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Miharu was balancing on the rail of the train tracks.
A butterfly darted in front of his face and made him lose his balance, he started to fall.
But strong, warm arms caught him, and then brought him into a beautiful embrace.


"Hi Miharu" Yoite said with a smile, setting the younger boy on his feet.

Then the scene changed, it changed to a few minutes later.

Miharu entered the abandoned train first, followed by the older boy, intertwined fingers connecting them.
They sat down next to each other on the falling apart train seats, and Yoite pulled the smaller brunette close. Miharu blushed a bright red, and felt his heart beating happily and quickly.

"Miharu, you're red, do you have a fever? Are you okay?" Yoite looked genuinely concerned, and he lifted his hand to check Miharu's temperature.

"I'm fine..." said Miharu, and trying to calm the storm of fantasies and emotions clashing in his head, buried his face in Yoite's thick coat, hiding the deepening blush that had taken over his face.

The emerald eyed boy felt something warm and blissfully soft touch the small part of his forehead that wasn't buried in black fabric, accompanied by a small "chuu."

"I love you..." those words were answered by a shy gift of the same.

"I love you too..."

Two young men in there late twenties sat in the abandoned train, they really didn't look too much different then when they were 14 and 16.

The train had rusted, there was much more ivy covering it, but that only made it look more rustic and beautiful.
Bamboo was crowding around the train car, some of it pressed right into the walls.

But in the mist of lush bamboo towers, and thick ivy curtains, Yoite and Miharu were still holding hands, there love was symbolized by this place, they had confessed to each other here.

Miharu woke up with pain filled tears flowing down his face, it was only a dream... Yoite was still gone... Miharu was alone...

It was the third time he'd had the wonderful, terrible dream, three days since Yoite had disappeared. Miharu had not talked to any other human in these days, just to Yoite's scarf.

Suddenly, Miharu whispered "Yoite...", jumped out of bed, and ran to the kitchen.
The emerald eyed boy grabbed a knife, plunged it into his heart, and twisted the blade.

Everyone was distraught, they had hoped Miharu wouldn't do this, but no one had completely believed he would want to live now Yoite was no longer in this world.
Yukimi was informed, even though he had cut himself off from Miharu and Yoite to protect them. He was one of the hardest hit, and promised to support Miharu's grandmother, who no longer had her grandson to take over the restaurant.

Two graves were erected side by side, sobbing friends and family standing in a small circle, light blue roses and lemon scented candles laid on freshly dug dirt.

Miharu and Yoite would never be forgotten, their graves would be visited for years. They were loved by so many people, and they were sorely missed.

In the afterlife... Maybe they'll be able to fulfill Miharu's dream, living together forever... But they'll always be missed...

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