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At that everyone turned, eyes widened, and some other various shocked expressions on their faces. The owl nevertheless remained impassive.

At the first glance.

Its eyes darted ever so slightly.

But it didn't escape Tiara's a-litttle-keen eyes.

She grinned victoriously.

v1.0 (completed)

Chapter 4: Edogawa "Owl" Conan-kun

The owl hooted furiously, as if it was protesting. Tiara laughed like an idiot as a response.

With a tear in her eye, she laughed as she said, "You guys are so dumb! How many times has he fooled you like those days were April Mob?"

Ran glared daggers at her. "Explain."

Tiara wiped the tear out of her eye. "Okay, okay," she panted, out of breath thanks to the laughing. "I just can't believe that you don't put the two and two together." She shook her head. Then, she let out a weird sound.

Then it happened.

The owl shrieked, as if it was in pain. It stumbled, trying to keep its balance by flapping its wings, to no avail before dropping like a fly to the ground, and writhing in pain.

Slowly but surely, the owl cry started to turn into that of a human's. Ran gasped and covered her mouth in horror. Ayumi shrieked and hid her face in Haibara's embrace. Haibara had done a great job keeping a straight face. Mitsuhiko and Genta were so stunned that their expressions were hard to read.

The owl shapeshifted into a human child with sickening sounds. The gem in its/his chest glowed like a light bulb. And when the light dimmed, a familiar boy lay sprawled on the floor unconscious.

A certain little detective.

This time, with a certain red, pulsing, bright gem embed into his chest.

He groaned in pain.

"What's going on here?!"

That voice caused everyone to snap their heads at the door.

Mouri Kogorou stood by the door. Eyes blazing.

Tiara groaned. "Perfect."

"So, that's how he got the gem and shapeshifting ability," finished Tiara, still emitting water, and practically wasn't so happy.

Kogoro eyed the boy's chest, that was only covered in blanket, greedily.

Or more specifically, the pulsing red glow around his chest.

"No!" Tiara snapped, seeing the greedy look. "You take that gem away from him and he dies!"

At that everyone gasped.

"N-nani (What)?!" yelled Kogoro. "What's that suppose to mean? It ain't like the gem's the brat's heart!"

Tiara chuckled.

"What's so funny?!"

"You had just stated the truth." Everyone froze. "That's exactly it. The gem's MUST not get scratched, poked, etc. It'll cause him a great deal of pain and possible other things." She glanced at the sleeping form on the couch. "After all, Jumi ain't that many..."

"Jumi?" asked Ayumi. "Ah! Ai-chan once told us about it!" she exclaimed.

"Really, Ayumi-chan?"

"Un!" she nodded. "She something, but I can't remember what..."

"The Jumi are cursed."

They turned their attention and eyes at Haibara, who spoke.

"The Jumi are so few because long time ago they were hunted for their "jewel heart" called the Jumi Core. They can live for thousands of years, heal through tears shed. But if their Cores were scracthed even with a simple card, they can suddenly collapse in pain. Ain't that right?"

Tiara nodded. "However, he's a special case. He can shapeshift into an owl, and he can heal people even without tears." Everyone brightened at that. "In exchange of his own drops of blood, shed through the gem. And pain." They were surprised. "How much, I can't say."

"A...great deal...that's...for sure."

Tiara grinned. "About time."

Ran quickly ran to his side, using her arm to support the weakened child. "Daijoubu (Are you alright), Conan-kun?"

Conan nodded weakly. "I'll...be alright...Ran-neechan. I just...need some time..." Ran glanced down at his Core. "Ran-neechan...?"

She wordlessly and so gently caressed his chest, burshing against his Core softly. She could feel the Core pulsing alongside his normal human heart. The boy's breath hitched for a second to the contact.

"Ayumi," he breathed. Ayumi perked. "Where are...they?..."

Seeing Ayumi's confused expression, he continued, "The...new teachers...?"

Hearing that, everyone in the room quickly glanced around.

They were gone.

Conan smirked as he closed his eyes and eased his body to the couch as he was laid on the floor when he collapsed.

"Yappari (I knew it)," he breathed.

Tiara picked him up gently, firmly, and without causing Conan to get wet by even a single drop, despite possibly made of water. She laid him on the couch. And before tucking him in, she checked the Core's pulse, brightness and any scratch.

"Your Core is weakened. It is possible that it is scracthed from that-" Ayumi cringed. "-incident. It will heal just fine. Take a good care of it and it'll strengthen your survival chances. I recommend you take things easy." She looked up at Ran, since she was shorter, with a sharp gaze. "If there's anything bad, or complication, show, at all, make sure he's rested and comfortable with his position. Make sure to NEVER EVER poke his chest area on your own."

Ran nodded firmly. She wasn't planning on losing her surrogate imouto (little brother).

Tiara then turned to lecture to Shounen Tantei-dan (Detective Boys). "Don't ever punch, push him, or do anything that may scratch his Core. No matter how small it is, it'll fatal to do so, lest you want to lose him soon."

They gulped visibly.

Conan opened his eye, and said, "I'm not that fragile, Tiara-san."

Tiara snorted. "Yeah, yeah. You can say that again when you feel the pain."

Conan closed his eye, not bothering to debate.

"And keep this a secret; he doesn't like nor need "unnecessary introgations". Until the time is right, keep him away for KID heists. That won't be funny at all if KID took his Core, now will it?" Everyone, sans Kogorou, shook their heads vigorously.

Tiara nodded in satisfaction. Bowed her farewell, and disippated, not leaving even a single drop in her wake.

Ran, and the Shounen Tantei-dan sighed. Now, their lives won't be as normal as they used to be... It wasn't like it was normal before, wasn't it?


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