Warning: Strong Language, Violence and Sexual Teasing, Sexual Refrences

Spoilers for Season 8 (forgot to mention this)

Pairings: Cas/OC, Dean/OC, Sam/OC, and Kevin/OC

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Chapter Four

As I drove my baby to my favorite bar, Cas remained silent. I glanced at him every once in awhile. I was sure he could sense it though, because whenever I looked away, I sensed his eyes on me. I sighed and decided to start a conversation.

"So Cas, do you know how you came back from Purgatory and all?" I asked.

"Actually, I am still unaware of how I came to be back in this dimension." he stated casually.

"So you have no idea whatsoever." I confirmed. He nodded.

"However I have a theory." He said. My heart started pounding. I hoped to my Father that he didn't find out I rescued him along with Inias and the rest of the army.

"And what exactly is that theory?" I asked.

"Well, the only things that can enter and exit Purgatory whenever they please are Angels and Demons, correct?" He asked. I nodded, keeping my eyes on the road the whole time. "Then Angels must have saved me from Purgatory. However, I do not remember anyone except a woman and two men saving me from one of the Leviathans."

"Oh really?" I asked.

"Yes. And now I am seeing it clearly." And his eyes went wide as he looked at me. I just looked at the road.

"You, Inias, and Barman!" He exclaimed. I looked at him and laughed nervously.

"He he... Your welcome...?" I said nervously. And that when he started to panic.

"Why?! You could have died! Killed by the Laviathans! Why would you do that?! And for someone who deserved to die like me?! How could you?! How could God have let you?! Your own father! You're his only daughter! Why would he let you?! He shouldn't-"

"Because I begged him to let me Cas!" I yelled. That shut him up. And then he realized I pulled into the parking of the club during his rant.

"Why?" He asked after a minute of silence.

I sighed and continued "I love you Cas. Naiomi called and told what was about to happen, so I went to Father and begged him to let me help. He allowed it as long as I was highly protected. Hense Inias and Barman. And trust me, they were GREAT help." I giggled. "I was about to be eated by a Laviathan and then Inias smite it and Barman carried you as I covered the rear with my bow and arrows and Inias led with his sword."


"Yea." I said. Then what followed was another long silence until I spoke. "Now hows about we go dance and forget all this for awhile?" I asked. He smiled but nodded.

So we got out of the car and met in front of it. I grabbed his hand, and we walked into the club I practically called home. Other than the apartment and my bar.

"Well if it isn't Ari!" One of the bartenders said from the left of me. His name was Joe, and was my favorite bartender by far. I looked in his general area, and smiled.

"Hey Joe!" I exclaimed above the music. I dragged Cas over to the bar so I could do the introductions.

"Oh! Jimmy!" Joe exclaimed. "Fancy meeting you here!"

I looked at Cas and shrugged. He went along with what Joe said. "Yes. Very nice seeing you here Joe."

"Hm... You must've changed. Only four years ago when you disappeared and Claire got worried, you didn't act like this."

Claire Novak. Jimmy's wife. Shit.

"Yea well I found him and he had amnesia. Only recently has he started regaining memories. But I am sorry to inform you he had no memories of this Claire woman." I said, before dragging Cas over to the dance floor as Lovely by Breathe Carolina started playing.

Oh no, my heart is getting heavy, Was I was forward? I kinda had the feeling that it's over, But know I know that I'm crazy (I think that I'm going nowhere) So scream loud and look at me way down, I know that you're afraid, I'll hold you close and never, ever let you go
I turned so my back was to his front, and I backed up onto him. I put his arms on my waist and he looked at me with a confused expression.

Up and Down You spin me around You got everybody watching as you hit the ground So take a step back You know I'm there

I leaned up and whispered "Just follow my lead."

Oh God can you save me now? Enough Vallium to fill this room It's kinda hard when I'm dead right? It's kinda hard when I'm dead...

I swayed my hips to the music. He just stood there awkwardly.

Oh love you got me crazy feen'n, Like it's nothing that I could've wanted, Take it slowly and maybe you'll know I'm ready. We can get over it, Scenery is nothin more than poetry, Hotter than two lovers cumming next to me I know

I leaned up and a whispered seductively again. "Sway to beat."

Up and Down You spin me around You got everybody watchin as you hit the ground So take a step back You know I'm there

So he did. He apparently had instincts, and he swayed to the beat, and with me.

Why Are You Leaving, Please Don't Go, Stay With Me, Come On Breathe, You Gotta Find A Way

I knew the song was almost over, so I stopped grinding against him, and grabbed his wrist, pulling him to the bar.

"Where are we going now?" He asked.

"To get some drinks." I said.

I could hold my liquor, and so can he. So we were about two-thirds drunk, when we decided to get out of there.

"Let's get outta here." I said to him, my eyes full of lust, and my voice deep and needy.

"Very well." He said, lust-filled eyes and erection clearly shown.

And I knew what we were about to do.

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