A Matt one-shot
Disclaimer- I don't own Death Note or Matt(wish I did)

Matt walked into the apartment with Mello. It was past midnight but they didn't care, it was Matt's birthday after all. Mello was high from booze and drugs but the alcohol barely touched Matt. He started to think that maybe a birthday was just that, another day. He watched Mello stumble towards their kitchen, but stopped before he walked into the living room. He turned back to Matt and smiled, fumbling in his pocket for no doubt a chocolate bar.

"Matt their is one last present for you from Near and me." He slurred, walking towards him and saying the last few words in a whisper. "It's in your bedroom." And with that he walked towards Matt's room. Matt sighed and followed him in but he wasn't expecting the sight before him. Laying there all four limbs tied in pace was a girl. She had a gag in her mouth and a blindfold on her eyes. He looked at Mello in confusion, anger, and overwhelming joy, then anger again.

"I read it in your diary that you said it's been years since you've been laid. So we snatched up this beauty and tied her to your bed." He snickered taking a bite out of his chocolate bar. "Don't worry, we drugged her. So she should be willing to do anything." He carried out the last word and walked out the door, closing it behind him.

He hesitantly walked over and looked down at her. She was wearing a simple yet elegant black skirt with frills at the bottom and a white button up top with a rose sewn into the left breast. He didn't think it was right but for some reason he felt extremely horny. Mello did say she was drugged. So maybe... He shook the thought from his head but his limbs moved involuntarily. He walked over to her and slowly started to unbutton her shirt. She was wearing a black lacey bra. Well that's going to make it easier for me. He said, noticing that the hook was in the front. He undid the clasp, feeling her shiver as the cold air whipped around her breasts. He started to gently massage her breast with one hand while the other captured one of her pink buds between his forefinger and thumb. Her nipple started to get hard as well as his cock. He removed the gag in her mouth so he could hear her moans of pleasure. He moved down to her skirt and folded it up instead of taking it off, and started to rub her clit overtop her underwear. She moan groggily and he felt his penis twitch. I need to do this soon before the drugs wear off.

So he literally ripped her panties from her and moved quickly to remove his pants and boxers. He shivered as the cold air surrounded his lower half. Matt then straddled her hips and positioned himself at her already wetted pussy and with one thrust pushed himself into her. She let out a high pitched scream in pain and Matt waited a few seconds before he started to move. He started off with a slow pace then started to go faster and faster until he was slamming into her at a bruising speed. He heard her starting to pant and moan as he did the same. It didn't take long before she came, moaning and groaning. He felt the walls of her vagina clamp around his cock sending him over the edge as well.

He rode out his orgasm before he collapsed on top of her. He waited until he regained his breath before he got up to untie and de-blindfold her. He noticed that she was already asleep and covered her up before walking out of the room to get a drink. He walked out to find Mello upside down on their couch snoring. Hmm. Thanks for the birthday present, Mello.

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