Warnings: Strong Language, Sexual Teasing

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Chapter Three

Cas sat on his bed, trying to ignore the voice, but to no avail.

He doesn't love you.

He just feels pity.

He wants you to feel love.

You're his experiment.

Cas was about ready to jump out a window, or attempt to escape. But he could not. Dean would wonder where he was. Then he'd look everywhere for Cas before giving up and concluding that Cas was dead.

That would suck.

Dean's an hour late. Cas thought as he checked the clock in his room. He sighed and decided upon exiting his room in search for Dean.

When he exited, he started walking, looking everywhere. He then saw a patient, Amber, making out with Dean, and Dean's eyes wide in surprise. Cas ignored the new feeling of jealousy, and walked over to the two.

"Hello Amber." Cas said awkwardly. Amber ignored Cas, and Cas started to get angry. "Amber!" He almost yelled. Amber continued to kiss Dean, Cas attempting to help. Dean pushed away.

"What's wrong hot stuff?" Amber asked, huffing and puffing before attacking Dean again. This time, though, her hands explored his body, resting on his ass, and the grabbed it tight, and Dean jumped up in surprise. Cas just stood there awkwardly as Amber's hands explored until she gripped Dean's package.

"Okay lady, get off." He said, and pushed Amber away. He walked over to Cas, and slipped his arm around Cas's waist. Cas blushed as Amber slapped both of them.

"You man-whore!" She exclaimed, before she turned and started to walk away.

"Says the slut of the hospital." He mumbled. Cas shifted awkwardly, which caught Dean's attention. "What's wrong babe?"

"Do you think this is right?" Cas said, hinting about their relationship. Dean recapped what happened earlier in the week.

Dean woke up from his slumber, and realized it was the day him and Cas got to leave the hospital wing if their check-ups went well.

It was also the day Dean was going to ask Cas to be his boyfriend.

Later that day, after they passed their check-ups and were released, Dean walked Cas back to his room.

Dean and his family had been in the city for about two weeks now. His dad was missing, and Dean hoped he was okay. But he decided to worry about that later. He had bigger things to do.

When they approached Cas's room, they turned to each other.

"I will miss you Dean." Cas said. "I have become acquired to sleeping in the same room as you."

"Ditto." Dean said, and took a deep breath. "Hey Cas?"

"Yes Dean?"

"Would you like to be my boyfriend?" Dean asked.

Cas was surprised. He was not expecting this. He hoped it wasn't a dream. It seemed so real.

Dean smiled innocently, and Cas smiled as well. Cas then stopped forward, and pressed his lips to Dean's. It was their second kiss, and Cas though it wasn't going to feel as passionate. However, it was better.

Dean then pushed Cas to the wall. They then kissed more intently.

Their kissing was breath-taking. Dean couldn't believe it.

Dean slid Cas up some, and Cas put his legs around Deans waist. Dean's tounge traced Cas's teeth, and Cas allowed him access. Their tounges battled for dominance, until they had to separate for air. When they separated, they pressed their foreheads together.

"So is that a yes?" Dean asked.


"I love you Cas."

"I love you too Dean."

Dean smiled at Cas. "Of course!" He then frowned. "But some people are homophobic fucktards. They won't like it. Even my dad."

Cas captured Dean's lips, and they kissed for a few moments before Cas broke the kiss.

"Everything will be fine." He reassured Dean. "I promise."

Dean smiled, "Can't wait to help you escape." He whispered seductively.

Cas had an instant boner. "I can't either. I'm gonna do things you'll love." Cas said in his 'sex voice' as Dean called it. Dean then gained an instant boner.

"Great Cas." He murmured. "You gave me a boner..."

"Revenge for giving me an erection." He said.

"How would you like to escape tonight?"

Cas was stunned, but nodded. "I'd love that." He then kissed Dean real quick. "And I love you."

"I love you too."

Cas sat on his bed later that evening. Dean was supposed to help him escape. He couldn't wait to get out of this place. He asked Dean if Anna could come as well, and Dean said sure. There was then a knock at the door, before it opened and Anna entered, closing the door behind her.

"Hello Castiel." She said.

Cas nodded his greeting as he said "Hello Anna."

"Where's Dean?"

"I don't-"

And then there was a thump on the window. Cas stood as Anna caught up with him. They walked up to the window together, and looked down.

There standing on the dark green grass waving at them was Dean Winchester. Upon seeing Cas, he smiled. The duo smiled back as Cas opened the window.

"Catch!" Dean said so they could hear, but no one else could. The group worked to grab the rope Dean had. Anna was the one to catch it and Cas tied it to an antenna in the window that was strong enough to hold up to about three hundred pounds.

Cas told Anna to go first. She nodded, and slid down the rope, and Dean told her to go to the car. Cas was next. Halfway down the rope, an alarm sounded. The boys cursed, and Cas jumped off. Dean caught him, and put him down. Together they ran to the car. Dean ran to the drivers side as Cas got in the passenger seat. Anna sat in the back. When the car was started, Dean drove off, hoping they didn't catch the appearance of his '67 Chevy Impala.

When they arrived at the motel, they all got out, and rushed inside. Dean was the last inside. When he turned, he was panicked.

His father was back, and he looked pissed.

They escaped! But his dad is pissed. Fuck, not good. I hope you all enjoyed!

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