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This is my first try at writing fanfiction so my writing might improve a lot thought the story I might even end of changing writing style sometimes to try other styles out I hope this fic will be well received but in the end its only an experiment but anyway please enjoy and please review and tell me what you think about the story what was good and maybe even more important what wasn't after all I can only improve something if I know it needs improvement I'm also not entirely sure where I want this story to go so if you have any suggestions I will welcome them

This is my first attempt at writing a fanfiction story so please revive and tell me what you think is good and what you think is bad and yes I know I'm not the best at grammar

ok I have been stuck on this island for the last month trying to figure out how to get home but now let me tell you how I ended up here on an uninhabited island when just a month ago I was I was studying back in my comfy lab in Konoha.

My name is Orochimaru I'm hailed as a genius in all of Konoha and my hobby is experimenting and learning.

My dream is to learn everything possible, therefore i had a short time where I nearly fell into madness and tried to gain eternal life by making a technique that would allow me to possess others bodies.

Probably luckily and for the best my sensei Sarutobi Hiruzen the 3th Hokage, and my two teammates Jiraiya the toad Sennin and Tsunade the slug Sennin found out what I was researching and beat me to a pulp, I didn't like that part at all.

After they (mainly Tsunade) had done that they convinced me that not only was the idea extremely immoral even if I used captured enemy ninja, it would never work in the long run, since even if I was able to possess peoples bodies I would have to fight their soul with my own.

This would probably even if I won either destroy a part of my soul every time I used the technique, or worse merge a part of the defeated soul to my own.

that might mean that I would end up forgetting who I was after using the technique enough times, or simply plainly go mad from the foreign soul remnants influence, since if I merged with a part of their soul every time sooner or later the merged parts would become stronger than my own.

And since they would probably all hate me for taking their bodies, they would probably unite against me instinctively, so that's why I gave up that plan.

But I still want to live forever, or at least far longer than 1 human lifespan, sooner or later I will probably grow bored of life, if I get immortality then I'm bound to sooner or later get bored of life since it will be never ending.

That's a one of the reason why all my ideas of how to get immortality are based on reincarnation, instead of making a body last forever, if I managed to make a body truly immortal, I would have no way out when I had lived so long that I didn't want to live anymore.

I want to be able to choose when I go on to the afterlife, I don't want to bind myself to life.

I have read books about people that did that fiction of course, but they raise a valid point, immortality without a way out is a curse.

my sensei also made another good point in why I shouldn't try and use my bodysnatching idea, he reminded me that it isn't just how strong or clever you are that matter but even more how you use your strength and wisdom. Yeah sappy I agree but I'm still a Konoha Nin at heart, so I agree with it, even though I would say it in a less overly sweet way.

But I do love Konoha so betraying Konoha to gain knowledge or harming citizens in my experiments isn't really an option. After all to succeed only to be thrown in jail executed or driven out would make my success meaningless.

But anyway this all started when I was in my lab it was 3 month since sensei and my teammates beat some sense into me.

I was in the hospital for 2 month after that (mainly because Tsunade wouldn't speed up my healing must, she made sure I healed perfectly but she also made sure it took time. Probably to be sure I got that it was beyond simply a bad idea) which gave me plenty of time to think about what I had been about to do and it had been so wrong.

It also gave me time to think about how I could gain immortality in a less immoral way.

I still think it's a good idea to use enemies and missing nins as raw material for the technique but taking over their bodies by forcing my soul into them is both inefficient dangerous and immoral since it might destroy the victims very soul and it's one thing to kill someone it's another to destroy their very soul.

Furthermore I would need 100s if not 1000s of test subjects, since human souls are much more complicated than animals, so I gave up on that idea entirely.

My new idea is to instead invent an altered version of a technique the second Hokage made edo tensei the original version that I'm using as the start call a soul back from the afterlife bind it to a body of the same species and change the body into a copy of the souls body in its prime there is however a few problem that make it a bad choice for a resurrection technique

It only binds a soul to a body it doesn't truly bring it back to life the soul is still dead it's just bound to a body that it control meaning that the one brought back feel like conscious zombies than true living beings

Since the soul is artificially bound to the body by the technique the user can dispel it at a moment's notice

Since your soul isn't really synchronized with the body you can't feel taste or smell anything

The user can control the summoned meaning if your summoned your summoner controls you

You can't release the technique yourself so if your summoner dies you might be unable to move on unless you find a way to sever the bonds between your soul and the body your possessing

So as you can see the original edo tensei isn't a good option for getting eternal life so I'm trying to make a version of the technique that have these problems and other if I find them fixed

Since I got discharged from the hospital I immersed myself in my research I know that to alter a technique I first have to understand exactly how it works I of course didn't have any human subjects, but then I realized the only rule for the technique is that the soul and body must be of the same species there is no reason the technique should only work on humans.

After this realization I caught a lot of rat since nobody would miss them and used them as my experimental subjects I probably used the technique 100s of times I don't have my notes here so I don't know the exact number.

But anyway just a week ago I realized that I had gotten to the point were just using the technique and observing the result wasn't getting me anyway, so I began to work on theories about how I could change the techniques to get rid of the flaws in it.

I decided to start by experimenting with how the soul is summoned, I tried to make it so that instead of just summoning the soul it switched the soul currently in the body with the soul you where summoning.

However I must have done something wrong because instead of switching souls the technique for a yet unknown reason opened a portal that sucked me in and spat me out on this island

Since then I have been exploring the island and discovered it's a quite large uninhabited island.

I have also been setting up shelter and gathering supplies, I tried to summon a snake and have them reverse summon me home, but I'm apparently unable to summon snakes here. This makes me conclude that there is a rather large chance that this is an entire other world.

Well I'm a genius so I'm sure I will eventually find a way to get home, so I'm not too about that.

I however hope sensei don't think I have gone and become a missing nin, that would suck.

So I will be trying to find a way to at least contact home as fast as possible in order to prevent being declared a deserter or if I already are declared one rectify the mistake the sooner I do it the better chance they will believe me.

If this is indeed another world and not just some island with barriers that prevent summoning then I hope sensei will let me stay here for awhile and study the place.

Just thinking about all the knowledge I can gain here especially if there is civilization is enough me ecstatic, just think about the possibilities if there is a civilization even half as progressed as our own, after all even if I'm unlucky and their technology and other knowledge is less advanced than ours are, they probably still have lots of things nobody in our world has thought of, or have found entirely different ways to do things, yes I'm really looking forward to explore if this is another world.

Some of you might think that I should keep as much off my knowledge secret from even my allies if this is another world since ninja is supposed to be secretive, but I disagree. If this is another world, then I can afford to be allot less secretive than I'm when I'm home after all they probably have no way of traveling to our world meaning that whatever I tell them or teach them can't be used against Konoha.

This also means that if I find someone I want to teach the ninja ways I will teach them, normally that would be forbidden. Even thought Jiraiya got away with it with those Ame brats.

It's forbidden because we don't want to train ninja not loyal to the village, we are already lenient enough in that we allow our ninja to quit until they make chuunin without being imprisoned crippled or getting a loyalty seal on you.

Most other villages either kill quitters force them to continue being ninja against their will cripple them or use a seal that take away their will,

Konohas only rules about quitters is that you have to allow a Yamanaka to enter your mind and see all the techniques and secrets you have learned and if you are still loyal to Konoha if you have information you aren't supposed to know and have kept secrets from the village then your of course punished the same way we would punish an active nin since your only retired from your ninja career after you have been cleared.

The only other rule we have is that if you want to quit then it has to be before you reach chuunin or above if you get sick of the ninja life after you reach chuunin then you can retire from active duty and work a civilian job but your required to keep up your training so your skills don't dull too much and you can be pulled back in active duty in an emergency.

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I have written the prologue in a first person point of view that might however change from chapter to chapter thought since it's hard to write in the first place and being able to change perspective makes it a little bit easier if you don't like that then I'm sorry but it makes it allot easier for me and I aren't that good a writer in the first place

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