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Kim Possible

Passing the Torch

Chapter 4 - Practicing with Plasma

Possible Residence, outside Middleton

"There's nothing wrong with having plasma powers, Sparky," Kim told her daughter after everyone had sat done. She and Shena had decided to wait until the food was done before talking about what had just happened.

"But I didn't have them before," Kara replied. "Why do I have them now?"

"Who can say?" Shena answered. "Maybe it has something to with that whole DNA thing that resulted in your conception. The point is that you've got plasma powers - though I don't know how it got to be red - and we've got to get you trained on them."

"How did you train your powers, Mother?"

"It was trial and error for me. I had to guesstimate a lot, figure out how it worked."

"So how does it work?"

"We generate our own energy, but for some reason solar radiation seems to act like a turbocharger. It feels like a warm glow inside of you that seems to be everywhere. I can actually discharge it like I was a bomb if I wanted to, but I've only done that once. It left me sick and nauseated for days."

"So how do you get it to fire out of your hands?" Kara asked. Kim was curious, too.

"Concentration. I started out practicing by making my hand into a pretend-gun, and imagining something shooting out of it. It may seem kind of silly, but that's how I began learning. The glow comes naturally, though it might take more than a little thought at first. And blasting it like I do will take some practice." Shena sighed. "Looks like we'll need to be getting fireproof padding for the dojo."

"We can set up a practice range out here in the meantime," Kim suggested. "That way you can get her started."

The Next Day

Shena roused her daughter early the next morning so they could get a jump on plasma practice. It didn't take Kara long to wake up when she learned that that was what they would be doing.

"What about Mom?" she asked as the two of them headed to the 'backyard.' "Shouldn't she be here, too?"

"Let's let her sleep," Shena replied. "I'm sure she'll be waking up soon, anyway."

"She's not going to feel left out, is she?" Shena chuckled.

"Not a chance, Sparky. Plasma practice might not be something she can participate in, but she isn't going to feel left out because of it. Remember, your mom didn't have powers she started saving the world, and she'd beat my ass to standstill quite a bit. Your powers are a gift; mine seemed like a curse when I got them. It took your mom to show me that they were a gift."

"Mom's pretty special."

"Yeah, she is. More than you know. Now, let's get started." Shena walked out towards the picnic table and set a bunch of soda cans along it, spaced two inches apart. Then she walked back to Kara. "Now the goal right now isn't range, but accuracy. We're going to stand ten feet from the table, and you're going to blast the cans. Don't get upset if you miss; you can't learn if you don't make mistakes."

"So how do I do this again?"

"You assume a shoulder-width stance," Shena said, demonstrating each position as she explained it, "hold your arms out and clasp your hands together. Then extend both of your index fingers and thumbs."

"Like this?" Kara asked, following her mother's instructions.

"Exactly. Now, squeeze your thumbs down to those extended fingers and imagine something shooting."

Kara did as she was told, then yelped in surprise when a small burst of red plasma shot from her fingers and missed a can by a couple of feet.

"Wow! Did you see that? That was so cool!"

"Two of your uncles, my twin younger brothers, have a red glow, too. Though their power is multiplication of themselves rather than plasma bursts. Now, try and aim at one of the cans."

Kara did, closing one eye and sticking her tongue out between her teeth. Then she repeated what her mother had said about shooting plasma and just barely missed.

"Better," Shena told her, "but closing an eye and sticking your tongue out makes you look goofy."

"Mother," she groaned, making the green-tinted woman chuckle.

"It's the truth. Now. Again."

Kara tried again - and missed. And missed again. And again.

"What am I doing wrong?" she said, frustrated.

"You're trying to force it."

"I'm doing what you said!"

"I'm going to ignore that tone this time. I hear it again, and I'm going to put you over my knee, drop your pants and panties, and give you a plasma-assisted spanking. I said 'focus,' not 'force.' You've got to relax, calm down. Right now we're just trying to help you get the hang of your powers. Using them under pressure will come later."

"Breakfast!" Kim shouted from the house.

"We'll continue after breakfast. And after lunch, you can go hang out with your friends."

"So how's practice going?" Kim asked as she set plates of bacon, eggs, and toast on the dining table.

"She can hit the broad side of a barn right now, but that's about it," Shena said, throwing a wink at her daughter to show she was teasing.

"It's hard to do," Kara admitted.

"I imagine it's going to be," her mom agreed. "Your mother makes it look so easy because she's been doing it since she was your age. You'll get the hang of it faster than she did, since you have her to teach you."

"That's what she said, too."

"I don't doubt it. Now, eat up. I imagine you've got some more plasma practice after supper." Kara groaned when she heard that, making both of her parents chuckle; she'd been hoping her mom would talk her mother out of that, and here she was agreeing with her.

Ten minutes into the second session of the day was when Kara hit a can. It was a glancing shot, but it was an improvement over before.

"Do you know what you did?" Shena asked.

"I was just so mad that I kept missing that I just . . . pointed and blasted."


"But I was trying to focus like you told me to."

"You were trying too hard. Focus and feel it."

She tried again, feeling a bit more confident this time, and managed to hit the same can again - this time knocking it off the table. Her yell of surprise and delight drew Kim to the solarium where she saw her jumping in joy. She laughed, unheard by the other two down in the yard, and went back to the housework she'd been doing.

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