Given that the producers aren't likely to backpedal and show us what happened in Vienna, I thought I'd take it upon myself to have a bit of fun with Julia's journey of self-discovery.

Disclaimer: Now I guess CBC owns Murdoch rather than CITY-TV … either way, I've got nothing to do with it.


January 23, 1900

Dearest William,

I'm still on board the Ruritania and will post this when we dock in Plymouth, two days hence. I hadn't intended to put pen to paper so soon, but I confess the voyage has been stultifying thus far, with little to do except brush up on my German. Given the frigid temperatures, even strolling the desk is an unappetizing proposition. I miss you terribly.

As we've drawn closer to European shores, I've become apprehensive about meeting Dr. Freud. His reputation precedes him, and while our initial contact was encouraging, as I re-read his letter of invitation, I worry that he did not take me very seriously – being from the colonies, and a woman at that. He may indeed be shocked to have me turn up on his doorstep! But I haven't come all this distance to be denied, so I shall just have to persuade him that I am a genuine student of psychoanalysis. Wish me luck.

Ruby had some contacts in Vienna who have found me a small apartment to rent, within walking distance of Freud's workplace. I'm looking forward to once again having a floor that doesn't move. Even better, I'm told there is a little bakery down the street which makes delicious pastries, so I shall not starve!

Don't fret, my darling. Vienna is quite civilized and should be very safe for a woman alone. If I should run into difficulty, you know I will not be shy about engaging the assistance of the local constabulary!

No-one in Vienna, however (or anywhere else), could ever take your place in my heart.

Your Julia.


January 26, 1900

Dearest William,

There's time for a quick note while I'm on the train from Plymouth to Hull today. I just wanted to let you know how much you're in my thoughts.

I'm to board a ferry from Hull tomorrow, which will take me to Rotterdam. It's supposed to be a fairly short crossing, just a few hours. Then by train for the final leg of the journey to Austria, from the lowlands to the Alps in the space of a day! The Dutch trains are supposed to be very quick and efficient, but I have heard horror stories of them losing luggage, so I shall have to keep a close eye on my trunks. Not that there is much in them at present, as it has been so cold I'm wearing almost every stitch of clothing I have brought with me. Thankfully the carriage I'm in at present has provided coal-filled foot warmers – but I can still see my breath!

Nonetheless, the English countryside is lovely, all covered in hoarfrost. Quite an improvement over the grubby Plymouth docks. I don't have high expectations of Hull, either, from what I've heard, but I shall only be there one night, and I trust there will be no shortage of inns and hotels given the constant traffic from the harbour there.

Will, I know we discussed my plans before I left, but I want to be sure you understand my reasons. Being parted from you so soon after being reunited was never my desire – quite the opposite, in fact. But I hope that by disappearing from Toronto for a while, I can avoid embroiling you (and yes, Darcy as well) in my three-penny scandal, for which you are not at fault. I so deeply regret so many of my choices now, and more than any of them I regret turning my back on you and trying to forge an acceptable future out of an untenable situation. My heart knew better then, and it certainly knows better now. I am more grateful to you than I can express, that you still have room in yours for such a headstrong fool, and I hope we won't be parted for much longer. I intend to return to you a wiser and more honest woman, with every intention of making a life with you should you still wish it.

I will forward you my address once I reach Vienna. Please write to me there, and help me feel your love and support in my new venture. Until we are together again, I remain …

Your Julia.