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Hermione awoke with a groan. She couldn't see through the darkness around her and she tried to remember what had happened. Slowly, the memories filtered back. Harry had insisted on going to the Department of Mysteries to retrieve Sirius from Voldemort's wrath and she, Ron, Ginny, Neville and Luna had foolishly gone along with him. A battle had ensued with the Death Eaters because, just as Hermione had predicted, it had been a trap. Blocking curses left and right, Hermione had tried to keep Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy away from Harry and the others, resulting in her being the last one in their group to make it through a door.

It would be just her luck that Bellatrix ran through the exact same door. Hermione could only escape by tossing a Reducto curse behind herself, exploding the giant chessboard they had stumbled upon. She hurried through another door and met up with the others, all of them trying to hold their own against the Death Eaters despite Luna being unconscious thanks to Dolohov, Ginny having a sprained or broken ankle and Ron having a long cut on his forehead spilling blood. They all raced into a room with a giant veil in it and Hermione heard voices behind the veil.

Feeling a twisting in her stomach, Hermione warned the others not to go near it. Most of them listened, though Neville and Ron still looked like they wanted to move closer. Harry was the only one not to listen. He moved closer and closer to the veil, his hand raised as if to touch it. "Harry, no!" Hermione had shouted just as the Death Eaters had flooded the room. At the same time, members of the Order of the Phoenix came through a different door and another battle ensued, causing Hermione to have to duck Killing Curses and Stunning spells from all directions. As she was getting to her feet yet again, a hand closed around her throat.

"Well, well, well." Hermione's blood had gone cold at the voice. "I think the little Mudblood has wandered into the wrong territory indeed." Bellatrix had kept a good grip on Hermione's throat as she shot a curse at Sirius, who had been fighting Mulciber; the spell hit him square in the chest and with a shout of surprise, he had tumbled through the veil and had not come back. Before he had even fully fallen through, Bellatrix was pulling Hermione behind her, the lighter brunette struggling against the hand around her throat. Just as Harry and Ron came running out to try and catch up with them, Bellatrix had pulled Hermione into a fireplace and the boys had disappeared in a burst of green flame.

Now, Hermione's eyes widened as she swung her head around to try and figure out where she was. The darkness was almost completely absolute, so she figured that she must have been in a dungeon or something of the like. Just then, a door opened and Hermione looked up to see Peter Pettigrew looking in at her. He gave a small smile and beckoned her forward. An invisible force pulled Hermione along behind the rat animagus and she struggled against the force, trying to flee. They were traveling through a maze of halls and as they passed doorways, Hermione saw Death Eaters in many of the rooms, laughing and chatting or planning and strategizing. At last, they arrived in a long drawing room with an almost equally as long table occupying it. Occupying the table was none other than the Dark Lord himself along with Bellatrix Lestrange and Severus Snape.

"Ah, the prisoner has awoken." Voldemort said in a cold, but pleasant voice. "Allow me to just call in my other Death Eaters and then the interrogation can begin." Hermione gulped as he pressed the mark on his arm. Within minutes, the Death Eaters began to fill the table and Hermione felt her nerves rising further. Many of the Death Eaters shot her glares and Hermione remembered that she was the one that gave them most of their injuries, aside from the Order, of course.

"Now, Granger Mudblood," Voldemort began in that same cold, but pleasant voice. "We can do this the easy way in which you simply surrender and give up information, or the hard way in which my Death Eaters use whatever means of torture they wish to persuade you into giving over information. Your choice."

Hermione thought this over quickly. She analyzed her choices carefully as she looked around the room. First, there were too many Death Eaters for her to even think of getting out alive, not to mention that the window was right behind Voldemort's head. Second, Snape was also part of the Order of the Phoenix, which meant he would report back to them and tell them that she had sold out her friends if she chose the first, easier option. Third, it was likely that the second option would kill her and if she stayed quiet long enough for that to happen, they would still not be getting information from her. They were most likely going to kill her if she gave up information anyway. So, bringing together all of her Gryffindor courage, Hermione looked the Dark Lord straight in the eye and held up her chin defiantly.

Voldemort looked both angered and somewhat impressed with her show of bravery, but nodded all the same. "Very well then, take her to the dungeons, Wormtail. Prepare her for whatever my followers may think is appropriate." Pettigrew scurried along, using that same invisible force to drag a still struggling Hermione away from the table. As she was leaving, Hermione saw Bellatrix whispering to Lord Voldemort and the lipless man shook his head. "No Bella. Dolohov, Mulciber, Lucius, Nott and the rest of the males have all called first pickings on the Mudblood. It seems you were the only one competent enough to stay out of her wand fire. So you may have her when they are finished." The last thing of the room that Hermione saw was Bellatrix sitting back with a pout as all of the men in the room either laughed or groaned.

Hermione paced the dungeon anxiously. Wormtail had stripped her of her clothing once she had been shackled to the dungeon floor and had used a scourgifying spell to clean her of any dust or dirt. Then, he had gone with her clothing and Hermione was left naked, pacing with the only sound to be heard the clinking of the chains as she walked. She could only imagine what horrors the male Death Eaters were going to show her, but if she was lucky, by the third Death Eater, she would be dead and never have to face the wrath of Bellatrix. According to some of the chattering she had heard as Wormtail took her through the halls to the drawing room, she had unintentionally killed Rodolphus Lestrange. That meant that both Rabastian and Bellatrix would not be happy with her. At last, the door opened and Hermione looked up to see Antonin Dolohov step into the dungeon, smiling wickedly at her as he hung his wand on a rack that was far too high for Hermione to reach.

"Well, well, look at the Mudblood now." Dolohov gave Hermione a cheeky smile as the brunette began backing away, shaking in fear. "Oh you should be scared. I'm not happy with that little slicing hex you sent my way."

Hermione gulped as Dolohov began undressing. "P-please..."

The Death Eater raised an eyebrow. "So you beg for it? As you wish then, Mudblood."

"No." Hermione groaned softly as Dolohov pinned her to the wall of the dungeon, his erection pressing into her pelvis as he ground himself against her. Hermione winced as the sharp, cold stone of the wall bit into her back. When the Death Eater thought himself ready, he dragged a struggling Hermione to the ground.

"No! Let me go!" She squirmed and wiggled as he pressed his cock to her lower lips. The Death Eater simply laughed and easily slid himself into her. Hermione screamed out in protest and Dolohov groaned, feeling how tight her walls were.

"This should make it easier to make you bleed." he mused aloud.

"Please, stop!" Hermione cried, feeling a twinge of pain in her stomach as he thrust roughly into her.

"Not a chance, Mudblood." Dolohov growled, dragging his nails down her sides, leaving stinging bloody trails in their wake. Hermione hissed out in pain, reflexively curling in on herself. Dolohov pulled on her hair to get her to lie straight and Hermione whimpered as tears stung her eyes.

"That's right, slut. Cry and scream." Hermione tugged at her hands, but he had her in a vice-like grip and his body kept her legs in place. She was trapped.

"Absolute idiocy is what drove you to that!"

Harry flinched as Professor McGonagall chewed him out. He was sitting in the Headmaster's office with a dumbstruck Ron, a defeated looking Neville, a frowning Luna and a sobbing Ginny.

"But Professor, I thought they had Sirius!" Harry cried.

"That is not the point, Potter." Snape hissed at him. "The point is that you acted on that thought. And it was a trick."

"But do you know what isn't a trick?" Professor McGonagall growled. "They have Hermione Granger! She is a muggleborn. Do you know what they could do to her? They could-"

"No!" Ginny shrieked. "Please Professor McGonagall. Please don't say it. Don't say any of it! I can't..." Ginny turned into Luna's hug and cried into her friend's chest.

"Ginny," Ron tried to console his sister. "We all understand how you feel. She was our friend too, you know?"

Ginny rounded on her brother and shouted, "You arse! She was my girlfriend!"

Ron, Harry and Neville gasped in surprise as Ron's ears began turning red. "Your girlfriend! That's disgusting! What would Mum say?"

"I don't care! It doesn't matter what Mum says."

"Doesn't matter?" Ron yelled incredulously. "How could it not matter?"

"Because Hermione's gone and there's a pretty damn good chance I'm never going to see her again! I never even got the chance to say I loved her too."

"She told you she loved you? But that's a load of shite!"

Ginny whirled around and punched Ron in the nose, rushing from the office. Luna glared at Ron as the redhead tried to stifle the bleeding appendage and raced after her friend, stopping her near the Charms classroom and pulling her inside, embracing her and cooing to her in an effort to calm her.

Ginny sobbed into her best friend's robes, feeling the pain closing in on her at the fact that the one person in the world she loved more than anything could quite well be dead by the next morning.

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