Who are you? What makes you who you are?

This question is spoken quite often in many places, or at least where
I come from. This was the question that made me become who I am now.
And this sparks another question: Who am I?

As much as I would love to tell you the answer, I can not. I am a
time-traveller, and am known by many different things. As a
time-traveller, I have seen the works of old, and the works of new. I
have witnessed almost every war through my own eyes, and know of many
stories worth telling. But that question will become very, very
important later on.

And that is why I am here. You are here to read the tale of a
forgotten battle. A secret war, with rebellion, treachery, death, and
many events that could suprise you, while I am here to lead this tale's direction, all while keeping my question in mind. This has been long forgotten, the
effects of time-travelling erasing it from many minds. If you wish to
hear of this rather peculiar tale, then please read on.

I will give you a fair warning, though. By reading this story, you are
learning information that the Zone Cops are desperately trying to keep
secret. You are putting yourself in danger of getting discovered by
the Warden Zobotnick, and therefore you must be careful, as we do not
want you to become locked up, your memory erased, and released back
into the world having believed this story to be nonexistent. No


~Sonic's POV


"OUCH!" I yelped as I jumped up, my head making quick contact with
something over me. I groaned and layed down on the hard, wooden
surface. I felt at my sides, only to find two more wooden walls,
preventing me from moving freely. Judging by how my head had just
slammed into a cieling not even a foot above me, I could only guess I
was trapped in a wooden box.


Where the heck was I? I began racking my brain, thinking how I could
have possibly gotten myself in here.

Let's see... I remembered a battle... and I think I won. Darn... who
was I fighting? No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember.

Before I go any farther, I should probably explain things a bit. To
start, my name's Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog. All my life, I've been in
the wrong place, at the wrong time. For me, that's actually a good
thing. After all, I am one of Mobius' greatest heroes.

See, for as long as I can remember, my life has been spent protecting
everything I care about, from a certain fat guy in a red suit. No, not
Santa. This guy was a greedy, bloated eggman. I can't even count how
many times I've defeated him (although my buddy, Tails, probably
could. He's good at that stuff).

That's about all there is to me. And as to why I'm stuck in a tight,
wooden box? Well, I don't know that myself.

But MAN, it was uncomfortable! I couldn't see anything, you can thank
the darkness for that. Well, at least this box was dry. I was also
kept warm (not that it was cold outside. How would I know?), And, it
offered a sense of safety. I'm not sure what to think of that.

Aw, who am I kidding? This place sucked. Well, at least I had enough
room to roll into a ball. As I curled up, I began rotating, slowly
gaining speed. The box was lighting up with a warm, blue glow as I got
enough speed to burst through the top of the box. The wood splintered
and scratched me slightly, but overall I succeded in breaking it. As I
rolled through it, I could feel my body dig through cold soil.

...Soil? What the heck?

I spun faster and finally burst into the open air, glad to finally be
out of that stuffy, strangely warm box. Collapsing on the ground, I
could feel my chest rising and falling rapidly. I guess I was more
tired than I thought.

After about a minute of laying there, I finally looked up. The first
thing I saw was the sky, gray with dark clouds. It was then that I
noticed it was raining. Dang it, I hate rain. I was resting on bright,
green grass that looked over a small pond, with a waterfall dropping
into it. A tree hung over me, and I could see an old cabin and a small
track digging deep into the rocky walls that seemed to make up a
mountain. I didn't quite reconize the place until I saw a small cave
at my right. Not very far into this cave was a large, swirling cyclone
of wind that, if you stepped in it, would whisk you to a place called
Windy Valley.

That basically summed up where I was: Mystic Ruins. Around two feet in
front of me was a large hole in the ground, probably what I had just
crawled out of. I gazed at the hole, unsure what to think. How did I
get here, and why was I buried?

I shrugged the thought off and turned around. Now I had a clear view
of what was behind me: A wooden stairway that led to an overhanging
bridge. This was used by the train to get to Station Square. Beyond
the bridge was a large hill overlooking the ocean, which was behind
everything. At the top of the hill rested a small workshop, one that
belonged to my best bud, Tails. I smiled to myself and stood up. Man,
It felt good to stretch my legs! It made me wonder how long I was
cramped up in that box down there. But hey, who cares? I was out, I was free, and- whoa, I was
pretty hungry to. Well, I was planning on seeing Tails anyway, so I
might as well grab some food while I was there. I crouched down and
burst off, arriving at his workshop in less than a second. I
approached the heavy, oak door that made the workshop's entrance and
gave it a good, hard knock.


"...Yo, Tails! Anyone home?"


No answer.

I stood there for a couple of minutes, waiting for my bro's usual
greeting. I tapped my foot. He sure was taking his sweet time getting
to the door! I raised my fist and knocked again.


"Tails! It's me! Sonic!"


Again, no answer.

I rolled my eyes. He was probably working on the Tornado again. I
grabbed the door handle and swung it open, inviting myself in. He
wouldn't mind, anyway. I did it all the time.

"Hey, Tails! You home?"

I stopped dead in my tracks, and let my mouth drop. The workshop was
dark, like, really dark. All of the tools on the work table were
gathering dust, as well as cobwebs. To my right was the Tornado, in
even worse condition than the table. The paint was peeling off, the
exposed engine was coated in a thick layer of dust and more cobwebs,
and the front propeller had been disabled. What was going on? Tails
never left the place like this, especially the Tornado!

I shook my head. Maybe Tails has just been too busy to come here
(although that was pretty unlikely). I sighed and opened the nearby
refrigerator, only to find it empty. Closing it, I sat on a stool and
remained quiet, like the rest of the workshop. The only thing to be
heard was the patter of rain pelting on the window.

After a few minutes, I decided I should go check up on Big, he would
definitely be home. Big was a cat that lived out in the jungles of
Mystic Ruins, and he was, well, big. I opened the door and shot down
the hill to the small cart track, which could take me further into the
jungle. After a few minutes of running down the track, which passed
like a blur, I made it onto a large plato overlooking the ruins, and
the intense forests that surrounded. Not bothering to use the ladder,
I leaped off the plato and kicked off of a tall palm tree, propelling
myself over the trees and towards the area Big's hut was located. I
couldn't help but grin as I felt the wind blow past me, and the scenic
view I had of the jungle made it even better. My only problem was the
rain, but I could look past that. It wasn't long before I began to
descend, and landed right smack in front of the little hut I was
looking for.

It was a strange looking place, as it was nearly surrounded by water
(due to the river that flowed through there). It didn't exactly have
any walls, except for in the back. You could say it mostly looked like
a floor and a roof, but me and my friends had spent many great
afternoons there nonetheless. I smiled and hopped over the small
stream of water that blocked my path to the hut, and began walking up
the small dock that led into the little house-hut-roof contraption.

"Hey Big, it's me, Sonic!" I called out. I grinned as I looked around
the hut. A large bed was set behind a small, round table, and it
looked like he added a TV. The hut had also been expanded slightly,
allowing room for a few more beds, and a small kitchen area. It really
made the hut look bigger, compared to my last visit.

My thoughts were interrupted as I spotted a large, purple form stand
up by a pool of water, just outside the hut.

"...Sonic? Is that you?" The familiar voice asked.

I smiled. "Yup, the one and only!"

"Sonic, you're alive!" The cat shouted, running up to greet me.

"Oh come on, Big. It hasn't been THAT long since my last visit!" I
replied with a chuckle. "In fact, why are you even- OOF!" I grunted as
the cat slapped me on the back, laughing heartily while I faceplanted
into the wooden flooring.

"I'm so glad to see your alive, Sonic!" Big exclaimed. "You're other
friends have been very worried about you!"

Okaaaaayy... I'm not sure what he meant by that.

"Um... why would they be worried?" I asked, unsure what to expect.

"Because you disappeared without a trace, Sonic." a more serious voice
spoke behind me. I turned to face the red speaker.

"...Knuckles?" I asked. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be
guarding the Master Emerald?"

"The Master Emerald evaporated, Sonic, causing Angel Island to crumble
and collapse on Radical Highway. Remember the battle?"

Battle? I wasn't sure. I began ransacking my brain, but the only thing
that would come up were fuzzy, blurred memories.

"I... I think so." I replied, my head was beginning to hurt. "Wasn't
that only like... a day ago?"

Knuckles sighed. "Well, you're close." he said in a sarcastic tone.
"It was three months ago."

My mouth dropped. "W-What?" I stammered out. What was going on here?
Was this amnesia I was getting?

Knuckles remained there with a calm, grim expression. "Sonic, I'm
guessing the blows you took went to your head." he limped over to where I was standing and motioned for
me to sit on a small chair by the table. I obliged and waited for my
friend to continue.

"Explaining everything will take a bit of time, but for now I'll say
this: Chaos energy is no longer our friend. It's an enemy, and a
powerful one at that. Most of our friends have disappeared, along with
Robotnick. Amy, Vanilla, and Cream are hiding with the Chaotix, hoping
to stay safe, while everyone else just disappeared, plain and simple.
If that wasn't enough, you're technically supposed to be dead."
Knuckles heaved a long sigh and took a seat in another chair. "I also
nearly lost my leg." he groaned as he gripped his right knee.

I sat there, shocked. What exactly did I miss, and what the heck was
going on here? If that all happened while I was unconcious in that
box, how did I survive?

"Oh, and one more thing..." Knuckles spoke again, interrupting my
thoughts. I looked up at the echidna to see that his expression had
become, well, it looked as if something was hurting him, like a great
sadness. He pulled out a poster and gently laid it on the table. I
leaned over to look at it, to find it was a 'Wanted, dead or alive'
poster. I looked at the picture and gasped. I was beginning to feel
light headed, with shock, horror, and anger overwhelming in me.

"Sonic..." Knuckles spoke in a shaky voice. I looked up from the
horrifying poster and back at him again, to see that a small tear was
glistening in his eye.

"It's Tails, Sonic. He's become wanted... as a deadly criminal."

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