Confusion was all that ran through Sonic's mind. Learning that Station
Square and Angel Island practically destroyed each other only fueled
it. Sonic might have stayed around to mourn over all that was
supposedly lost, or to try to discover more, but in these times,
common sense is built on several paths.

In the meantime, a depressed Tails is being forced into a life he
never thought he would be part of: The life of an arrested criminal.
Questions flew through his head continuously, but all of them went
unanswered. Not even he knew what caused him to go on a rampage. While
the fox would wish to ponder over this more, he couldn't. He didn't
have time, because there was one thing he knew for certain: It's never
so bad that it can't get worse.

...And it's a good thing he knew that...

...Because the true horrors hadn't even begun yet.


Sonic's POV.


Knuckles had landed his hoversled just outside of Big's hut. He, Big,
and I were seated around a small wooden table, small coffee mugs in
hand, and discussing plans while watching a new set of rain pour down
onto the fogged jungle.

"How far off is Glyphic Canyon from here?" I asked as I adjusted my
small wooden chair. I knew it was a stupid question, as I'd be able to
make it there in less than a nanosecond, no matter how far off it was.
Of course, Knuckles and Big sure as heck couldn't move that fast, and
we would all be staying in a group.

Knuckles was currently examining his right leg, probably wondering if
he'd ever be able to use it again. "...Well it's definitely not
nearby. If Big can fit on the hoversled, and you just run alongside
it, we should get there in about two days. Unless you want to head off
by yourself, but I wouldn't head out alone."

I lifted an eyebrow. "Think something bad's gonna happen in the
incredibly short time it would take for me to get there?"

The echidna nodded without missing a beat. "Yep."

I sighed. "Hello? I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. I'm also the fastest thing
alive. That's fast enough to dodge almost every flavor of attack. Have
we met?"

Knuckles rolled his eyes. "It's not like that, Sonic. If you were
attacked, you wouldn't be able to see it coming at all, which is why
you can't run off alone on that long of a distance."

I sighed. "This is gonna be a LONG trip..."

Big, who had been silent until now, spoke next. "...Wasn't one of Mr.
Eggman's bases along the route we're going?" he asked.

Knuckles nodded. "The one off of Splash Hill...Why are you asking?"

The purple cat scratched his head. "Well, mebbe we could find
some...weaponry in there?"

"Oh... I see where you're getting at... yeah, we'll definitely have to
stop by there then..."

"Um... why do we need weapons?" I asked. "I always thought we handled
ourselves pretty well without 'em... and what's wrong with the base
just a half mile from here?"

"That base is stripped. You won't find anything valuable there. And
trust me, Sonic, when you see more of the crap we have to put up with,
and everything we've been fighting... you're going to want a weapon by your side at all times."

I was about to reply, when a long, eerie howl cut through the air, sounding through the trees. I jumped.

"...What was that?" I asked, turning to Knuckles.

For a moment, the echidna didn't say anything, he just looked into the foggy jungle surrounding us, as if expecting something to jump out.

"...Shoot... they found us."


Tails' POV


"...He's waking up."

"Good... are the power-dampeners secured?"

"Yes, we made sure of it."

My eyes opened slowly, letting cracks of light seep into my eyes. It
was blinding, and I quickly shut them again. My mind was fuzzy, and I
had a killer of a headache. The last thing I remembered was a Zone Cop
showing up, and me blacking out.

I let off a quiet groan as I opened my eyes again, feeling the sting
of the light. I didn't care, I needed to see. I forced my eyes open,
and everything nearly went white with how brightly lit everything was.
I was in some sort of examination room, at least that was my guess. I
mean, I was strapped down to a table...

"Good morning... I trust you slept well?" a zone cop looking identical
to Espio greeted as he walked in.

I blinked... I didn't even remember going to sleep. "Um... yeah, I guess..."

The zone cop (I think, from my vague memory, that his name was Zespio)
nodded. "Well then, that's enough of your special treatment. Todays
the day where you go to the cells."

I groaned mentally. All these Zone Cops... ugh, how was I so stupid
for not guessing it sooner?

I was in the No Zone, the trans-dimensional highway. Oh, it also had a
pretty impressive prison meant for the worst of the worst.

I sighed. "Alright then, let's go."

Zespio nodded and silently unstrapped me from the table. I was still
too tired to even wonder why I was on there in the first place, but I
found out as I stood up. Power-dampening devices had been placed as a
collar around my neck, along with bands around my wrists and ankles.
As if that wasn't enough, another collar had been securely clamped
over my two tails. Great, now I couldn't fly, couldn't move fast, and
couldn't even stand straight. And here I was, being led into the cells
where only the most dangerous criminals go... the kind of criminals
that will beat up fellow prisoners just so they would have something to do.

To make it short, I was dead meat.

Anyway, Zespio led me out the door and past another Zone Cop that
reminded me of Vector. (Pretty sure his name was Zector. Zonic,
Zespio, Zector, not that hard to figure out), then out to an
anti-gravity wall that we walked along.

"You should be proud of yourself, Tails. You get one of the special
cells that only the most dangerous get..." Zespio informed.

...Yay? Nay? Was I supposed to be happy about that?

"...Nice." I replied flatly. I was starting to remember all that had
happened in Station Square. My body had been possessed and locked into
it's Chaos-powered form, and I was forced to kill thousands... if not
millions. I think I might have killed a few friends too, but my memory
was still fuzzy.

But now for the serious thinking; How did something (or someone) take
control of my Turbo form? They just flew me around like some toy
biplane for three months straight. It was exhausting, and my head was
in a constant ache because of that voice... that voice that seemed to
just echo through my head...

...Echo through my head...

Echo... where did I hear that before?

"Alright, hurry up!" Zespio growled, poking me with some gun thing. I
sighed as I lost my track of thought, and picked up my pace.

We walked along the wall for a couple of minutes before a large
building came into view, or maybe a part of the building we were
walking on... were we on a building? I had no idea, this place was

Anyway, after going through some ridiculous security measures to open
the door, Zespio led me in, keeping a firm grip on my cuffs.

Now, don't get me wrong, I could escape from this easily. It wouldn't
be much trouble to wrestle myself out of the Zone Cop's grip, but if I
escaped... well, I knew these guys had some high-class weapons that
they'd likely use on me, and I didn't want to take any chances. I
suppose I might have been able to just tell them that I wasn't
controlling myself, someone else was pulling the strings when Station
Square was obliterated, but do you think they'd believe me?

...Yeah, I didn't either.

Anyway, as soon as we were in the building, he led me through another
set of doors (every door here takes a high security- password, key,
another key, and a card to get through). Then a long, cold hallway,
then another set of doors, another set of doors, one more, then
another hallway, then a door to the right.

"This is where you'll be staying." Zespio informed as he unlocked my
cell, and motioned me to go in. As soon as I stepped in, he slammed
the door and locked it. The cuffs I had on my wrists then vanished in
a blip of light.

"Do us a favor and don't rip your roommates apart, okay?" I heard
Zespio call through the door before walking off. Wow, they really did
think I was that dangerous...

Wait, roommates? I'm sharing a cell?

I looked around, seeing several cots around the room for sleeping,
along with a small table. There was also a barred window, and then
that freakishly-heavy door. I wasn't going anywhere. Though, I did
kinda hope that my new roommates weren't hiding or anything, waiting
for the right moment to-

"Hey hey hey, look who finally toughened up!" Someone said from behind
one of the cots.

I know that voice...

I growled quietly. This was the last guy I wanted to be in a cell with.

"Awhaw, don't be like that, Tails! You've got my respect! Heh, not
really, but still..."

I brushed the cot away, revealing the jerk that stood behind it.

"Scourge, I swear..."

"Heh, how's it hangin', freak?"

I narrowed my eyes at the green hedgehog that stood before me. Scourge
was basically Sonic, just from an alternate dimension... where he
happened to be the bad guy. I knew for a fact that he and his crack
team of wackos (known as the Destructix) got thrown in here once, but
I was pretty sure they had escaped.

"...Why are you in here? Didn't you break out?" I asked, glad to see
he wasn't loose on the streets, but ticked off that we were sharing a

"Eh, Zone Cops are tricky little pricks. The dudes are a severe pain
in the butt, but you should know that by now." he replied with a

I sighed. "Look, I really don't want to be stuck in this place with you, so-"

"Stuck in this place with ME? Heh, sorry bud, but your not just stuck
in here with me. You're in with all of us."

As Scourge said that, I then noticed several others come out from
behind various cots, and corners of the room I hadn't noticed yet. I
recognized them as Predator Hawk, Fiona Fox, Flying Frog, and Sergeant

I groaned. "...This is not happening..."

"Ha! What's the problem, freak? We're actually kinda glad you got
thrown in here..." Predator Hawk replied.

"Mm... right. We've been trying ways to break out several times, but
they're upgraded defense system's proved to hold us in." Simion added.

I lifted an eyebrow. "...You think I'd help you break out? Sorry, you've got me confused with someone else."

Scourge grinned. "No, Tails, we've been waiting for someone with a
mind like yours to get thrown in here. You're helping us out've here,
whether ya like it or not."

I was getting sick of this guy. I stood up and faced him. "...No.
You're going to leave me alone, whether you like it or not."

"Oh, yeah? I'm sure I am." Scourge scoffed. He pushed me roughly, as
if to prove a point.

Okay, that did it.

My reaction was instant. I swung my fist and landed a hard punch right
on his jaw. That was a mistake, as I then realized that he had an
entire team to back him up.

The next thing I knew, I was being held on the ground by Flying Frog.

Scourge smirked as he regained balance. "Not bad. Didn't think you
were man enough to punch someone." he crouched down and pulled my head
up by grabbing hold of my front bangs. It hurt like heck, but I didn't
say anything.

"Now listen, you little two-tailed brat, if we escape, we have nowhere
to go. Moebius, our dimension, was pretty much sabotaged by the same
jerk that's effing up your planet. The same jerk that made you destroy
that city."

My eyes widened. "...How do you know that I-"

"They have television hooked up for the prisoners in the mess hall,
Tails. We saw you on the Station Square News channel. Thought you
would've figured that out." Fiona interrupted.

Scourge nodded. "Tails, if we get out, we can take down this jerk
together. We get our revenge, you get your revenge, both on the same

"I don't even know who's behind all this-"

"Neither do we! But we can sure as heck find out! You help us break
out, you tag along, we all pummel whoever's causing this, then we go
our separate ways. Understood?"

I sighed and glanced over at Simion, who had been standing in front
of the small camera built into the wall. My guess was they didn't want
the Zone Cops seeing or hearing any of this, Made sense, I guess...

I looked back at Scourge, who was still holding my head up by my hair.
I hated this jerk, but I really did need to get out of this place...
and as much as I didn't want to admit it, they were my only chance.
Maybe I can get them thrown back in here after this whole fiasco is
over, I don't know... but anyway, I didn't really have a choice here.

I nodded slowly. "...Fine."

Scourge grinned and released his grip, before standing up and pulling
me to my feet.

"Miles, welcome to the Destructix."

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