You both now stood in front of the globe in the main room. Waiting for Toothiana and Bunnymund to arrive. Being sworn into guardianship wouldn't be the same without them.

Sandy and North were standing by having light conversation, despite it being a one-way vocal conversation. You could only hear dabbles of North's replies. "So he isn't gone?" "I see… We'll have to keep an eye out." "You did what, Sandy?" His astonished voice had you turn your head. North was bent over staring wide-eyed at a small vial Sandy held out in his palm.

You dragged Jack by the hand as you both approached Sandy and the stunned North. Curiously peeking into Sandy's hand, you noticed that the vial was filled with black sand. It festered, like millions of insects. You opened your mouth to question what it was when the sound of humming filled your ears.

"Hey everyone! Sorry I'm late, you guys know how time consuming teeth collecting is! I- what's that, Sandy?" The ever hyper Toothiana hummed over and hovered on the other side of Sandy's hand.

"Yeah, mate. What's that you've got?" Bunny had silently entered and now stood between you and North.

"That, my friends, is what remains of Pitch." The stun and amazement could be heard in North's voice. That stun was transferred to you all.

"No blimy way,"

"Are you serious? That's really Pitch?"

"That measly amount of sand was controlling me?"

Sandy continued to hold out the vial for viewing with a proud expression. He had caught Pitch. His power was truly greater than Pitch himself, even though Pitch was in a weakened state to begin with. Sandy had been able to not only get Pitch out, but to put the king of nightmares into a vial the size of a roll of dimes.

"What to do with him now…" North mused, scratching his beard with a hand as he leaned in closer to further examine the vial. A flash of a safe being closed appeared over Sandy's head. You had to agree that locking Pitch away was the best idea. North had looked up to see Sandy's reply. "Good idea, Sandy. I have just the place for it too." He was probably talking about the small safe he had sitting on the mantle of the fireplace in his workshop. Using two fingers, North picked up the vial carefully and cautiously as he removed it from Sandy's palm and pocketed the vial. "I will do it later, however, because we have something to do first."

The guardians all turned towards you, North producing a thick book from behind his back while wearing a smile. He flipped the book open to a marked section, and the guardians watching with happy smiles and a deep intake of breath in nervousness, North began to read. "Will you, (y/n), vow to watch over the children of the world. To guard them with your life, their hopes, their wishes, and their dreams. For they are all that we have. All that we are. And all that we will ever be."

You smiled hugely during his speech, trembling slightly. Jack's hand moved into yours and gave it a comforting squeeze. Your other hand went up to touch the icy snowflake that hung on your neck for all the time you've had it, having never taken it off. Giving Jack a glance, he smiled at you, giving you a comfort that quelled your nervous shaking.

You had realised long ago why you were a siren. It was obvious, but also hidden. Music was a gateway to the heart. It is filled with dreams, hopes, but most importantly, emotion. You were the guardian of music, and the emotions that were attached: anger, sadness, joy, love.

Looking back at North, hand in hand with your lover, your answer rolled off your tongue and was engraved forever into the world.

A/N: This is it. This long journey with you has come to a conclusion. I'm sorry this has to end! But nothing can last forever (unless you're the guardian of music of course), so I must leave you here, but that doesn't mean you can't come up with your own threequel and extend your adventures!

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