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Raising hell and leaving fast

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Orochimaru spend the next 3 days making a perfect plan for stealing all of the marines had of any value and one of their ships.

He also read some books about how to operate a ship the time needed to

It only took him one day to make the plan for stealing the supplies he needed from the marines their defenses where laughably easy to get thought for a ninja of his level.

The trial was closed off to the public but Orochimaru easily infiltrated it, he then watched the trial or as he called it in his head a mockery of justice.

The boy weren't allowed to choose his lawyer, instead they in their `infinite´ wisdom choose to have a man who was known to be a good friend of the officer he killed act as his lawyer.

They didn't allow the witness to attend the trial since they said it was a matter for the military and no civilians should be involved only the marines and the convict on trial.

They totally refused to acknowledge that the officer had actually tried to rape the boy´s sister saying he was just lying to save himself.

In the end the judge said that he would have preferred to have the boy executed, but since the populace believed the boy was innocent he wouldn't.

Instead the boy was sentenced to be sent to the local section of the marine academy since he had shown strength, there he was to train as a marine, but once he was finished with his training he wouldn't be allowed to advance in ranks ever, he would also unofficially be banished from the city and if he ever entered it again he would get thrown in prison.

Orochimaru decided that he would follow through with his plan after seeing this, but let the boy decide if he wanted to join him, or stay and become a marine.

That was until the judge who where also the commander of the marine base made a parting shot at the boy, by saying oh and I have heard your sister is quite a beautiful young lady who know I might decide to make her my new maid wahahaha, and do you know what the best part is? There is nothing you can do about it.

After he had said that he began to laugh and the 9 other officers in the room laughed with him, the boy tried to attack the judge but the chains he was in prevented him from doing so.

This did it for Orochimaru he decided then and there that since he was going to become a criminal anyway he might as well start his career now, he jumped down from the ceiling he had been hiding on, and quickly killed all the marines in the room, he the freed the boy from his shackles, and asked him, "what's your name boy."

My name is Tarran who are you sir?

Kukukuku I like you Tarran my name is Orochimaru and I'm a pirate or at least I will be in a few hours, I'm going to steal a ship from the marines and set out to sea on it do you want to join me.

Yes I do captain but only if you will allow me to take my sister with me, if I can't then I ask of you to put my shackles back on and kill me like you did the marines. If I disappear from my trial leaving behind ten dead marines I will be a wanted criminal, and the marines here have a special policy about the family members of criminals if the criminal don't show up within a month then their family will get the same punishment as them they do this to discourage crime and to make criminal give themselves up and I would much rather die than let my sister be killed for my crimes.

That's fine with me boy but we must move quickly, I will have a shadow clone get your sister to the ship don't ask what a shadow clone are I will explain later.

Orochimaru summoned two shadow clones one of them immediately ran towards the town to get Tarran's sister Orochimaru gave the other a bunch of scrolls it took them and disappeared into the shadows.

Orochimaru then picked Tarran up and said "my clone will steal everything of value here and the other will get your sister to the ship, we are going to secure the ship meaning we need to beat some marines up try not to kill them there might be a few decent ones among them but only spare them if it won't endanger you I have chosen you to become my first student so you're not allowed to die before I can even begin your training".

Orochimaru then ran to the marines private dock while carrying Tarran once they got there he let him down.

Orochimaru said Tarran I will knock out most of them up but I will leave a few so I can see how good you currently are at fighting, I will only interfere if you're about to die so take this serious

Understood captain Orochimaru I'm always serious when I'm fighting

Orochimaru knocked out nearly all of the marines leaving only 2 awake he then said to those two "Hey you marines if you fight my young apprentice there and win I refrain from burning down the two ships that I have no use for I will also not turn all of you into cripples sounds fair?

The marines didn't answer they just unsheathed their swords and charged at Tarran, Tarran quickly picked up a sword that one of the knocked out marines had dropped.

He was able to fight the two marines on near equal ground but he slowly began to lose ground and about half a minute into the fight one of the marines managed to give him a minor wound, the marine however overextended slightly doing and it Tarran used that opening to kick the marines sword arm, making him drop his sword, Tarran then kicked the sword into the ocean.

Now with only one opponent Tarran quickly overpowered him and disarmed him too he then asked the two marines to surrender, but before they could answer Orochimaru said, "Drop your sword Tarran I want to see you hand to hand skill".

Tarran did as Orochimaru ordered and dropped the sword and engaged the marines in hand to hand, after a few moments it was clear that Tarran was much better at hand to hand than the marines where, he was trashing them both at the same time with ease, a few minutes later Tarran managed to knock them out.

Tarran then asked "Captain Do you really plan to cripple the men and burn the ships"?

"No Tarran I do not Orochimaru said it was simply a way to make them give their all in the fight".

After saying that Orochimaru made 2 new shadow clones and gave each a few scrolls and told them to take everything of use from the two ships they weren't stealing and do some minor damage to them so the Marines wouldn't be able to use the ships to chase after them.

10 minutes later all Orochimarus clones had safely delivered what they were ordered to get, the loot was all sealed and locked in the ships safe and Tarran's sister was currently sleeping in one of the bedrooms on the ship. The ship had 15 single person bedrooms and 20 dormitory style bedrooms with five beds in each of them, so for now each crew member would get their own room but that might end up changing depending on how big the crew would get.

A few hour later they were on the open sea and Orochimaru had made 8 shadow clones to man the ship, meanwhile he was telling Tarran just what he had gotten into he told Tarran who he was how he did his techniques and how he got to this world he also told him why he didn't try to use the same technique to get back home, he then told Tarran to go to sleep and did that himself.

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