Warnings: Strong Language, Sexual Teasing

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Chapter Five


I walked through the dark, dingy hallways of the asylum. I did not know when or how I got there. It creeped me out, seeing as it looked abandoned, and like ghosts haunted the hallways.

It was then I heard the yell. It was hard, but I managed to hear "Castiel". I then ran towards the yell, turning corners every ten seconds. When I reached the source, I saw a demon.

I sa it's real face.

It was hideous.

I stumbled back, surprised. It knew my name, and it looked familiar.

"Cas. Don't you recognized me?" The demon asked creepily. It sounded like...

"Dean?" I asked.

"Cas... Wake up!" The demon yelled at me.


"Cas! It's a nightmare!" The demon yelled.

I jerked up in bed, and started flipping out.

Where am I? Wait... Im in only boxers... there's something or someone next to me... I wasnt raped, was I? I thought before I looked next to me, breathing heavily, and I looked into deep, concerned green eyes.

"You okay?" He asked, worry evident in his voice.

"I'm fine Dean. It was just a nightmare." I said, crossing my legs, and looking at my feet.

"Cas, what happened?" Dean asked me.

"It was nothing. Just a bad dream." I insisted.

"Bullshit." Dean said. "What happened?"

"It's nothing, Dean." I growled.

"Cas, I can't help you if I don't know what's going on." Dean said softly.

I sighed in defeat, and told him about the nightmare. Through the whole retelling, he looked at me, fear and worry evident in his eyes, along with did not speak or make any noise whatsoever.

About thirty seconds after I finished speaking, he spoke. "Cas, I want to confide in you about something."

I looked to my boyfriend curiously. "Okay." I said.

"After my mother died, I went into depression. I was violent, super rebellious, and I had a huge attitude. Over time, though, I realized that I was turning into my Dad. I realized Sammy didn't need that. He was trying to help me the whole time, but I wouldn't let him. finally I let him, and here I am." He explained. There was a pause before he continued. "Cas, I wanna help ya, but if you won't let me, I don't know what to do." Dean sighed. A new feeling flew through my veins, and I realized it was guilt. I looked to Dean, and saw that he was looking straight ahead, and I came up with a plan. I moved to that my butt was in his lap, my legs on either side of him, and I put my arms around him. I then leaned and started kissing him. He moaned in pleasure, and I felt the vibrations in my own mouth. I moaned as well when I felt the vibrations. I leaned back to get a breath, and I placed my forehead to his.

"I will allow you to help." I said.

Dean smiled, and gave me another quick kiss.

"I love you." He said.

It was just a small, simple phrase, but to me, it meant everything.

"I love you too." Was the last thing I said before Dean layed back, me laying on top of his muscular, warm body and falling back asleep.


A few hours after Cas's little episode, I woke up with the absence of his weight next to me. I struggled to open up my eyes, sadness and emptiness filling me. I then stood, and slipped on a pair of jeans, a new white tank top, and slipped on my Dad's leather jacket. I also put on my boots.

After I got dressed I quickly brushed and styled my hair. Then I practically jumped down the stairs and into the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen I saw the best sight ever.

Castiel stood at the stove covered in flour, and putting finished pancakes onto a plate. And there were a lot of pancakes.

He grabbed the plate and turned, and was surprised to see me leaning against the door. He recovered quickly and blushed but smiled.

"Hello Dean."

I stood fully and walked over to him. "Hey babe." I said, and kissed him quickly but lovingly. When I backed up, the oven beeped.

"Why don't you go sit and place this on the table as I get the pies out of the oven?" My lovely boyfriend asked.

My head shot up and I looked at him with excited eyes.

"Pie?!" I asked/yelled.

Cas chuckled, "Yes, Dean, pies."

"Okay!" I exclaimed. I then fast-walked to the table and placed the pancakes down.

"Wait-" I said, realizing Cas said 'pies', as in 'more than one pie'. "How many pies did you make?"

"Let's see... One for you, one for Anna and I, and on for Sam and Bobby... so three." He said.

I stood, and walked over to the oven where Cas stood bending to get two of the pies. I smiled, and walked over. I smacked his ass before grabbing the third pie, ignoring the burn. It was worth it because of Cas's yelp.

"Dean!" He yelled, but giggled and punched my arm.

"I love you Cas." I said, beaming.

"I love y-" Cas said behind me. Then I heard him breathing hard. I turned and he sat on his knees, hands clutching his head.

"Cas!" I yelled, and ran over, sliding in in front of him. "Cas?" I asked, grabbing his shoulders.

"Dean..." Cas tried to get out of his trance, but he couldn't. "The... voice..."

"Shh... whats he saying?" I asked, bringing him into my arms.

"Horrendous... things..." Cas said, before passing out. I was used to this though. I just picked him up, and took him upstairs to the room. I lay him down, before giving him a kiss, and lay next to him, watching him, and protecting him.

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