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Miharu had always known this would happen, and Yoite had lived much longer then anticipated, but he didn't think it'd happen today. The farewell seemed like a lie as Yoite kept living, months after Kazuho had said he would, and the two boys grew even closer then they already were.

Yoite had given Miharu a scare twelve weeks ago; when the memory of the ordeal with the Kairoshuu, and Miharu was still on edge and over protective.

The middle-schooler had run to Hana and Thobari's house like he usually did, skipping after school activities so he could spend more time with Yoite.
As Miharu walked into the bright house, the usual warm welcome accompanied by an affectionate smile was missing, and the green eyed boy got frightened.

He started to search the house for his older companion, growing more frantic with each empty room. He searched the kitchen, the living room, the bathrooms, Yoite's bedroom, the dining room, and even Hana and Thobari's shared bedroom, but Yoite wasn't anywhere.
Miharu was on the verge of a breakdown, he sunk to the floor and cradled the woven bracelet Yoite had made him, pressing the soft bracelet against his heart.

"Miharu, are you okay?" came a familiar worry filled voice, and a gentle hand had touched Miharu's shaking shoulders.

"Yoite, where were you?!" Miharu had screamed, bursting into tears and hugging Yoite tightly.

"I was in the backyard, watching the birds" Yoite had said, trying to comfort the younger boy by playing with his hair.

"You scared me..." Miharu had sunk into Yoite's warm arms, and soon both of them had fallen asleep on the couch together.

But that was months ago, and Yoite was truly gone this time, and he wasn't coming back.

Why didn't I tell him then?!

The only words Miharu could choke our to the glints if light, that were once Yoite, were "I'll never forget you, Yoite."
The green eyed boy was answered with a breath of strawberry and lemon scented air, and he tried to hold onto that gift, but it was insubstantial.

The tears came, heavy and fast, they were soaked up by the fabric of Yoite's sweater and scarf.

When Miharu heard his friends running down the road to the house he did nothing, just stayed crouched and sobbing.

"Miharu what- Oh no..." Raimei started crying, and was embraced by Kouichi.
When Gau saw the empty rocking chair, tears fell from his eyes as well.
But the messy haired boy tried to touch Miharu's shoulder, and the young boy fled from the comforting gesture, he ran to Yoite's bedroom.
He locked the door behind him, flung himself down on the bed, and cried until he was too exhausted to move.


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