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"Meaning?" they chorused.

Haibara nodded, noticing the looks of horror on their faces as she continued. "If that is the case, I fear

"That Edogawa-kun will forever carry the burden till the day he dies."


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Chapter 2: Behind the Scenes

Maul growled inwardly. He had just reported what had happened. And apparently, his Master didn't like it one bit. He glanced to the little "unlucky" girl who was trapped inside a capsule (or pod). The girl was conscious, but was too scared to be able to do anything rash.

Maul smirked at that.

At least his little, "unlucky" hostage would behave. For some time.

He remembered it clearly when he reported to his so-called Master, growling at the memory.

- Flashback -

"And the Jedi?"

Maul took a breath out of ecstacy. "I managed to find them, Master. Apparently, they do have a job. Sort of 'Master'."

A pause.

"I sense that there's something else you want to talk about, Darth Maul."

Maul had no other choice. The Jedi, and even the Sith themselves knew that there were always 2 Sith. No more, no less. The Sith were known for their backstabbing each other.

And Maul was no exception. But even the greatest gozo, idiot, moron, and imbecile knew that he was no match for his own Master.

At the moment.

"Master, the locals knew about our existence."

Darth Sidious, his Master, frowned when he heard that. "Explain yourself, Maul! The whole Republic knows that that...little planet and its dwellers don't know about other 'worlds', as they branded it."

Maul gritted his teeth. Ah... How he wished he could kill his Master slowly and painfully. "Master, I abducted this...girl when I saw the Jedi. It was the only way."

"Maul, I don't want this...clumsiness in my sight again. This is most unfortunate. Let them made the first move."

"Also, Master," Maul interupted. "The Bloodstone has finally returned."

"Hmm... Interesting of them to entrust it now, where the crisis is yet to come," he mused.

Well, Sith might be harsh, and agressive. That didn't mean that they think things short.

"Well, Maul. Who. Has. It?"

"A boy, Master. He's around 6 local years old. Dark brown hair. Blue eyes. 'Glasses', as they call it."

"Hmm... He may be our Jumi."

Jumi were a long lost humanoid race. They looked exactly like Earth humans (aka Homo sapiens), but instead of beating hearts, they had large gemstone embed to their chests. Their lifespan was very long. Could live centuries if it wasn't for the fact that they were hunted for their 'heart' gemstones, they wouldn't be extinct. Their tears were magical. But some people said that they scarred their gemstones aka Jumi cores when they shed a single tear; literally pouring their souls out. They also said that if someone cried for a Jumi, the one who cried will turn into a stone while producing a single Teardrop Crystal in the process. (A/N: Most material on Jumi is from Legend of Mana by Square Enix aka Squaresoft)

Maul smirked at his Master.

"Do it correctly, Maul. That'll be your redemption."

"Yes, my Master."

And Sidious signed off.

But Maul knew for sure that that task won't be his redemption yet.

- End of Flashback -

Maul sneered at the girl as the girl whimpered underneath the gag.

"Be patient, little girl. Your saviours will be coming." Her face brightened when he said the word 'saviours'. "But, they won't be saving you." She nearly cried at his words. Ignoring her completely, he laughed maniacally. "And, I haven't got any good prey these days." He growled, "Weakling."

Without bothering to check her bounds, Maul left the girl alone in a confined room. Maul then disguised himself using human stuff. He climbed a staircase outside. When he reached the top, he laughed.

"Trully the closest public point to the skies..."


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