Jack's POV

I have lived in the small town of Burgess all my life. I was never able to explore the world because of the life I was forced into by the death of my parents…my only family. You see, Burgess may be small, but it is big enough to have two distinct sections. You do not have to live here for you to be able to see the difference between the two parts. There are, of course, the people that live on the northern side of town. There the schools nice, the streets are safe and drug free and the town square aren't falling to shreds. Then of course Southern Burgess. If you assumed that it is the exact opposite of the high-end district, then you would be right. People refer to Southern Burgess as the slums. As for me, I live in the far end of the Slums, by the forest. It is a great place to live. Since it is practically in the middle of nowhere no one is able to hear the screams of terrified children in the night.

Aster's POV:


I slammed my fist at my clock trying to get the infernal thing to shut up, eventually my random barrage of slamming my hand at my night table worked. Never had I thought silence was so beautiful. I smiled and snuggled under my covers once more when I heard the ghastly sound of my mother screaming my name, "ASTER!"

I would be lying if I said that every excuse I have ever thought of using to skip school didn't run through my head. Suddenly, my door was slammed open and my room was filled with the light of the hallway. I groaned and tried to smother my face with my pillow, trying to avoid my inevitable fate of eventually having to get up and get dressed.

"Good morning love." I mumbled good morning back to my mom, but I couldn't help but wonder why she was always so damn cheerful in the morning. When I didn't move she grabbed my pillow from me and opened my blinds. I hissed and tried to shield myself from the light, but all I ended up doing was falling to the floor completely tangled in my sheets.

I could hear my mom's chuckle through her words, "Emerson Aster Bunnymund I thought we agreed that you were going to wake up early, so you could take Sophie to school."

Did I mention she is also always right? "Oi I'm up, I'm up, ok geez." Finally satisfied with my response she turned and left my room with a smile plastered on her face.

The next thing I know a blur of blonde hair his jumping on me, "Up, up, up big brover." Immediately recognizing who it was I very quickly grabbed Sophie in my arms. I started tickling her and before I knew it, it was a full out tickle war.

After a few minutes we both stopped laughing and attacking each other. "Don't worry little ankle biter I'm awake, now." I smiled, holding her as I got up from the floor, I walked to my door and placed her in the hallway, "Let me get dressed so I won't be late." I smiled down at my little sister as she hugged my leg and ran away giggling and yelling to my mom that her plan had worked. Man it wasn't even ten after six and I already had people conspiring against me.

I closed my door and rubbed my face, this was going to be a long morning. As I was walking to the bathroom that connected with my room to brush my teeth, I heard my phone ring on my night table. I picked up the line and flipped it open, "Hello?" I asked not bothering to check to see who it was.

The thick Russian accent that answered me was a dead giveaway after all, "ASTER?!"

I chuckled, at least I wasn't the only one having a hectic morning, "Hey North what's up?"

He spoke so fast it was almost hard to make out what the man was saying, "Ahh Aster! I completely forgot to do the Art assignment that's due fourth block! I was wondering if you could help me since we have study hall together third, and I don't know what I'm doing."

His last sentence made me laugh, "Sure mate I'll help you with your bloody assignment." North and I had an agreement; if he helped me with wood shop, I would help him with art. "Oh and by the way, do you want me to pick you up? I have to drive the little ankle biter to preschool so I'll be near your house."

He sighed relieved that I had agreed to help him, "Thank you so very much friend, and actually the ride would be much appreciated."

I smiled, "Ok I'll be there around 7:15ish?"

"Sounds good see you then." I heard a click then looked at my clock and squealed, it was 6:15 I had to hurry if I wanted to be at North's on time.

I quickly jumped in the shower and brushed my teeth. Once I had dried off I put on a striped pale green and grey V-neck T-shirt and pastel blue skinny jeans. Glancing at the clock surprised me, all that under thirty minutes. Hell yeah new record I grabbed my backpack and practically slid down the stairs, I walked to the kitchen to see my mother making waffles, "Morning." I said in a hurry. I grabbed a slice of toast and nibbled on it while I searched to find my keys.

I heard her sigh disappointed I had missed another one of her famous breakfasts, "Aster, why don't you eat at the table like a civilized human?"

I took another bite out of the piece of toast and held up my keys in a silent victory. I grabbed Sophie with my free hand, "Sorry mum, I'm in a rush to pick up North."

She nodded silently and walked over to us and kissed Sophie's forehead. She then turned to me and did the same to my cheek, "Just be careful, ok?"

I walked out the door smiling turning back one final time to wave, "I always am."

After I dropped Sophie off at pre-school I headed straight to North's house. I was zoning out a bit when his house came into view. I had to slam on my breaks so I didn't pass it by accident. North's house is huge villa made to look like very cozy cottage. It is situated on the top of a hill, that is great to go sledding down when it snows.

North's dad is a very prestigious lawyer and his mom is the owner of a ton of five star restaurants. I honked the horn a few times to get him to come outside. The sight of him running toward my white Camaro looking completely disheveled was actually quite comical. Finally, he made it to my car, opened the door, and almost made me deaf by screaming good morning in my ear.

"Morning," I grumbled as I rubbed my head trying to dissipate my now pounding ears. Need I remind anyone that I am not a morning person?

"How was your night my friend?" He asked cheerfully. North was completely oblivious to the fact he's the reason I'm now in a crappy mood.

I sighed, and put the car in drive, "I had a paper to write on the Canterbury Tales for English class, which was stupid. Other than that though, it was fine. How was yours?"

North smiled as if he had been waiting the entire time for me to ask him that question, "we'll first...". He talked, and talked, and TALKED the entire way to school.

This wasn't really out of the ordinary, considering Christmas was coming up. When it's almost Christmas North tends to get stuck in a Christmas mood. Personally I don't see what the big hype about Christmas is for, Easter is way cooler. As I pulled into the school parking lot, I saw Tooth and Sandy (my other two great friends). As we were getting out of the car North called them over, and just like any other day, we walked towards the school (or hell painted nicely), chatting and swapping the usually stories.

Jack's POV:

My eyes widened as the car pulled up to the white stone and marble building. I was shocked, the school was bigger than I had expected, way bigger. I cursed silently under my breath, my kinda crappy mood turned into downright awful. Any chance of finding my classes on my own was thrown out the window. What a great way to start the day.

Suddenly, Adrien spoke, breaking my trance along with the silence that had settled after he screamed at me for not being awake on time. "Ok Jack listen," I turned to face him. He forced my gaze to meet his deep brown, almost black, eyes. He took a deep breath, "Me driving you was a One. Time. Thing. You are going to have to find your own way of getting here from now on. I'm a very busy man and I can't waste time out of my day to deal with you." As he released me I rubbed the back of my neck, I'm an idiot. I should have known that this was coming.

I grabbed my bag from the car floor and turned to get out of the car. I had the door barely ajar when he grabbed my wrist with his bony hand. I involuntarily flinched at his burning touch, "If I find out that you've been causing the slightest bit of trouble. I will become your worst nightmare. Do you understand me boy?" I winced, knowing not to test him. When it comes to Adrien, threats have never been just threats. He's grip tightened when I didn't answer him, "I asked you, do you understand me?!" I nodded and he let go laughing. "Good now get out of my sight."

He pushed me out of the Jeep, and me and my messenger bag fell to the ground. He drove away a smirk plastered on his face when he realized all my stuff had scattered over the ground, "shit."

I glared at ground for a second before I started picking up all of my things. A pair of tan hands handed me one of my journals. Then someone with a thick Australian accent spoke, "You ok mate?"

I looked up to a pair bright green orbs, and immediately looked away. "Yea I'm fine thanks." I took the book shyly from the boy's hands and placed it in my bag.

To my surprise the boy spoke to me for a second time, "Oi I never seen you around here before are you new?"

I placed my hands in the pocket of my worn blue hoodie unsure of what to say. "Yea. I just transferred" I turned and started to walk towards the building.

I heard footsteps following behind me, "My name is Aster what's yours?"

I looked at him confused, "It's Jack." Why was this kid talking to me? I didn't understand.

"Do you need me to show you where the main office is?" He asked. I nodded, again not really knowing what to say. We walked through the tall, intimidating front doors together. The school seemed even larger on the inside. I shivered, not even five minutes here and I already felt so small.

The tall skinny boy led me to the office, just like he said he would. I walked up to the door and turned towards him, "Thanks...again."

He smiled, "don't worry about it mate. I'll catch you later, but you should defiantly join me and my friends for lunch." I shrugged and walked into the office, happy to be relieved from the company.

The receptionist was a short woman with blonde hair and glasses. She reeked of cigarettes and cheap perfume. I wrinkled my nose slightly, "Hello, I'm the new transfer student, Jackson Frost." Never once did she look up from her papers, once I had the forms I needed she shooed me away with her hands.

I glanced over the schedule it read:

Period I~ AP English

Period II~ Honors Chemistry

Period III~ Study Hall

Period IV~ Art


Period V~ Pre. Calculus

Period VI~ U.S. History II

The classes seemed to be easy enough. The only one that immediately posed a problem was Honors Chemistry considering I never had general Chemistry. It was made clear to me that I would need a tutor, however I knew Adrien would nevrt pay for one.

English was just as easy as I suspected. They had just finished the Canterbury Tales, which I have read before so it was not going to be hard to catch up. I was immensely grateful for the Study Hall after Chemistry which was going to be a nightmare.

I was thankful that the teachers, so far, hadn't paid me much mind, they all just pointed me to an empty desk in the back, and continued with their lectures.

I wasn't surprised to find Study Hall any different. I walked in with my hood up and made my way to the back of the room. There were only two or three other kids in the room so far which made it quiet. Not that I was complaining. After taking my seat, I placed my forehead against the cold table. The cold calmed my headache down, I do not see the point in me transferring in the middle of the semester, It seemed stupid. I sighed and kept my mouth shut I knew I would be fine. I would get by, just as I had done every time before.