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The night was still young, and it was cold. the wind blasted your skin and burned it, but you felt free now, and you welcomed it. You were free of the fear of loosing someone now, your family having died, so there was no one left to worry about. Expect for Jack. However, Jack had once told you that most things pass harmlessly though him, so that he could never suffer a fate which had claimed the lives of your brother, father and mother.

You still mourned your mother, but instead of trying to hold on to her, you mourned her in your own way, by leaving the pain.

Jack had placed you on his staff, and he sat next to you, holding your hand tightly in his icy clasp. You both rode the winds, the staff felt like a surfboard, which glided as it manipulated the wind currents underneath you, shooting you forward.

You rode on, having no idea where Jack was taking you, but you had told him 'anywhere', so at least he complied, and he didn't ask questions.

Looking down, you watched homes and trees fly by. The light coming from the windows and the lights of cars glinted off the snow and ice, flashing by in streaks of red and yellow.

A particularly icy blast of wind hit you in the chest and face, and you cowered behind Jack, nuzzling into his back to escape the wind. You felt him shift, his head turning to look at you, and he laughed. He shifted again, this time moving away from you, scooting forward in the limited space he had. You moved back closer to him, wanting to protect yourself from the wind.

"Hold on!" He chuckled. "I know you want me," he winked, "but I think you'll need this more than I do." He had lifted his sweatshirt over his head and stuck it on your own, your head popping out of the top. Suddenly, he started laughing, bending over, holding on to his stomach. "Your expression is just priceless!"

You had no idea what you looked like, but you knew you were surprised, embarrassed, and cold. Your hair was also probably a mess, due to the wind blowing it everywhere, and the friction caused by the sweatshirt.

"I really look that funny?" You giggled too, pulling your arms through the sleeves.

"Yes!" Tears were coming out of his eyes, and he held on tightly to his staff to prevent from falling off. "I wish I had a camera!"

After a few minutes, he turned slightly from you, chuckling now. With his back to you, you took your place back behind his back, nuzzling into the thin, white shirt he wore. His jacket was cold, but it protected you more from the wind, especially the hood, which now covered your head.

Looking down at the material, you touched the white designs which patterned the neck area. They spread like roots of a plant, fading out the closer it got to the center of the sweatshirt. It was cold to the touch, and the designs slightly wavered under your heated touch. The designs were made of frost.

You've never noticed before, until now, that is. Looking at the sleeve, you noticed those designs, too, were made of frost. You touched the sleeves, and felt the coolness seep into your fingertips.

A sudden sneeze racked your body, almost sending you plummeting to the earth, until you grasped onto Jack, that is.

"Hope you're not getting a cold back there." Jack called from over his shoulder, the wind carrying away some of his words.

"No way." You retaliated, refusing to accept that you were getting sick.

"It won't be long now, we're almost there."

It was the first thing he's said about where he was taking you. "Almost where?"

"You'll see in a minute." He pointed down, where slopes climbed up a mountainside, trees covering every inch of usable earth.

You and Jack slowly descended, the wind slowing down, being blocked by the mountain, and the trees got ever so closer.

Just as you were grazing the tree tops, a clearing was spotted head of you, and in the clearing lay a small cabin, a dark spot in a sea of white.

The staff lowered gently, until you were able to place your shoes on the ground once again. There was less snow here than there was back at your old town, so it wouldn't be a problem getting from place to place here. The snow crunching under your boots, you stepped towards the cabin.

"Is this the place?" Turning to Jack, you watched him stride up, planting his staff into the ground and leaning on it.

"Yeah. I've come here a few times before, to stay here for rest when I need it. It's been abandoned for quite some time now, so you don't have to worry about people suddenly showing up." He looked at you, worry in his eyes. "I'm giving it to you, but you don't have to stay here if you don't want to."

You were shocked, but excited. "Of course I'll stay here, Jack! It's perfect!" You walked up to him and kissed him lightly on his lower lip, letting your lips linger for a little bit. "Thank you."

He chuckled in embarrassment, smiling against your lips. "No problem. Now get inside before you catch a cold, idiot." He picked you up, and carried you inside.

It was definitely warmer inside than it was outside, but it was still chilly. There was a kitchen, with the essentials, but lacking a dishwasher. The living room contained a simple couch, a wooden frame and cushions and a handful of pillows rested on the seats. A fireplace had it's position in front of the couch, a pile of disused blankets neatly piled to the side. A stray, full-sized bed had a place on the far wall, resting above it, a window, looking out into the frosty night.

It was clean, not looking at the occasional cobweb that rested in the corners.

Jack strolled towards the bed, and he dropped you onto the mattress, which bounced under the sudden weight.

"Now get some sleep and stay warm. I'll be back soon." Planting a soft brush of his lips on your forehead, he started to turn to leave, but not before you grabbed onto his wrist.

"Where are you going?" You were scared for him to leave you, afraid something might happen to him.

"Just out. I need to get stuff for this place, and for you." Smiling, he held your hand. "I'll be gone for only a short while, so get your rest."

Nodding, you released his wrist and he walked out of the cabin into the snow, closing the door gently behind him. Hearing wind violently whipping around the wooden walls outside, you knew he had left.

Pulling the covers of the bed over you, you closed your eyes, and waited for the lull of sleep to pull you into good dreams.

A/N: okay guys, spoiler alert!: So, later on, events will happen and something will cause you (reader) to become a spirit! However, I'm leaving this up to you guys... who should you become? I know there are characters such as mother nature and angels/demons (although, a demon is a little scary for this kind of story, in my opinion, but whatever you guys want!) and other such characters, so you guys decide who you should become and I'll work with that!