another within a few days."

Joker blinked before shrugging and replying, "Can't really argue with that."

Naruto chuckled and turned back to the window to look at the Citadel. He couldn't hold back his grin, already anticipating the next adventure.

There it is. Shorter than i wanted, but life got in the way of my plans.

This chapter had conversations with Wrex and Tali that i've been wanting to do for a while. Also a short chat with Ashley. By the way, i don't mean to make her sound like a bitch. I'm just trying to make her a more by the book kind of character. For the craziness on the Normandy though, it makes her seem overly harsh. You fans voted, and Shiala is staying. She won't be featured on missions as often as the main crew members, but she will be included on several.

Next chapter has Naruto meeting the council, and some clarification on the harem.