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Kim Possible

A Spark of Something New

Chapter 21 – Red Medicine

Global Justice Headquarters

Kim and Erika's ride turned out to be another Wraith jet – remote-piloted by Wade. Apparently, Global Justice had had at least one more stashed away somewhere. Not bothering to question it, the two women – Kim in her mission clothes and Erika wearing clothes that Ann had loaned her that would suffice – climbed into the jet and took off. Kim waggled the stick to let Wade know she had the jet, then throttled it up into full afterburner. At Mach 3, it didn't take long for the jet to get from Middleton to GJHQ. Will was there at the landing pad waiting for them when they got there. Kim didn't waste any time when she got out of the jet.

"What's going on, Will?" she asked. "Wade didn't tell us much, other than that Betty was hurt and we needed to get here ASAP."

"It's not good, Miss Possible," Will Du replied, frowning slightly at her familiar address of him. He motioned that they should follow him. "Doctor Director is in the infirmary. She's suffering from a light concussion, a couple of broken ribs, and an abdominal wound that she nearly bled out from."

"How did it happen?" Erika asked.

"No one knows. Not even Doctor Director. All she can recall is going to bed with Nicole, then waking up on the floor of their living room. According to both her and the emergency response team, the entire living room was a wreck – worse than what you had done, Miss Possible, while you were under the effects of the Reverse Polarizer."

"Is Betty going to be alright?" Kim wanted to know.

"She was stabilized while the two of you were en route."

"Wade said she was asking for us."

"Actually, that was me."


"Doctor Director was in no condition to request your assistance, so I informed Mister Load that she was requesting the two of you."

"Will, are you saying you lied?"

"No, I didn't lie. You would be the first person Doctor Director would go to for help in a situation like this. I am not offended by that, since Global Justice is primarily a law enforcement agency. When it comes to the impossible, Miss Possible, you're the one the world turns to."

"Well, thanks, Will."

"I didn't agree with her decision about accepting the deal with you two, but if she hadn't, then we'd have to make a deal now in order to get your help." By now, the three of them had entered the building and taken an elevator down to the medical level. Will Du led them into the critical care unit, which told the two women just how bad the one-eyed woman's injuries were. "As you were landing," he said, "I was informed that she had regained consciousness. I requested that the medical staff allow the two of you to meet with her. They were, understandably, reluctant to do so, but said that you could have no more than ten minutes – less if her vital signs fluctuate." He stopped and typed a code into a keypad. A section of the wall hissed and pushed out a couple of inches, then slid to one side. The Asian man stepped aside and made an 'after you' gesture. The two women walked into the room and heard the door close behind them. A doctor turned and saw them. After saying something to one of the nurses, he headed towards them.

"You must be Miss Possible and Miss Strobel," he said. "I'm Doctor Edward M. Harris. I must ask that you keep things as brief as possible. We've stabilized her, but she's still not out of the woods."

"You're saying she could die?" Erika asked.

"It's a distinct possibility," he confirmed. "Except for the abdominal wound, none of her injuries were life-threatening on their own. That one penetrative injury wasn't bad enough to kill her itself, but it allowed her to nearly bleed out before the ERT arrived."

"We won't be long, whether Betty likes that or not," Kim assured the doctor. He nodded, and gestured for them to go the bed. Walking there, they saw Betty wrapped up in bandages and hooked up to a variety of machines. She looked really pale and shaky. But when she saw two of them, a ghost of a smile graced her face.

"I suppose . . . Will brought . . . you in," she rasped through the oxygen mask attached to her face.

"He believed you would've asked for us anyway," the teen replied when they'd reached the bed. The older woman managed a faint, short chuckle.

"That's some . . . initiative I . . . didn't think he'd . . . show."

"We don't have long to talk to you, Betts," Erika said. "Du explained to us what you had told him. Nicole's missing, and the living looked like a battleground. Do you remember anything else?"

"Not . . . really," the one-eyed woman answered. "Except . . . I think I saw . . . uniforms. Maybe . . . masks, too."

"If whoever it was took Nicole, it has to be someone who knew where she lived – or could have learned about it without too much trouble," Kim mused. She held up a hand to stop Betty from saying anything. "It has to be someone who has more than a few henchmen, as well. Killigan is out, since he always works alone. Monkey Fist is likewise out, since I'm sure monkey ninjas would've stood out even in your currently rattled memory. Gemini would've been after you, not her, so that rules him out, too." Kim's expression darkened. "Fuck."

"Drakken," Erika said for her.

"Why would . . . he be after . . . her?" Betty asked.

"Revenge," Kim explained. "Didn't you say that when Erika, back when she was Electronique, broke out of prison, Shego quit working for Drakken? That left him without any competent help, so he's probably angry about that. To top it off, she basically abandoned him when she never came back. Drakken isn't the most stable person. After all, his main reason for being a villain was to get revenge on my dad and the rest of their college friends. And I'm pretty sure he wants revenge on me, too."

"Why you?" Erika asked.

"Because I've been a constant thorn in his side for years, I've derailed or ruined every evil scheme he's come up with, and I'm the only person who can fight Shego/Nicole to a standstill. The fact that he didn't take Betty – or kill off hand – is because if she was alive, I would find out about Nicole. Being a hero, I would go save her. And I intend to."

"It'll . . . be a trap."

"Oh, I'm sure it is. He wants Nicole – Shego – back on his side. He wants me out of his way – permanently, probably. Knowing him, he's either created some kind of chemical compound or invented some sort of machine to accomplish his goals." She looked at Betty. "I'm going to have Will Du put in a call to Ron. I'll need his help, too." Sensing Erika's retort, she looked at her beloved and added, "Since Erika's going to be flying the jet. Without your powers, love, you won't be much help in a fighting situation."

"I'll help however I can, Kim, but I want to be there by your side."

"I know, Rika. But knowing you're there, in the jet, will be a major help. And not because I won't have to worry about protecting you. Because you'll be there to pull us out fast when we need it, and there really isn't anyone I trust that much. Ron's been my best friend since pre-K, but he isn't exactly the most coordinated person when it comes to something as responsive as a high-performance, multi-role special operations jet." She chuckled. "Or a jet of any kind."

"When you say it like that, it doesn't make me feel left out."

"I'd never leave you out of anything." Kim looked back at Betty. "Just so you know, after this, I won't be available as much for 'hero work.' I intend to concentrate on my schooling, and then help Erika accomplish her dream."

"Fair . . . is fair," she agreed. "If we . . . really need you . . . though . . ."

"Rest assured, Betts," Erika replied, "we will be there."

Drakken's Lair

Nicole was glaring with unsuppressed rage at her former boss, struggling to free herself from the manacles that bound her to the chair.

"It's pointless you know, Shego," Drakken said, watching her. "Those cuffs are specially-designed to inhibit your powers. I'll take them off if you agree to come back to me."

"I'm done being evil, you super-sized smurf!" she yelled.

"Come, come, Shego, enough games," he replied "You're evil, you belong here with me. I'll forgive you for running off and pretending to be normal if you apologize to me and beg my forgiveness."

"Me? Beg? You don't have the balls to make me do anything, you moronic blueberry muffin!"

"Enough!" he yelled, storming to his feet. He stalked over to a table in the room and picked up an unnecessarily big gun/drill/needle-looking device – and a couple of gel-capsules. Holding up the 'gun' in one hand, he held out his other hand and showed her the pills. "You'll notice that these are two different colors."

"Really? If you hadn't said anything I wouldn't have noticed."

"I call them Blue Medicine and Red Medicine."

"Oooh, clever."

"Thank you. One is meant for you, and one is meant for Kim Possible when she comes to rescue you."

"What makes you think she'll come after me?"

"Because I had my syntho-ninjas leave that woman you were with alive enough to tell her about what had happened."

"Kimmie isn't the reason I left, you Pac-Man reject! I left because Electronique had broken out of prison and would want revenge on me. I stayed away because I found a life I wanted!"

"It doesn't matter," he said dismissively. "Kim Possible has thwarted every one of my evil schemes, no matter how brilliant they were."

"Brilliant? The only 'brilliant' scheme you ever came up with was the Li'l Diablo thing!"

"Silence, Shego! As I was saying, Blue Medicine is meant for Kim Possible. Once she is hit with it – since this device here will convert the compound contained within the blue gel-capsule into an energy beam that will fuse itself with Kim Possible's cellular structure. It will then begin spreading and multiplying until it eats her from the inside out."

"That's just sick, you chem-light freak."

"It is genius, Shego!"

"My name's Nicole, you birthday candle reject!"

"Whatever. This red gel-capsule is meant for you. If you fail to agree to come back to me, I'll ensure you can't use your powers at all! It'll make you normal! Buwhahahaha!"

"You. Are. Stupid! I'm already powerless, you fungal asswipe!"

"I'll admit your make-up job is flawless," Drakken told her. "Or are you using some kind of holographic projection thing?"

"I. Have. No. Powers. How many times do I have to tell you that before you'll get it, you blue bug!"

"I don't believe that, Shego. There's just no one anyone else is smart enough to figure out how to take away your powers!"

"Gee, don't be so modest, Drakken," she drawled sarcastically.

Wraith jet, en route to Drakken's Lair

"How do we even know where Drakken's lair is?" Erika asked Kim as the jet roared towards the place at Mach 3.

"According to Will," Kim said, "Nicole consented to having a subcutaneous tracking chip embedded in her arm. He gave us the frequency it's on, and we're homing in on that."

"Oh. So what's the plan, then? I assume you're not gonna wait for your sidekick to show up to do anything."

"Without knowing what to expect, I can't really make a plan per se. I'll just wing it."

"You be careful, alright?"

"I'll do my best, Rika, but I can't promise anything."

"Just promise you'll come back to me."

"I can promise to do everything I can to come back to you."

Drakken's Lair

Kim parachuted out of the jet, though she was using a newer version of her once trademark jetpack backpack instead of a parachute. Drakken's lair seemed typical for him; an underground cave lair hidden inside a dormant volcano. She flew down to the volcano, and found the poorly disguised 'hidden' entrance. It's like he wants me to find a way in, she thought. She knew it was a trap, but knew she didn't have a choice if she wanted to save Nicole. Shrugging, she walked into the entrance. She'd only gone a few feet when a trap door opened up underneath her. With a yelp, she dropped down it and slid through a twisting and turning 'pipe' that was like the super water slide at Waterland Fun Park. Then she was dumped on her ass in a big room with, as she had expected, Drakken and Nicole.

"Ah, Kim Possible," Drakken said. "So good of you to finally arrive."

"Hello, Drakken," Kim said, standing up and cocking her hips. "I'd say it's good to see you, but I'm not much for lying." She started sauntering forward.

"I wouldn't be coming any closer, Kim Possible." Drakken pulled his arm from behind his back, revealing some kind of gun-looking device. "I'm just waiting to try out my Injector."


"Don't get him started, Kimie," Nicole told her.

"You see, Possible, as part of my revenge on you, I created a compound I call Blue Medicine. It is a deadly chemical cocktail that'll eat you from the inside out."

"Ugh, gross," she replied, making a face.

"I told you, Kimmie."

"It's also loaded with another compound I call Red Medicine."

"I think someone's been watching too many sci-fi/action-adventure movies," Kim noted.

"The Red Medicine compound is meant for Shego, and will strip her of her powers."

"She already doesn't have her powers, you blue monkey."

"Shego told me the same thing, and I know I'm the only one with the genius to figure out how to do that!"

"Oh, brother," the black-haired girl groaned. "Humble, much?"

"Silence!" Drakken growled. "Kim Possible, I'm going to make you suffer for all you've done to me . . . before I hit you with Blue Medicine."

"Fine, fine," she said dismissively. "Get on with it." Growling in irritation, Drakken pulled a remote from his jacket and pushed a button on it. Doors opened all around the room, and syntho-drones stepped out. Kim noticed, though, that these ones were different than the last batch she'd faced. These ones were shorter and slimmer than the ones she recalled.

"Meet my syntho-ninjas, Kim Possible," Drakken chortled. "You won't find these so easy to beat! Syntho-ninjas! Attack!"

Without a sound, the two dozen syntho-ninjas sprang at her. Kim managed to leap over their initial attack, then had to twist around in mid-air to avoid the kick from a flying syntho-ninja. Landing on her feet, she was forced onto the defensive as they all attacked at once. She couldn't avoid all of the hits, but managed to block or dodge most of them. Deciding she'd had enough, she jumped into the air, flipped off of a syntho-ninja jumping at her, then bounced off of a second that was doing the same thing. Tucking her knees to her chest, she flipped herself around in a circle as she started coming down. When the snytho-ninjas tried to pile on her, she snapped out with fists and feet. Snapping her legs out in a split, she slammed her feet into two of them, sending them flying backwards. Her fists snapped out in hammer blows, knocking the heads in of two of them and spraying syntho-goo everywhere. Hitting the ground on her feet, she immediately sprang at another mass of them. She threw her fists forward, slamming one through the mid-section of one syntho-ninja while she planted the other one into the 'jaw' of a second. Yanking her fist back, she opened it and sent the knife edge completely through the neck of a third. Using the momentum from her spin, she sprang up into the air and snapped a vicious kick into yet another syntho-ninja. Not only did it burst apart the syntho-ninja, but it sent those pieces flying hard into another two. When she was spinning around, she caught sight of Drakken trying to shoot her with his 'Injector.'

Gotta get that away from him, she thought as she ducked under a spin kick from a syntho-ninja and leaped over the head of a second that was trying to hit her with a hammer blow. She stopped paying attention to how many she was hitting and just focused on taking them all out. Flying kicks, pile-driving kicks, hammer fists, and knife edge strikes flashed around as she hit syntho-ninjas left and right. When she was done, syntho-goo was all over the place, and both Nicole and Drakken were staring at her with dropped jaws.

"Now, Drakken, why don't you surrender and let Nicole go?" Kim suggested, shaking off her hands and feet.

"S-stay back!" the blue scientist stammered, backing away from her and raising up the Injector. Kim froze, unwilling to risk getting hit with anything from it. She wasn't sure if Drakken knew what he was doing when he made the Red and Blue Medicines, and wasn't certain if they would work like he claimed – or if they would do something entirely different.

And right just then, Ron came tumbling down the same shaft she did. Unlike her, though, he wasn't able to catch himself and went rolling across the floor – right into Drakken. With a yelp, he fell backwards and hit the floor. Unfortunately, he also squeezed both triggers on his Injector. Rather than a red or blue beam, a purple beam shot out. It began bouncing off of various objects in the lair, making everyone jump and roll – except for Nicole. Kim dodged around bouncing purple beams as she made her way to the raven-haired woman. She was nearly there, too, when zigged instead of zagged – and the purple beam slammed into her mid-back.

Global Justice HQ

When Kim came to, she found herself in an infirmary.

"Oh, good. You're awake," said someone from her left. Looking over, Kim saw it was Erika.

"Hey, baby," she said, smiling. "What happened?"

"According to Ron and Nicole, you tried to get to her to free her when some kind of purple ray hit you."

"Oh, yeah," Kim said, remembering. "Anything . . . anything wrong with me?"

"Not according to the Global Justice doctors," the blond woman replied. "They noticed something a little off in your DNA, if I overheard right. But it wasn't anything adverse to your health. And they can't find it now."

"How long have I been out?"

"About a day or so. You were just sleeping, though. No fever, no rashes, nothing inexplicable or unhealthy. Why the worry?" Then Kim explained to her what Drakken had said, about the Injector, and the Red and Blue Medicines. When she was done, her lover was shaking her head. "Well, nobody could find anything wrong with you, so maybe it was a dud."

"Let's hope," Kim replied.

"Listen, Kim," Erika said, looking nervous now. "I . . . I know we haven't known each other long, and this might seem kind of sudden, but . . ." Then she held out her hand. In it was a ring. It had a ruby on it, with a pair of onyx stones – one on either side of it. Kim felt her jaw drop as she looked at the ring, then she looked back up at Erika. "I know you're still underage, and that you've still got to graduate from high school, but . . . when you do, will you . . . will you spend the rest of your life with me?"

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