The Brian and Mia Chronicles

Chapter 28: Lucky Kids

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from the fast franchise, but I do own Casey Toretto

Summary: Uncle Tej goes shopping for the littlest humans

"She may be 2, but don't be fooled" Brian was saying to Ramsey, who grinned at the small girl that was Brian and Mia's daughter "She's a skilled negotiator" he grinned

"What'd my adorable niece do now?" Roman asked taking Jessica from Mia and holding her above his head making her giggle

"Last night, adorable there, was SUPPOSED to be in bed at 7" Mia stated

"And by 5 minutes past, she'd successfully obtained 2 oreos, a cup of water, a story, the promise of a paw patrol episode, a third oreo she didn't actually want, but managed to tread into the carpet AND she was still awake for 'Criminal Minds' …" Brain said

"Yea, but she's adorable so she gets away with it" Rome stated, while pretending to eat jess's fingers, to her absolute delight

Brian rolled his eyes but grinned at his best friend.

"Don't know about you, but I hear Uncle Rome offering to babysit…" Ramsey laughed

"Hey! Any of the three babies are welcome at Uncle Rome's anytime"

"Toot toot?" Jessica asked her uncle

"Eh?" Roman looked at Brian confused, who handed his daughter a "Toot Toot Driver" helicopter, complete with lights and sounds

"Baby girl, there is nothing pink or princessey about that" Roman remarked even as he dutifully pressed like little button as Jessica clapped her hands

"May I suggest the ambulance or the police car as a sorry?" Mia retorted

"Hey hey hey!" Tej's voice preceded him round the back of the house "The police car is out!" he remarked as he came round with three large gift bags

"Whatdaya mean?" Mia eyed the gift bags as Tej placed on them on the ground before reaching out to take Jess from Rome. "Tej, what'd you do?"

"I went shopping for my little humans" Tej shrugged

"Did I miss a birthday?" Roman asked, alarmed

"No" Mia shook her head and Roman looked so relieved Mia had to bite back a laugh

"Then why the presents?"

"What's the point of having millions of dollars in the bank if you don't spend any of it?"

Tej sat in a seat with Jess on his lap just as Casey came out the back with Letty. Letty looked around and then her gaze fell on the gift bags

"What's going on?"

"Tej; spoiling the kids" Mia replied

"Again?" Letty raised an eyebrow as Roman sat in the seat beside Tej and Jess and lifted Casey up to his own lap.

Brian had to grin at his two friends. If someone had have told him years ago this is where they'd be he have laughed at them

"I regret nothing" Tej shrugged "Where's Jack?"

"Dom was picking him up today, they shouldn't be long" Mia replied

"He should be back any minute" Letty said, looking at her watch

"Toot Toot!" Jess cried, holding up the little helicopter for Tej to see

"You think that's good wait til you see this" Tej said, reaching for the bags, he slid one over to Rome for Casey.

He helped Jessica pull out a box.

The 'Toot Toot Drivers Garage' complete with police car

"Mama! Dada! Toot Toot… Vrrrrooooommmm… see?!" Jess squealed

"We see baby girl" Mia smiled

"Wow Bro" Brian whistled "You just got major cool uncle points"

Just at that Casey was next to let out a squeal.

"What'd Uncle Tej get for you honey?" Letty asked

Roman helped her pull out a pink and purple kid proof camera and a stuffed unicorn with light up horn.

"Wow indeed, God Tej setting the bar high" Letty laughed

"Can you say thank you to Uncle Tej?" Mia said to Jess who was hugging the box her toy was in

"You too Casey Toretto" Letty said

"Tiss?" Jess asked

"From you?" Tej asked, grinning "Yes please!"

And Jess placed a kiss on his cheek

"I kiss too!" 3 year old Casey announced and climbed off Rome's knee to get to Tej.

Brian leaned over and lifted Jess, box and all, out of Tej's lap and into his own as Casey climbed up and kissed her uncle.

Letty and Mia shared a smile.

"Thank you baby girls" Tej replied as Casey ran to Ramsey to show off her new toys

"You want me to open it?" Ramsey said as she took the boxed camera and Casey nodded

"What'd you get for Jack?" Roman asked peeking in the last bag

"Don't you dare, Pearce!" Tej cried head shooting up

"I wasn't going to….!"

"Yes, you were"

"What's Rome not to do now?" Dom asked as he appeared with Jack

"Hi!" Jack announced

There was a chorus of hi's and high fives for him.

"J, lookie at what I gots!" Casey said running up to him, proudly showing off her new toys

"OOHH wow!" he said

"Hey Jack, c'mere" Roman said motioning him over.

"You better let him open it Roman, I'm warning you" Tej warned as he handed Roman the bag

"For me?!" Jack looked up wide eyed

"For you little man" Tej confirmed

"Go ahead honey" Mia smiled as Jack looked to her for confirmation that he could open the gift

"What's going on here?" Dom asked as he held Casey with one arm and she clicked the button on her camera in a close up of her father's face. He turned and kissed her head.

"Tej went shopping" Ramsey clarified

"OOOOOOOOHHH!" the newest squeal came from Jack

"Ooh indeed" Roman said, impressed

"What is it?" Brian said looking up from where he was assembling the colourful plastic garage

"A dinosaur!" Jack cried

"A remote controlled, light up dinosaur" Rome said

"Sounds like Uncle Rome wants to play with it Jack" Letty laughed

"I'll share" the five year old answered innocently, effectively melting every adult heart in the back yard.

"Thank you Uncle Tej!" Jack hugged him and then he turned to his mom "I didn't forget"

"No you didn't sweetheart, good job" Mia replied, running a hand through her son's blonde hair

"Uncle Rome, will you put the batteries in?"

"Absolutely" Rome grinned and Tej rolled his eyes

"Hey O'Conner there's batteries in there for Jess's too"

"You remembered the batteries?" Letty asked grinning

"The lovely salesperson did"

"Tej you didn't have to do this" Dom said as he watched his daughter take pictures of everything in the backyard with her unicorn tucked under one arm

"Yea, but look how happy they are… Rome included" Tej grinned as he took the sight of Jess playing at her father's feet with a police car and her helicopter going "Vrrrrroooooommm" and Jack and Rome teaching the dinosaur robot commands

"Tell you this, they're lucky kids" Letty remarked