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Lucy looked around her, turning her head from side to side. She swears she hears something.

"What's wrong, Lucy?" asked Tirian.

"Nothing," murmured Lucy, "I'll be right back."

Lucy was now walking along the trail of the forest.

I look at faces longingly aware

The people of my enemies lay dead,…

Lucy stops again to listen. There it was again! She knows that she is not hearing voices. Lucy keeps walking. She stops when the trail broke into two. Which one should she take?

The price of being traitor gets in way,

Her lonely figure bathed in the tree shade,…..

Again? She looks at both paths and goes into the one that is shadier of the two. As she walks, she thinks of Susan. Just the though of her made tears well up in her eyes. Why did she stop believing? Why did her lack of faith break Lucy's beloved Narnia? Narnia was almost ending, and she will go along with it.

All of a sudden, she heard a deep roar and a flash of gold. Aslan?

Sorry I have said, bother me no more!

Son of a traitor is traitor himself!

The pain you have caused, you cannot ignore!

You send me a finger, covered in felt!

Fair Maiden, I have said I was sorry.

Your tears sting me more then you can know.

True, your beloved lies in the Starry,

But he lays with his beloved the doe.

Huh? Lucy shivered as she finished listening to the song. Aslan was singing it for her. He was trying to tell her something. Lucy wondered if this had anything to do with Susan. Susan is counted as traitor to Narnia because of her lack of faith.

"Yes" answered a voice behind her, "This song is from an old epic tale of a young couple that failed in their duties as rulers. They let love get in the way of their roles in society. And well conformity can be a horrible thing; one must have some form of social responsibility. Susan's fate taught Narnia a lesson: To become united. Unity is strength. If one had lost faith, others help that person regain it. You sister regained faith in me when she saw all of the dead bodies around you, Peter, and Edmund. She was hit with the cold blow of reality form the fairy tales she was living in. She let the pain of leaving Caspian behind consume her. Do not fret, dear one, you will see your beloved sister again in time.

"When, Aslan?" asked Lucy.

"In Time…."

Aslan's voice disappeared.

Lucy smiled to herself as she walked back to came.

"I forgive you, Susan."

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