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Kim Possible

A Spark of Something New

Chapter 2 - Lightning Rod

Middleton Mall

"I'm not going to let you leave with that stuff, Electronique," Kim Possible said, getting into a fighting stance. The gray-skinned villain laughed.

"You seriously think I'm going to do some kind of kung fu martial arts shit with you?" she said. She found the idea hilarious. "You aren't too bright, are you?"

"You know, you really should-" Kim didn't get to finish as Electronique shot a bolt of electricity at her. Throwing herself to the side allowed her to avoid the blast but it also gave the villain a clear shot at the exit. Which she took advantage of, dashing for the door. She would have made it if Kim hadn't stuck out a leg and tripped her. Hitting the floor with an "Oompf!" of expelled air, she lost her grip on her ill-gotten gains. Screaming in rage, she snap-fired a bolt of electrical energy at the teen at close range. Without the distance she needed, Kim couldn't avoid it and screamed as the electricity slammed into her. The jolt overloaded her system and she collapsed, unconscious. Getting to her feet, Electronique picked up her bag and walked over to the teen hero.

"You are lucky I desire revenge on Team Go more than I want to punish to you," she told the sleeping girl. "Otherwise I'd finish you off right now." Then she walked away and headed back to her lair.

Possible Residence, Middleton

"Mom, I'm fine," Kim insisted as her mother continued to look her over. "It was just a five-thousand volt electrical jolt."

"You shouldn't have gone alone, Kimmie," Ann Possible said, stepping back finally. "Why didn't you take Ronald?"

"We'd just gotten back from a mission, Mom. I wasn't going to drag him into another one so soon."

"I'm sure he would have helped you if you'd asked him, honey."

"I know he would have. I just . . . I thought I could handle her alone. I mean, after all, Team Go put her away."

"Just because you can do anything, Kim, doesn't mean you should do everything. It's okay to have help."

"I'm going to bring him in next time, I promise," she said.

"Good. You do seem like you're okay, but you should go lay down for a bit anyway," her mom replied. Kim nodded and hugged her mom.

Electronique's New Lair, Middleton

"I'm surprised anyone left this place just laying around," Electronique said as she walked into her new Middleton lair. What surprised her was that it was already a lair; there was just no one around. There was a good bit of damage to the place, though it was mostly equipment damage. She set her bag of stolen electronics down on a still-intact table and decided to look around a bit more. She found a lot of broken electronics and equipment, knowing she could easily fix them. She found a prize when she opened a locker and found a helmet. The label on the shelf said ATTITUDINATOR. Picking it up, she examined the device immediately realized what it was meant to do.

"This might come in handy," she mused. "After I turn it from a piece of junk into an actual weapon, of course. With this Reverse Polarizer, I can turn Team Go evil. Then I could use them to terrorize the very city that they protected! Genius! Of course, that still leaves Shego to deal with." A frown crossed her face. "If she's already evil, then this Reverse Polarizer would turn her good. Not much of a revenge there. If it weren't for her powers, she would be-" Her musing stopped as her mind locked on to that last statement. "If it weren't for her powers," she repeated. A large, evil grin spread across her face and she laughed (slightly) manically. "That's it! Her powers! If I can figure out a way to take away her powers, then she would be nothing! Hehehehahahaha!" Rushing over to the shut down main computer, Electronique set the Attitudinator (aka Reverse Polarizer) down on a console and set to work restoring and improving it. She didn't need it to be a weapon, though it would be easy for her to turn it into one. No, she needed to restore it so she could use it to figure out the wavelength pattern of Shego's plasma powers, so she could then build a device that would absorb that same wavelength - thereby removing the green woman's powers. Of course, she would need to get several scans of Shego while she was using her powers to get the data she needed for the computer to work with.

"Once I get this computer done," she muttered to herself, shoulder-deep in the mainframe's central hard drive tower, "I'll improve that Reverse Polarizer and use it on Team Go. Then use them to get me Shego. But how to get the data?" She stood up abruptly as an idea occured to her. That fool that tried to stop me earlier, she thought. Kim Possible, she said her name was. She fights Shego a lot. I can use her to get me that data.

Random Electronics Superstore, Middleton

I've been here for thirty minutes now, Electronique thought. So where is Kim Possible?

And then the skylight broke.

"You again?" Kim said as she released her parachute's harness. And right on cue, she thought with a smirk.

"Good thing I didn't order a pizza," the gray-skinned villain said as she turned around, accompanied by the crackle of electricity from her hair. "It would have arrived before you did."

"Who is that, KP?" Ron asked as he actually touched down without losing his pants.

"It's Electronique, Ron. She used to be one of Team Go's enemies."

"So she has electrical powers?"

"Of course I do you idiot!" she screamed, shooting a blast of electricity at him. He yelped, and only avoided the blast when he slipped.

"I don't know what you're after here, but you're-" Kim started to say, but Electronique sent a burst of electrical energy at her. Kim leaped out of the way, and the gray-skinned woman pulled her arm from behind her back, revealing a gun of some kind. She aimed it at where the teen hero would land and fired it. A canister shot out and impacted on the floor right between Kim's feet as she landed. It exploded in a flash of light and burst of smoke, making Kim cough and stumble.

"Not much of a weapon is it?" Ron asked.

"I didn't say it was a weapon," Electronique said smugly. Unbeknownst to either Kim or Ron, the canister had contained a special electronic device that would only gather information; specifically, the data she'd programmed it to seek. All it contained was a simple set of microscopic particle scanners, and a nanotech-based memory system. Two of them had been in the canister. She wouldn't know if they had worked until she came back to gather the data. Dropping the 'gun' - since it's purpose had been fulfilled, Electronique sent a blast of lightning into the fuse box she'd been standing near, taking out all of the lights and covering her escape.

Electronique's Lair, Middleton

Once back at her lair, the gray-skinned villain chuckled at her ingenuity. She wasn't certain how long it would take to gather the data she needed, but that time could be spent leaving a trail of red herrings to cover her real plan. And so begins the first part of my plan for revenge on Team Go! she thought gleefully.

Drakken's Lair

Shego was sitting in a rather overstuffed chair, flipping through tv channels while listening to Drakken rant about his latest plan. She wasn't really paying attention to either the tv or Drakken; she thought he was talking about making something that would turn video games into mind control tools, or something like that. She was about to get up and head back to her room when a news report out of Go City caught her attention. She felt her eyes widen and her jaw drop as the anchorman talked about the escape of Electronique and the failed efforts by law enforcement personnel - and Team Go - to find the notorious elecrical villain.

I am so fucked, she thought. She didn't think for one second that her being evil now would change the woman's mind about seeking revenge against her.

Possible Residence, Middleton

"So you're sure nothing came up in your scans, Wade?" Kim asked.

"Positive, Kim. You've checked out clean on every kind of test I could think of to run."

"It seemed like she was waiting for us this time."

"That could be a possibility. Did she take anything?"

"Nothing that I could see, but she had been there awhile so she could have taken whatever she was after and hid it."

"I'll keep an eye out for anything suspicious."

"You rock, Wade," she said, shutting off her kimmunicator. Yawning, she set it down on her bedstand and shut off the lights.

E/N: I know the chapter title might not fit with what I wrote, but that's how it came out. Besides, in a way, it does fit; Kim Possible has become a lightning rod of sorts for Electronique's scheme. Obviously, Electronique plans to use the Attitudinator on Team Go, and is trying to create some sort of device that will strip Shego of her powers. And Shego has just learned that she's escaped from prison.

Just what is Electronique's end game? Does she only want revenge on Team Go for putting her in prison? Or does she have a deeper, darker plan? Tune in for the next chapter, "Strain."